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Sera Makatza

Bride of Ineraz Evrenarth @SilverPaw. Sister Bride of Zeldria Miphras [@SaltwaterThief]
Interacting with Ineraz and Zeldria

"Sera, what do you think?"

Sera turned to the familiar voice of her sister bride calling her name. Zeldria was holding two different cloaks and looked unsure of what one to pick. One was grey, almost silver, and the other was a darker grey resembling the gloomy sky on a cold and rainy winter night. She could care less which cloak Zeldria picked having little interest in clothing items herself but was curious as to why, all of a sudden, Zeldria was engaging her when the girl had clearly been scared of her since they arrived at the Evrenarth manor.

With a heavy sigh Sera chose to humour her sister for the time being and took a few small steps toward her. The fair skinned Gem raised a finger and began to point back and forth between the two cloaks while silently speaking to herself. Her finger landed on the silver cloak in a final ‘mo’

”That one” Sera chose matter of factly even though her decision was based on pure luck.

From where she stood she could tell her sister was a bit anxious having asked her the question she did. Sera wondered if she had meant to. All of the scared people in her life had dared not speak to her but instead ridiculed her in fear from a distance.

Freak. Abomination. Monster.

Sera quickly looked away from Zeldria, careful to hide the pain in her eyes. Without looking back at her sister she wandered away from her and back to her husband’s side. Zeldria was a bitter reminder of a past she was desperate to run away from, or turn to ash. Sera’s hand tightened into a fist as a flood of memories came pouring in.

There she was, in a crowd just like the one on the streets of Železna Kri. All of the people had surrounded her, their words spitting venom in her direction. She was collapsed on the ground in the center of the circle, her hands tightly holding her head tucked in as close to her body as humanly possible. Tears rolled down her face in an uncontrollable manner as she wept with each tongue lashing.

Please… please help me…

Sera’s hand began to radiate heat until she was jolted into reality when a massive force ran into her, knocking her to the ground. Sera looked up at the Drakkan that had knocked her, he was running toward a crowd of people who were tossing each other around and shouting. The street fight was growing in size and ferocity as most onlookers were quick to join in, each one more aggressive than the last. Gruelling shrieks of pain echoed through the laneways as weapons were drawn and sought blood. In a mere matter of seconds, a full on brawl consumed the street.

Sera Makatza

Bride of Ineraz Evrenarth @SilverPaw. Sister Bride of Zeldria Miphras [@SaltwaterThief]
Interacting with Ineraz and Zeldria

A guard entered the room and crossed to Ineraz with purpose. Sera’s watchful eye landed on the pair as the guard handed over a sealed letter. His name was Senn. The young Gem would forget it entirely once she exited the room, as it served no purpose to her to remember their names; they were all the same.

Sera watched as a manic grin spread from ear to ear on her Husband’s face upon inspecting the letter. In the day she had known him, this was the most excited she had seen him. The mark on the letter was clearly well-known, important, maybe even sought after? The Gem had never been exposed to such social situations before and was lacking a basic understanding of such things… but she was smart enough to know that whatever was in the letter was exciting to Ineraz given his expression. She wondered if she would ever see him like this again.

The thought of Ineraz sprawled out over his bed crossed Sera’s mind. His exposed skin revealing a hardened muscular tone. His black tunic hugging the most intimate part of his body. His eyes excited with lust as he looked at her and Zeldria. “And three, you may sleep with me,”
“I will show you the kinds of pleasure you wouldn’t have had chance to even dream of until now”
Would she be able to see him as excited as he was looking at that scroll again when he was finally able to touch her? Take her? Have her? Sera thought back to how he looked at her with such anticipation when she kissed him and wondered just how he would look when her naked body was before him.

Ineraz’s arm came around Sera’s shoulder, jolting her out of her momentary daydream. She looked up at him as he assured her that they place they were going to play was not consumed in darkness. Sera simply nodded in acknowledgement and followed her husband, carefully walking closer to him than the guard who had struck her.

The manner was bigger than she had discovered already. There was a labyrinth of corridors that one would easily lose themselves in. The trio came to a halt in front of an iron doorway. The door itself did not match the rest of the architecture of the home and was an eyesore amongst the beautiful paintings, tapestries, and rugs.

Doors like these exist for one reason only…

The door swung open and revealed a staircase which led the group deep underneath the manor. Each step brought them further and further away from the gracious decorating of Ineraz’s home. This place was made of cold grey stone. This place was never touched by sunlight. This place was filled with the lingering cries of people past. Sera’s eyes wandered to the guard as she wondered if he was frightened. Did Drakken scare?

We will scare him.

Their second stop was in a room filled with terrible looking instruments and a single Drakkan leaning back in a wooden chair in the corner of the room. The Drakkan was older and paid no attention to them, merely grunting at their arrival.

This one won’t scare..

