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Current RIP Christopher Tolkien. Sailed into the West to meet his father at last.
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Happy 127th birthday to Professor Tolkien!
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Oh, Interest Checks, have you nothing for me today?
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Been a long time. Still wishing for more interest checks that piqued my curiosity. Bigger is not always better.
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The more I live, the more I learn. Humbling.


I'm not the sort to talk about myself unprompted, so this section will be scant. I vastly prefer one-on-one (1x1) or small group RP, as big groups and lots of chatter tend to overwhelm me. I prefer RP within medieval fantasy settings that are not too fanciful (think LOTR/GoT).

[b]“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander

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What part of your Role-playing experience fulfills you the most? Which decisions, or encounters, give you those sick tingly feelings along the back of your wrists? What are you always looking for when you step into your character's shoes?

Those moments where I encounter another player with a mastery of the English language (poor spelling, grammar, etc, are instant mood killers), and the slightly more intangible talent of creating a compelling story that pulls me in and intrigues me. It's not enough to simply be a 'good writer' in the technical sense. I've read plenty of RP that had perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The sentences were well laid out. The writing had a decent flow. The vocabulary was admirable. But there was still something missing. I just felt zero interest for what I was reading. I didn't give two flips about the character or the plot. I was bored.

The rare and surreal times where I run into a character that meets all of the criteria for 'good' writing, AND that can snag and hold my interest, and make me feel compelled to shift my own creative juices into second gear... that's the worthwhile stuff. There's an indefinable magic that occurs, when you suddenly find yourself thinking "WOW...this is good RP..." and you can't wait for the next emote/post. Your own character suddenly feels alive and real, and the plot is taking on a life of its own. You're no longer steering it, you're along for the ride, sitting back in breathless, wide-eyed astonishment as the story runs away to an unknown destination. Cherish those moments and treat those RPers with the utmost respect and value, because they come along all too infrequently.

Welcome (back).
I like the premise, but I agree, more info or more...purpose? direction? would be helpful.
I want to give credit to @Raditz for being a great DM for my D&D games running on 4 years now, and @Geekfactor for just being a sweetbean.

*strangled sounds* <3
Since Broken forced me into this conversation, I'll go ahead and give my two cents on @GeekFactor's post, the same one Broken replied to. Just because it seemed fun, I don't want to catch hands or anything.

Hey, all opinions are fair and valid! I appreciate your thoughts just like anyone else's. And I thank you for listening to mine. Sometimes it just boils down to personal taste and what everyone likes and prefers. One RPer may be looking for something vastly different than the next RPer in line.
I rather think that the problem is people try to put too much character background into a post, rather than having a grip on the character and allowing small parts of it to inform the action.

Oi, yes, this happens a lot, too!

*She sidled up to the strange man at the bar, bells of a foreign land chiming softly around her ankles while ochre eyes that no local had ever glimpsed sparkled behind her silken veil. "Buy me a drink, stranger," she purred in her desert-laced accent, clearly a woman who had traveled from afar, the whiff of her dusky, exotic perfume surrounding him in a cloud that would surely spark intrigue in his mind and leave him thirsty for more knowledge of where this rare gem had been crafted.*

I think she's maybe not a local. I dunno.
<Snipped quote by GeekFactor>

I disagree on this point, or at least, I think I can offer a counterexample. Some people write their characters to be contributions to the narrative. I know not everyone is like this, but sometimes you have characters that are, you know, less complicated.

Of course! I don't think we disagree, I think I just tend to dig too deep most of the time :)
<Snipped quote by GeekFactor>

Gotta say though, most stories (non-roleplays) have a tendency to be written by a single author. While it's hard to put my finger on, it is clear that woman and men write their characters a particular way. Do you find yourself being pulled out of immersion when reading books?

Ah, but there's a difference, I think, between writing a novel or script, and roleplaying a character. And I honestly don't know many authors who I'd say portray the opposite sex in a perfectly believable way. But when you're reading a book, you *know* you're reading a book by so-and-so, so the expectation to be fully convinced isn't quite the same. Does that make any sense? Most books aren't going to delve so deeply and intimately into the psyche, thoughts, sensations, impressions, urges, desires, etc...of every single character in the story. That's usually saved for the protagonist. Whereas when someone is roleplaying a character, they're tasked with literally *becoming* that character, not just relaying "Bob sat down and picked up a beer and said "Evening, everyone." Sure, some people roleplay on that level and never bother going any deeper, but that's not what I'm talking about here. (Sorry, Bob, not trying to throw you under the bus, bro.)

Some books are more immersive and believable than others, for sure. All depends on the author's skill in getting outside of their own head and viewpoint, and being able to grasp the way another mind works.
@GeekFactor You're fine. We're just exchanging views and having a discussion. There wouldn't be much point if we just came here to offload our opinions without discussing them a bit right?

Another part of the "men make for manly woman" thing that you noticed may be that men tend to like more aggressive scenarios. Since we have more testosterone and the like, aggression is more rewarding to watch.

Thank you, that's very gracious of you to say :)

You're right, that's exactly part of my point! It just makes it a little easier to spot "guy RPing a girl" and can damage the feeling of immersion and authenticity sometimes.

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