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4 mos ago
Current Taking a peek around again, and wondering if there are any RP plots here that don't involve dystopian futures, anime cat girls, or GoT rip off worlds.
10 mos ago
Happy 126th Birthday, Professor Tolkien!
10 mos ago
Successfully pulled off a huge RP Christmas event today with dozens of folks joining in. I am now officially exhausted.
11 mos ago
Still in RP burnout mode. But doing a lot of writing for my characters on the side. Also, managing a new RP Discord server that's exploded in popularity, so huzzah for that.
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11 mos ago
This is what happens when you burn out on too much RP. You withdraw into a hole and just write your own stuff cause "ewww, people."


I'm not the sort to talk about myself unprompted, so this section will be scant. I vastly prefer one-on-one (1x1) or small group RP, as big groups and lots of chatter tend to overwhelm me. I prefer RP within medieval fantasy settings that are not too fanciful (think LOTR/GoT). My availability is limited, but I *might* be amenable to a slow-posting storyline.

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander

A sample of my RP/writing:

A full moon shone down over the open patch of ground, surrounded by towering, black trees. Its full face bathed the glade in silvery illumination, and for some reason, she noticed the way each, slender blade of grass had its own, tiny shadow. And the miniscule sparkles that glittered on the two, roughly rounded hunks of granite. Words were written on them, crudely carved by an inexperienced hand. But she did not look at the words.

She stood there in utter stillness, as if she, too, had perhaps turned to stone. Little by little, her eyes slipped away from the stones, as her thoughts wandered into a cold, empty, shadowy place, where there was nothing to feel. And it was comfortable. Many hours passed before she moved again.

Fletching was a mindless task. The fire provided what light she needed. Her slender, half-gloved hands worked with machine-like precision in the flickering, dancing glow of the flames. Carving the slender branches. Trimming the feathers of the pheasant she'd shot earlier that day. A small pile of thumb-sized stones lay nearby. A little wooden box full of tree sap.

An animal cried somewhere in the distance. A weary, lone cicada croaked out its final requiem in a tree along the ridge. A stiff, chilly breeze raced over the hillside, sending a flush of goosebumps along her arms. Summer was no more.

Many things were no more.

The look on the bowyer's face was priceless when she presented him with the bundle of sleek arrows. He asked how she'd made them so quickly. She shrugged.

The sun was sinking too rapidly towards the western horizon. It was late afternoon, and it didn't feel right. The changing of the seasons always stirred something in her, some strange melancholy for the world marking the passing of time, of years, of lives. She stopped at the farmhouse and double-checked to make sure the door was locked. She did not open it. The key was buried in the yard.

Her coin purse jingled against her thigh as she walked towards the gate. It was fat and heavy. She removed it and buried it beside the key, after taking a small handful of the coins and stowing them in her pocket.

The moon was high overhead once more. She tried to count the days that had passed, and found she couldn't. The little, leather-bound book seemed to shine softly in her hands as she turned it over and over. Her gaze moved to the fire nearby, and she tossed it into the embers.

I especially adore Tolkien-esque RP, and run a Discord server dedicated to such. Want to know more? Just ask!

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A role player who owns a horse? Can you possibly be any cooler?

Welcome :)
Hey, video games and writing is what we RP nerds are all about :) Welcome!
Welcome! Tolkien references FTW!
Lovely to meet you, J.
Welcome back!
"And he made me feel excited! Well, excited and scared."
Greetings, and welcome back.
It may seem like you're alone in a sea of anime fans, but you aren't :D Welcome.
Best intro ever.
(This is entirely too delightful.)
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