Sera moved closer to Ineraz and snaked her arm around his. He retrieved a single whip and a cell key before leading her and the guard through yet another iron door and down a corridor. The corridor was lined with cells. The dirt ground was littered with blood stains. The underground was damp, poorly lit, and carried the stench of iron. Sera’s grip tightened around Ineraz’s arm.

...but you scare.

Ineraz opened the door to a cell and pushed the guard in. Sera followed closely behind him. Her husband handed her the whip he retrieved from the first room. She looked down at the leather item in her small, pale hands. Her eyes transitioned from the whip to the guard, who was now being restrained and stripped. She watched quietly as his face was pressed against the cold stone and his mouth gagged with his own belt. His face was beginning to perspire as beady eyes shot around the room. He was terrified.

You like this. You like watching him


Ineraz took the whip from her and began. Sera watched, wide-eyed. Her husband’s instruction to observe was not needed. She did not flinch away from the sound of the whip cracking against the guard’s skin. With each lash, her eyes lightened. It drew her in. The pain, the suffering, the screaming, the tears…

The door opened and brought with it the sound of a woman and man laughing. The laughing came to an abrupt stop.
The air carried the lingering smell of sulphur.
The wooden floors were scorched.
A snow haired girl was collapsed in the center of the room. Her arm wrapped tightly around a burnt figure.

”Be a dear and cauterize those for me?” Ineraz’s voice shook her from another memory. Sera looked up at her husband hesitantly but nodded in agreement. ”Yes sir.”

Sera took a few slow steps toward the guard. As she drew closer, he looked more and more scared. She stopped a mere inches from him and observed his battered body. The guard was sweating profusely and his entire being shook in terror. His back was littered with lashings and covered in blood. The Gem reached toward the gashes the knife had made but stopped before making contact with them.

Daziel? Is that…. Please, no… no.
The girl looked over at the two standing in the doorway, her eyes red from tears.
Mother. Father… I didn’t.. I didn’t…..
What did you do!?

Serafine’s hand radiated heat as it pressed into the Drakkan’s exposed flesh. The guard whimpered in pain, attempting to scream through the belt in his mouth. His body jolted from side to side, desperate to escape the searing pain against his back. Sulphur filled the air as smoke boiled over the girl’s hand pressed into the guard’s back. A wicked look overcame the Gem as she pressed harder and harder into the Drakkan…

You’re not our daughter
You’re a monster


Arms fell at the Gem’s side, hands stained with blood and shaking. She took a few weak steps back and stared at what she had done. The guard’s body was limp, hanging like a piece of meat that had been cooked. Sera turned quickly and joined her husband’s side, however; she didn’t look at him or speak a word. She simply waited until Ineraz escorted her out of the room.

Ineraz led her to where Zeldria and a new guard was. He mentioned the market before leaving her with them. Sera glanced toward the new guard and then over to Zeldria who quickly looked away when Sera’s eyes fell on her. She knew the look well. It was the same as the one she had received from dozens and dozens of people her entire life. It was the look of fear. Sera leaned her head to the side in curiousity as she observed Zeldria. The auburn haired girl had done a phenomenal job of remaining relaxed, however; it was the small glances out of the corner of her eye toward Sera that gave her away. ”Are you frightened?” she asked almost rhetorically.

Sera lazily walked toward Zeldria and stopped where she was sitting in a chair, looking down at her with a classic blank expression on her face. Her sister bride was afraid of her and yet, she had no idea of the horrors that followed her or the shadows that lingered. Zeldria didn’t know about Serafine.

”There are darker things to be scared of…” Crimson eyes fixed on Zeldria as she waited for a response before simply turning and walking away from her. The snow haired Gem sat on the floor with her back against the wall on a side of the room that had no doors on it. She couldn’t help but continue to look back at her sister bride, like a moth drawn to a flame.

...we could show her.
”Show her what?”


Zeldria sat opposite to her in the wagon that carried them to their destination. Neither Gem spoke to each other and although Zeldria had no intention of looking at Sera, Sera had every intention of keeping her eyes on her. Sera’s sister-bride was interesting to her, as most people who were weary of her were. What made them tick. What made their hair stand on edge. What made their heart race. What made them scared. She had learned the power of fear over another person at a young age. Fear could control others. Fear could drive them to do maddening things.

Daziel. Sera winced at the thought. Fear could drive someone to do unspeakable things…

The wagon came to a halt and the girl’s piled out quickly. The two emerged into a world unlike their own. There were massive figures all around and the streets moved so quickly with the bustles of business. Vendors yelled at prospective customers and people fought over certain wares. Ineraz didn’t appear to be bothered by the high-stress environment, though it was a world he was used to.

Sera looked around nervously, she had never been around so many people before. In Shadow Worth there were hundreds of them but they were already dead; empty caskets going through the motions. The market was different, the people here were alive and there were more than just Drakken. Sera found herself next to Ineraz, her small hand holding on to his arm. Her big red eyes looked up toward him for reassurance but her husband seemed different than earlier. He was quiet and didn’t seem as relaxed as normal.

