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Current On 6/18/2017, pigs will fly as hell freezes over for the coming of the almighty Day 666.
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Time to get a move on, or get moving on.
6 mos ago
RP ho!
7 mos ago
Past-Me puts my current writing to shame...I think it's time to fix that. ^_^)
2 yrs ago
Getting everything wrong (this takes blatent, oblivious skill; do NOT attempt at home.)


Currently running on around 8 years of off&on RP -- AND STILL KICKING!

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@Virgil, you've given Benjamin some connections to Sopahn, however, his bio is still vague. As it stands, Benjamin's background isn't well-explained, and is confusing to read with a lot of metaphors. I don't think you are making a lot of improvements to your character. Sorry, I cannot include you in this RP based on your submissions.

Fair enough; Take care you all.
@Gcold I might be going in over my head in terms of my capabilities, but I 'believe' the revisions I've made should give Morris enough of a motive to stay in Sopahn -- and perhaps even a little bit of tension when trying to make choices? As for the Vyas Family themselves, I hope I got the main outline down well enough to understand the pickle Beni's supposed to be in.
@Gcold Righto, I'll whip up a few edits on the 'morrow.
Alright people, the application deadline has been extended to the 17th due to several private requests.

WHAT?!?! All of my procrastination was for naught!

I demand an anxiety refund.
@Peik Hey-hey-hey, same age as my character!

@Gcold Apologies for the delay, I got set back pretty badly by the realization that my writing was really, REALLY bad. I should have a revised product available by the end of the day, tops. (Aren't I just the best at deadlines?)

That being said though, I've got my work cut out for me o_o)...all of the other characters are really well done. Congrats to all so far and good luck come judgement day!
@Gcold I'm working on a CS, but it's the hammering out of all the fine details that's taking so long. Given that I want to create an American who moved to India after some social fallout --and who also has a secondary investing for him within the Stock Market-- it's taking a bit to come up with an interesting enough personality/background to actually make "Hi, I don't work much." a viable character to play and interact with. I should be done by today or tomorrow, however, so no worries there. I'll be looking forward to seeing how it's judged on the 14th.
The current brainstorm forecast is that I will probably be rolling a depressed geneticist who helped create an artificial womb that for home use working for a (likely terribly named) medical megacorporation known for their price gouging and politician palm greasing. Sooooo instead of being marketed to people who are unable to have kids or give birth prematurely, it's sold to rich folks who want to have the perfect designer babies.

Other ideas are wrapped around Hazma. One is a character/organization that actively acts against the cult. Since they're all about floods, we're gonna go ahead and claim the name Ark despite the groaning. Early on Ark would pretty much just doxx members of Hazma and let the public sector deal with them, but as the cult escalates their actions to violence Ark would follow suit and began enacting vigilante justice.

On the other side of the Hazma coin would be an active member of the cult. Originally they joined only with the intentions of later releasing the information they had gathered as an investigative report for the website they wrote for, but the longer they spent in the group the more they began to buy into the whole thing.

So...the more the merrier, I take it?

Edit: Hmm, speaking of which, is there any chance that we could get a forecast on the Main Thread's release?
Well, I've definitely got to improve given my lacking experience and skill, but I'll be game (provided I make par) if you two are active. It's an interesting setting, if a bit demanding in terms of knowing cultural habits, likes/dislikes, et-cetera -- besides that small gripe, though, I've got to wonder:

1. Why dice-rolls for the resolution of scenarios, especially if you wanted to keep the RP/creativity above a certain level anyway, and only the RPers can *really* define the layout and execution of a scenario?

2. How many peeps do you plan on hosting for -- as many as will join, or a specific group-size?
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