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Arden Gaothaire

Interacting with: Bree@Ellion@WeepingLiberty

It wasn’t long before her painful truth was realized. Once the Speech Drakkan had finished making a statement out of the Gem’s who didn’t wear the clothing supplied to them, he focused his attention on Arden. Before she could blink he was standing in front of her; the beating of her heart remained steady. The next moments would be crucial to the message she was attempting to send to her sisters. It was important that she not cower in fear and that she remain a beacon of strength. Her eyes focused on the Drakkan as he spat words in her face and then it came, the pain as her hair was grasped in a clenched fist. Her immediate reaction was to reach up and grasp at the wrist of the hand holding onto her, but it wouldn’t matter. Arden’s body was yanked backwards and dragged… she could feel her back scrape against the wooden table as her limbs knocked all the dishes off of it as she passed them. It only took seconds before she was tossed onto the cold hard floor at the front of the room.

Don’t whimper… don’t cry. Don’t be afraid. I asked for this, I knew it was coming. Remember why I’m doing this, it’s not for me. It’s for them.

Arden’s eyes tightened as she felt the throbbing pain begin to wash over her body. The Speech Drakkan barked another order at her but before she could even comply he grabbed hold of her hair again and pulled her to her feet. He wanted to teach a lesson by reprimanding her through physical pain, he would make a spectacle of her in order to send the message of fear. She knew men like him existed, but more importantly she knew that no matter how hard he hit her, no matter how many times he beat her, her will would not falter. His hand released Arden’s hair and as her body began to fall, her stomach was met with a powerful knee. The pain shot through her entire body, her vision became fuzzy, and a feeling of nausea filled her belly. Arden was forced to her knees, she barely could hear the Drakkan speaking anymore; all of her attention concentrated on not screaming out in pain, though her face winced with each blow. She remained silent and next she found her face pressed against the cold stone of the floor, a heavy boot atop her head.

It’s almost over… I’m almost there. Just hang in there, I can do this. This is but the first step in a necessary uphill battle.

Moments later the weight lifted off of her head, she could hear the Drakkan step away from her but she did not dare move yet. Arden knew not to push her luck too soon; if she was going to maximize on potential opportunities in the future she would have to stay alive. She fought back a smirk, this was a test, but not just for the Gems. It was also a test for the Drakkan; a test to see how far they would go when being presented with direct rebellion in the very beginning.

”You’ve got some serious guts to you. What were you thinking?”. The familiar voice came from beside her. It was Bree.

She came for me?

Arden’s mouth barely moved, a very faint whisper that she would carry to Bree through her manipulation of the air around her to ensure that she would be the only person to hear it. ”Now we know… just how much they need us."

She turned her head slightly to look at the Gem beside her. There was a feeling that Arden couldn’t explained having Bree come to her aid and be beside her now. Companionship in a dark time; a necessary life line for survival. Arden accepted Bree’s hand and pulled against it to bring herself to a crouching position. Before she could answer whether she was OK or not, the two of them were approached by the Warden, questioning their relationship. Her instinct was to jump to Bree’s defense, pleading that they did not know each other; she did not want to cause trouble for her new friend. Arden didn’t have to though, Bree came to her defense. The Air Gem looked at the woman blankly, she had always been the one to come to the help of others. Is this what it felt like?

A small breeze has begun the winds of change.

You weren’t wrong, mother, father.

Arden rose to her feet and followed Bree as they left the hall. ”Thank you, Bree. You didn’t have to come to my aid, now you’re associated with me, the defiant one I think they called me. Change comes with sacrifice... Regardless, I appreciate it and know that if you are ever in need, I’ll be there.”


Arden spent the rest of the day alongside her new friend as they were succumbed to the Drakkan teachings. She barely paid attention as the ache in her body distracted her. Arden looked at the Gemmenite around her, their faces painted with hopelessness; their hope was dwindling. She sighed, wanting to do more for them but not being able to.

The day continued, seeming to last an eternity. When night fell and they were ushered back into their bedrooms, she found solace in her bed. Arden rolled over on her side against the hard bed, staring at a barred window. Her voice began to fill the room, though faintly as she sang. She let it follow the breeze, wherever it would take it.