The group began to walk leisurely walk through the market. Zeldria was more accustomed to such busyness, an obvious observation by how she browsed the vendors. Sera, on the other hand, needed more encouragement to explore. Eventually the small Gem wandered to a few stalls and looked at the garments available. The items meant nothing to her, she had no preference of what she wore and really could care less about shopping. Sera looked over to her sister-bride who was picking pieces and seemed all too pleased about it. The small Gem sighed and began to pull a couple items off the table without much thought to it. By the end of it, she had acquired an assortment of tops in blacks, and mute purples, blues-greens, and blues. She also had a few plain coloured skirts in varying lengths, shorts, and few casual dresses. Lastly, she acquired something that actually caught her eye; a long white cloak with gold embellishments and an oversized hood.

Sera returned to her husband’s side with a few bags of new items. She hadn’t brought anything from home. Even if she had time to gather things, she wouldn’t want to. Sera wanted to leave that place behind and forget that it ever existed. She wanted it to burn. Drakka was her new home. Her new beginning. Where no one was afraid of her… Sera looked over at Zeldria who was admiring something.

Almost no one.

Arden Gaothaire

Bride of Heccarmin @ClocktowerEchos; Sister Bride to Sorrin @WeepingLiberty
Interacting with Heccarim and Sorrin

Concerned eyes watched as little Sorrin turned green and rushed for the nearest window. The sound of the girl’s stomach emptying into the ocean caused a similar curdling feeling in Arden’s. The Gem’s face twisted into disgust as she gestured an obvious unpleasant expression; she had never been able to stomach the presence of vomit. The colour Arden had regained in her face since waking was quickly fading away with every dry heave that came from Sorrin. How such a sweet and innocent girl could make such a wretched sound was beyond her.

”Aaaaardeeeen.” Sorrin’s voice carried through the room with the tone of a whining child but it didn’t bother Arden. In fact, it brought a strange smile to the Gem. Like how a mother smiles warmingly at their upset child in an attempt to comfort them.

Arden gathered enough strength to shuffle toward Sorrin without having to stand on her own two feet. She rubbed the girl’s back once she reached her and offered a gentle “shhh”. Arden had been on a boat before, though it was much smaller than the one she was on now. The water rocking against the vessel had never bothered her stomach but she knew for many people that sea sickness was a real thing. For Sorrin it was. ”We won’t be on this boat forever. Just hang in there, OK?”

The sound of chain drew Arden’s attention away from Sorrin and to Heccarim. The shadow of their captor was already above them… He had moved in a way that she hadn’t noticed him approach them on the floor. Instinctively, Arden’s hand moved from Sorrin’s back and wrapped itself around her shoulder, pulling the girl closer into her in a protective manner. It wouldn’t matter though; the Warden plucked them from the ground and dangled them above the floor as if they were meat drying on a rack. The Gem thought about resisting but before her actions came to fruition she remembered the Warden’s very real threat; any punishment she incurred would be inflicted on Sorrin. Arden glared at Heccarim as he replaced her collar with one that that had barbed wire on it and threw her against the wall opposite to Sorrin. He chained her there and returned to a seat that was so perfectly placed to watch them.

A barbed collar… what does this monster have planned?. The Warden was a man of intention, something she had learned with how he acted and the way he spoke. Every action had purpose, but what was this action’s purpose?

The hoblars returned with plates of mouth watering fruit and vegetables. The feast was placed in the center of the room, perfectly between Sorrin and herself. Arden’s stomach growled at the sight of the platter but she knew that it would come with a price. The Warden had yet to prove himself to be anything but kind. Arden moved her head from side to side to test the new collars but she couldn’t decide their purpose. The Gem lifted her shoulder as she leaned her head toward it when a prick stopped her advance. Arden’s eyes widened in shock as the realization began to sink in… Her eyes moved toward the plate of food between her and her sister bride and then to the monster who owned them.

"Your naivete is… unwelcomed Sorrin. But I suppose your enthusiasm is something worthwhile. Arden however, what about you? Are you so willing?"

Arden scowled at the Warden with each word he spoke. The Gem had pieced it together slowly but the monster had confirmed her suspicions; eating would come with the price of hurting each other with the barbed collars adorned on their necks. ”Willing?” Arden asked, mockery in her voice.

With eyes locked on her monsterous husband, she spat on the floor in the direction of the floor. She was hungry, starving even, but she wouldn’t hurt the innocent girl for her own personal self gain. She wouldn’t let the Warden win his sick and twisted games… she wouldn’t give him that pleasure. Arden drew her attention away from him and to Sorrin, her face much softer nower.

”You should eat, Sorrin. Don’t worry about me.”

