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Sano Takeshi


"I only followed orders, just like you," Sano stated in response to Lauren's disfavor. He turned up from his bowl, subjecting her to the glare she was absent. He looked deep into her eyes, a state of enmity crowding the outer rings of his pupils. Though seconds after their visionary encounter, the interlock broke its hold as Jade pounced into the conversation with a question of her own - distancing the two cadets from any further aggravation. Her question: Where are you from?

The simple inquiry brought forth memories of his youth, clouding his trance of thought which induced him to silence. He looked at the bowl before him, then managed to break lose from his own mind prison. "I was born outside of the walls, but raised in Shiganshina. My..." again he went silent, sighing in annoyance that revealing this information was proving more difficult than imagined.

"My family helped build Wall Maria. The wall that the Armored Titan destroyed...." he stopped, pushing away his empty food bowl. He stood up from the table, looking around at all the cadets that sat around him. "Tomorrow is combat training. You all must be at the training yard at zero five-hundred hours. Please do NOT be late. I do not wish to run for your insubordination."

With that, the leader fled. Leaving the others to eat at their pace and sleep at the time they desired. Muddled with recollections of his past, the night would find itself strenuous - despite the silence that overlaid the cabins.
Sano Takeshi


"A pleasure to meet you, my name is Sano Takeshi," the cadet returned respectfully, giving the shorter boy a nod before continuing towards the mess hall. He watched his comrades form together on the tables before him, filling the empty seats that remained. Listening in to the conversations that went on, Sano maneuvered his way through the aisles between the tables, excusing himself if he got to close to anyone.

His eyes targeted some seats close to the girls from the cabin, they had already found a table and were filling it quickly. "Let's sit over here, apologize for our intrusion in their cabin," he tasked, letting Emil and Connor pass him up and take their seats respectfully.

"May I?" he asked Mora, gesturing the seat next to hers. Her answer was unknown as he slowly formed into the chair, hoping there would be no backlash for his action. "I wanted to apologize for the two cadets that barged into your cabin, I should have been alert and stopped them." Deep down Sano felt responsible for the action of his team as he had already declared himself team captain - despite his unusual silence. Leading by example meant he needed to take charge of the situation and show others the way things in general must be performed.

He then turned towards his dinner, a soup that cast a smell of pond and raw onion. He cringed and coughed internally at the sight as well, feeling as though the ingredients were alive.

"....damn..." he cursed under his breath as his spoon played around the bowl and it's compounds. Gulping, he filled his utensil and brought it towards his mouth. He stopped hesitantly, eyes bulging out of their sockets as his entire body froze in place. He couldn't curse, the smell fund itself into his nervous system and forced him into immobilization. Then it took over and had him eat. He munched on the spoon as if it was eatable. Swallowing the soup as quickly and painlessly as possible. His spoon dropped back into his bowl, face turning to his right slightly as he glared into space. He sniffed, taking in the fresh air as his chest begin to burn from the inside out.

"Damn!" his brain cursed, obligating him to exhale the spices he had just inhaled. "Spicy," the word escaped him, jaw shivering as he shook his head in suffering. This wasn't soup, it was hell in a bowl.

Sano Takeshi


The ladies cabin was suddenly interrupted by a two tap knock on the door. Outside its parameters stood Sano, head bowed slightly towards the ground, a shadow overlaying his facial features. His shoulders crunched up towards his ears in seeming displeasure. His brow once more grinding against itself in boiling anger. He waited patiently for the door to open. Cursing in murmurs on the damnation that took place a second ago.

The door then opened, cadets formed around the room with smiles and stars in their eyes. After the events of the entrance ceremony, who was to blame them? However, Sano held the complete opposite reaction as his eyes turned towards the few. He bowed in respect to his fellow cadets, entering slowly with eyes still wary. He remained near the doorway, not wanting to intrude in any way despite his news.

"Instructor Schulz has ordered me to retrieve the two male cadets that entered the female's cabin at once," he started, eyeing both Connor and Emil who lay in the women's beds without seeming respect. If we do not comply, we will be running for the remainder of the day....." he uttered, silence brewing after his orders were announced.

"Damn," he cursed in his head, watching the mood change from joyous to gloomy.

