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My grasp of xeno sociobiology is minimal, but the Malatrin castes lived apart, coming together for mating and the early stages of child-rearing. Little else. As for the level of power displayed by the invaders / enslavers, the species the Malatrin refer to as the Gor'shun (a pretty terrible word in their language, the equivalent of which does not exist in English, or any other human language) I would describe that species, too, except they have not been seen in millennia, and the Malatrin are notoriously close-lipped about it.

Righto, now just update your idea appropriately for clarification's sake. Eazy-Peazy.
@deegee I've got to wonder: If the Malatrin males, the Warrior-Caste, were so is it that they didn't conquer the females previously? What drove them to so drastically upturn their society, and how powerful were their invaders --compared to the their females-- that they would so easily be swayed into betraying the entirety of their race? If anything, it sounds more like *a few* power-hungry individuals made deals for themselves, which could possibly explain why only a few were left to procreate with the females, perhaps even being used as Governors of the newly enslaved species.
@VirgilWhy you ask?

Only to suggest that you could add in an extra flavor to the already interesting world of Merine.
I'm loving all of the planets in here so far ^_^). One question for you, @Holy Soldier: Given that the entire planet is liquid, are there different layers of pressure that define what type (and size) of creatures can survive within each?
@Holy Soldier What's the point of having gills when there isn't any oxygen to be filtered?
Right, @Ink Blood, there's the "Race Ideas" post is ready for review -- if I need to change or further detail anything, just holler.

Also, @Dbird2, what do you mean?
@Ink blood How many of those Race Applications are we allowed to fill out, 2-4?

Edit: Nevermind, I think I've gotten the hang of it -- all in one post?
:::Race Ideas:::

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