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Assuming that Talia and Leo went into town for a quick bite to eat, this post will be continued. It was just a small town diner that they had passed by seemed like the most suitable place, right next to one of the in town canals. Talia and Leo got to know each other a bit more, talking over some drinks and some food. After having a nice little chat and looking around town together, they had headed back to the dorms. It is also assumed that they had finished unpacking and setting up in their rooms, and had gone to sleep. Well not for Talia, she was more of a night person in all honesty. She stayed up late browsing the online websites and such that she usually frequented. She eventually fell asleep ready for the next day.

She awoke late, for she had slept in as to be expected from someone who had stayed up for most of the night. She stretched and looked around, sitting up slowly and looking around. She took her stuff and headed into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the day. Unaware that she had slept late she took her time and moved sluggishly, slowly washing her hair and the such. She got out of the shower and dried off, getting dressed and drying her hair. She brushed her teeth and then walked back into the main dorm room, her side of course. She didn't bother to fix her sheets and the such.

She checked her custom design watch and came to the sudden realization that she had awoken later than she had originally planned to. She had a mini heart attack and started to rush around with her stuff. She grabbed her bag and then stuffed all the essential things that she thought she would need. She grabbed her laptop and carefully placed it in her colorful backpack. Without checking to see if Leo was still there she left the room and started to make her way towards the dining hall, walking with a bit of a fast gait. This didn't bode well, a bad omen of sorts, being late to breakfast on the first day.

She finally arrived at the dining hall and entered it, still being very sleepy. She grabbed her food and went to find a seat, looking for someone she knew to sit with, looking like a lost puppy searching around aimlessly for one of her friends.

Talia Nitro

"I see, that's a relief. In the future, if you ever feel like I'm pressuring you into something, inform me. I've been told I often have that effect on people." Talia did a little hand salute in a playful manner and said "Will do." She stood there silently also as she waited for him to lay down the law, which knowing him so far, he would do so. He had this sense of high maintenance around him, definitely a factor of where he came from. Noble families are always expected to be among the highest in terms of class and responsibility, at least that's what Talia thought.

She listened carefully as Leo went over the rules. "First rule - we respect each others' privacy. You don't go through my things without permission and vice versa. If you need something, ask. Alright that one seemed simple enough, after all, she didn't really have any motive to go snooping around other people's belongings, it seemed pointless to her.

"Second rule - Don't bring anyone else into the room unless we're both aware of it. Well this one shouldn't be too hard, seeing as she barely knew anyone there. Plus it wouldn't be that hard to just let Leo know prior if she ever did have friends over.

"Third rule - If you don't want to be disturbed or need privacy, pull the sliding wall. If you need something, knock first So this one tied into privacy also. It's a good one, laying down a 'safe space' of sorts. She'd try to keep this in mind if ever she came knocking. All these rules seemed reasonable, she had nothing wrong with any of these, they all seemed fair. "Alright, I'll try to uphold the rules of this humble abode as best I can..." she reassured him.

With that established Leo brought up something that peaked her interest. He mentioned going out and getting food. This brought a smile to her face. "Y-Yeah sure! I think I saw a cafe on the way here, if you'd like we could head over there, or just see the town in general. Perhaps we'll happen upon a hidden treasure." She seemed overly excited about this, after all it combined some of her favorite things. Food and friends.


Talia Nitro

Talia decided to lay down for a few minutes, after all it had been a pretty big day. She thought back on everything that had happened, so much in just one day. She looked at the seal again for reassurance, yup it was still there. Such a strange symbol, yet it held much greater importance than met the eye.

She noticed that Leo had started unpacking and setting up his side of the room and she decided that was a good idea. She started digging through her bags and throwing aside a bunch of clothing on one side of the bed then a bunch of her personal items on the other. She then got up and put the clothing away in the supplied storage areas, then she went about setting up her digital setup on the desk. First she arranged her tower computer on the ground next to the desk, then she put a keyboard and a monitor in the centre of the desk, a mouse and mousepad accompanying that. She took out an additional monitor and put it to the left of the centre one. She then started to hook up the wires and everything. She bent under the desk and started working there when Leo addressed her.

"Talia, you didn't change your electives to match mine did you?" She responded quickly from under the desk where she was at work with wires and the such. "Uh no, I just think cooking would help me out alot, and I didn't see much promise in art and music.." This was somewhat truthful. I mean cooking would come in handy, no doubt about that. She went back to working for not a second when Leo started talking again. "Oh, and if you have the time, I'd also like to discuss living arrangements." She got out from under the desk and approached Leo and faced him. "Yea sure, I'd be more than happy to get things like that out of the way, that is, dealt with." She smiled at him and continued, "what did you have in mind?"

Talia Nitro

Talia looked at all of the other electives as she talked to Leo. There were a lot of electives but she had one choice left, since Monster Hunting already occupied one of her choices.

“Please just call me Leo. ‘Mister’ makes me sound old.” Leo said with some sternness to it. “Oh sorry, I’ll keep that in mind next time.” That was obviously something he did not like, so she made herself a mental note to stay away from the word mister.

She looked at the range of the electives again and was having trouble deciding. On one hand she enjoyed music, on the other she also wanted to make art, and on the third hand, she wanted to learn how to cook also, a useful life skill indeed. She thought over the choices. She did like music, but probably not the kind this school would teach, since she mainly listened to electronic music, trap, dubstep, and a few other genres, but she tended to stay away from that old timey instrumental stuff. She decided music was not the right fit for her.