”In the darkness before the dawn… In the swirling of the storm.
When I’m rolling with the punches and hope is gone. Leave a light.
Leave a light on…”

Sera Makatza

Interacting with: Nenra @Amethyst?


Her eyes were closed tight, her forehead firmly placed on the stone floor. The noise around her was muffled, almost as if she was choosing not to hear it at all. The image of the large men at the front of the room was fading away but the cries of the other women remained. One was stripped… another forcefully dragged across the room and ridiculed. The beating of her own heart sounded like a drum in her head; it grew louder and faster until it drowned out every other possible sound. The world began to collapse around her, giving away, until suddenly… there was nothing left at all.

Where… am I?


There she was, standing in her village. A village that she hated but couldn’t escape. All of their eyes were on her; the words they spoke were like daggers piercing her skin. They were afraid of her. She knew why. ”But it was an accident…"

A large hand wrapped itself around her arm, yanking on it to pull her body in his direction. She prayed for this, for a different fate, but this is not what she meant. Pyrus… why do you curse me.

The journey to her new home felt like an eternity but couldn’t have been more than a week. She shared the road ahead with a few other terrified looking souls; were they terrified of her, or were they terrified of what came next? Their scared faces, they were too familiar. The girl could feel a well form in her stomach, she didn’t want to be with them anymore. How could she escape them? ...set fire to the carriage.

”No. You can’t. I won’t let you."


”Who are you talking to, sweetheart!? You best watch your mouth or you’ll end up like your friends." The sound of the Drakkan’s booming voice above her head was accompanied by a swift toe kick to her side. Sera winced as the action ripped her from her daydream, her hand quickly replaced where the Drakkan’s boot had been and clenched her side. The girl’s head rose slightly off the floor, her fiery red eyes meeting with the beast’s above hers. She was confused, she thought she had done everything right. She knelt, she put her forehead on the ground, what else did they want?

”Come on, lass. I ain't got all day, get up and get going!” The Drakkan barked at her as he reached down and forcefully grabbed her arm, pulling her off the ground and shoving her toward the rest of the group as they were ushered out of the hall.

Sera clumsily fell toward the group, accidentally bumping into a brown haired Gem with golden green eyes. She looked up at the brown haired Gem with a concerned look on her face; swallowing heavily she managed a one word apology before turning and joining everyone else. Sera observed the group around her, noting that some of them were already forming some degree of companionship. The idea of companionship seemed nice, but she knew it was an unrealistic venture for her to pursue. I would just end up hurting them….

You don’t need them, Sera. Think about how they have treated you in the past, like a caged animal waiting to be trapped… and look, they got what they wanted. You will never know freedom again. Gems, pathetic and weak..

Sera’s hands tightened together, her face twisting into an melancholy stare. She knew that Serafine was right, but as always she struggled to admit it. She had been cast out by the ones she loved, by the ones who were supposed to love her. Everyone gave up on her…They all watched as she was ripped from her home, not a single person even left their house to offer a comforting look. In a village full of people, she was alone. In this place, she was alone. Serafine was right, Gems were pathetic and weak.


The day had been long, all the Gems were forced to learn about the Drakkan Gods. It was clear that the beasts were attempting to purge any hope the Gems had in their own faith’s. The Drakkan wouldn’t have to try hard; Sera had given up on Pyrus many years ago when she was gifted with the ability to manipulate Fire. A curse, she called it, rather than a blessing. She did not always think that way though, there were times when she found herself believing it was gift to be treasured; Serafine surely enjoyed it.

Once the teachings were over, everyone returned back to the hall. The same food was laid out on the tables and Sera followed her same actions as she had made earlier. She crossed the room sheepishly, plated her food and found a table with the least amount of people to sit at. Sera's burning eyes stared at the food and though her stomach ached for sustenance, she did not eat. Instead she laid one arm on the table, cradling the side of her head in the joint as she watched the finger on her opposing hand lightly draw circles in the table.

