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Sen Kimoto

Training Ground Echo

Holding up his jumpsuit, Sen grimaced beneath his mask. It looked as though Sen was going to have to rely on his skills without the help of his Hero suit. Just him and his quirk, the bare necessities, a fun challenge. Sen loved a good competition, mano a mano. Kenichi looked to be as fired up as he was, another student suggested they stick together. And though he liked the phrase 'gas and harass,' Sen doubted that this would be a huge team effort if Mr. Yoshida was testing their individual aptitudes. Turns out he would be wrong a out this assumption.

All dressed up in his new digs, Sen jogged to the training grounds, trying to catch up with the main crowd. He arrived just in time to see Lysander lift Kenichi onto his shoulders, both boys seemed to be rallying the class. Sen grinned but kept his posture relaxed as always, arms crossed lazily and his hips tilted slightly. He peered over the heads of most of the class and he gave an encouraging thumbs up to the Kenichi and Lysander. A little energy never hurt anyone, especially with the threat of expulsion looming over them if they failed this test. Even with everyone getting pumped up, Sen took a moment to take in his surroundings.

The training ground was modelled after a construction site, lots of precarious debris and machines that were in the way. It looked like a classic hostage simulation, the construction buildings being a perfect spot to do so.

Mr. Yoshida had been waiting for them, and finally he cleared his throat and began to explain the exercise. Class 1-A was to be split into two groups, Alpha Squad and Delta Squad. The two teams were to fight over dominance of the training ground, which was broken down into three sectors. Conditions of victory were to control two of the three sectors by the end of the time limit or incapacitate all members of the opposing team. The training exercise was the real-life version of the Domination game mode found in many first-person shooter games.

As the teams were announced, Sen moved to go join his new squad. An ambitious flare sat in his eyes, he would do his best to help his team succeed.
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Kaitlyn Novak

December 2, 2027



To Kaitlyn Novak, alarm clocks kind of felt like someone placed a metal wedge into her ear, then proceeded to grab a sledgehammer and slam it home repeatedly. So it was no surprise when a slender hand reached up and smacked her clock straight off her night stand. It bounced on the carpeted floor once, then settled there peacefully, it's batteries lay a foot away, leaving nothing but beautiful silence. The hand that took revenge on the noise demon of the morning snaked back under the covers as the figure beneath snuggled deeper into the quicksands of her bed. That is, until her mother came to bash on her door for what seemed like eternity.

"Come on sweetie they'll be waiting for us at the med-wing," her mother pleaded. Another series of raps on the door elicited a seemingly feral growl from Kate. Switching to a different tactic, Amelia Novak leaned against the door of her daughter's room, "I have coffee waiting for you downstairs," she offered seductively.

Finally, Kate's voice called out, half muffled from the pillow she had her face thoroughly stuffed into. "You know mother, bribery is looked down upon by most people." It came off as grouchy but Amelia Novak smiled nonetheless, knowing that it was actually Kaitlyn's crass sense of humor.

"So I'll see you downstairs soon then?" Amelia replied triumphantly as she turned on her heel and danced down the steps to the first floor of the Novak residence.

Kaitlyn's voice could be heard from the floor below as she lifted her head from her pillow and admitted, "I said bribery was looked down upon, I never said it didn't work." Kate sat up from her sprawled out position on her bed and sighed, trying to ward off the sleepiness that was lulling her to return it. With a quick shake of her head that sent her brunette hair in every which way, she bounced out of bed. Then, almost comically, her left foot smashed hard into the alarm clock that lay on the carpet from earlier. With an undignified squeak, Kaitlyn shot into the air, bouncing on one foot while grasping the injured appendage. "Son of a..... Fuck!" She managed to verbalize as she sat back on her bed and massaged her foot. Alarm clock from hell, she thought to herself, plugging the batteries back in and returning it to its rightful spot on the nightstand.

After reading that it was 5:45 A.M. Kate sobered up and quickly moved to the bathroom to shower. Warm water was a luxury Sierra-Armstrong couldn't afford and the icy water always managed to elicit a gasp of surprise from Kaitlyn every day. It sure as hell woke her up though, even though it only lasted five minutes. When Kate came down the stairs to meet her mom in the kitchen for morning coffee her hair was still wet. She was wearing well fitting jeans with a white shirt and her trademark black leather jacket along with black combat boots. Normally this wasn't proper nurse attire, but when the world ends, some customs had to get thrown out of the window.

