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16 days ago
Current Looks like both mine and my mother's computers have decided to kick the bucket in some way. Neither of us can afford to fix or replace anything, so...fuck me hah.
17 days ago
I talk to myself enough as is.
17 days ago
I don't think I've ever been intimidated by an RPer, up 'til now. Genuinely don't know how to handle this one person who messaged me recently about one of my other interests.
17 days ago
Oh damn, he a big boy...
19 days ago
Ah, good, now my computer is starting to act up again. Error of some sort and it restarted itself. Can't find anything in the event viewer that might've been the culprit. Please don't do this to me.


I am an exceedingly boring person, with terrible taste in everything.

That's all. Good day.

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It's too hot and humid here. I feel like I'm about to melt.
beep beep nyoooooooommmmm
A bump, despite my current computer woes.
I at least have something to access most of my stuff now!
Lost another one...
Maybe don't message me if you're not really feeling the RP. Stop wasting my time with...I dunno, pity or whatever the fuck it is that makes y'all pretend to be interested. Shit is gettin' old.
Added a new contact...
Don't make me regret it.
I swear to god y'all don't make me add google hangouts...
H'up we gooooo~
Had someone else I thought was interested.
Apparently I was very much wrong about that, heh. Oh well. I'm sure eventually someone will actually...y'know, be serious.
Yeah, I know, still on the first page. At least I waited a day.
We still on the first page, but I'm bumping anyway 'cause at least it's been over a day since the last one.
Aaaaaand because I'm absolute trash. Fancy that.
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