Sera’s mind emptied again before it was suddenly filled with images of her playing as a little girl in her head. She could hear his voice; his laughter echoed in the valley. A slight twitch of a smile appeared on her face before it was quickly ripped away when his voice began to writhe in pain. It was screaming. And there it was, the smell of burning flesh…

Her eyes widened and her hand retracted away from the table. She rose her head quickly from her arm and frantically looked around the room she was in. There was no valley. There was no laughing. There was no fire. There were was nothing but sad looking souls gathering to eat another well prepared meal.

It wasn’t real… she thought to herself as she felt her racing heart begin to calm. Sera’s arm returned to its original position, her head sinking back into its joint. She then noticed the circular scorch marks on the table. She had burnt it while drawing. Her fiery red eyes stared at them, hoping she wouldn’t be punished for it.

”Look at what you did.”

. . . It is odd that I am both excited and not?

Excited and not excited for what!?

She's good to go. Move her over and you may start posting. Anything that's happened up until your next post will need to be flashback style for her, but she can be placed in the current setting with the rest of the brides no problem... Make sense?

Sorry I'm a little tired. Haha

Hooray, thank you! This makes sense to me. I'll wait for the GM post and then I'll do a flashback style post for her. :) thank you!

Arden Gaothaire

Interacting with: Bree @Ellion

There it was. A smile. Arden wanted to see this woman smile for a reason unknown to her, but it wouldn’t last long. In a blink the smile was gone, replaced with an expression of hopelessness; a common expression among the Gem faces in the dining hall. A pit sank in Arden’s throat, she wanted to help this woman. Instinctively her hand reached across the table and she gently placed it on Bree’s. She didn’t speak though, she simply looked at the woman with an empathetic, yet strong gaze; she let her eyes speak for her. Arden withdrew her hand after a moment and softly smiled as Bree began to speak.

"Prisel Aldentine?" A rhetorical confirmation. ”Prisel Aldentine was my home for the past year, though I didn’t choose it. I suppose we were more than just neighbors then.”

Arden wondered where this woman was when the Reaping happened. The two of them were taken from the same city, which meant that they arrived at Shadow Worth at the same time. She did not share the same cart as her, Arden would’ve remembered. Curiousity aroused her; did they ever cross paths without knowing? A feeling of warmth filled her heart in knowing that there was someone there who was from her home.

The feeling quickly escaped her when the speech Drakkan entered the room with another beastly sized Drakkan following behind him. Their presence alone shifted the atmosphere of the dining hall into an even more chilling one than it was previously. Arden’s brow hardened as she watched them move across the dining hall until they reached the front of the room and barked an order at them.

Bow? The very thought of bowing to these barbarians left a foul taste in her mouth. The bitterness grew when she watched the Gems around her shakily pull themselves to their feet and begin bowing to the one titled as the High Prince. She looked at Bree, who had stood and knelt down with her attention to the floor. It sickened her to see her sisters forced to submit; this was the reason she was raised as a man.


Arden stood from her seat slowly, her eyes now fixed on the two Drakkan at the front of the room. She made a point not to look at any of the Gems around her out of the corner of her eye, careful not to draw attention to the fact that she had been conversing with Bree. Arden knew that if she was to act out, she would want it to be solely on her and not give anyone else trouble. She stood with a collected confidence, her arms firmly hanging at her sides, her face seasoned with distaste. She would accept would what come next, but she knew one painful truth.

She would not bow.

Arden Gaothaire

Interacting with: Bree @Ellion

The room continued to fill, though the trickle of Gemmenites entering the dining hall was beginning to slow; everyone was almost gathered. Arden curiously wondered what would come next, there was no reason to gather all of them in the same place at the same time simply for to enjoy breakfast together while everyone came to terms with their grimacing fate. The Air Gem was so lost in thought that she almost didn’t realize a woman had approached her and had taken a seat in front of her. A faint expression of embarrassment appeared on Arden’s face but it was quickly replaced with her calm and collected one.

"Pardon me, I was a little lost in thought there." Arden admitted with a playful undertone. She looked at the woman sitting in front of her, astonished at her beauty. It was clear as to why she was chosen for the Reaping. It made her question why herself was chosen, she hadn’t come to terms with the fact that she was freely living as a woman now. It was still odd for her not to wake up everyday and wrap her breasts or cut her hair regularly to keep it short. The older Gemmenite women that cared for her often described her as a hidden beauty, but it was something she still didn’t see in herself. Arden returned the sweet roll from her hand to her plate and drew her finger and thumb to her mouth, sucking the food off of them one after the other in an attempt to draw attention away from the realization that she had been staring at the girl for a fraction of time too long.