The two women stood in the kitchen together, Kate leaning on the island and Amelia leaning against the sink, each had a coffee cupped in their hands, sipping quietly. Kaitlyn frowned as memories of a much fuller house entered her mind, without Dad and Damian, the house just felt... Empty. She had come to terms that they were probably dead or even worse turned. She had accepted that she would never see them again, but acceptance didn't alleviate the pain and grief. With a small sigh she bit the inside of her cheek and dumped the last of her coffee into the sink, no longer in the mood. Briskly, Kate grabbed their bag pack that they stored their food in. "I'll go get this week's rations from Mr. Collins. Meet you in the med' wing?" Kaitlyn mumbled as she exited the house, not waiting for a reply. Amelia watched her daughter leave with concern in her eyes, they too carried the weight of grief.

Amelia hated the mess hall. Usually it was filled to the brim with obnoxious soldiers, drinking their sorrows away and leering at any potential fuck toy they could get their grubby hands on. Keeping her head down, she quickly moved through the rations line, waiting to reach Mr. Collins so she could grab food for her and her mother this week. When she reached the man she had to control her facial expression. Mr. COllins was a portly man that looked like he had 20 too many Big Macs, how he managed to stay fat during the end of the world was beyond Kaitlyn's imagination. The worst part about him was the smell, his odor was a mix of week old meat and French fires. Standing in his general area was enough to make Kate want to gag. Mr. Collins smiled as she approached, though it looked more like a wolf spotting its prey more than a grin.

"Ah, the beautiful Ms. Kaitlyn, back once again, have you been thinking about my offer?" The man leered, openly staring at her chest. It took everything within her to keep a level gaze, though she gestured for him to keep his eyes on her face. Last week when she came for rations, Mr. Collins suggested that she come home with him that night if she wanted a little extra food in her belly. Kaitlyn kindly declined, this sort of thing was normal, though she hated to admit it. Just one price for safety in Sierra-Armstrong.

Kaitlyn forced a smile and laughed slightly. "I don't think your wife would like that sir, among other things... Can I please just get my rations?" Collins shrugged and slid the food forward. Kate quickly packed away the food in her bag and turned to leave when Mr. Collins grabbed her wrist with surprising strength.

"Come on Kate, just one night. You'll never have to worry about being hungry again, I can provide for you. Isn't that what you want?"

Kate yanked her wrist away, rubbing where he grabbed, her patience had run thin. "Look, I've been very respectful to you, but if you touch me again I will cut your hand off and shove it down your throat. Do you understand?" All pretense of amicability gone.

Mr. Collins glared at her, unconsciously taking a step back, probably surprised by her ferocity. Most men around there weren't used to women talking back. "Get out. And don't bother coming back next week for rations." Collins said this simply, though he had a smug look on his face once again as he moved onto the next resident picking up food.

Kaitlyn stomped out of the mess hall, furious at herself for fucking up so badly. Controlling your emotions was the first thing she learned as a kid, everything in the apocalypse had to be carefully planned out. She wasn't sure how she was going to explain this to her mother, the only reason she was getting rations was because Mr. Collins had pulled the same stunt with Amelia. Now they were shit out of luck, unless she went back there pleading to boost his ego, which she despised the idea of.

Entering the med' wing, she shook off all her problems and entered her work state-of-mind. The only thing that mattered in this building was helping people who needed it, there was no time for her own bullshit. Kate pulled her hair into a ponytail as she entered the break room, hoping to find her Mom and a few of the other nurses there. Who she found was one of the nicer nurses, Heidi. Heidi was this little Japanese woman who loved to talk about her life before coming to shit-hole America right when the outbreak hit. Kaitlyn loved to listen to her stories, even though Heidi talked too fast and had a thick accent. The little woman was in the middle of telling how great her son had been at playing the piano when one of the older nurses, Gwen, peeked her head into the room. Kate looked up, smiling, she liked Gwen as well, she was very sweet. The smile stayed on her face until Gwen spoke.

"Damian is back."