They boy gulped, pissed off that he was seen as an errand boy. Though orders were orders and Sano had no option but to comply, he did not see himself as a pushover. He was simply complying with orders that made sense to him, and possibly jealous too.

"Let's go gentlemen," he added, giving another bow to the ladies before moving outside the door frame to give Emil and Connor enough space to roll out. "We will see you all at dinner."
Sano Takeshi


Like a plague, the cadets were put through life changing distress. Schulz had infected every student with his toxic language - for better or worse. The glare in the man's eyes beamed out the back of his head, as though he was always watching. Sano continued his pushups through Schulz' entire roast. He watched his comrades fall to their emotional demise, though some tried their best to hide their instinctive desolation, it was obvious the instructor was getting to them. This wasn't the war Sano wanted to fight, but it was one that needed to be addressed after their victory over the Titans.

As the entrance ceremony came to an unusual conclusion, Sano stood and dusted his uniform off. Dust and dirt floated off him as he moved his hand through the fabric with haste. "Damn shit," he murmured to himself as the sound of a voice interrupted his upcoming curse. Slowly he turned to see the shorter girl who was unjustly struck by the hand of their higher-up.

"It was no problem," he started after accepting her gratitude with a simple nod. He looked towards the other recruits with eyes that appeared annoyed.

"I'm surprised no one else said anything. That's no way to treat a lady, he should be ashamed of his damn self," he stated, profanity once again escaping his lips.

"Sorry, I did't mean to curse," he exclaimed, embarrassed by his explicit language. Father was always one to hold him accountable for his vocabulary, but without him present there was no check system. He had been thrown into adulthood and had no figure to guide him through it. Hopefully his exemplary youth and grueling teachings during those years would be enough to propel him to triumph.

"My name is Sano Takeshi, it is a pleasure to meet you Jade Stone."

After his introduction, Sano gave his comrade a respectful bow and started his way towards the cabins. He started taking mental notes of everyone around him, heigh, weight, body language and even their voice if they were close enough for him to hear. "Only the strongest will survive this war. I'll lead these people to victory," Sano thought to himself.
He should be chubby
Sano Takeshi - Training Corps

@wolverbells || @FrostedCaramel

It had been 2 years since the titan massacre of Maria. The entire sector had been overrun by the titans that followed the Colossal and Armored Titan's advances. Survivors were evacuated behind the lines of Wall Rose, despite the government's intervention to prevent such a mass migration. They're cause deluded the public, though they're faith in the wall's protection did not waiver. Garrison troops treated the refugees like savages - holding away supplies from the needy to satisfy their own gluttony.

But could you blame them?

The entire system collapsed in a single day and over the years that past, questions arose that couldn't be answered by the simple minded individual. Cults started to take to the streets, ones that lay in the shadow for years before the arrival of the Titan Force. Speculation of the titan origin was brought to question by many soldiers of the Scout Legion, though their reports and sacrifices for those answers never made light of day. Still, a routine was set in place to retain order, keeping the wealthy happy and the poor manageable. However, the story has turned over to a group of survivors that are rising the ranks to make a change. These children did not care about the governments internal allocations, they were looking forward towards their personal futures. This wasn't a form of politics, but simply an animal instinct. Some of these brave souls stood in that sun blasting day for revenge, while others - like the Midget - because they were out of options. You all walks of life in array, but all had that keen glare in their eyes - putting note that they were here to survive.

Head Instructor Schulz, a rather tall figure with chthonic dark eyes found the amusement of belittling the new cadets - breaking them in if you may. His attitude and charisma made the man just 'delightful' with an unresistant 'charm', just kidding. Sano Takeshi, a new recruit and survivor of the Titan attack on Maria stood in attention in respect to his superior. Despite Instructor Schulz' depiction of Emil, acting against his current commander would be found foolish. His aggravated assault against the smaller man filled Sano with displeasure, losing respect for the bully despite his standing. For Sano, Schulz was not leading by example, instead pushing his disciples into cowardice - creeping fear into their young minds.

