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14 hrs ago
Current Not entirely sure what happened there, but Discord removed like...3 other people when I removed /1/ person.
2 days ago
I have no idea what just happened, but that's probably a good thing.
6 days ago
Girls? On /my/ internet?
7 days ago
The weather is absolutely fucky right now, and I'm positive it's at least partly behind how shitty I've been feeling lately. Mmmmnope I don't like this.
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9 days ago
It's funny how people will go 2-3 weeks or longer without replying to me a single time, but as soon as I give up and remove them from my friends list, they're suddenly all over me.
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Is now a bad time to bump, seeing as I'm about to go sleep?

Am I going to bump anyway?

Am I an idiot?
Looks like insomnia might be coming to visit me...
A probably not needed bump before I go try to sleep away this headache.
I feel like my Spotify list is getting stagnant, but I can't find any music that really catches my a good way. I've found plenty of songs that make me wonder how the hell they're 'trending'.
Slightly early bump, 'cause shit keeps falling apart for me in RP land.
Nothing like being taunted with pizza and eggrolls to start out your morning.
I'm going to be searching for eternity, aren't I.
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