Kate shot up from the seat she had been perched in, sending it toppling over. "Where?" She exclaimed frantically. It couldn't be true, she had to see him with her own eyes, hold onto him to make sure he was real and wouldn't leave again.

Gwen shook her head, "they were taking him to the Cell Block,, hun." Kaitlyn was already out the door and sprinting to the cell blocks. On her way out she spotted Amelia walking through the halls. Without stopping she called to her mother. Mom! Someone saw Damian, they're taking him to the Cell Blocks!"

Now there were two Novaks racing through Sierra-Armstrong. Two guards were stationed at the Cells, blocking the entrance way. Kate was ready to bust the whole place down but the guards stopped her. "Sorry ma'am, no entrance is permitted right now. Official business."

Kaitlyn glared at the man, "Official business can suck my ass. My brother is in there so it's my business now. Let us in! He's family, don't you get that?" She held back angry tears, a part of her still felt like someone was going to pop out of the bushes and laugh about how gullible she was for falling for a prank as simple as this.
Sen Kimoto

Interacting with - Kenichi @Zeroth

"Easier said than done," Sen countered with a small laugh, his gas mask whirring.

He could certainly see the potential in his quirk, but taking it to the next level with his actions would take a lot of determination and sweat. There were those in this new age that were born to be heroes and others that are forged into heroes by the will of their hearts. Sen hoped to evolve into a hero worth looking up towards and his journey would start there, in that very classroom.

Kenichi caught Sen's attention once again when he started to explain how his quirk worked. The young man's yellow eyes narrowed slightly as he memorized everything Kenichi was about to say. Yes, he rather liked the bluenette's style and personality, but becoming a hero came first, which meant he would have to analyze his quirk for any potential weaknesses. After all, this was a school where everyone was pitched against each other in the climb to the top. Not only did Sen get a description, but Kenichi also gave a small display of his power and it was very dangerous indeed.

"So basically you get all 'roided up by breathing? That's impressive, it's like you have a limitless supply of energy."

The uncertainty he had felt from being exposed to all these new quirks and people was beginning to fade away finally, being replaced with his trademark relaxed demeanor. He realized that whatever challenges that lay ahead of him would just have to be taken down one by one, he would adapt and thrive no matter the circumstances.

Sen was just about to respond to Kenichi's question about what he thought of class 1-A when their homeroom teacher arrived. Silence fell over the room as he commanded them to sit as he etched him name onto the chalkboard.

Akihito Yoshida

Sen recognized him as L Guardian, it would be an honor to learn under him. Already Sen could tell tha Yoshida was a no bullshit kind of guy, kind of like hinself. Yoshida-sensei leveled with Class 1-A immediately, claiming that he wasn't sure if they had what it took to be heroes, so he purposed a challenge. Judging by the determined looks on everyone's faces, this was going to be a battle to see who stayed and who didn't.

With a small piece of advice and instructions on how to use their lockers, Yoshida sent them on their way to Training Ground Echo. Out of courtesy, Sen waited for Kenichi, and as he shoulder his backpack he finally replied to the boy's earlier question.

"I guess we'll see who's badass and who's not soon enough." Brief images of his costume flashed through his mind. "This is going to be a lot more difficult without the suit I designed for my quirk," he admitted.

Sen chose not to respond to Kenichi's mentioning of the way some of the girls looked in class 1-A. Sure, Sen was perfectly at home talking to them and being friends with them, but anything more than that seemed to be difficult for the yellow eyed fellow. After all, who would want to date a guy they couldn't kiss without being rendered paralyzed for a period of time? Hell, even hugging Sen had to be done at an odd angle to avoid hitting his gasmask, unless they were short enough to not hit it. Doomed to a life in the friend zone, Sen shrugged once again and changed the subject.

"How about instead of oogling we go and kick some ass yeah?" Sen teased, clapping Kenichi on his shoulder as he steered him to the locker rooms.
Sen Kimoto

Interacting with - Kenichi @Zeroth

Komei Academy was alive with activity and Class 1-A was no exception. Frantic students pounded through the hallways, as the time clicked down towards their failure. Sen was glad he had made it with time to spare, though if they were going to be continually tested today, he hoped he would at least get his superhero suit. As much as he hated to admit it, there were a limited amount of uses for his quirk without the aid of his suit or his own intelligence. He needed to keep his wits about him if he was to make it through his first day. Sen shifted his backpack from his back to rest on the leg of his desk, until a rather eccentric boy caught his attention.