Höd Ultair
Interacting with Morganna, Azilon Dantanath, and Salazar Dantanath@WeepingLiberty

The blade pressed against the material of his pants that were now the only pathetic excuse for armor his manhood had and yet, Höd seemed unphased. His calculating eyes remained on Morganna’s as he allowed for his thumb to wander to the woman’s jaw line. Höd traced his thumb delicately along it, moving up and toward her ear. As he drew closer to her ear, his hand joined in; cupping the nape of her neck firmly. Like she knew who she was dealing with, he knew the same for her. Assassins could not be trusted, even more so when their backs were up against a wall.

”Someone has paid a rather hefty amount for your head, my darling. They’re pretty inexperienced with such transactions which means I can wiggle a lot more money out of them. An easy pay day when the target all but hands himself over to the hunter.” Höd returned Morganna’s playfully twisted smile back to her. There was something about the woman that intrigued him that went further than lusting over a legend or beauty. She could hold her own, she wasn’t afraid of him, and she was brave enough to pull a knife on him. Höd’s hand ripped from her neck as she spun around him. He turned to face her and smirked, knowing that if he wanted to, he could’ve held onto the girl but watching as she flipped her hair in almost a mocking tone made their little game of cat and mouse more enjoyable.

”I’ll let you have this one, mon Cherie, only because I am a gentleman. But do remember, my sweet Morganna, when the target wants you to catch him… it’s never that easy.” Höd was now behind the woman, bent over to whisper in her ear. As a skilled assassin, she would pick up on the tone his voice carried; a playful warning. He was throwing her own medicine back at her. Curiously, he watched for a response that would never come. Morganna was far too trained to allow such a slight to affect her. The lack of response only fueled Höd’s desire to push her buttons even more. He snickered at the thought of just how he would accomplish such a task. It wouldn’t be easy, assassins meant patience. He knew patience well, but he also was no stranger to persistence and stubbornness. Höd had entered a game in which, he very well could be the only player, and as the competitive type, he would not let her win so easily.

”I take it you’re holed up in some inn somewhere in town right? Not exactly the safest place for you with that kind of a bounty out, you’ll end up missing out on quite the vacation if you stay. Come along now, you’re coming with me. The Dantanath household is one people respect, so as our guest you’ll be left alone as long as you’re inside the grounds. That is, of course, unless you would rather keep fighting all day?”

Without waiting, she was off, not bothering to glance behind her to see if he would follow. Others would take it as disinterest, Höd knew it was yet another move in their game. He followed her, curiously observing her as she walked. Morganna, the Crimson Phantom, family member of the Dantanath’s. He had heard of them, how could he not have? Not only was the name well known in Drakka, but Höd’s father personally knew the man responsible for bringing honour to the Dantanath name. He would have to tread carefully as anyone who knew his history too well could be problematic for him. Whether he ran into someone that did or not at the estate would be a gamble he was willing to take.

The two of them kept to the alleyways, a smart choice as Morganna had shared the news there was a large bounty sitting on his head. Höd wasn’t surprised though, if anything he had expected it. The moment his family name surfaced, it was hunted. It only stopped when the killings dwindled and the sightings of the Berserker disappeared. Time seemed to have escaped Höd as they headed for the Dantanath estate. He was busy curiously observing the Phantom as she lead the way but paid close attention to each and every turn that they took. It was in his nature to memorize such things as directions; knowing where you were all the time was an important rule in survival. If he was going to be, a guest, as she put it in unknown territory, he would be reckless not to map a quick getaway if needed.

Morganna’s stride began to slow as the two of them reached their destination. There were two horses outside of the massive estate, one was tethered to a fence and the other was wandering aimlessly. Höd had gathered that Morganna was unfamiliar with either steed, judging by the change in her demeanor. His eyes moved toward the trail of blood from where the steeds were and followed it to the front entrance of the estate. An itch of curiousity stung him but he fought the urge to pay the situation his normal reaction. Morganna seemed to not be overly concerned with what awaited her return home, which was a good enough reason for the Berserker to be at ease. Or at least at ease as he could be; in one way or another, Höd was always prepared to do what had to be done.

”Incapable of even the simplest of tasks. Whatever am I going to do with you little brother?” Höd cocked a curious eyebrow at the woman’s statement and joined alongside her as she began her march toward the front door. He peered up at the giant building as he approached it, it was an eyesore compared to the average looking homes he had seen already. This one, this one had money written all over it. It was clear that the Dantanath family was one of wealth.

”Here we have it then, the Dantanath estate in all of its glory. You, miss, continue to surprise me. I did not realize you carried such a heavy name. At least yours is a lot more liked than mine is.” Höd didn’t bother asking about the brother, his concern was how close she was with the family and by picking at the name, he had hoped she would offer some information.

