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I enjoy Slice of Life roleplays. Will there be any specific plot? How will the GMs keep everyone interacting if things come to a halt?
Sano Takeshi

"Eat all of you food son, do not let any of it go to waste. There are people out there who do not get these blessings. We must cherish them to our fullest gratitude. Your mother worked very hard picking these vegetables. Now go on, eat," Asuma Takeshi spoke with resonance, a hopeful grin spread from cheek to cheek as he reached for his glass of water. Sano bit his lower lip, reinstalling the fork into his hand as he maneuvered its points through the broccoli and carrots. He looked over to his brother who returned the same hopeless gaze. Sano smirked, forcing the fork through a green stem and bringing it to his pallet. He chewed lightly, breaking up the food before swallowing.

"See, not that bad! You are still breathing aren't you boy?"

"Yes sir," Sano answered, eating more of the vegetables persistently. It was breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Skinned chicken and a vegetable medley was their daily menu. The options were limited, but Sano nor his brother ever complained. The food was always delicious, the vegetables were the only flavorless edibles - the reason for their internal struggle to eat them.

"You boys are coming down to the wall today right? Helping out your old man?"

"You're not old poppa, just......seasoned!" Igneous - Sano's brother - joked. The simple tease had everyone at the table laughing, enjoying their early morning before the workday. "Of course father, we'll be there after midday. We have to catch more chickens before, but we'll be there," Sano replied.

"Good, there is a lot of work to get done. The walls are the only thing that protect us from the monsters."

"We do not speak about that at the table," Mother stated, hushing poppa and forcing his eyes to play dumb. "Finish up and get ready boys, we'll head out shortly," she added, picking up the empty dishes as the boys ran to their room. Sano got there before Ignos, always being the more athletic of the bunch. Winded, Ignos threw himself face first against the mattress - a grumbling exclamation escaping him. "Stay positive Ig, it's just another day," Sano expressed with optimism. He changed his sleepwear into work clothes - little kid boots, dirty old pants and a stained shirt. They had plenty of clothes, so used the older ones for the hard labor.

"How big do you think those monsters are out there Sano? Father never tells us. Why is the wall so big?"

"I think they're as big as cows! HUGE! But I don't know. They'll never get through the wall anyway, father is too good a builder."


Sitting under the roofed dinning hall, Sano started the day with warm porridge. The taste was awful, but the nutritional benefits outweighed the need for delight. He'd been up before anyone, deciding to watch the sun rise on is own accord. There had been others up and about, but none from his squad. At the time, the silence felt welcoming. He got to think about things he thought he forgot. It mesmerized him how much history he learned in just a couple of years.

Anyhow, this trance was interrupted by Lauren. The girl caught the side of his eye as she wondered about, nearing the edge of he cliffside. Her walk a bit staggered and not yet conscious it appeared, but her actions were willingly. Sano stood and neared a wooden pillar, holding onto it as he watched closer to the girl's actions.

"Watcha lookin' at there Sano?" a voice came from behind. One of the squad's cadets - Jay - disrupted Sano's current undertakings. "Oh, nothing."

"What are you doing up so early man? There ain't nuthin and none out here yet. Why you all lonely and shit all the time?"

Jay's attitude and temperament didn't sit well with Sano. He wasn't one to relate to big-mouthed people like him - especially when they tested his personal nature. "I like the quiet," was Sano's response, keeping it simple so Jay could understand. The mohawk wielding Scout wasn't really grasping the concept and continued to bother Sano.

"That's bullshit. I think you just like that ass over there as much as me!" Jay laughed, putting his hands on Sano's shoulders playfully. Swiftly, Sano shoved Jay off of him. "Don't touch me," he warned, Jay only forming a fiendish grin. "Oh yea? What're you gonna do huh?" Jay pushed forward, touching Sano again on the shoulder - smacking him hard. Sano grabbed Jay's arm this time, eyes gazing on what was becoming an enemy. Suddenly, Jay threw a punch, landing on Sano's chin, forcing him to let go of Jay's arm. Tasting blood inside his mouth, Sano assumed a defensive position, arms up shielding his chin.

Jay smiled as his pupils staggered demonically. He reached for the end of his shirt and removed it, throwing it over Sano's finished breakfast bowl. "Let's go big boy!"
Sano Takeshi


"But not thinking enough is a greater liability," Sano returned with a selfish smirk. It was a gentle gesture delivered in a playful manner. Jade was right to propose that Sano join his teammates in the snowball battlefield, but the reality he was simply scared. The thought of deviating from his mission for a second and opening up his defenses frightened him. That momentary lapse of fortification could mean the life of himself or one of his comrades. Sano did not want that blood on his hands as he was already tarnished by the remains of the Titan War.

