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Current You can't respond to every criticism with "RACIST!" This has become the modern boy crying wolf. At some point, you have to face truth.
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"She smiled up at the stranger, heedless of the splattered droplets that decorated her front like the freckles sprinkled over her pale cheeks."
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Bring it on, 2022. Fear won't be mind-killing me just yet.
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RIP Christopher Tolkien. Sailed into the West to meet his father at last.
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Happy 127th birthday to Professor Tolkien!


I'm not the sort to talk about myself unprompted, so this section will be scant. I vastly prefer one-on-one (1x1) or small group RP, as big groups and lots of chatter tend to overwhelm me. I prefer RP within medieval fantasy settings that are not too fanciful (think LOTR/GoT).

[b]“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander

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I've walked the steepest mountains,
Sailed the seven seas.
Oh, I have been looking for you,
In every part of me.…
Gonna be watching. I may throw someone in. Good luck!
Tolkien. No explanation needed there.

Dean Koontz. Don't hate. He's a master of his genre, and taught me how to indulge in rapid-fire, first-person narration.

Jack London. Perhaps the best describer I've ever read. He made you see, hear, smell, and feel everything.

Edgar Allan Poe. Never be afraid to be weird.

Madeleine L'engle. Let your heart soar through your stories, and break earthly boundaries.

Charlotte Brontë. There is beauty in internal torment and the drawn-out agonies of unfulfilled longing.

I'm sure there are many more, but that's enough for now.

Taboo is officially defined as "prohibited or restricted by social custom" or "place under prohibition". Topics related to taboo typically progress as quickly as human society does with the focus changing to reflect political, social, and even religious norms at the time. Writing has always been one of the mediums that tackled "taboos" even in the past where it was used to question authority or dabble into previously untreaded waters including LBGTQA+ relationships, sexism, racism, and so on. Exploring the taboo has become norm nowadays, however, and many more authors have become willing to dip their toes into the water. This, of course, includes Roleplayers.

With that said, what are topics that you still consider to be taboo and where do you personally draw your line with that content? What would you consider as "tasteless" versus actually exploring a tricky topic (ex: racism, abuse, terrorism, certain historical events, etc)? Do you think that Roleplaying is an acceptable medium to explore these topics or do you think that the vast majority of Roleplayers are too "immature" to appropriately approach these things at all? Do you think that people who are unaffected by these issues should be allowed to comment on them either? Do you prefer to write with taboo or avoid it all together when it comes to writing?

I'm very curious to hear what others think. Please feel free to use as much or as little detail as you like, but remain civil and on-topic at all times. As always, please do not violate any of the Guild's guidelines. Thank you and happy discussing.

What each person considers "taboo" is generally a personal and individual matter. What one person is squeamish about, another may not be. Therefore, my opinion is mine only. I don't presume to speak for what anyone else should do or not do.

Topics I will not roleplay out:
1. Child abuse. The exception might be a scene of violence or neglect, in order to establish a background or support for a plotline. Absolutely no child sexual abuse, or anything excessively violent or dark.
2. Bestiality. Just hell no.
3. Anything that feels like it's just excessive, gratuitous, "grimdark", fetishist type stuff. People who get a sick thrill out of repeatedly RPing depraved content, like rape or gore. There's a crucial difference between acknowledging that awful things happen, and sometimes those things are part of a character's story, and getting your jollies by seeing a character assaulted over and over again. To the latter, no thanks; seek therapy.

I also think it's important to bear in mind that what we consider "acceptable artistic content" in general, does not have to translate into what we enjoy in our roleplaying and writing. I can watch Schindler's List and not look away, and allow my heart to grieve for story it tells. But that doesn't mean I want to hop online with my friends and grind my thoughts with stories of butchering children and torturing people to death. I'm not less of a writer or roleplayer or creative mind because I know how to compartmentalize history, art, and hobby.
What part of your Role-playing experience fulfills you the most? Which decisions, or encounters, give you those sick tingly feelings along the back of your wrists? What are you always looking for when you step into your character's shoes?

Those moments where I encounter another player with a mastery of the English language (poor spelling, grammar, etc, are instant mood killers), and the slightly more intangible talent of creating a compelling story that pulls me in and intrigues me. It's not enough to simply be a 'good writer' in the technical sense. I've read plenty of RP that had perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The sentences were well laid out. The writing had a decent flow. The vocabulary was admirable. But there was still something missing. I just felt zero interest for what I was reading. I didn't give two flips about the character or the plot. I was bored.

The rare and surreal times where I run into a character that meets all of the criteria for 'good' writing, AND that can snag and hold my interest, and make me feel compelled to shift my own creative juices into second gear... that's the worthwhile stuff. There's an indefinable magic that occurs, when you suddenly find yourself thinking "WOW...this is good RP..." and you can't wait for the next emote/post. Your own character suddenly feels alive and real, and the plot is taking on a life of its own. You're no longer steering it, you're along for the ride, sitting back in breathless, wide-eyed astonishment as the story runs away to an unknown destination. Cherish those moments and treat those RPers with the utmost respect and value, because they come along all too infrequently.

Welcome (back).
I like the premise, but I agree, more info or more...purpose? direction? would be helpful.
I want to give credit to @Raditz for being a great DM for my D&D games running on 4 years now, and @Geekfactor for just being a sweetbean.

*strangled sounds* <3
Since Broken forced me into this conversation, I'll go ahead and give my two cents on @GeekFactor's post, the same one Broken replied to. Just because it seemed fun, I don't want to catch hands or anything.

Hey, all opinions are fair and valid! I appreciate your thoughts just like anyone else's. And I thank you for listening to mine. Sometimes it just boils down to personal taste and what everyone likes and prefers. One RPer may be looking for something vastly different than the next RPer in line.
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