"Bree, you said. How do you do. My name is Arden. Please, you are not being a pain, rather a pleasure." Arden smiled, her cool grey eyes meeting with Bree’s. "Ahh, the Drakkan that delivered that poor speech? No, I haven’t seen him. I imagine we were all gathered in the same place this morning for more than just breakfast though and I bet he will be making yet another grand entrance."

Sarcasm kissed her tone of voice when speaking about the speech-making Drakkan’s entrance. Although she made fun of it, she enjoyed knowing who was in charge. Arden grew up being taught the tongue of diplomacy and benefited from a fine education, a skill set she planned on abusing in her new life should she be paired with a Drakkan with political pull. What she was most curious about though was why was this particular gem sitting and speaking with her and why was she asking about the speech-making Drakkan. Did Bree have a plan of her own, or was she just being friendly? Regardless, Arden knew very well that allies were important and necessary for survival. She knew it was too soon to be frank with the woman and fought the urge to simply negotiate a partnership, insinuating that Bree was speaking to her for a reason. Conversation would have to suffice until a proper opportunity arose.

"I must ask, where does a beauty such as yourself come from? I was born in a city outside of Priseil Aldentine called Makani, have you heard of it?" She asked with confidence, not faltering at the flattery she used. Flattery was another skill that she possessed, an art she learned from years of pretending to be a man. An art she mastered, to be more precise. Arden understood what was too much and what was just the right amount. She knew when to use it, how to use it, and was confident in using it, which sold her words more often than not. Though there was a piece of her that was not flattering the woman just for the sake of gaining something, Arden was being truthful. Bree was beautiful.

I edited the last paragraph of my post! Sorry guys, shouldn't have finished it yesterday. I was tired lol... Also wanted to include that there would be a bunch of gems in the dining hall already, as per obscene.
Arden Gaothaire

Interacting with: N/A

It had been nearly a year since Arden had seen her home… her family. It was a year ago that the Gemmenia court of Prìseil Aldentine came to her door, peacefully demanding her compliance. Arden’s family did not resist the court’s decision, however, she could still hear the gentle protesting of the other Air Gemmenites living in Makani. Freedom was a concept that was falsely portrayed in Gemmenia. No young woman was truly free; she was birthed with an expiration date and until she met that expiration date, she would live in fear until she was no longer desirable for the Reaping. True freedom was a concept that Air Gemmenites of Makani believed in. Rebellion, rebellion was but a newly birthed idea; a radical idea most were afraid to act on, let alone even speak about. Arden was that rebellion. A year ago, she was a man; living a necessary lie for her future survival. She had dreams, she had hopes. She was going to change the world, she was going to change something. At least that’s what she once thought.

Her soft eyes stared blankly ahead, not hearing the muffles of the Gemmenite elders speaking to her. Arden’s brow line hardened, losing herself in thought of the day her careless mistake ruined her life. The day that she was discovered. The Gaothaire’s secret would cast a shadow over their family name for generations to come as an act of rebellion. She didn’t want to think about what it would mean for her family to live in a city where they were known for something deemed as a vile act against the court. A sigh escaped her and as quick as the breath left her chest, a hand found itself on her shoulder. Arden snapped back into reality and met eyes with the woman in front of her, Illyia was her name. Illya was a Water Gemmenite that she been living with for nearly a year. Illya’s job was to teach her how to act more lady like. Illya’s job was to prepare her for the day she would be reaped.

“Arden, you’re lost in thought again. You know that is not becoming of a fine young woman. People are going to think your head is empty if you aren’t careful.” Illya cautioned, removing her hand from Arden’s shoulder. An unamused sigh escaped the Air Gemmenite’s chest, “We have been through this, Illya. You know how I feel about these womanly teachings, I do not understand why you insist on pushing the matter on me.”

