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An old rp vet who was on this site before, but lost their account so made a new one. Also known as Hawke on Discord. And if anyone is wondering the profile name, it's named after my favourite character I've made.

A massive high fantasy or sci-fi nerd, with a love the classical stories of both genres. I tend to do multi-paragraph replys, though I am adaptable to whatever style my partners are more comfortable with. For real, I tend to just adjust anyway to whatever the other person uses and flow with that.

I have a love/habit of playing underpowered or generally weaker characters than others and they tend to land more on the upbeat end more often than not.

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Heh, I've had many frankly terrible experiances in my what 7-8? I think now (god I feel old) years of rping, on most sites I've used. Though quite a few I don't chalk up to failures, they were good learning experiances, especially my first few rps. I learned a lot from those.

I'm not really the most active in the rp community anymore, but I would like to share a few stories so I can continue to pretend to myself that I haven't dropped out completely.

My first biggest failure was in playing characters I thought other people would like, rather than ones I enjoy myself. For so long I placed myself in a mindset where I had to write a certain type of character, because that's what other people on the site were using (different site) so these characters became just horrible for me to write and I didn't realise this. Eventually leading to me ghosting more than my fair share of rps mostly because I just got so tired of playing my character I would try to get out of their headspace and leave it. (And I was an idiot 15yr old)

My second and probably biggest failure is not understanding when to step back from an rp and let people know about problems going on behind the scenes. Or just have eyes bigger than my stomach.

I had an rp back on a previous site, probably my second biggest rp I've been in, or at the very least the largest I dmed. It started pretty well tbh, it was just meant to be a small thing I threw together after watching a really cool sci-fi based video on Youtube. I watched it and thought "oh, that looks like a realy cool setting" I should start an rp.

And that was initially it, me and a few others chugging along in what was essentially an entirely character driven mostly slice-of-life rp, set in a semi-interesting setting.

It was at that point things got a bit out of hand, the big sci-fi rp on that site had died and I'd (kinda) become friends with many of the people from it at which point my mind came up with the best possible decision. Why not try and have my rp become this "big" rp and do an rp for all the old rpers, bring them in? Needless to say this didn't go too well.

I'd just started Uni at the same time and life got a bit ... overwhelming, But because I refused to take a step backwards, Order 227 style I ended up stretching myself a bit thin. Led to a few fallouts which ultimately ended the rp. Tbh after that and another rp slowly dying I've rarely had the energy to get myself back into rping. Occasionally I try, but RL and gaming with my mates seem to have become more and more my main outlet, especially as life has gotten busier.

So if there's any reccomendation I can give from this whole ramble, its don't be afraid sometimes to take a step back and give yourself some "you" time. You'll almost certainly be better off because of it.

A few updates - the first being the CS!

The second being a few extra bits of information. Starting with my discord: Sir Hawke#4666 , I'm usually quite active there so if people want to chat to me easier that is the place to go. Some additional information with this being that the adventure will start with the crew in orbit decending down towards the planet which they will get to explore, discovering the threats and mapping out the locations as they go.

There will be plenty of time should people want it for character development and exploration into new facities to face new creatures and threats.
@Virgil Thanks ^^, I'm glad you're interested in it. Some mystery and action with little dashes of underwater horrror

As for post rate, I was in part waiting to see what would be best for the players once I managed to gather some. I would usually go at least once a week, but I know I have a little bit more free time than others might so I wanna see what people think there.
@Lumiere Excellent! I'll be happy to have you onboard!

And yeah I love Subnautica, all the way it builds up suspense are so masterful. (That and I love the sea anyway and a sci-fi ocean? Even better) Lots of exploration of the depths and creatures lurking just beyond sight. As well as very pretty sea creatures too

Tell-Ir: The 3rd planet of the Trion system, a water world of great beauty and diversity not seen in all the Aquariums of the Scion Empire! A place of great scientific study for the marvelous forms of flora and fauna! Why not spare a few credits and come visit, you don't want to miss out!

The flashing light flickered one more time before shutting down completely, it's seeming determination finally giving up the inexorable battle against a draining battery. With all signs of life depleted, the sign would slowly fall towards the surface of the planet, another piece of debris to fall back to a planet's surface.

That however wasn't what concerned Ragmir, he'd been a researcher stationed on that damned planet once and he knew how underfunded everything was down there. It was at the edge of the empire, by the Builders! No one visited, or at least when someone did they didn't have much cash to burn, so a single satellite going down wasn't really that big of a deal. No, what really made him worry was that this was the last satellite going offline.

There'd been no distress signal, nothing to indicate any power failings or attacks ... In fact he was actually just returning after 15 years away to catch up with all the researchers he'd left behind after finally getting a promotion to somewhere actually civilised. In all this time he'd always receive updates, small back and forths with ex-colleagues and never had any of them mentioned it closing, in fact they'd been really excited about discoveries of late. Even with the underfunding there'd been no corporate order to leave, in fact the research was still going strong, or at least as strong as it always had been.

That this was all some sort of elaborate prank had crossed his mind, but ... to shut off everything? They didn't have the funding to replace all this, surely it couldn't be that!