Morganna pushed open the door to the estate and immediately began nagging her brother. Azzy. Höd simply followed behind her, quick to absorb his surroundings while remaining quiet to observe the interactions. The first thing he noticed was the small Gem wandering the estate, almost aloof to her surroundings. His first instinct was to maim the girl, but he was a guest and would have to mind his manners. At least for the time being. Höd paid no attention to the ‘play nice’ instructions she gave her brother and then realized where he knew the Drakkan from; the ceremony. It was him that she had been speaking to, one of the pretty boys. How her body language talked when she spoke to him at the Choosing made sense now; the two were related. Höd simply listened as the two of them exchanged words, silently judging the brother for his feminine like physique. He internally scoffed at the walking result of interbreeding. Any other day the Berserker would’ve brought judgment upon him, but today was not any other day.

“Now, where’s my payment, don’t tell me you lost her?” Höd’s interest perked at the talk of payment; Gem payment. His eyes wandered over to Morganna as he recalled what she had said to them the day they met. A cheap but effective alternative… I see now. Full of surprises, indeed.

Höd grinned gently at Morganna as she addressed him. It seemed as though she would be off to inspect her payment and leave him behind with his girlish brother. He didn’t blame her though, it was important to inspect the goods before accepting the payment. Höd simply nodded at her, ”Of course, mon Cherie. Take your time and I thank you for your hospitality. I’ll enjoy getting to know your brother here.”

Höd watched as Azilon studied him in silence. It was clear the brother was not as outgoing as Morganna, as Azilon seemed more interested in staring at him rather than asking him what he wanted to know. An unamused look came over his face as another Gem entered the room, though this one was clearly the help. He stayed still as she set the tea down on the table and as quickly as she came, she left. His attention found itself back on the brother, who again was staring at him.

”I’m sorry to break it to you, Azzy, but I don’t swing the other way.” Höd grinned as he delivered his snarky remark. ”Really though, if you are going to stare like that you should at least mind your manners and introduce yourself. My name, is Höd. Son of…”

Höd’s attention was snatched away at the approaching voice but not before he noticed the grimace on Azilon’s face. Whoever it was, Azilon didn’t care for them. The man who entered carried himself in a way that could belong only to the head of the household. Judging by his appearance, he was approximately Höd’s age, which could only mean that this man’s father could very well be the one his father knew. Any normal person would tense in such a situation, but Höd was trained not to do so. He refused to allude to any family connections. When Azilon introduced him as a thing Morganna had dragged in, the head of the house confirmed he knew Höd’s family name but was satisfied with the simple fact that his daughter trusted him.

”I do apologize for any inconvenience I caused at the Ceremony. But a man such as yourself surely understands business matters and the importance of attending to them.” Höd addressed Salazar with respect that would be clear in Höd’s tone of voice. Not only was this man the head of the Dantanath family, he was also Morganna’s father. If he was going to make a lasting impression, he would treat the man with the utmost of respect. ”Thank you for having me in your home. I do understand the trouble my being here might bring you, so I will be sure not to stay long.”

After a few words, Salazar left, leaving only the small Gem who was named Rya and Azzy.

Sera Makatza

Interacting with Ineraz Evrenarth @SilverPaw

“You have shown that you are capable of protecting yourself. And that is something you should always use to your advantage,”

A feeling of utter disbelief overcame her as each word fell from Ineraz’s tongue. There was no way he was talking about what she had done, it couldn’t possibly be. Although she had made up her mind on having done nothing wrong, the simple fact remained that someone acknowledged just what she had done was alright.

Better than alright…
He wants it…

There was no way she could of hidden the surprise from her face but it didn’t seem to bother her lord Husband as he smirked at her in recognition of a job well done. Although the affirmation brought more questions than answers, she couldn’t help but feel relieved. This man, her Husband now, did not judge her for her actions. He praised her. Was she no longer a monster?

Was she ever a monster?

Question after question raced through her head so quickly that she completely ignored what Ineraz had said; something about grubby imbeciles but she was unsure what he meant. What forced her attention back to reality was the malice that came over her husband’s face. Ineraz had leaned over, his face now next to hers. The feeling of his breath against her skin caused the hair’s on her arm to stand on end and her flesh to bubble into goosebumps. Her heart beat a little quicker as his voice rumbled into her ear in a low growl with a proposition.

He is the one who should be punished. Don’t you agree? Wouldn’t you like to watch him suffer? He had no cause and no right to punish you, isn’t that so?”

Sera’s eyes widened as each word reached her.

Watch him suffer...

The heart in her chest raced, beating intensely against its small confinement. It was moving so quickly, surely the outside world could feel it. A flutter of excitement...


Excitement tickled her as images of watching the Drakkan suffer flashed through her head.
He was screaming.
Bones were cracking.
Skin was melting.

Something about it was delighting….

The girl hadn’t noticed but her attention had wandered to the Drakkan guard who had slapped her behind Ineraz. She was grinning at him. Something about it appeared almost calculated, which left the air horrifically thick. In almost an instant, Sera’s attention snapped back to Ineraz, almost as if someone had pinched her awake.

