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Dope, sounds great
I'd be down to be Dexter haha
I'd be down to play Boston Brand(Deadman), he's one of my favorite DC/JLD characters
bumping this to try to get going after a few years away
Characters can be pretty well open for whatever the player wants to run.
Race wise there are Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Gnomes, and Halflings.
I was kind of thinking like HG Wells, meets pulp adventure.

Magnus Steelforge: Airship captain. He is considered by some to be a fair weather flyer, but he has seen his shares of battles and sketchy flight paths. Most don't trust him, but his crew remains loyal to him. He has an assorted crew seemingly of all races.
Henry Beauregard: An aging adventurer. He searched for fame and fortune in the American west, he hunted Shangri-La in the Mountains of Tibet, he noted the existence of various valuable artifacts. Now he drinks daily, smokes like a train engine, and well spends his other times seeking a different kind of treasure. But when he isn't expanding his vices, he travels as part of Magnus's crew.

The world is Earth as we know it, just with other fantasy races, magic, and steampunk technologies.

This is really what I've got. It's just an idea I've had and I am wanting to expand on it.
So what I kind of have is; The Dwarves we're greedy. The king of the dwarves had his mind poisoned against all and he tried to crown himself emperor. The humans and elves had a shaky alliance, but overthrew the dwarves. When the war was over, the elves retreated back to there forests, but with more openness about returning. The dwarves left for the mountains. Some stayed behind, but those that did are looked down upon with mistrust. They try to work honest jobs when they can, but most have took to working with sky pirates and other brigands.

Rumors have flown that the dwarven king, Kirtok Ironstorm, is trying to rebuild his army. He wants to bring dwarven-kind back to the fold, and he's going to use any means necessary. One such thing is the magical artifact, the Staff of Mallazastryx, said to give the wielder power over all. It's been lost since the middle ages, and has been the forefront of plenty of wild goose chases, but now there seems to be some evidence that it is real, and close to being found.

So I think it would be cool for a ragtag team of adventurers and opportunists to go on an adventure and get into some shenanigans. Open to more ideas or trying to get the game going.
bump - if anyone is interested
I though it was Victorian Era slice of life with a touch of fantasy, if it fits with the story? haha either way though, it's all good.
@DrakeyIts all good, take your rush from me
@Loki Odinson It's all good...take your time. I just wanted to get it up and going, but I know people are super busy usually until after the first, but I'll go ahead and mark you down.
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