It was really between art and cooking then. She hit a fork in the road. She could not make up her mind, that is until Leo spoke up about what he was picking. “So I’ve decided on Monster Hunting and Cooking. What about you, Talia?” She spoke up eagerly and flustered a bit, “Y-Yeah what a coincidence?! I was planning on taking cooking too!” She was not planning on taking cooking. “Yeah, I think it will help down the line…” She looked down and hurriedly circle Cooking along with Monster Hunting and handed her sheet to one of the guides. Upon obtaining her sheet one of the guides said “Well enjoy yer stay,” as they both left. (Did I get the accent right XP)

She took her bags to her side of the room and set them down next to the bed, then she promptly laid back on the bed and sighed, what an eventful day it had been.


Talia Nitro

Talia walked with him to their room as she held up her hand and looked at the mark again, wanting to see it once again. The design was intricate and detailed, something appropriate for such a sacred thing it represented. The bond between mage and familiar, it still sent chills up her spine knowing that her and his soul were bonded now, intertwined and reliant on each other until the bond was to end. She put her hand down and listened to Leo as he gave his response to her earlier banter.

Well he was unfamiliar with video games totally, which kind of let down Talia, but then the thought of getting to teach someone about something completely new to them came to mind. She would get to introduce him to video games if he would allow it, that was going to be fun for sure. Even if he didn't enjoy it, it would still be an enjoyable experience for her.

She was a little caught off guard when he mentioned swimming in his private lake with his brothers and maids. So he came from a wealthy family, that was clear. She tried to imagine a large estate next to the woods with a giant lake. That must have been pretty great wealth, old wealth that is. The kind that is inherited from earlier ancestors or parents. It must have been pretty grand if even the maids were swimming. What was his last name? de Coeur?

She remembered why it seemed vaguely familiar to her, she had overheard it once from her parents when they were talking in the other room. The most she knew about them was that they were a highly respected family upon highly respected families, one of the most powerful, and one of the richest families she had ever heard of, if only just a tadbit.

Talia herself was in a way wealthy. Her parents owned a string of game shops that made a sizable profit, which in turn their family got. But her family's riches and extravagance never reached the extent that Leo's family did. Talia lived in a reasonably sized house, but it was no mansion. The biggest body of water was just a pool, it was no penthouse. The simple fact of the matter was that The Nitro family and the de Coeur family were completely different. Rather than living in extreme lavish wealth and showcasing it to other families of nobility, Talia's family lived more of a normal life, not spending excessive amounts of money.

"Don't worry about the video games, I'll teach you a few some day," she started to say, "But we'll have to go swimming some time, and a lake does sound better than a pool in all honesty." She hoped that this wouldn't make it awkward.

He then brought up her autophobia. "As for your fear, it's a shame that I can't use it," he said, "because as long as I'm your partner, I will never allow you to feel alone." It wasn't really the fear of being alone, rather the fear of abandonment. "Well you'd be surprised..." her words trailed off. "Anyway.." she started to say as the guide cut her off and they were brought to their room.

The guides explained general rules to them which most of made sense (except the one on prohibition). The topic of electives was then brought up as she was handed a sheet. She looked upon it and considered the options. Music sounded fun, and so did art. Then Leo spoke up and seemed to have read her mind. "Well Talia, it seems that joining the Monster Hunting class requires us to go as a pair. Personally, I'd like to go. What about you?" Monster hunting did sound the most fun to Talia and it could harbor quite a bit of experience. "Well Mister Leo, you don't have to worry about me holding you back. I'd love to take the monster class with you, it sounds like it could be a lot of fun." she smiled at him and then looked back at the electives. "I know I am going to take monster hunting, but I'm kind of unsure about my other electives. What do you plan on taking?"

Talia Nitro

He shook her hand with a surprising firmness to it, which somewhat caught her off guard. He must be a serious person, stern and uptight. Getting along with him might be a problem, but Talia would do her best. After all, how bad could it be living with this young, yet tall, gentleman?

The ceremony was quicker than she thought it would be, ever since she had heard about it she imagined some big-wig ceremony and decorations and music and lights and dancing and a whole hoopla of theatrics, but no, it was cut and dry. She put her hand out timidly as they poured the water, it being somewhat cool. She winced a bit as the seal formed, it having a tingling sort of sensation. 'This is new' she thought. As soon as it was over she looked up at Leo.

"And with this, we are Mage and Familiar," he announced innocuously, "I look forward to our time together." She replied a bit timidly and eagerly with a hint of unsteadiness to her voice, "Y-Yeah... It's gonna be fun." She smiled slightly and tilted her head a tad. 'He means well, that's a good starter. He is kind of stone cold though, no emoti-' this thought was quickly cut off as they were soon ushered off the stage and to the volunteers who helped with some of their bags. Talia remained relatively silent and just tagged behind her newfound bonded partner, lost in thought.

He started talking to her again as they were walking and she quickly tuned back in. "So Talia, tell me a little bit about yourself," started Leo. "Hobbies? Habits? Easily exploitable fears that I can take advantage of to establish dominance? Personally I like to read in my spare time." This caught her off guard for but a second. 'Oh and so it begins' she thought with a sly grin. "Well Mister de Coeur" she said with a jovial tone, "I am indeed very interested in video games, I like to play them if i have the free time. I'm also not a half-bad swimmer, I like to spend time with friends also....let's see... Easily exploitable fears..? hmm that's a tough one let me think. I do have a slight case of Autophobia, so that may help," she sort of giggled after that little segment, although it was serious she was just trying to lighten the mood.


Why is Talia seen as the local degenerate, she's so kind and pure and only wants to fatally drug you then use your body for her own desires.
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Only joking, don't worry. But I will take no chances for the safety of Leo's sanity.

Then I will make it my personal goal to slowly chip away at it, their personalities don't mix, so we shall see which one will prevail.
Yooo m8, chill out. That was all non-canon Talia, this Talia is much more reserved and kind.
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