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<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

Stonebody, battlechip in, download!
*My body turns into gray stone*

*Vines shoot toward the device in the terminal while the demon blasts you with controlled flames*

<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

*I take care of those who fight back within seconds, leaving those that faint from a lack of energy and life force alone. I quickly go to help take down any remaining scribes that happened to be outside of the nul zone, taking out any that are still fighting the other members of our group.*

<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*A short burst of air happens near you, carrying my voice.*
I should be fine, but we need to finish off these scribes quickly. Try to help the others advance forward when you can.

[@Attack Team]

*In a last ditch effort, the last Blue and Indigo Scrives free work together; nuclear reactions occur away from the Nul Zones and the energy is transformed into rapidfire blasts of lightning at the various members of the group*
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

*My skin bubbles and browns like a marshmallow*
Bad idea!
*Keeps shooting*

*The shots continue to disintegrate; this time, the popcorn becomes as soft as taffy*
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

Lance, battlechip in, download.
*Large shoots of bamboo stab everyone from behind*

*The bamboo withers and snakes out of each Scribe, its life healing them; the demon ignores the attack*
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

Yeah. It will be, but I'm up for it.

Good. You will surely do well if you are diligent and careful.
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

*The the energy created by these reactions is also absorbed, though not so quickly that it dissappears before it can be used. As this happens I become even faster, now just a blur as I knock out the scribes around me and move towards those in our way.*

*This is highly effective, and the Scribes are generally at a loss. There is only minor retaliation*
<Snipped quote by Balance>

What choices are there?

Nuclear energy, thermal energy, and dimensional energy, among others.
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

*It explodes into artillery shells*

*Many of the Scribes in the area fall, surprised; the others turn their attention to you and you are assaulted by energy and nuclear radiation*

<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

Alucard: *grins toothily*

Heh, easy pickings.

*aims at a red scribes head, pulling the trigger*

*The Scribe falls easily*
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

I saw his title.

But I acknowledged his post count.

That and I just needed to know the RP I'm working on isn't a waste of time.

it is a running joke =P

Note that it will take some work to make sure that people feel like "The choice is yours" as you explain in the IC. MR does this by letting players have their own villains. If you get enough players, allowing players to instigate excursions of major significance by having them play major NPCs or just major characters of their own will improve independence and immersion. But you'll also have to mediate against unfair advantages, which will probably be one of the most difficult tasks as a GM.
soul somebody finally acknowledged your title "RP Veteran"
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