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I am intrigued.

I was tossing around the idea of a ranger character. Primarily fights at range with a bow and dust filled arrows. Has a Semblance that allows him to summon avatars of animals, he has hunted in the past, to assist him.
Consider yourself followed.
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Sorry for the late reply and short post. Just found out I have to move to basically the other side of the country, so I have been frantically packing. Anytime I have stopped to do things, I have fallen asleep. Haha.
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Apollo watched as several of the others left the room. He was happy to know that the hospital was also the Adventure's guild. It made logistical sense to do so. Adventurers, in almost every sense of the word, were injury prone. He then smiled widely at Ferb. He wanted to know his potential as well. The membership to the guild seemed like a good idea as too. If the app, About Me, was any indication raising his stats seemed important. Being apart of an adventuring guild seemed like a natural start to his new life. He stood up and motioned for the kind doctor to lead the way. "Measuring potential seems like a decent start. I also would like to get registered as well."

He then heard the coffee man, Daisuke ask about selling items. Reminding him of something, Apollo flicked out his phone and double checked his 'status page'. Sure enough he had the Merchant skill. "Yes, I am indeed broke and would love a place to sell some unusual wares as well. "
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Apollo nodded slowly as the doctor answered the questions that were put forth. When the doctor injured and then healed his hand, Apollo's eyes widened. It was real. He was watching for any amount of sleight of hand, prosthetics, prop magic. No sign of deceit. This was big. If what the doctor was saying was true, this isn't just 'some lucky few' with magical abilities. Magic was commonplace and used everywhere. "Fascinating." He said as he leaned back in his chair. He then remained there silent lost in his thoughts.

That was until the young girl, Umi, decided to try and blow everyone up in the room with a Ki Wave. Luckily it didn't work. That would have been a horrific way to die...again. Thankfully this brought Apollo back to the present. By the time he brought his train of thought back to the task at hand, he saw Alice storming off with Katsuo's phone, and Katsuo not too far behind. He was inclined to help, but he dug that hole and he had to dig himself out. He looked back to the doctor. His mind now back to their current situation.

"Okay! Magic Power is equivalent to your status. Got it. I appreciate you answering our questions, and I realize you must be a busy man. So I will only ask one more question. What do you know about us? You see we have but just woken up and I can't speak for the other, but I feel completely alien to the world now." He asked putting on a sincere smile. He wanted to know exactly how much the doctor knew about their situation. The doctor's lack of knowledge of Ayame makes him feel like he doesn't know that we were all just brought to this world. "Also, you said you were the head of the Adventure guild in this town, right? Well, I would very much appreciate, when we conclude here if you or one of your lovely assistants can show us around town and then to the guild. If that would not be too much to ask, of course."

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Don’t make me do it

I think your obligated to do it now. You can't just have one half of Phineas and Ferb. It goes against the fundamental laws of the universe.
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I can't help but snicker every time I read the Doctor's name. I keep imagining one of the nurses walking up to him and saying "Dr.Ferb! I know what we are going to do today!"
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