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Location: Santos Mansion - El Jefe's Beach Mansion
Interacting with: Talking to Coco (@Ejected). Mentioning Damian (@Universorum)

“Would you suck in Liesl?” Rebeka Santos impatiently lamented as she struggled to zip up a tawny-colored bodycon dress on her already irritated daughter.
Lee absolutely despised it when she heard her full name come out of any person’s mouth- especially her mother's. Her parents had honeymooned in Salzburg, Austria and while taking the Sound of Music Tour, they stupidly vowed to let their first daughter bear the name Liesl. And so they kept true to it. Liesl hated it so much almost since the moment she could form words, she created a nickname for herself. “Lee” wasn’t exactly captivating but for her peace of mind, it suited her personality so much better.
“You really should start cutting back on all your snacks. I barely managed to zip it up.” She took a few steps back and thoroughly examined her to see if Lee met her impossibly high standards of beautiful.
You should have not gotten me a dress that is made to fit a twelve-year old girl.
Lee examined herself in the mirror. Was she gaining weight? She furrowed her just-waxed eyebrows, dispersing the thought out of her mind. No, of course not.. She was tall, lithe but had curves all in the right places – well, what society would call right places. “A little too curvy for the catwalk,” her mother would mention at least once a week.
“I should have never mentioned the party to you.” Lee murmured quietly under her minty breath.
“Mom, go get a glass a wine downstairs and just chill. I’ll finish getting dressed, okay? You are way too stressed.” She determinedly met her mother’s gaze, silently communicating that she is not going to back down. Lee gently pushed her out of the room as a million words flooded out of her mouth in protest to her daughter’s spontaneous decision.
“If you don’t let me get dressed, I swear I won’t go to the party at all.” And with that, she promptly closed the door and made sure it was locked.
Immediately, she slipped out of the bodycon and looked for the article of clothing she originally had in mind. Out of her closet came out a silk shift dress with a very scooped low back. Intentionally chosen to match the verdant color in her eyes, she knew it complimented her the shape of her body and intentionally exposed her bronzed long legs.
Rebeka had hired a celebrity hair stylist and a makeup artist to makeover Lee but refrained from hiring a clothes stylist to not further infuriate her. Her hair was perfectly done up with beachy waves the hung precisely to frame her heart-shaped face and her olive eyes impeccably smoked with deep earthly tones.
Grabbing a matching clutch, she slid her phone in there and lip gloss to retouch if needed. She got her pair of Jimmy Choo sequin-embroidered heels. Her phone vibrated and she assumed it was the Uber driver letting her know they arrived. She had to go.
She managed to slipped out through a side door to avoid any confrontations with her mom, thankful to have left unseen.


Heading towards the entrance, her orbs widened slightly at the realization at the amount of people at this mansion. For a split-second she considered chasing down her uber driver to take her home.
“Woman up, Lee.” She muttered to herself, mustering strength she didn't know she had.
Straightening her back and her head suddenly looking forward, the North Carolina-raised young lady stepped through the doors. Letting her gaze skim her surroundings, she thought to herself: So, this is El Jefe’s a.k.a. Damian’s beach mansion. She caught a glimpse of Damian faraway and quickly diverted her gaze. Not knowing him at all and being fairly new to the school, she was careful to not assume things about the head of the Elite except for the inevitable, that he was undeniably very attractive.
Enough about focusing on people she didn’t know, she suddenly remembered one of the reasons she came to this party, that Coco would be here. She never wanted to go to a party where she didn’t know anyone and for this reason, she was immensely relieved that she would have someone to converse with. Catching a flash of orange in the midst of the crowd of socialites, she wisely mazed her way to Chanel who was dancing away.
Her glossed lips immediately formed into a warm smile as she approached her friend.
“Having fun?” she inquired cheerfully, even though she already knew the answer.
Hi! I'm sorry for posting this so late. About week ago, I said was interested in joining your BHHS roleplay, but long story short, my internet stopped working for about a week. If it's not too late, I would love to still be a part of it.
This is only my second time making a character sheet so I hope it's all readable and understandable lol.