”I think…” Her voice carried a tone she had never used before, one that seemed like it would have never come out of the fair skinned girl. It was vengeful and so sure of her answer that it brought chills to the room. ”He needs to be shown that he can’t touch what isn’t his. He’s lucky that all he walked away with was a burn…”

Höd Ultair
Interacting with Morganna @WeepingLiberty

The sound of steel striking someone behind him rang in his ears. Höd didn’t bother to turn and address the new threat as whomever it seemed to be, was targeting the group who was after him. The threat spoke, confirming his suspicion that she was there for the group. Höd recognized the voice from the Drakkan he purposefully bumped into at the Choosing; Morganna. His guard lowered as he listened to the yelps of the resisting Drakkan behind him and within moments… the onslaught began.

The brute could do nothing but smile with satisfaction as he watched Morganna dance around the group who had come to claim the bounty upon his head. He did not move to help her, it was clear that she didn’t need it. Morganna’s movements were fluid and precise; not one step was wasted. Excitement shot through Höd’s body as he watched her paint the cobblestone streets of Železna Kri with the Drakken’s blood, her sword whip tearing through their flesh. One by one the pathetic fools fell until only the ringleader, Mazus, remained.

“Y-you’re The Crimson Phantom, aren’t you?”

Crimson Phantom… A devilish grin spread from ear to ear realizing just who he was in the presence of. In his travels across Drakka he had heard of the woman dubbed the Crimson Phantom; a dangerous foe who was impossible to see coming, the only evidence of her ever being there was the path of blood she left behind. He would have never thought that the woman he laid eyes on at The Choosing would be the Phantom. Höd’s excitement grew as she turned her body toward him; it wasn’t often that he came face to face with another legend, though her legend might not be as well known as his, it was known well enough and earned his rightfully placed respect. He slowly clapped for the woman, both in recognition of her victory and expression of being impressed.

“My apologies for going overboard. I’ll save the final one for you, he did after all insult you by bringing such a pathetic force after your head.” Morganna stated.

“You’re much too kind, mon Cherie” Höd began to walk toward Mazus, stopping at Morganna’s side. He looked over to her with a lust in his eyes. Höd had never wanted to take a woman more than he had in that moment. Drakken women were more complex than Gems; with Gems he didn’t have to care what they thought, he simply did with them what he pleased. With a real woman though, he would have to use more tact to get what he so desired. Höd winked at her before making his way to Mazus, who was quivering with fright.

“Stay away from me, you monster!” the scared Drakkan shouted as he drew his blade on the ever advancing Höd. A swing of Mazus’s blade fell on empty space as Höd simply stepped out the way. The Drakkan’s momentum caused him to stumble forward when his weapon didn’t make contact with the Berserker. Höd’s closed fist came down on Mazus’s back with a heavy thud, causing the Drakkan to fall to the ground. The massive Drakkan now stood over top of the shaking body on the ground whose hands were frantically searching for the weapon he had dropped as he fell to the ground. Höd knelt down over top of Mazus, his face drawing closer to the back of his head.

“I thought this is what you came for, kitten.” Höd whispered into Mazus’s ear as he reached for the Drakkan’s sword. He returned to a crouching position over top of Mazus’s body as his free hand grabbed a fist full of Mazus’s hair, pulling his head away from the ground. A seductive grin adorned Höd’s face as he brought the sword to one side of Mazus’s neck and pressed the cold steel of the weapon against his skin.

“Don’t worry… I’ll make this slow so that you can enjoy every minute of it.” Höd steadily dragged the blade against Mazus’s neck, allowing each tooth of his sword to tear his flesh one by one. The Drakkan’s panicked cries for help began to curdle as he drown in the blood pooling in his throat. Höd drew the blade further and further across the Drakkan’s neck as he pinned Mazus’s body to the ground with the weight of of his own until there was nothing more to slice. The bloodied weapon fell to the ground as the massive Höd stood and acknowledged a job well down. His attention turned back to Morganna, who was cleaning her weapon. He walked toward her as she approached him.

“I’ll hand it to you, wasn’t expecting for you to be keeping your promise so soon. Not very good at fitting in with the locals though, are you?” The woman spoke with a playful tone.

“I would never leave a creature such as yourself waiting for long” Höd responded with a smirk. “The locals have never liked me, though it probably has something to do with me slaughtering their brides to be.”

Höd joined Morganna as she began to walk away from the pile of bodies she left behind. He slowed his long stride to match her own. Even though she was nimble on her feet, she was still a lot smaller than he was and her casual walking speed was slower than his. Normally having to adjust himself for someone else would bother him, but it wasn't often someone willingly wanted to associate with him, especially someone so easy on the eyes. He would make an exception for her.

“I have to admit something to you, Crimson Phantom.” the title purred from his lips as he turned to look at her. “I knew you were special the moment I laid eyes on you, but to be the legend herself, my, my, mon Cherie… It was a pleasant surprise.”

