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Current “You are my courage, as I am your conscience," he whispered. "You are my heart---and I your compassion. We are neither of us whole, alone. Do ye not know that, Sassenach?” -Jamie
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I entertain a child of any age, you gotta translate what said on the opposite page. How are you going to battle with the Cat in the Hat?
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I am a super computer, you are like a TI-82.
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I am the Maid of Orleans, you're the mardi gras beads, honey.
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Today is a sad day....


Hello lovlies! You can call me Raven or Huffle if you wish. And yes, to those Harry Potter nerds out there, my username is the combination of two Houses. I can’t pick a favorite. Ha! So I am in my early twenties and married. This means that there might be days when I am not on as much sense I have a house to maintain, meals to make, and I want to spend time with my wonderful husband. That being said, I do make plenty of time for stories! This is my hobby after all.

So you are thinking you might want to write a story with me?! That sounds great, I would love to hear from you!!

Check out my expectations and interests here, and if you think we would make good partners, feel free to send me a PM. ^.^

My Stories On Hold:

Of Life, Love, and Death
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“Oh, but sweetheart, you would not like me nearly as much if I stopped being Prickdam. That would mean an end to all this shakiness between us. Admit it, Ciara, you are a huge fan of Prickdam.” Adam smirked down at her but the look quickly left his face when she took a step away from the wall he just had her against. The darkness just… evaporated. In its place was a lush green meadow. The beauty and serenity of it soothed him just a little and causing his tough guy armor to crack ever so slightly.

As he took in the meadow he prodded her about her powers, curious to know if she had this power he did not know about. A half hearted chuckle ripped from him at her response. “I don’t know, Ciara. A moment ago, when you were against that wall, you would have been willing to take me anywhere.” A shock ran up his arm and into his shoulder making all the wombs there bark in agony. “Fuck!” He quickly pulled his arm from her touch. “Bloody hell… what was that?” he mumbled as he rubbed his arm gently.

The world around him exploded with color. This was not his cloaking powers. The world never changed when he cloaked, it just became empty like a ghost town. No sound, no people, nothing but shadows and darkness. With a shake of his head, Adam told her “No, this is nothing like my shadow walking. When I step through the world it just becomes empty and dark. No sound, no people, no light. Just grey bleakness.” He took a few steps away from her only to watch the oddly dark horizon stretch with each step he took. It was almost as if their presence was making this meadow grow. How far out would it expand if he just kept walking towards the horizon?

Ciara’s voice called him back asking him to try something. But what would he try? He knew nothing about this place or how it worked. Then again neither did she and looked at all of the flowers that bloomed everywhere just because she touched the ground. “Okay… maybe all we have to do is touch something…” Without any better idea, he squatted and pushed his hand to the ground and digging his fingertips into the soft dirt. Nothing happened. He sat there for a heartbeat, then another, and another…

With a frustrated sigh he stood up, “If nothing I do can manipulate this… place… then it has to be your magic.” He turned towards her and a flash of light had him flinching and covering his eyes. When he finally pulled his hand away from his face, he saw it. The bight mid-day sun that had been over head had vanished and in its place with a purple tinted black night sky. Stars more numerous then he could count twinkled brightly lighting up the grass and flowers around them in a soft glow. “Beautiful…” He whispered as he turned slowly in a circle taking in the view around him.
Still looking...
Definitely yes on the romance. Sorry but my roleplays need romance. Sure, we can discuss more through PM.

What kind of Fantasy?
Curious to see what happens if I bump this thread so...

Ryu tilted his head slightly to the right looking at her outstretched hand. What on earth was she doing with her hand? He remember watching people in Japan say hello in a bow and he could recall that people he watched in the streets hugged each other in greeting. However he had no idea what to do with a hand stretched out to him. He debated pulling her into a hug as he had seen so many humans do these past couple of weeks. Despite all of his observations of humans in this land, he still felt like a complete outsider.

Finally he decided to just copy the movements of this human and held out his left hand making himself a mirror image of Haley. "I am still a little new here, Hailey, so please forgive me. I have no idea of what to do with our hands stretched out like this. I was under the impression that hugs were the form of greeting in this land." Ruy laughed a little while leaving his hand out awkwardly.
Ryu knew it was going to be a miserable day when he woke up early in the morning. The sun had just began to rise and it was already blistering hot! Slowly he unwound his hundred yard body by snaking his way around different trees to enable himself the room to unwind. Once his dragon body was unwound he began the process of changing his cells and structure to his shape of the same beings that killed his family. A human.