Interested :)
Ah, okay
I'm still here lol. What happened to the chat? I can't find it anymore. Did it get deleted?
Lisa Byrant

September 5th, 1969

Once the cops began handcuffing Nick and Jones, Lisa discreetly slipped away, not really knowing what else to do. Though not before she noticed that Alex also joined in earlier. She wondered what Alex must have thought of the whole ordeal since she and Nick appeared to be friends. She had caught a glimpse of her hiding the gold chain as well. Kind of wanting to ask her about the whole thing, she knew it was none of her business so she decided not to utter anything but instead, she left silently, back to her mac 'n cheese. She finished her food which now had grown cold and headed off to finish the rest of the school day.

The following hours as she was in class, her mind was occasionally flitting back to what had occurred during lunch. She hoped everything would resolve itself but then at the same time she knew that that wasn’t very likely. Both Nick and Jones were impulsive, stubborn individuals so she assumed things would most likely get worse before it gets better. Everyone was talking about what had happened and those who never talked to her were now, without warning pressing her with annoying, prying questions. Not one to desire attention for herself, she gave only one-worded responses and quickly grew irritated of all of it and was alleviated once the bell rang. Pushing her way through the crowd, she promptly made her way to her truck. Once inside, she leaned back and rested her head on the seat and drew in a deep breath.

“Phew, thank God it’s Friday,” she said to herself before sliding her the key into the ignition and the truck roaring to life.
Lisa Bryant

1103 HRS

Lisa's head turned sharply towards the shouting that came from the drunken, enraged Mr. Jones as he blasted out of the school doors, his furious eyes scanning the area. Ignoring her hungry stomach, she observed intently as the ridiculous event unfolded before her. He then locked eyes with Nick who she hadn’t noticed until that moment, slamming a car’s hood loudly. Before she knew it, they were both knocked out on the cement parking lot.
Her mouth wide and her almond eyes unblinking, she abandoned her tray of food on the bench and ran towards the scene. As she arrived, she noticed a few officers just coming over as well.
She glanced over at Jones for a brief moment and shook her head in disgust. A high school teacher had to be insane to go and try attacking a student. But then again, it was Jones. And what was Nick doing messing with Jones’ car?
“Are you alright?” she inquired in a somewhat quiet voice as she looked at Nick, her arms crossed nervously once the officers shook them back to life.
Her mind was whirling with questions trying to discern what she had just witnessed. She had stayed out of the loop for so long she had no idea what was really going on around her.

Lisa Byrant

September 5th, 1969

1040 HRS

Two hours later, Lisa was able to fly through a few chapters of a book she had been reading for Mr. Allen’s class. Eventually, Mr. Hines had emphasized his last few words and glanced over to the following person to come over and speak.
Lisa’s sleepy eyes and bored expression was replaced by a disturbed look at Jones’ miserable attempt at a speech. Why was she surprised? How that man was still teaching, she had absolutely no idea.
Looking over at the clock at about the same time Jones had ended and knocked over his chair, she noticed it was almost lunch.
“Well, it’s about time.” she murmured to herself as about twenty minutes later the assembly was dismissed.

1100 HRS

Getting in line for lunch, she got a hold of a plastic tray and permitted the lunch lady to put a large spoonful of mac and cheese on it. The apple had only made her hungrier. She got some milk and added a banana and made her way to find somewhere to sit. Not desiring to remain inside, she discreetly slipped outside and found a secluded bench with some sparse oak trees nearby.
Autumn was one of her favored times of the year, and today without fail felt like it. The trees had already begun changing into a variety of captivating colors and a brisk current was passing through Greenville. To keep her hair from flying around, she gathered it and made it into a braid. Wavy strands that were too short, hung loosely, framing her face nicely. She began to eat, her hazel orbs aware of the teachers and students that were out and about.

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