It the was boy from earlier in the left wing, the one who had the flashy quirk. Sen's eyebrow raised in question as the blue-haired firecracker shot through the room, muttering to himself until he practically plowed over the seat in front of where Sen was sitting.


The boy exclaimed with so much energy that a burst of laughter bubbled out of Sen's throat. The boy turned around so that he was facing Sen, who was surprised by the attention. The boy introduced himself as Kenichi Yoshida and then proceeded to ask about the details surrounding Sen's quirk. Midway through his barrage of questions he paused and let a massive sneeze out through the window closest to him and rubbed his nose while apologizing.

"Aha, don't worry about it. I'm Kimoto Sen by the way, it's nice to meet you. And yeah sorry about my quirk, it's mutant class so I can't turn it off, hence the mask." He said with a gesture to his face.

Sen shifted closer to Kenichi and lowered his voice, not keen on letting everyone know what his quirk did quite yet. Lowering his voice a few decibels, he continued.

"But yeah, the stuff you inhaled won't kill you. If you have taken in enough of it you would have become paralyzed for a couple of minutes, but that's about it."

Sen shrugged, he wished he had a cooler or flashier quirk, his was more of a nuisance most of the time.

"It's not flashy or cool but it gets the job done, ya know? What about you're quirk?"

Sen asked this with curiosity in his voice, eager to learn about everyone's quirk, Kenichi's quirk seemed dangerous too, definitely one to take note of.

"I saw you take off in the hallways and you were fast as fuck so I couldn't really keep up." He admitted somewhat reluctantly. Sen realized that if he couldn't even keep track of a person with that kind of speed how would he ever be able to defeat one? It's not like Kenichi was the only one out there with a quirk that made him fast. If Kenichi wasn't a complete idiot he could probably be a formidable hero one day. Sen on the other hand would have to work his ass off, and even then, it wasn't guaranteed.

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Sen Kimoto


A quiet young man sauntered behind the main rush of students barging their way through the main entrance of the famed Komei Academy. Pale yellow eyes flicked about the scene before him. Kids attempting to rush past the security guards, others choosing the side entrances, one girl went as far as to scale a tree, it was utter anarchy. Sen kept his casual pace, knowing fourteen minutes was more than enough time to get to class. Instead of trying to push his way past the guards, he decided the left wing might be more tasteful. The yellow eyed boy entered the hallway with his hands firmly set in his pockets, the mechanisms that filtered out his poisonous breath whirring inside his modified gas mask. He arrived just in time for his hair and jacket to be blown by a strong gust of wind. A boy seemed to have some sort of speed enhancing quirk and he managed to pull off quite the flashy display to get past the teacher guarding the way.

Sen couldn't help but chuckle at the boy as he yelled some sort of mantra before pulling off the display. He couldn't deny it, the boy had moxie for sure. Energy radiated off his classmate as he shot past the teacher and celebrated with a small dance. Sen of course continued down the hall, seemingly unphased. The only time he drew his hands from his pockets was to lower his gas mask to hang around his neck as he approached Isshin's clones. Slowly a yellow gas began to slip from Sen's nose and mouth as the boy took great gulps of air, he always felt refreshed when he got to take his mask off. Any clones that got close enough to the gas would probably start to feel lethargic to down right stuck in place, using this advantage, Sen slipped past those who stood in his way, though he hoped the other students had enough sense to steer clear of his paralyzing breath.

Once he was safely past Isshin, he pulled out the map he printed of the school. He had memorized the map but even he sometimes made mistakes and it would be awkward if he sat in another class while he was getting marked tardy in his actual class. Having found classroom 1-A, Sen entered normally and without the suave the earlier students had, though he had this relaxed confidence about him. It seemed as if he was right at home, after all, he would do anything to make it to the top. As he eyed all the students that had arrived before him, a determined from showed under his mask, not that anyone could see it. What they could see was him nod his head slightly and throw up two fingers in a peace symbol quickly, the regal looking gold ring on his index finger glinting in the sunlight crawling through the windows. Sen sat down in the back corner of the room, by the window, he always appreciated a nice view.

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