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Stories are my trade...and sure, maybe I don't peddle many good ones...but...well...fuck off; I'll live my life my own damn way...-- don't you go following me!

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Before sending a laptop in for repair, you're going to want to find an external keyboard and check if that works--if it doesn't, then it's a software problem you should be able to fix anyway. If it's not (and you haven't spilled anything), then it might just need cleaning.

If it's one of those Apple ones with no travel on their keys and those can't be removed, I feel sorry for you.


trust me when i say it's a hardware problem xd - software quirks would be a blessing at this point.
Sorry, I'll have to pull out of this RP.

jesus, that's a bad coincidence; i'm also going to have to cut out due to both of my laptop's shift keys dying this morning - i'll have to ship this sucker in for hardware repairs, and thus won't be able to keep up. regardless, i wish you all the best of luck in the plot-curves to come.

edit; just say druncarde got lost in the woods xd - typical misfortune of his.
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Ahhh, I remember when my monster girl RP first started.

I hope we don't burn out.

Burnout requires a serious lack of variety - the dialogue alone is varied enough to keep this freight-train rolling, because every character has their own motivations to attend to in addition to everyone else's.
while you debated strategy and horsemanship, i studied the blade

It's a small world after all, Noble One!

Edit: I'd just like to note that Gerard is generous enough to allow his enemies to run themselves through on his blade - that's the kind of kindness every Iron Rose Knight ought to live up to.
fucking liechtenauer

...Context? (*Scratching Head*)
time to gatekeep thrusting weapons

you've been added to THE LIST

and this made me realize i should have chosen a more unique weapon. Like a pollock.

Could always go duel-wielding bollock-daggers for that extra bit of pizzazz.
~ Pressed Into The Forest Trap ~

Interacting with: [@Cheeky_Bandit], @OwO

With a slap of his back, the Dame was off her mount - spear at the ready, belching out a counter-attack at the sudden ambush. He figured he hadn't heard them because they weren't moving; He figured they'd heard the order's party because they were; He figured it'd be wise to get off his mount before it bucked him into the arrow-fire. The River Knight slapped shut his visor and swung a leg down over the opposite side of the beast's sadd--

A force like a lightning bolt clanged full-on where exposed flesh had so tantalizingly lain only seconds prior, forcing a disoriented
"UOMPH!" from his whiplashed windpipe. The world tumbled around Druncarde, and he collapsed backwards over his saddle visor-first into the loamy earth below...

One of the horses shrilled in pain to the thunk of missile-fire, stray or intended, and with a surprised grunt, Druncarde collected himself onto all fours - scrambling to retrieve the spear & shield that'd lost their way amidst the malicious greeting. Wheeling about back to his feet, he stumbled upon the realization that he now lay *across* the horse-train from which Larette had so hastily advanced...though by the looks of things, she was handling the situation bloody well.

A second arrow bounced off the back of his head, shunting him forward a step before he could find the time to recover. Whipping back another 180 degrees, he raised his kite and advanced silently toward his side of the thicket as the din of battle awoke under cracks of dusk shattered between ancient canopies. Another arrow shot out of the treeline and failed miserably to halt his wary endeavor - whoever was hiding back here had a tremendous amount of grit for a bandit (presumably) outclassed in every measure. At this pace, it'd take at least a few more seconds to reach their cozy he decided to book it instead - dropping low on his hips and pelting full-sprint into the mess of silhouetted trunks and entwined shrubberies!

...No one - completely devoid of any presence that'd been there moments before. Druncarde surveyed his flanks and caught sight of a rather promiscuous little set of skirmishers skittering about behind the vegetation, ducking out of cover to loose the occasional potshot before hastily blending back into the safety of the trees. The path to the vanguard was temptingly preoccupied with reckless hit-and-run maneuvers, but it seemed the wiser course of action to secure the rear...besides, he needed a quick bit of payba--

"CLUNK", went the taunting invitation of a third and (he hoped) final shot to his cranium, blunted by the rush of adrenaline pulsating through his veins.


. . .Brazen idiots...bored Druncarde.
Yeah, wow I'm loving how active this is, I've been writing on a few other forums but this one seems to be one of the best I've seen so far. I should have a post up before tomorrow.

...Meanwhile, the rest of the room is panicking XD).
Post up - hopefully I was right in guessing that we're riding out in the evening rather than the dawn? -_O)
~ Onward Into The Bandits' Forest ~

. . .Short attention spans, clearly - not a one of them seemed to have taken the messenger's words to heart; Anxious for the element of surprise, the Iron Roses rose swiftly and rode off into the sunset...but apparently not with all their senses entirely intact. The gaudily clad knight lifted a hand from the reigns to scratch his exposed chin, his visor lifted to allow breath and...other peculiarities from down along the party.

Dusk painted a troublesome trail of shadows along the path leading into the forest, made all the worse of course by the fact that they were riding headlong into a brazen challenge. His ear caught the drifting attention of every spare word carelessly laid down the line - in his mind's eye, he played with his surroundings, his experience...and the suggestions of others.

Brash in his jest, the realization of a possible truth to the blonde-haired Devaron's words struck a painful chord within the very bowels of Druncarde's armored frame; Not the notion of bandits arrayed with their own display of chivalry, of course not - but, that they might actually be...Prepared.

The odds were strongly in the favor of the order, but The River Knight was no gambler, and at the very least he needed to *hear* that there were more than two options being considered on the table. Gently leading the reigns, he mustered his grey steed into an advanced trot and sidled up behind the vanguard to speak:

"...A King he may be, but not for lack of spirit; Gold cloaks he may adorn his soldiers with, but not for lack of prowess; Bold proclamations he may reign over...but not for lack of foresight."

The shine of his orange suit masked itself within the receding glare of the sun, rendering the knight's presence almost ethereal from behind the backs of his prestigious comrades. His voice started out a fair bit bolder than usual, but it quickly leveled out into the quiet, almost cautious tone it usually took:

"The eyes of the forest are many, and in the absence of light we will surely not be prepared to *leave* these tangled roots should retreat be in order. Pray tell, did we ever stop to consider that our own humble carnival might be the one under watch?"

Druncarde shot a glance at the waning sun hanging low over the horizon, and motioned a hand towards its decline:

"A coiled serpent lies within the recesses of that thicket, held strong to the advantage of its defence - yet, *it* has issued the can afford to wait on our arrival. The night falls soon, and darkness levies sense from prey and predator alike - in the dark, animals huddle together and are not so bold as to wander far from familiar sight. Let darkness slip, and they will have no choice but to let the forest surround them..."
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