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Current Teaching myself web development by trying to fix some BBCode bugs/features in the Guild is probably a bad idea. Oh, well.
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Depression is literally soul-sucking.
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If school were less hard, it'd be less interesting. I still want it to be less hard, though.
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Maybe I'll update this.

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@Sep I'm fine being late. Just let me know where/when you'd rather me appear.
Oh! It moved. Okay!

Oh, good. Now @Zarkun can just have his ship tell our ships where to go and we can continue the narrative! Pick a good planet, Zarkun.
Yeah, my school starts up on the 26th. I'm still all for this!
That's okay, apparently my work stole your business. :P

16 more posts for iteration one!
@Raylah Looks good so far!

@datadogie Accepted! I'm getting, interestingly enough, Waterworld-in-Space vibes.
So... off to Dagobah, then? Hoth? Tatooine? Meet up with the Egg Carrier?

Or, like. Um. Mustafar? (That's a Star Wars planet, right?) I only remember the planets that were in the original Star Wars: Battlefront II. "Watch those wrist rockets!"

So here's my list of possible destinations:

Can you still FTL without it? Because I'd still think finding some kind of drydock is definitely the way to go, here.Well, drydock and accompanying maintenance crew, probably.

Imagine the fun we can get up to on the ground while our ships are being repaired! I want to convince some rebels to join up and get in MCRN power armor!

Heck, I want to see McKay in MCRN power armor.

S . O . L . O . M . O . N

In the Solomon's Bridge, Cmmdr Harden glanced meaningfully at Dr. Lovato. She was staring intently at her own screen, silently watching the live feed from Lt. Reed's helmet cam. Harden shifted in his crash couch.
"Doctor?" he prompted.
"Anachronisms..." she started. "The Daedalus' crew has a ship that can leap across lightyears, but those rifles look like antiques. Those drive plumes-" Dr. Lovato pulled up an external feed of the Daedalus "-aren't Epstein Drives. They are some form of fusion-based system, but they're incredibly inefficient. They leak energy like sieves; there's no evidence of magnetic coil exhaust acceleration for continuous use. However, I think they're powerful enough to leap from Mars to Jupiter in fewer than two hours. It's like someone came along and uplifted humanity into the space age."
"Sounds like we can use each other."
"They've got raw power; we've got the experience and technique to use it better. And the rest of these factions... some I don't even know where to begin. One of them might even be more of a space-dwelling organism than any kind of conventional ship."
"We're outgunned and in over our heads with a shipful of young'uns. We need to seek shelter with someone relatable. Cap'n seems to agree," the Commander finished, gesturing at the screen.

On board the Renatus

Captain Jaeger said, "We're doing no good floating in the middle of nowhere. Wherever we go, let's find some locals, maybe figure out how to get everyone home, maybe figure out how to survive. We're not equipped for long-haul voyages; the Solomon will need to resupply - conservatively - sometime in the next year before we run out of hydroponics and fuel pellets, let alone if we use any ammo. And if negotiations fail, well. We've got the makings of a small fleet. I'm sure we can thrive, one way or another. The Donnager is in. Let's go anywhere, as long as there are people and industry."

Captain Jaeger turned to Colonel Sheppard @Sep. "Colonel, if I may?" he said gesturing to the side. "You guys are the most... human I've seen out here, wherever here is. You come into a strange situation ready to protect yourself while leading with your words. Your ship, your equipment feels familiar; it feels right. Obviously I accept your kind offer to tow us to safer harbor - or at least, a harbor. But, I think we can do better. I'd like to exchange engineering teams, trade a few technologies, teach each other a few tricks of the trade. My top scientist says she thinks we can help you out with a few things. And if we can keep trusting each other, down the line... who knows?"
Okay, where are we going? I think we ought to travel to either an Empire-controlled planet or a Rebel-controlled one, make contact, start some trade (or gunboat diplomacy), and learn about the galactic neighborhood. Obviously our characters won't know where we're going, but we can still just pick a place as players.

And, of course, we should find a dry dock to start upgrading each others' ships. We're going to have to fight Palpatine some time, and I don't want to let Egg Carrier have all the fun.

Question: What are people's thoughts on 4th walls? Several of these universe have Star Wars in them. Hell, several of these universes have the other universes as fictional media.
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