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There it was, out in the open. She supposed their little affair back on Centauri couldn't continue now that Alexis was her superior officer and they were serving on the same ship. It wasn't an outright rejection, though Maki often wondered if the war would ever end. For her, it had spanned two generations already. She wondered if a third generation of Nishizumi would be fighting in it still long after she was gone. Well, not her own offspring.

Still, the pilot understood Alexis' words. She was captain of the Lincoln, and charged with making decisions that sent thousands of men and women into danger. She could not let feelings for one pilot jeopardize the crew or the rest of the 7th, even if Maki would have fought against the hordes of hell for the captain. Well, anyone on the Lincoln, really. Which was why she served best in a MAS and not on the bridge, Maki supposed.

What was it her previous squad leader had said about her? Pilots like you never get promoted, Nishizumi. The UEE can't afford such talent to be sent behind a desk.

Maki watched the exchange that followed with a furrowed brow. Coalition soldiers rarely walked up to talk to UEE soldiers even in the FEZ. The fact that said soldier had handed Alexis a holopad boded worse. Her suspicions were confirmed when Maki heard the voices of Alexis' family playing from the video, barely audible over the noise of the bar. Unfortunately, she heard too the unmistakable sounds of explosion and "Cerol".

The captain rushed off in a hurry, and Maki made to follow, but not before thanking the Coalition solder. "Probably doesn't mean much coming from the enemy, but thank you... in spite of the circumstances." The gesture of the delivery at least meant there was some decency left in the god awful fucking war. Right now, however, she was done being nice to the enemy. She had a captain to comfort.

She found Alexis in some quiet room, an oddity on the station. There was little she could say that would comfort Alexis. She knew that from experience. Her father rarely had shore leave and it had always been hard watching him ship off wondering if it would be the last time Maki would ever see the legend that was her father. Then one day it was someone else in the UEE uniform knocking on her door.

"You know, everyone knows about my father and the legend he was, and my career record makes them think I'm a chip off the old block." She began, talking about a part of her that not even anyone on the 7th knew about. "It's always meant as a compliment... but I just want to scream at the idiots. My father's grave is empty. The Coalition was so terrified of him they slagged him in his mech even after it was disabled... and I had to get one of his wingmen dead drunk before they'd tell me what happened... I'm rambling."

She walked up and gave Alexis a hug. "I guess I'm trying to say I know what it feels like, I've been there. I can't take the pain away or make it better, but I understand, captain, what you're going through." The embrace grew tighter as the Japanese woman recalled the grief and pain she felt at her father's funeral, old wounds reopening. Tears began welling up in her own eyes, since she hadn't truly been able to mourn her father. The funeral and enlistment took place almost immediately after and distracted her, and now the weight had caught up. "Fuck me. Guess I never really cried for the old man until now. Look at us, eh? The fearsome women of the Lincoln." She managed a watery chuckle as she rubbed away her own tears.

Maki broke the hug and fished out a flask of alcohol, passing it to Alexis. "Nicked this from Gerard a long time ago to see if he would notice. It's apparently some of his stronger stuff. Guess now's a good a time as any to open it up."
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But... Maki just has to end the war to get with the Cap'n, yes? Rumors begin of a UEE pilot singlehandledly destroying coalition planets being to surface*
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Drifting on a Sea of Devastation

There wasn't all that much time as Rachel dropped her drone just low enough below the canopy and moved it out of the area the A10 would be engaging. She'd never seen one in action, but she had heard of its reputation and how much infantrymen cheered its power. She could see why now. The drone of the A10's guns and ordnance wasn't loud like gunfire, but she knew why. It fired too quickly to distinguish the individual shots going off, so it all got fused into one loud droning sound that sounded nothing like a lethal weapon going off.

"Good effect on target." She piped up, sending her drone back up and seeing a lot less signatures on the screen than before. "That fucked them up good!" Well, most of them would have known that just from experiencing with what the aircraft could do, but it was good for morale to announce it out loud.

Hear that roaring sound

As if that wasn't enough firepower, Rachel heard the call for mortars and could hear the telltale whistle of the rounds arcing through the air. The ground shook and she felt the airwaves of the concussion blasts rush past her, like subwoofers delivering an overpowered bass through her bones. They were 'danger close', but it got her blood boiling with excitement. She'd been observing enemies through binoculars and doing things quiet for most of her military career. While she appreciated the advantages of stealth and surprise, there were times when going loud and making things feel like a Michael Bay film got her excited, and this was very much one of those times.

"I think that got me wet." She quipped once the first wave of mortar rounds were done landing, and she nodded to the assessment of the explosives' effect on the Salvesh. "It'll give them second thoughts on chasing us down too far but let's not overstay our welcome. I can't keep an eye on the battle and watch for reinforcements both with one drone."

The battle was getting hectic enough to the point where she wasn't firing as much as she was keeping an eye on the tablet. Best not to let the Salvesh make use of the chaos of the mortar fire to flank them with a small squad. Each time she spotted a straggler or small detachment that were out of position from their main body, she relayed it to the closest fire team and let them decide on their target priority.

Still, they were outnumbered and fighting an enemy they didn't know all that much about. It wasn't a smart idea to push their luck and try to win a fight outnumbered on alien soil.

She turned to their platoon commander, an idea in mind. "Sir, permission to do something crazy?" She didn't wait for his response before elaborating on her plan. "I'm pretty damned good at moving like a ghost in this jungle terrain. Our main body leaves too large of a footprint for a stealth retreat, but I can remain out of sight and assist in directing our marksmen along the flanks to slow the Salvesh while evading their fire. If we bleed them enough they might change their minds on stalking us."
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