If he was gonna find out what was going on down there, he was gonna need help. The insectoid just hoped that he could find some in time.


Hey thanks for checking this rp idea out. I'm going for a kinda typical fun sci-fi action/adventure story here, with a couple of added extras. The majority of the plot will take place on the research base or beneath the waves below it so I hope you enjoy water. Its got an atmosphere of something close to subnautica crossed with Aliens (only without the instant slaughter of half the team within minutes of touchdown) There'll be time for some character development, as well as plenty of action scenes once the threat really gets going.

The idea for your characters would be people at a local station who were interested by the money (or simply the adventure) and responded to Ragmir's distress call

Especially since this is my first one that I've GMed in a while, I'm not going to go too heavily into the rules. Just if making a sci-fi race for this, make sure it's not too powerful, I will be checking through on any applications to make sure they're reasonably balanced. Especially for the later stages.

If people are interested I'll get to setting up a CS and Discord to further discuss. I hope you enjoyed the pitch. Feel free to drop me a PM too if you have any questions
Updated for extra info, though if anyone has any questions, please do ask, either here or in dms.

A galaxy of life, great beasts roaming through the abyss dancing along magnificent ships cutting their way through the black depths. Creatures of all shapes living side by side, from the mighty Creatas to the beautiful Taren. It is a galaxy where life is rarely ever boring, yet for many who seek ever more adventure, there is the practice of "echo hunting".

The Builders - a species now long forgotten left their artefacts scattered all over the galaxy, which are for the most part - deactivated. Yet occasiaonly some fuse sparks into action and for a second it comes to life and in that moment a signal goes out, a ringing echo within ones head. All that's left is to follow the signal back and find whatever awaits, braving space creatures and other hunters alike in the pursuit of the goal.

It is a risky job, braving the soldiers of the great empire of Scion to the mysterious agents of Penumbra academy, but if one succeeds each artifact could net vast amounts of cash, or perhaps something more could be found?

Basic info!

Hey, thanks for checking out this little interest check, I hope the little taster of what this world is like intregues you. This rp is planned to be quite a traditional "epic" space opera, full of weird species, ancient artefacts and lots and lots of adventure. The idea of the rp is that you play a group of "echo hunters" who each for their own reasons have chosen to go out into the depths of space to seek the artefacts left behind by the Builders.

The characters would make up the small crew of one of these Echo hunting ships, having just ventured back out into the unkown and recived the trail of another echo, this one on the borders of Scion space. It's up to them to find this atrefact and perhaps begin unwraveling a trail leading to the greatest secret of the Builders.

The plan is to progress the story forward at a relatively quick pace, giving enough time for character development, but hopefully keeping it quick enough to ensure progress. I'm going to attach some world info on factions/races bellow and I will say, most of this is here as background info, you don't have to read too much of it, apart from the species tab for character info. (though if you wish to introduce your own species or factions, please do speak with me so I can make sure they fit in right)

There isn't a section on them yet as I'm still properly writing up the detail - but a basic description of the stellar entities are a host of bio-mechanical creatures which inhabit space alongside the more sentient races. Ranging from small translucent rock creatures which flitter between asteroids, teleporting space turtles and the truly vast Isaeri who blot out even the biggest of ships.

But if you're here for some good old galaxy spanning space opera sci-fi fun, then please hop on in and later today I'll get a character sheet up! And if you have any questions, please do ask and I'll be happy to try and answer them.

The Factions!

The species!

Thanks for reading ^^
Zahir Rahel

Well ... he'd be damned. After all these years, after everything he'd seen, Zahir had long since stopped contemplating if things could surprise him and yet ... as that stag stood there watching, everything about it's ghostly movements screaming of something not of his world, he couldn't help but feel the slightest twinge of surprise.

Deep down within the old man something stirred, an old beast long since tamed and forgotten, the part which training had mostly helped settle. It was faint and he would never admit this to someone else, but the sight excited him, ever so slightly, but the sensation was still there. Damn! How long had it been since he'd felt like this? The feeling of standing on the edge of something far bigger than oneself, facing something wholy inchomprehensable?

Yet just as it was stirring, the voices beside him spoke up. They weren't directed at him in paticular and nor was it any certain phrase ... It was just their presence that broke down the barrier. Once again he was an old guard, sitting on watch with a small group of travellers. People he'd promised himself he'd do his best to protect.

So for the moment he set down his desire, pushing the beast back into it's cage. Zahir needed to be ready for whatever this thing was ... whatever it was planning. If it was going to take the time to study them, then he was going to use that time too.

So the old man just continued to sit there, watching the stag, listening for anything else in the forest moving closer. Was this really the limit of the beasts territory? Could it not go further or did it choose to stay within it's limits? There was a clear inteligence behind the thing and that was good. Intelligent creatures tended to have plans ... he just needed to figure out what it's was before it could eliminate them.

After all ... how hard could that be?
Well that thing is creepy
Well I don't think Zahir considers her an "asshole"so to speak, annoying perhaps, deffinately someone else to look after
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