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Ever since the escalation of tensions with Hastur, the General Assembly has called for a mass conscription programme that expanded the military capacity of the nation from around 500,000 active personnel to more than 3,500,000 and still counting. Of course, domestic economy has suffered due to the overnight lack of workers, as the effective has switched to wartime training, with entire fields in the desert dedicated to veritable simulated warzones. This further alienated the wealthy from the government, with the business owners complaining that the government has excessively pushed the human resources of Acrad beyond it's power, therefore leaving the market without viable workers. To combat this, the government initiated the programme "Women & Industry", promoting the voluntary sign up of women as labor force where men aren't available. Windolia, as in the case with the other metropolies of Acrad, has seen daily parades of recruits marching their boots down the streets in the cheers of the crowd, women throwing flowers for the brave soldiers and families watching their sons in uniform nervously awaiting news that the tensions will soon drop off between Hastur and Acrad and peace will return to reign once more.

The atmosphere in the General Assembly has been tense, indeed. Ovald, together with his most trusted advisors and colleagues, worked tirelessly day and night to prepare the nation for what was turning out to be an unavoidable war. The political stage was unstable aswell, with Ovald enjoying the wide support of nationalistic political figures and the common folk while the main political adversary was none other than Sir Yuden Bontvon, the infamous wealthy baron of Windolia, leader of the capitalists and free-market militants. Ovald's support from the elite classes of Acrad has been waning steadily, but the government's heavy invest in military assets has seen a sharp rise in the numerous arms business conglomerates, an advantage that has managed to refrain Sir Yuden from gaining enough momentum to break the political stalemate in the present.

Passing through paperwork, Ovald reached the documents that stated "Dresdal Affair - TOP SECRET". Reading through the paragraphs, the General Commander decided to summon Aaron Trenton, who was the general commander's advisor in terms of national and interational law and political affairs, and Ada Zaox, Ovald's advisor in terms of economy and trade.

Ovald: "You know, my lady Ada and sir Aaron, that I'm a soldier at heart and will always be. You have both reviewed this case before it was forwarded formally to me, can you summarize some key aspects of the Dresdal Affair?"
Ada Zaox: "General Commander, the Dresdal Conglomerate is listed as an official public trading company listed on the Coral City's Public Exchange, reaching an uptick of 5% in prices, commanding a fleet of 17 ships from which 12 are officially dedicated to hasturian exportation. We could persuade Queen Kumena to take legal actions agains-"
Aaron Trenton: "They cannot. Our secret services have established undercover contact directly with the Palace of Pearls. Such legal actions could result in domestic political suicide for them, their hands are tied, so to say..."
As the discussion carried on, Ovald scratched his eyebrows, becoming more and more involved into the subject.
Aaron Trenton: "Queen Kumena is more than eager to draw a line from where they are eligible to operate inside acradian territory and jurisdiction in order to 'quietly' put a stop to Jonathan Dresdal's illegal profit off Acrad's stolen oil."
Ovald Regis: "Is there any way we could use this situation to our political advantage? Acrad needs reliable friends for Hastur is trying to drag us into a slimey political stale on the international stage."
Ada Zaox: "Our business conglomerates are listed on the Public Exchange, and with considerable economical impact. I suspect both Acrad and Hastur are major columns of support for Verdasou's market's economical stability, an advantage we should capitalize on."
Aaron Trenton: "As for your question, General Commander, I believe our chances to persuade Southern Verdasou into war against Hastur are slim. We already have cordial relations between eachother as their armada safeguards our exports across the sea, the best course of action is to give Verdasou limited jurisdiction to act in our territory together with the acradian Secret Service in order to stop the Dresdel Affair. Verdasou and Fenice are our economical allies on the sea, our exports are safe with them. Any attempt to distrupt our sea exports would imply Hastur directly attack their fleets, which would rationally trigger their response."
Ovald Regix: "Understood, then grant Southern Verdasou enough jurisdiction to convertly operate across our territory. They are to provide the acradian Secret Services with any necessary piece of information about the Dresdel Conglomerate AND carry out operations together. Any request from them regarding assets and resources, grant them within understandable limits. Public attention must be avoided at all costs, else we risk the capitalists to accuse us of mendling in foreign economical affairs, because I doubt that Verdasou will make public any proof of Dresdel's illegal seize of acradian oil."
The two advisors are dismissed politely, taking their leave out of the General Commander's office.


Among the rising skycrapers of the great capital, a grim and faceless soldier watches silently the dispersed crowd, his fellow colleagues being met by their families. Among shouts of congratulation and smiles, recruit Skylar was alone in a sea of people. He knew nobody would come to see him for the first time in uniform, rifle in hand and bearing the sign of the 326th Division on his shoulder pad, for Skylar was an orphan for as long as he could remember, being raised in one of the state's hardy institutions for orphaned children. Since young he was indoctrinated into the greater nationalistic zeal of Acrad, knowing only discipline and labour. The silence of Skylar's sorrow ceased once the commanding general ordered the division to leave Windolia and make it's way towards the desert's endless fields.

