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1 yr ago
What is science but magic math?
1 yr ago
So KSP is getting a sequel. To say I am excited is an understatement.
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1 yr ago
A fly has earned my respect today. Thought I drowned him but there he was a few minutes later, defiantly still alive. Needless to say, he got put outside to dry out and live on.
1 yr ago
I always drink water, so am I allowed to use it?
1 yr ago
@Tlstiffl, and I'll agree with the latter. I had a horrible job that was made tolerable by my coworkers.


When interacting with me in any form its best to treat me like I'm on the spectrum....because I probably am.
Aka: You best be patient.

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There's a game called Luftrausers. The little craft you control is called a Rauser. Poof, username acquired. Its also part of the title, but that makes it even less exciting

In hindsight, probably should've used one of the other usernames I tend to used quite often. They also have better stories about their creation.
Oh well.
Thanks for the welcomes :D

What kind of RP or stories/worlds interest you?

Main interest in anything fantasy or sci-fi.
Though I'm open to other genres, stories, and worlds.
Nice to meet you all.

Finally joined after a week after I said I would.
I could say I'm new to forum RPing, but that would be lying. Only new to the site, though I should get acquainted to the site quickly. So that's not much of a worry.

I do have an avid interest in 1x1 and small group RPs, though I'm not shy to the larger group RPs.

Don't know what else to put here, and I'm also very tired.
Still though, hope to have some fun RPing here!

With that, I finish my post, and head off to bed.
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