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"all i want" by kodaline is such a lovely song
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Nothing to do but to wait...
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Lost my previous account so decided to make another one..
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Ooh sounds interesting!
Hey guys, I have an announcement. Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to continue with the RP. Main reason is that I wasn’t able to find enough people that were interested enough. Because of that, I don't think the RP would fit the story I had with only four characters. I also believe that it wouldn't be as fun and interesting if we had continued as three roleplayers. I'm sorry and I hope you guys understand.
I want to thank you guys for your interest and being a part of it, even for the very brief time it was alive. :) I really appreciate it.
@Kazemitsu sorry about that :/
@Kazemitsu Heyy, you still with us?
Welcome! Hope you have a fun time here at the Guild :)
Hey guys, just posted the first IC, which is essentially the prologue to the story. I know it's pretty long, but that's because it's the first post and I needed to set up the story. I also updated the survival tools section in the OC tab. I added my new character and along with Naomi, I typed up all their relationships with everybody.

So the story has just begun! Each character will have figure out how to live together as exiles in a land they do not know and with people they are not very familiar with. I'm excited to be writing with ya'll as we work together to make this into a compelling and awesome rp~ :)
@Kazemitsu Oh okay, that's fine. Your CS is approved~

woah, that is one huge crab.
No worries! Almost everything is good - just one thing is missing tho, read over the rules one more time to see if you missed anything. When you see it, update your char sheets in the "Notes" section and you can move it to the CS tab.

Just add in a couple of pics of your character. Also, read over the rules one more time to see if you missed anything. When you see it, update your char sheet in the "Notes" section and you can move it to the CS tab. Other than that, you're good!

Who else is glad that the guild is back?? It literally felt like an eternity of waiting haha. Though, I appreciate the time Mahz took out of his vacation to try and fix it.
I'll be updating the survival tools section according to the amount of characters that we have altogether. I deleted my second character, and adding in a completely new character in the next day or so. Will be ready to jump to IC once all character sheets are all approved and moved to CS tabs and relationships are done. I'd say by max Wednesday.
Hey guys, I just noticed I didn't add a section in the character sheet to put in pictures of what your character looks like. I don't know if ya'll were going to add the pictures in later or just didn't because the character sheet didn't say anything. Sorry about that~ it would be awesome if you guys would add pictures/gifs.

@EchoesofOld Approved! Before you move it to the CS tab though, just insert in a couple of images of your character.
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