The sound of rapid footsteps bounced against the walls of the laneways, no doubt it was more men for hire looking for blood. A sour taste developed in Höd’s mouth; as much as spilling blood and causing havoc brought him joy, he wanted a moment of peace with Morganna. A slightly larger group than the one before turned the corner ahead of them and without thinking, Höd pushed Morganna into an alleyway. He pressed her tight to the wall with his body against hers; protective hands placed flat against the wall on either side of her head. As the footsteps drew closer, he leaned closer into her to make their bodies as small as possible to hide from any peering eyes.

Höd released a sigh of relief as the rapid steps flew by them but he didn’t pull away from Morganna. His purple gaze fell upon her with a certain confidence about it, his eyes landing on her lips. The blood in his veins pumped harder; he was thirsty. Höd had heard the stories of the Crimson Phantom for years, an exceptionally skilled killer. A female. The thought of a female counterpart who was as ruthless as he was, it intoxicated him, and he had her in his very grasp. She had come looking for him. A more inexperienced Drakkan would have had trouble hiding the hardening in his pants by this point, but Höd was by no means inexperienced. Höd removed a hand from the wall and brought it closer to Morganna’s face. He paused as he drew closer to her skin, waiting for a reaction to tell him to stop, when nothing came he allowed his thumb to gently trace her bottom lip. As much as he hungered for physical pleasure, he would be patient, but he could not resist playing the game.

“Now then, Morganna. Why don’t you tell me why you were looking for me?” He asked, his thumb removing itself from her lip and tracing across her cheek. Höd was smart enough to know that her being there was not a coincidence; she was there with a purpose.

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Arden Gaothaire

Bride of Heccarmin @ClocktowerEchos; Sister Bride to Sorrin @WeepingLiberty
Interacting with Heccarim and Sorrin

The cloth came closer and closer to Arden’s face, but there was nothing she could do. The Warden’s hold on her was too strong that even continuing to squirm was useless. As the material was pushed against her nose and mouth, Arden instinctually gasped for breath that wasn’t there. The stench of whatever liquid the rag was soaked in was sucked into the Gem’s lungs with each quick inhale. Within seconds the world around her began to blur until there was nothing but a strangely sweet taste lingering in her mouth.

The cold air rolled gently across her skin as she walked through the tree covered field toward the lake. The grass was damp beneath her feet; the dew had settled early that evening. She smiled softly as the blades of grass tickled her toes with each step, but her leisurely pace pressed forward. As the lake came into view, the trees began to thin, allowing the moon to completely light her path. Bare feet walked slowly toward the edge of the lake, stopping just inches away from the still water. A gentle hand reached for the lake, touching its surface with a fingertip, causing the still water to ripple. A contemplative gaze watched as the ripples grew larger. And larger. And larger.

Thump. Thump. Thump. The noise was steady, but melodic, like a beating drum. There was something else though, something louder but it wasn’t clear. It sounded like two people speaking; the noise was much closer than the thumping of the drum. Arden groaned as she turned her head from side to side in an attempt to wake her heavy eyes. Her body felt strange, as if it was filled with feathers while simultaneously being weighed down by bricks. Arden stretched out her fingers against the wooden floor that felt as if it was moving, swaying somehow. Where am I?

Steel eyes lazily opened and revealed a blurred room. The voices grew clearer until Arden could identify them as belonging to the Warden and Sorrin. She groaned again as her head fell from side to side, trying to shake the blurred vision. As the room came into view, she noticed the entirety of it was made of wood. A pleasant smell filled her nostrils, it reminded her of home. How could such a smell be in such a place as Drakka? Arden pushed her weak body into a half seated position, allowing her legs to remain sprawled out in front of her. She looked around her until her eyes settled on the small Sorrin next to her. The familiar face eased Arden’s nerves of where she was and what had happened to her. Her eyes shut tight once more with a joggle of the head, she couldn’t seem to shake away the strange feeling in her body. Arden refocused and looked toward their captor, her face beginning to fill with colour again.

”Where are we?” she asked with a strained voice, the words difficult to force out. Arden looked around the rocking room for something to quench the thirst in her throat. There was a small jug of water near her, almost as if it was purposefully placed there in waiting for her to wake. She drew the jug close to her face, studying the spout with a curious thought of what cruel chemicals could be lurking inside. Her captor had used something on her the night before (presuming only one moon had passed) and a small part of her thought he would do so again but the logical side of her brain reminded her that he needed her to live. The Warden of Harand Kor had made it clear that he was not a kind man, nor a gentle one, and the place that they were going would surely be more taxing than Shadow Worth. He would need his brides to be strong, to live long enough to yield him an heir. Killing her didn’t make sense, not yet anyway. Arden drank generously from the jug, feeling uttermost relief from the cool liquid painting the walls of her throat.