It was the first day of class, and Ryu had decided he needed to learn more about these creatures that destroyed his home if he wanted to survive. He was not alone in his mission, three others had survived that fatal night and they had all agreed learning more about these humans was their best shot at survival.

Walking through the campus surrounded by his fellow dragons, ryu couldn't help but start to notice some of these habits the humans showed. Everyone was walking around with these "cell phones" in their hands. Not a single one paying attention to the world around them. No wonder these humans do not care about the beautiful world around them, Ryu thought with a shake of his head.

After a good bye to his tribemates he made his way into his first class. The room was set up with tall black tables in rows facing toward the front, each table set up with two stools each. Just as it was outside, all the humans were absorbed in their cell phones instead of interacting with each other. After scanning the room several times. He finally took the last seat available in the class next to a female with a lizard charm bracelet. He started at her bracelet dr a moment, transfixed by the sight of the lizard eating its tail. It looked similar to a dragon, but why would she wear a dragon like symbol?

"I am being... rude." He said as he pulled his eyes from her bracelet. His voice had a slight accent to it, as if he did not quite have a grasp of how words should be pronounced in English. "My name is Ryu, I am a transfer from Japan. How are you?"
I'd be interested. 😊
How long do your posts tend to be?
Adam was in no way new to the inner workings of a female’s body. Hell, he had slept with half of his coven and at kissed the other half at least once. There had never been a girl that had turned him down when he set his sights on them. Maybe that was why he was so cocky when it came to the opposite sex. When he was with a girl he knew how to make their mind spin, their breath stop, and their heart to fall. A soft kiss there, a rough push, a needy growl, and a few rolls of his hips and any woman became putty in his hands. But with Ciara… Oh with this women! The movements of his body were not just a predator playing with his prey, they came from a deep sort of need he had never felt before. Gods help him, he was the putty in her hands. With her lips on his, her fingers on his neck, her soft curves pressed again him he could not think, he could only act.

Adam’s hand tightened on Ciara’s hip when her lips began to respond to his own. The kiss went from a soft brush to a demanding need in the blink of an eye. Normally he would have played with her, make her beg for more but with her mouth willingly slanted against his own and her hunger as tangible as the night around him he could not help but take what he wanted. And he wanted her. An unexpected growl escaped from his throat when Ciara put her hands on the back of his neck to pull him closer. Her hunger in return to his own lit a part of him he could not even begin to describe. His hand slid from her hip to rest on her lower back in an attempt to hold her body as close to his own as he could while his other hand slid gently into her hair to support her neck. His tongue eagerly explored every inch of her mouth and even when he felt her pushing back against him he did not relent.

His powers did not register the influx in Ciara’s power, or at least his brain did not comprehend what was happening around him. That was at least till Ciara started to pull away from his mouth. He was about to protest until she took his lip between her teeth and pulled a moan from deep in his chest. Adam let out a small chuckle at her statement of wonder before he pressed his mouth against her forehead in a soft caress. “Wow is one way to put it. Who taught you to kiss like that? I’ll kill them.” He said just as his eye started to open.

With the heat of her mouth away from his own, the world slowly came back into focus. The lack of a world would be a better description. Adam turned his head in either direction trying to make sense of what he saw or didn’t see. Even when he shadow walked, the world did not look this… empty. His attention snapped back to Ciara as she pulled from his grasp claiming about how this wasn’t right. Adam couldn’t help but feel as if that was the most ‘right’ kiss he had ever received or given, but there was no way he was going to let her know that. Before he could stop them, all his shields slid back into place and the fire in his eyes died. “At least now you can die knowing how a kiss should feel. I pity the fool who is unlucky enough to get you for he will never be able live up to this experience. Now you will never be truly satisfied.” A smirk played on his lips as his mask finished settling down into place.

With a cool, calm, and collected attitude, Adam turned to one again survey the world around them. When Ciara took a step, the world around them seemed to blossom. Green grass replaced the cold grey concrete and a small clearing opened up around them. Slowly, he turned in a circle looking for the cause of this new world but no one else was there, only a green blanket of grass held together around the edges by an impenetrable barrier of darkness. His darkness he realized as he came to face Ciara again. “What is this? Do you have the power of illusions?” He asked with his brows furrowed.
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