"I'd rather stay in here.....I don't like the cold either," he lied with a candor smile that fooled. Taking another sip of his tea, Sano foudn himself rather tired. Sleep washed over him quickly, his eyes turning red from yawning and his muscles becoming as relaxed as a hibernating bears. "It's odd isn't it? We were briefed that Schulz would be up here with us, but I haven't seen him. I would expect him to be in here since this is the only cabin outside of Cadet's huts. Hm.."

The thought lingered, Sano turning back out the window to continue watching his teammates enjoy the spirit of winter weather. His body suddenly felt a shoving thud from his seat - on his hamstrings. "Woah!" he said rather loudly for a man of silence. "D'you feel that?" he asked Jade, her reaction claiming otherwise. "I guess it was just me," he added, his eyes perturbed by the unexpected shiver. It initially felt like someone had shook the seat, but not a soul roamed his perimeter. Then he though maybe Jade had accidentally moved it - another failed conclusion as her face held no lie.

"I guess I must've cramped up," he said, giving her a faint laughter. "Anyway, why aren't you out there? Besides the cold. We both know it's not as cold up here as it was up the mountain."
Sano Takeshi


Sano's journey up the glacial mountain proved to be eye-opening for the young cadet. The strengths and weaknesses of each individual were more prominent than before, revealing statistics that had not yet been keen. Grant started off showing strong morale and leadership, keeping the group talking and distracted from the hardships that nature casted. Lauren and Mora kept intact, leaning on the conversation to push them up the mountain towards their goal all while assisting their comrades to persevere. Jade kept quiet, but took the lead most of the way - holding an affirmative position in the front of the line. The similarities within the group were evident, but what Sano tried to capture was their differences. The lack of interaction from Jade, the trivial nature of Grant and the internal relationship between the other girls.

Staying behind everyone, Sano took the position of safeguard - ensuring no one was left behind in the storm. It had been a brutal struggle getting up that mountain, but the group's determination outwit the Mother that caused this frigid atrocity. Soon enough, group B had found their feet in a path to warm cabins. On the opposite end, the rest of their community.

Immediately, Sano ghosted his people, walking amongst them but seemingly invisible. They all cheered and praised each other's ability to make it up the peak - able to breath upon seeing the smiling faces of their friends and allies. Sano couldn't help but smile also, joyous to see some of the people he'd grown to like. Entering the warm cabin, Sano was able to remove his coat and take in the skin-zapping heat waves from the fireplace. He sat near it, looking out the window at his comrades ebullience. Drinking a cup of sweet lemony tea, all of Sano's nerves and concerns were washed away. He was finally relaxed and able to concentrate on their next mission. Though his longing concentration was interrupted by Jade - Midget Cadet #2.

"It's nice," he commented on her notion, enjoying the enjoyment of others - despite his demeanor. "They needed this," he added, knowing that training had been barbaric recently, so a little joy was desirable. It was sometimes difficult to exclude himself from those games as he was also young, but he needed to ensure that his head was clear and in the game. He had to be ready for whatever and felt as though if he were to deviate from the gameplan or his vision, then joining this Corps would have been for nothing.

"I'm okay. I just want to be ready so they don't have to," Sano started, still looking through the window at the amusement of his teammates. "Today I took liberty of assessing all of you. I know I have no right, that I'm no better, but I thought it'd help if I maybe gave y'all some input."

Sano gestured Jade to sit down, wanting to give her that data he saw out on the field. "You're strong Jade, very strong. You took lead out there, but held no voice. You know, I'm quiet because of choice, but I don't know why you are. You've got friends out there, why do you hold back?
Sano Takeshi


Olivia's attitude and charisma amused Sano, demanding his smile to remain plastered on his face - a gesture he's learned to detest in the last couple of years. To this new set tone, Sano decided to begin the match with some light jabs, keeping Olivia at arms length and outside his circle of defense. In retrospect, Olivia attempted to use her speed to evade the blows, but her head movement and footwork were not technically sound. He tapped her arm with a majority of his jabs, hitting the forearms that were raised to protect her head.

"Bend at the knees and hips, you're standing straight up and only moving your feet. Change levels, be unpredictable," he instructed, trying to coach Olivia through some basic movements. Changing up his own combinations, Sano started throwing crosses and hooks, keeping Olivia as busy as possible as Schulz was at the corner of his eye. With no strength behind his fist, Olivia was absent danger, but would need technique to remain completely unscathed.

"You're shorter than me, so I'm using that against you just like your opponent would. With my longer reach I'm keeping you outside, keeping you on the defense. You've got to close that distance, shoot for the takedown. Next jab I throw I want you to lower your level, come underneath and attack my center," he instructed, throwing the jab instantly after speaking.