After a dreadful day spent inside the compartiment of a transportation train, the 326th Division finally arrived at Army Group B's designated training area. The HQ was a brutal looking half-military half-industrial oil refinery complex located inside a canyon the colour of crimson yellow, beneath the scrotching karakusian sun.

The endless barracks dot the encampment around the facility. For the next weeks, the soldiers would train together in the same unforgiving desert, eating the same rations and playing cards together. The routine hardly changed most of the days...

Here, Skylar was introduced to his colleagues, who together formed the 50th Divisional Cell led by Sgt. Norton "Boss" Hentox. The sergeant was a middle aged military careersman. White hair barely began to form on his temples, and his short stubble gave away an elevated status within the military because low rank soldiers are not allowed to keep a beard. His pale brown eyes stared right into your soul and his stocky built body could offer more than a satisfying combat to the enemy. His hobby? Cleaning his boots.
The other two riflemen in the squad were Zaheb "Blondy" Fux and Viteh "Oiler" Ianevy. Zaheb was a blonde blue eyed young man, son of a petty business owner from the 2nd District of Windolia. Blondy was an intelligent and well educated person, with a calm temper. The Oiler was the tanned mid-twenties factory worker from the desert's oil rigs who had some of the biggest and most rugged hands Skylar has ever seen in his life. Oiler's military buzzcut almost hid the curly tendency of his black hair, and he had to shave daily so that his beard would not overcome his face. The last was grenadier Uvy "Wildcat" Jonxe, a charismatic and friendly man standing at 6'2 ft. Wildcat wore a stylish undercut hairstyle, going to far lengths as to keep it as smooth as possible at all times. Wildcat was a family man and a construction worker, having two sons and one daughter back home in Windolia.


@Blenheim @Wernher

Taking a break from all this stress, the General Commander put on his best suit and watch and went on to step inside in one of the General Assembly's specially designated lavish cars. As the car made it's way through the heavy traffic of Windolia, the car suddently broke down and the driver had to pull aside on the boulevard. "Damned engine, not now!" said Ovald, reaching for his hat in order to throw it aside on the backseat while cursing. The driver, who was a different figure from the old one, turned around and replied calmly "I'm sorry sir, we have to postphone your visit to the Opera House for a little while. I'll see what I can do and, hopefully, deliver you in time for the show!". The driver was none other than Vipir.
Eventually fixing the engine, the car resumed it's course to the Opera House, arriving in the parking lot late by two hours. Dissapointed, Ovald Regix took a step out of the car and had a long glance at the building, before an explosion engulfed the upper windows, rising above the street level prompting the pedestrians to scream in fear, some starting to run away desperately while some threw themselves down unto the asphalt for cover. People poured out of the main entrance of the Opera House, some badly scarred and some eager to survive. In the chaos that ensued, many were trampled to the ground by the crowd, trying to escape. Within mere minutes, a contingent of Enforcerers arrived on the scene in order to establish order and secure the perimeter. With mouth wide open, the General Commander immediately threw himself inside the car and told Vipir "HIT THE GAS, GENERAL ASSEMBLY BUILDING NOW!" as the driver pulled down his foot's weight on the acceleration, leaving the zone in time while groups of enforcerers were fighthing the fire that was consuming the building in the background. The radio was blasting with latest news reports that the Opera House has been hit by a large explosion and confirmed deaths include several government officials and dozen of civillians.

In the same day, a nationwide broadcast from the General Assembly took place, coming directly from the General Commander himself...
"Good evening, citizens of Acrad. I hereby dismiss the rumours that the terrorist attack on the Opera House claimed my life, however it is necessary that we acknowledge the death of so many of our fellow acradians, including my governmental colleagues. This terrorist attempt, carried out within the highest echelons of audacity and unfolded by the acradian Secret Services, is the works of hasturian aggression, without doubt. For too long the civilized nations of this world have allowed Hastur to carry out it's own misery, and this is the result. Let this event be proof to the nations of the entire Othea that Hastur has decided to declare war on Acrad unofficialy in a spirit so disgusting and vile that we can only pity the people who blindly follow the orders of that masked madman in his palace! They are the ones who cried to the world at first that their warlords aren't implicated in illegal proxy war on our very own southern territories, yet when the world did not answer with support, they decided the only logical solution to avoid war with Acrad was to topple the one man who said 'ENOUGH!' in their face!
It is therefore, my solemn obligation to my nation, to officially declare war between Acrad and Hastur as of today, urging the good willed nations of the world to join Acrad in it's crusade against an enemy that would engulf and control the entire world, if he could!"

And so, as of today, the entire acradian military force has mobilized itself...

"Gentlemen, time has come to intervene and seek justice for ourselves, for no one will deliver it to us. It's been one year since Ovald Regix has taken the seat of General Commander, and already we've suffered losses of millions of marks due to his governmental regulations on trade, workforce and countless false ethics imposed on us. Our families, economy and employees suffer as a result of his quest for political dominance and popular support among the rabble of the streets. I am afraid we've hit a wall, my dear colleagues and ex-market rivals. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Our only hope lies in Hastur as our dummy. We all know that Acrad thirsts for blood, especially from the South. This is an opportunity we should not waste. It's only a matter of weeks, perhaps days until an outright war shall be declared between Acrad and Hastur, when the time is right, when the those loyal to that dictator shall be occupied with leading a foolish war, that's when we have to act and dethrone this...this socialist good-for-nothing oppressor. All I ask is that you all stand by my side, and we shall usher into a new era of prosperity both for our companies and our nation. When the time of action will come, I will signal you all, until then, be vigilant and careful."

