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Current Note to self: Stop committing to so many damn RP's at once.
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@Mighty Hero - don't do it!!!
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The horned shadow bent down over the slumbering figure, a lascivious grin peeling black lips away from yellowed fangs.
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Allergies, why? Just...why?
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@LordBatory, you're amazing :)


A sample of my RP/writing. I should note that this is a reflective story, written on its own about an RP character of mine, since it does reveal inner thoughts, which I would not do while RPing :)

I prefer RP within medieval fantasy settings that are not too fanciful (think LOTR/GoT).

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander

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Great idea! I say go for it :)

Can be both

@GeekFactor lol, sounds like a party 😂

Well, it didn't all happen at once, but that would be pretty awesome, you're right ;)
I don't know whether to be afraid or madly in love.
Haunted. Naked. Surprising.
Eastern Farmlands/Forest

Emmy trailed readily behind Davian as they crossed the yard, exited the front gate, and turned to the field nearby, beyond which lay the vast, green-grey wall of the wood. She hummed softly now and then as she trotted to keep pace with him, her golden ponytail flouncing against her shoulders. Her gaze flickered sideways to him as they walked together, and her blue eyes were keen with curiosity, perhaps to ask more about him; what he'd been up to, why he'd decided to ask her to join him on his hunt. Was he lonely for company? Did he have stories to share? Were none of his village friends free to join him? She did not pepper him with these questions, at least not for the time being, but instead simply smiled to herself, content to ponder on the mysteries.

As he reached the first of the outlying trees, Coby and Nell snuffled on ahead into the shadowy expanse of the forest, tails erect and waving lazily. Emmy parted her lips to reply to Davian's question, stepping forward as she did so, though she was interrupted by a sudden twisting of her leg as her foot sunk into one of the bothersome holes in the soft soil. Whether dug by badger or fox or some other creature, she yelped softly and flung her hands out to catch herself as she lost her balance.
Welcome, Decker! Nice to have you with us :)
Eastern Farmlands

"Scourge of the crop fields, indeed," she snickered, propping a hand on her hip while giving him a good-natured smirk. Her demeanor was friendly and affable, but there was a sharp wisdom behind her bright, blue eyes that told she was no fool. She knew of Davian's reputation, as most folk around the village did. But Emmy herself had always been a wild and free-spirited creature, and propriety was not often high on her list of concerns.

She glanced down at Coby and Nell, and when both dogs had their eyes on her, she said simply, "Let's go!" Apparently, this was a phrase well known to them, as they both immediately began bounding in excited circles on their long legs. Emmy laughed lightly, holding out her hands with the palms flat, facing outward, in a "hold on now!" gesture, and the pair of hounds stopped, staring at her with perked ears and eager eyes. She pointed at the sky with one finger and said in a clear voice, "Birds." Coby gave a low chuff, and both he and Nell quickly put their noses to the ground and began snuffling their way towards the gate.

She cast a sidelong grin at Davian, and nodded her head towards the fields beyond the yard. "Shall we?"
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