Why was he acting with such tyranny? The questioned repeated itself when he moved onward down the line of cadets and acted against a young girl with the same disrespect. Sano's eyes widened when he heard the girl cringe to the ground from the unexpected body shot Schulz so happened to land. His fist tightened, clutching away at the necessity to act against this oppressor of women. "Please stop!" he called out, looking at the ground before him and not making eye contact with the being he spoke to. His brow narrowed in exasperation, as his teeth grinned against each other in complete dread.

"Please, she's just a girl." Slowly, his face turned to his left, eyeing the instructor as he made his way in his direction. He looked at all the other cadets in line, watching the fear that grew in their eyes as they awaited Sano's fate and maybe even their own. He had never faced such atrocity.
Wall Maria: Shiganshina District

"I'm here to save my world."

Another flash of light struck the heart of Shiganshina. Like a reflection of the Colossal Titan's grand introduction, a cloud of smoke formed in center town. This billowing mass was not as substantial and had minimal effects in comparison, but the image that formed out of the debris was just as demonic. With eyes glowing like the sun and a bone structure that appeared to shield the entirety of it's body, this titan proved different than any other recorded before. It stood at about fifteen meters in height and had teeth sharper than blades. Out of its fingertips grew claws made of bone marrow and it's vertebrate pierced right out of its back. This 'Armored Titan' walked upright like the normal Titan, but moved swiftly around the destroyed homes like it knew its surroundings and destination. Its eyes did not waiver from where it needed to be, locking down its target and beginning to execute.


The prompt screams of the Garrison soldiers put all of Shiganshina at attention. "Close the damn gate!!" they repeated, running in fright towards Wall Maria. The crew within the wall started to lower the gates, eyes wide as they saw the behemoth fiend RUNNING in their direction. "Tha...thats...impossible," a soldier stuttered, tears forming at the edge of his eyes.

Faster than the 3d maneuver gear, the Armored Titan charged towards the wall. It's arms rotating at the shoulders in opposition to the movement of its legs, sprinting at a blistering speed. Steam formed from it's nose, going against the wind resistance that held no effect at all. With every thudding step, the ground beneath him caved, leaving footprints in the pavement as its weight overwhelmed the earth. The soldiers that stood as the first line of defense fired their cannons at the beast. The initial round iron missile struck against his shoulder, completely disintegrating on impact against his armored skin. Rapidly, the Titan was able to dodge the other incoming cannonballs, proving the Garrison cannon fire useless against him. Knowing the hopelessness of their situation the remaining defense team retreated towards the gate, begging the gate team for help. Their feeble legs held no strength as their fear of dying weakened their senses. As the Titan ran over them, they perished under his feet or flew with the residue of his destruction. At this point....

...the Armored Titan succeeded in breaching the north gate, and with that Wall Maria was fallen.

Sano Takeshi

- INFO -
age: 17 Years Old
height: Five Foot Ten Inches
weight: One Hundred and Fifty Pounds

Born into a hard working family, Sano Takeshi's childhood was blurred by the time spent ensuring the safety of the citizens of Shinganshina. His ability to walk was seen as his readiness for labor, working on the walls that protected the world from the titans that roamed its exterior. The Takeshi family was a generation of builders, tasked with keeping the walls of Maria as strong and secure as humanly possible. Hired by the Royal Government as contractors, payment was sufficient for the family of four to live a fair life. They were tax exempt and seen as privileged by other tenants, but their family's determination to keep their neighbors safe shadowed those people's envious thoughts.

Asuma Takeshi - head of the family - taught his two children, Sano and Ignos to be men who lead by example, just like the generations before him. They were taught to speak the truth and not fear the spotlight to guide others by example. The two boys were hard workers from birth and adamant to keep the family name as honorable as ever. They were respectful to all women and older civilians, defying the stereotype that clouds privileged families. Though every man in the Takeshi family were separated by specific characteristics.

Sano Takeshi is a motivated and responsible individual. He strives towards his goals with courage and strong will. With high spirits, he is able to uplift the morale of those around him - even if he sometimes comes off as annoying. Despite this, he tends to be very serious and strict, not finding it efficient to stray from a set plan/mission. He is courageous and tends to put the needs/safety of others before his own.

• Physical Strength: 10
• Speed: 10
• Teamwork: 10
• Leadership: 10
• Skill (gear): 10

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