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2 mos ago
Current Welp. If I go silent for a bit, it's likely because of 'Hurricane' Michael. Assuming it ramps up like they're predicting.
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3 mos ago
Welp, one of the folks I've been RPing with, and really enjoying, has gone and deleted their Discord. Dunno how to feel about that.
3 mos ago
People. What a bunch of bastards.
3 mos ago
"I don't like the tone you used." I'm exhausted and in pain. You're lucky I spoke instead of chucking a shoe at you.
3 mos ago
I keep making promises about getting posts done and sent out, but today/tonight I'm following through. Even if I have to superglue my ass to this chair to get things done.


I'm a 28 year old dipshit from the good ol' US of A, who suffers from teratophilia. Go ahead and google that.

Beyond that, I'm really quite boring. My taste in music ranges from Celldweller (and his other projects of course), to the goddamn Backstreet Boys and Taylor Swift. I hard-focus fandoms more than I should, but I don't really delve into the fandom communities, for various reasons.

I draw, though quite poorly in my own opinion, mostly thanks to the fact that I take 6+ month "breaks" from progressing that skill. Not gonna elaborate here on why I take such long breaks, but feel free to ask. I won't bite your head off.

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Why am I still awake...
*old school dial-up modem noises*
The muscle in my back that I (re-)pulled feels a bit better today, so maybe I can be semi-productive.
Stomach bugs are no fun...
Ah, yes, let's prune the other interest. That should go well.
I shouldn't be this tired...
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