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Current I don't know, Status...what is on my mind?
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On 6/18/2017, pigs will fly as hell freezes over for the coming of the almighty Day 666.
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Time to get a move on, or get moving on.
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RP ho!
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Past-Me puts my current writing to shame...I think it's time to fix that. ^_^)


I'd like to make art one day, but that would take skill. I'd like to make games one day, but that would take perseverance; maybe I ought to just roleplay a bit in the meanwhile.

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@Mokley Yeah, I think the worst part usually comes down to dedication. After I've lost the first draft to build off of/revise, then I just suddenly feel really out of it.

Of course I still need to make my first-drafts good, but that's beside the point >_).
Woah, so that was where the second one had gotten off to after the gust!

"The griffin seems to be agitated by the blue substance on your boot..."

...Hmm? Ah. Odd, it wasn't glowing like that before...but they also hadn't been in an area with this much light previously either, so...

Briefly admiring the scintillating blue under the obelisk's expansive rays, the hunchback proceeded to violently scuff it off the end of his boot, shaking the squelching fibers free of as much excess as possible; It wasn't exactly brand new, but he'd never been particularly picky about the state of his funeral attire anyway. Taking a cue from Golde, Ifor sought to maintain as neutral an expression as he possibly could before the crouched wonder...a task that required moderately more effort than he needed to breath. Pity, now his composure was broken.

An agonized moan erupted from behind the creature, and like clockwork the moon suddenly seemed to shift in response. What brazen shadows had previously remained peeled away in retreat from their master's gaze, and -perhaps quite unfairly- the entirety of the posse was suddenly made quite clear. The old lichen wasn't even on his board anymore - in fact, Ifor couldn't help but break the faintest of smiles at the tosser writhing about in the sand, delirious in the stupor of his withdrawals. Apparently the sudden impact of the...majestic Bull-Eagle, had been more than enough to rattle the unsuspecting vanguard, causing the 'stretcher-bearers' to slip and fumble their wounded passenger into the powdery sands below...

...That reminded him - that landing had sent up a mighty powerful spray into the air; It'd probably be best to shake off the rest of this powder in similar fashion to his sole.

"Thaht's uh big cahtch yuh goh' there, Mhissus - shure youh cuhn handle 'im?", Ifor replied, sending the sugary crystals flying in powerful spasms of his limbs and torso.

Mokley: "Slenderman BEAMS in your direction!"

Average Character: " got me; Cards?"
Getting to a new post - let's hear a "HUZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - WHY, WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!" for those types of moments when you forget to save your original work and need to restart the entire halfhour-long process! Hip-hip!
Awesome stuff everyone - I should have a post up by tonight.
So, @Mokley@Cairo@drewccapp@Girlie1Bomba@WittyReference@c3p-0h@baraquiel, should we:

-Wait for the little-ones to spew more details.-


-"Spring the trap" for the sake of moving things forward a bit?-
Sorry that was so basic - I realized there wasn't much Ifor would actually do outside of follow the crowd or react to imminent danger on this one. Best of luck to the rest of ya XD), we'll see who's the most creative in times of doubt!

P.S. Can you guess the typo Auto-Correct was so kind as to suggest for me? 100 Goober-Dollars to the first to find it!
Beckoned by its invitation, the sea-ravaged foreigners plodded on across the sugary face of the windswept belt - weary footsteps rising and sinking amidst the soft sands, casting imprints within which their contorted shadows seemed to bleed and leave excess as the golden rays boiled them away like tallow. Another sharp wind swept in from over the dark, rolling waves, seeping through what little protection was offered by the water-logged clothes that stuck tight to the strangers' skins; some sought a vain sort of shelter from the unwelcome caress by trailing downwind of others, wrapping their arms about themselves and, when all else failed, simply resorting to stamping about in the muffling dunes. And in Ifor's eyes, it served those certain *others right - he didn't care to be tacitly voted Human Shield of the team just because he wouldn't throw a fit or meld with the ground every time the situation got tense.

...That being said, it was still a clever move for such salt-soaked and booze-ridden brains as theirs.

Hmm...for that 'victory' a ways back, it was almost surprising how many casualties they'd suffered: the lichen had stopped having delusions of grandeur over peace with the natives, and instead now merely whispered delusionally; the inebriated "Lazy" and her equally off-canter relative, "Izzy", were nowhere to be seen - even the vixen's mutt had skulked off to some region unknown.

He stopped at the sounds of mumbled grumbling - it appeared that the pair having to haul the old weasel's maddened state the world over weren't having the best time back there...mostly given his habits of rolling around on the ship-siding they'd repurposed into an uncomfortable stretcher. Yet, it was all they could do outside of leaving him to the skulking filth - tandem-dragging him up the crag hadn't turned out particularly well, and Ifor remained incapable of carrying the moaning corpse anywhere in his own state. Perhaps, with a little luck, the strange party might arrive fairly shortly at their least, before they could start a vote on how much excess luggage they were willing to carry...

The broad-bodied traveler was halfway through resuming his pace when, quite oddly, he was forced to stop once more at an awkward squelch caught beneath his ragged boot. Not the usual squelching of sogged leather, either, but rather unexpectedly, of a washed up, deflated and crusty-looking...squid, of some sort? It didn't entirely look like a squid, but could've perhaps been a distant relative - what with the limp multitude of testicles and...were squid eyeless and pink? Ifor scratched his head, crouching in idle bewilderment at the glimmering mass reflected under the cobalt light.

"SPLOOSH"; the sound jolted the straggler's eyes up, up, up...up onto the soaring, bestial shadow high above. It was the instinct of the others to immediately scurry for the cover of shadow, nearly scuttling their wounded in the process - yet Ifor could only gaze in wonder at the creature's majesty, in the power of its heavy, beating wings. It rounded the rocky bend, apparently missing them entirely, but nearly casting the party back by appearance alone.

Soft whispers and the sound of debate caught his ear from where he slunk, but little else could be gathered besides the ever-more cautious procession of the line: they would continue, it seemed...and so they did. Like mice they crept along, hugging what little cover could be provided by the incline, until finally they too turned the corner, and were met by an equally startling sight. What rays of glimmering gold that had been temporarily lost behind the cliff only minutes before now coveted almost the whole of the beach, the sea, and perhaps even the stars themselves! Soft, constant light flowed over the dunes, cutting through the night and drawing the eye towards its source, a...hovering? Yes, it was a hovering, almost 'carved' rock, and yes, there appeared to be children camping in the distance; and yes, there was more than one of--

"WOOSH" - like a thunderclap the air came to life! It burst across the sands, spewing forth a frantic shower of debris and pinning their clothes and hair behind them; even the shimmering idol seemed to momentarily flutter and fail...or perhaps it grew brighter? And yet, in the moment of its resurrection, the great ocean-churning wind was silent...and from what Ifor's startled eyes could make out through the shaken comfort of the shadows, it appeared that the mutt was motioning for them to be so as well; So this was where he'd gotten off too.

Like cornered rats they held tight, constipated in the crisp dim; all that could be done was wait, now that the watch had apparently been alerted.
Hmm...I should have a post up by tonight or tomorrow; things are looking even more interesting in the meantime.
I'm liking how this "Theater-Stage" format is coming along - it's an interesting take on RPs (so far as I know, anyway).
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