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gonna be creating my character now @Zora
Just wondering, will Uchiha be available to play? @Zora
I'm definitely interested in this!
All Shinobi have a fundamental understanding of the history of the known continent, which was divided into six lands for as long as written history could be traced back to.
The land of fire, water, wind, earth and lightning had a long and bloody conflict for territory and resources for over a hundred years until the Shinobi system was invented in order to keep strong standing militaries without promoting unnecessary hostility to surrounding nations. This Shinobi system is on its way to hitting nearly two centuries of standing peace, with four to five kages in each nation having come and gone. During this time, a great deal of technological advances occurred, allowing a quality of life unimaged by the ancestors that had come and gone.
That is, until three great cataclysms hit the land of earth, wind and lightning, rendering them nearly lifeless and all survivors forced to immigrate to either of the two surviving civilizations.
Thirty years after, the ramifications of these events are still only uttered in secret, as the few rare survivors who were alive during the cataclysm claimed that the thunderstorm and hurricanes almost had a life of their own...
Illya rarely went to any establishments, often favoring her own company but to be a mercenary in service to Quintus Jannus, was an honor she couldn't pass down since the man was a legend in her mind. She would make her way to the Skingrad Company, as fast as she could. However, she did have some form of hesitancy. She knew the risks and rewards of being a mercenary but still as she thought earlier, she couldn't pass him down. So off she went to find her way to the Skingrad Company, perhaps they would need someone with her skills as a hunter and archer.

Illya was exceptionally gifted at Archery, being able to strike her target at a range far greater than normal. Her other skills were apparently useful. She gave a small smile before a building came into view and she looked at the building and just tilted her head curiously. Was this the building she aimed to find. She approached it and eventually knew that it was the building she sought. So she entered the building and looked around the room she was in.
Yeah. Sorry for being absent. Will post right now.
I haven't got much time left so I'll be posting tomorrow.
What Final Fantasy do you wanna go for the most? May I ask? @rebornfan320

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