Arden stood from her seat and walked to a nearby window. She gazed outside in awe of Prìseil Aldentine, it was a truly magnificent city. Illya’s voice sounded behind her, “Arden… you know that I am only doing as I am told. Listening to direction is something you’re going to have to grow accustomed to. I know you do not like it, you’ve made your distaste for how things are very clear… but I fear that if you cannot simply nod your head in agreeance more often, that you will be killed.” Illya was not wrong, Arden had always been strong-willed and honest to a fault. Her opinionated voice often led to reprimand but the woman held a respectful diplomatic voice nonetheless; people listened to she had to say. The Air Gem turned wildly toward Illya, “Listening to direction, Illya? Or do you mean following orders. I understand that I’m going to be a bride for the taking, but we aren’t in Drakka and I should be entitled to freely live as an individual for what little time I have left.” That was the last conversation Arden had with Illya. That very day, young Gemmenite women were ripped from Prìseil Aldentine, Arden being among them.

She had lost track of time and couldn’t remember just how long the journey was. Instead she remembered the cold uneven wood planks of the back of the cart she was thrown into. She remembered the soft whimpering of the other women who shared the cart with her. She remembered the disgusting cackling of the Drakken who came for them. The cart eventually arrived in Shadow Worth, a dreary place. The women were ushered out of their temporary home and forced into another. Arden had only thought about what this day would be like, she had been told what to expect. She would arrive in Shadow Worth, partake in a ceremony of some kind, and then become a Drakken’s property. The gem went through the motions, silently taking in her surroundings and listening carefully to the beasts that talked around her. Arden found herself in a courtyard littered with other Gemmenites, listening to a Drakken who was clearly in a position of power deliver what was supposed to be a frightening speech. Arden remained still and eerily calm given the threatening circumstance that was now her life. Her brow hardened, as it always did when she was displeased, disappointed, or bitter.

After the speech she was forced to a room in the west wing. There was a set of drab clothing on the bed, which matched the drab decor of the room. Her head was filled with the faces of the other Gemmenites in the courtyard, most of them sobbing and afraid. She thought about how each one of them had likely been freshly ripped from their families. Family. She had been ripped from her family so long ago now, but now more than ever she yearned for them. Arden’s fist lightly clenched at her waist. Auram, please grant me your strength to get through this…

THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. Daybreak had come with a loud roar at the bedroom door and a Drakken storming into her bedroom. Arden jumped out of bed, startled by the intrusion. He yelled at her to find her way to the dining hall and then was gone as quickly as he came. Once he was gone, she relaxed into her skin and slid into the drab clothing that was left for her; a pair of loose fit trousers and what appeared to be a young boy’s shirt. The Air Gem found her way to the dining hall, how she walked into the room demanded a certain presence to it. Arden, had being raised to be a man, walked with a certain assertiveness to her, which she became painfully aware of when she noticed a Drakken glaring at her from out of the corner of her eye. The young woman drew a breath in, held up her stature, and walked over to where the feast was laid out.

The catering table was littered with options from her homeland, a delicacy she did not expect in such a dark place, and other options that were bleak at best. Clearly the latter belonged to Drakka. Knowing that the latter was more likely the option she would be eating for the rest of her life, unless she was lucky enough to become the property of a monster who lived in a city that enjoyed the comforts of Gemmenia, she opted for mostly the bleak options and picked a couple from her homeland as a comfort. Arden looked around the room while collecting her breakfast, taking note of the other Gemmenite women already there. There were already dozens of them, scattered throughout the hall and although the room was filling quickly, it was deadly silent, as if there was not even a single soul within it. She wondered what they were thinking, how they were feeling. She imagined most of them were terrified, but she knew some of them had already accepted their fate by the look on their faces. Part of her knew that most of them were still coming to terms with their new realities, which explained the deathly silence that filled the room. All of the tables had some manner of people at them, Arden found a seat with an empty spot across the table in front of her. She sat next to two other Gems who were quietly eating their breakfast, looks of hopelessness tattooed on their face. She wanted to say something to them, her mouth opening slightly to speak but then stopping, catching herself searching for words that didn't come. Arden sat, quietly picking at her breakfast and losing herself in thought as she quietly observed the room directly in front of her.

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