Olivia followed, coming under his left arm and springing against his hips. The tackle forced Sano a couple of steps back, trying to regain his balance from the initial impact. "GOOD!" He exclaimed proudly, his hidden smile growing wider. Grabbing her hands, he forced her grip tighter, squeezing his midsection. "Like this." His face turned red as she was so close to his.....

Anyway, he continued the lesson, hoping this strategy would be useful to her in the bear future. "From here youll grab my left leg, lifting it off the ground. Simultaneously you want to shoot your head upward under my left armpit and run to your left. That shoul-" he stopped as Olivia pushed with the order and forced Sano to start hoping on his right foot until he could no longer hold himself up.

"Damn!" He cursed aloud, clashing onto the diet beneath him face first. The ground shook underneath him, or maybe that was his brain rocking foully in his skull. Successfully Olivia took the offensive, now ontop of him in the ground and pound position. Sano cough up some dust before speaking. "...and this would be your opportunity to finish with strikes, punches and elbows. Just be careful, don't give them your arms, keep seperation, but mounted. Be explosive, don't let your opponent get you into a submission hold."

Gently, Sano started to scoot backward and from underneath her. He got to his feet, now full of dust stains over all his clothes and his face. Though no matter, his smile remained, showing an enjoyment a scout had yet to see. Getting awkwardly close to Olivia, Sano bowed, complementing her quick learning and perfect form. "You did very good. Keep training and you'll be a force to be reckoned with." At that point, Schulz instructed another partner change, his voice like thunder.

Before walking away Sano bowed again. "Thank you, you're a lovely character Olivia."
Sano Takeshi


With the rear naked choke locked, Sano clasped his hands together to prevent Connor's escape and strengthening his submission. Speed in this round did not play to anyone's strength as technique became the evident victor. After struggling and clawing at Sano's bicep, Connor ran out of options and tapped - giving Sano the fourth round. They were now even, both holding two wins and two loses. At this point, the fifth round would declare the stronger man, but Schulz instruction to change training partners overruled the possibility to find out. With a bow of respect, Sano moved on to his next opponent - Olivia Zesiger.

Standing behind her, Sano waited for her conversation with fellow comrade Tanner to seize. Patiently, he tied his boots and fixed his clothing - wanting to be at optimal performance. He did not want to fight the girl, nor did he believe it should be allowed in this world, but he was given instruction to do so. He bowed politely, giving the girl a smile before assuming an offensive stance. In an orthodox position, his left foot lead with his left fist. His right hand rested by his chin as a defensive precaution. "Are you ready?" he asked, not certain by the girl's facial features.

He looked her up and down, trying to study what kind of fighting style or prowess she possessed. He hadn't had the time to peek over while training with Connor as he had his hands full at the time. Though from what little information he could gather in that second, he knew she was definitely not on par with some other fighters in his class. Her pants were covered in dirt, leading Sano to believe she had been on the ground a couple of times - but again, these were only assumptions. Sano would never degrade her or underestimate her abilities. She had the eyes of a warrior, they all did.
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Sano Takeshi


The silence that overtook the room was becoming uncomfortable. He listened to Connor reveal some self-distressing information, paying attention to the emotion that came with his tone of voice. He was finding it difficult to relate, as his story did not hold the same incidents of blood. His family's whereabouts were unknown to him, preventing him from mourning or rejoicing. Instead, he held himself floundering in an ocean of possibilities. Were the eaten? Were they crushed under debris? Were they alive??

Suddenly, Connor displayed admiration for Sano's ability to lead and hard work ethics. The cadet bit his lower lip as he turned up to respond, his feeling of discomfort visible on his face.

"I'm sorry about your family, but please......never say that again. The reason your family is dead is because mine failed." Sounds outside the barracks went silent. The conversation was becoming heated between the two men, an outcome Connor probably did not expect.

"Like I said before, my family and I were in charge of building the wall. My brother and I helped our father make the cement to patch up any holes and cracks, but never got to see him work. It was all worthless. Those Titans broke in without difficulty. They then killed the family of EVERYONE OUT THERE!" he said, pointing out in the direction of the mess hall.

"I don't know if my family is dead. They aren't here to make up for their failure, but I am. I can't bring people back to life, but I can defeat the Titans that we could not stop. I'm going to lead everyone I've failed to victory. I may lose my life, but I'll give it for theirs, for yours and for humanity. I'm only afraid it may still not be enough..."

With the truth revealed, Sano laid back on the lower bunk closer to the door. He placed both his hands on his chest and intertwined his fingers. "Please do not repeat this to the others. I will tell them on my own time."

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