Arden’s body began to acclimate to the swaying room and the uneasiness in her stomach subsided. The Warden must’ve brought them on a boat; was Harand Kor that far away from Shadow Worth? She had been passed out for almost the entire conversation between Heccarim and Sorrin, and what she had woken for was useless; their voices were nothing but mumbles to her intoxicated ears. A weak Arden looked toward the cart of the food that was in the room, the assortment of meats and plants looked less than appetizing but she knew the it was necessary for her to eat in order to regain her strength. Weakness meant death in this place, she had learned that much already. More so, she refused to die as a prisoner of the Warden; she would need strength to face such a dangerous foe every day.

”Is that for us?” she asked, her question directed toward Heccarim. She would not risks simply taking something given the state she was in and the fact that her captor had threatened to take her punishments out on Sorrin. She would wait for permission before acting, even though her stomach ached for sustenance. A concerned look found its way to her sister-bride, who seemed to be smiling. Arden could see the faintest sign of an apology on the girl. What could she possibly feel sorry for? The poor thing had done nothing wrong…

The thought of Sorrin in that monster’s lap with his ugly fingers wrapped around her neck… It made Arden’s blood boil. Her open hand against the floorboards closed itself into a tight fist, her knuckles turning white. There was nothing she could do to the Warden. There was nothing she could do to retaliate. Sorrin would receive the monster’s response to every move that Arden made against him. How would she fight against him without condemning her sister-bride to a worser fate. A dawn of realization left the Air Gem wide eyed as she stared at the small blonde haired girl.

You might not be strong enough to take the beatings… but I am.

Interested! :)
Sera Makatza
Bride of Ineraz. Sister Bride of Zeldria
Getting scolded by Ineraz @SilverPaw while little pets watch @Saltwater Thief.

The hall was still, and unlike the rest of the manor, rather under decorated. There were a number of potted plants lining the walls and the occasional small painting, but nothing like what Sera had seen on the upper level. The most eye catching piece in the room was the rug that ran the length of the hall. Shimmers of gold stitching reflected off of the material as the sunlight shining through the strewn drapery danced over it.

About halfway from the entrance way to the next sitting room was a bench and sitting on it was a petite young woman; Sera. She sat patiently, her hands clasped together in her lap as her eyes fixed on the shadow puppets moving across the golden stitched shimmering rug. She had been left there by the guard who had brought his hand to her; the guard that she had burnt. He had obviously gone to find her lord and tell him what had happened. The thought of running crossed her mind, but she wouldn’t get far with two guards standing by at the door.

Unless you burn the whole place down.

Terror should have been the response to the situation, given that she was nothing more than property and she had harmed a Drakkan, but it was not terror for what would happen next. She was scared to be feared again. To be forgotten. To become nothing more than a living ghost. Sera’s eyes softened as her brow furrowed and a lump formed in her throat.

”I don’t want to be alone again…”
Truly pathetic.

The sound of footsteps echoing throughout the manor had Sera rise to her feet and face the direction they were coming from. The girl was still wearing the clothing that was given to her yesterday; an oversized tunic that was baggy in the shoulders and arms. It hung off of her like a wet rag and stopped just shy of her knee. At some point she had gathered her hair together in a rather loose ponytail midway up her head; there were strands of hair falling out of the knot she had created with twine that she had found somewhere in her Husband’s bedroom before venturing out.

Sera’s heart began to pound a little harder as the steps grew closer until finally, Ineraz came into view. Behind him was the guard who had struck her and her sister bride, Zeldria. A curious question shot through her; why were the two of them there?
To mock us, to stare… to do what people do best; to judge us.

Her lord Husband advanced to her quickly and without little warning, posed a loaded a question; “You burned one of my guards?”

The question pierced her like a knife lodging itself into her skin. Sera stood for a moment, resembling a frightened animal as she simply stared at Ineraz, unable to respond. A feeling of shame replaced fear as her thoughts caught up with her feelings; she had done it again. How many times had she, no, had Serafine burnt something or someone? Sera looked up at Ineraz, hints of guilt in her eyes.

It wasn’t me.
It was you….
And you did nothing wrong.

Scarlet eyes widened with shock, or was it a realization? Sera shot a look toward the guard behind Ineraz, rage in her eyes. Serafine was right, she did nothing wrong. Her entire life she was blamed simply because of who she was but the demons of her past did not live in this place; at least not all of them. Her gaze returned back to Ineraz, though it was softer than when she had looked at the guard.

”I did burn him.” Sera began, her voice steady with resolute. ”I went for a walk outside and stopped by a garden I found. I was daydreaming when he put his hand on me; I was startled and burned him. He hit me across the face and I apologized.”

It was the first time she had ever admitted to something Serafine had done.

”The guard already punished me… but will you be doing so too?” She asked blankly, no emotion behind her words. Not one of fear or sorrow, just simply a statement. If she was going to be punished, she wanted it over with quickly.

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