The speech carried weight across the room, Sir Yuden Bontvon made himself well understood, after all he was one of the richest and most powerful corporate CEOs across Acrad and not only. Many of the nation's most richest and powerful people were sitting in the room, whispering to one another about possibilities, opportunities and risks. Gangsters, bankers, generals and political figures seemingly put aside their bickering in order to focus on their common enemy, General Commander Ovald Regix, which has proven to be quite the political adversary against the leading elite of Acrad. The common folk love him, he has the army in his hand and is proving each day to be well versed in the arts of political warfare, however Yuden Bontvon had his fair share of experiences in life in his 40 years of being the CEO of his family's business conglomerate, and he will stop at nothing to hold unto his influence and power.


A young man adorned in military garments made his way hastly through the lavish corridors, delivering precious documents on time to Ovald, who was enjoying his imported coffe in one of the lobbies, together with many of his trusted advisors and colleagues. One of the documents revealed a strong connection between hasturian northern warlords and the Desert Rats. Spoils were being split equally between the warlords and the Rats, with reported losses of thousands of oil barrels from acradian oil rigs. Violent raids have displaced many small settlements across the southern border and the Rats seem to increase their arsenal day by day with the financial aid from the warlords.

"Unacceptable...this is outrageous. Send an official declaration to both the national and international press regarding these documents. I want the whole world to see this in order to build up our political credibility. Declare that Acrad is now pulling out of any political and economical agreement with Hastur as of now, and send a formal ultimatum to the hasturian emperor regarding the demobilization of hasturian forces along the entire southern border and establish a demilitarized buffer zone of roughly 200 kilometers between our nations or else Acrad will have to take all the actions needed to secure it's borders against hasturian aggression...Also, send diplomatic missions to Andria and Talania in order to establish secure food trade routes in order to stockpile and prepare our nations for any potential military intervention. Send a formal request to Avalia for a non-aggression pact and a dual research agreement regarding the military of our nations. As of now, the General Assembly must be ready for any potential nationwide mobilization of forces." The various generals and political figures surrounding Ovald Regix proceeded to nod in understandment and head right away, leaving the General Commander to enjoy his coffe, overlooking the city from the window.

Nation Name: Republic of Acrad

Type of Government: Stratocracy

Head(s) of Government: General Commander Ovald Regix

Population: 25,000,000 registered citizens and an unknown number of non-citizens including other races.

Climate: Mostly an arid desert, with small spots of savannah and oasis sites and a dry shurbland in the North-Eastern part of the nation where most of the urban centers and settlements are situated.

Religion: Multitude of religions.

Magic: Only techmaturgical (technology running on magical source)

Nation relationships:
Soven-Ampara - Acrad struggles to maintain cordial relationships with Soven-Ampara in order to cast more and more influence over the neighbour. They represent a strategic flank and an economic source of food from their fertile lands.

Fenice - Economic trade routes and anti-piracy pact.

Hastur - Uneasy, hostile tensions between the two nations due to long history of Hastur aggression and republican propagandistic demonization on them and their culture. Regional competing political power. Threat to southern security, and oil rich land ripe for conquest.

Andria - Historical disputes over small pockets of border territory, in the present Andria and Acrad maintain a neutral-friendly relationship out of economic necessities for both nations.

Vaesen - Unrecognized territory. Not aware of existence.


Nation Name: Republic of Acrad

Type of Government: Stratocracy

Head(s) of Government: General Leader Ovald Regix

Population: 25,000,000 registered citizens and an unknown number of non-citizens including other races.

Climate: Desert arid, with small spots of savannah and oasis sites.

Religion: Multitude of religions.

Magic: Only techmaturgical (technology running on magical source)

Nation relationships:
Soven-Ampara - Acrad struggles to maintain cordial relationships with Soven-Ampara in order to cast more and more influence over the neighbour. They represent a strategic flank and an economic source of food from their fertile lands.
Fenice - Economic trade routes and anti-piracy pact.
Hastur - Uneasy, hostile tensions between the two nations due to long history of Hastur aggression and republican propagandistic demonization on them and their culture. Regional competing political power. Threat to southern security, and oil rich land ripe for conquest.
Vaesen - Little to no interaction for now. Unknown potential.

Reserved for GM

Vincent Paulson
34 | Male | 1.82 m | AB+

General Information

NAME: Vincent Paulson

ALIASES // TITLES: Uncle Paulie

SEX: Male

AGE: 34

APPEARANCE: A stocky built man with both muscles and fat, usually dressed in a simple black trenchcoat, with standard shirt and tie. His face is usually noted for bearing a greater age than his real one, with mild scars from bygone events. He spots one natural brown right eye that usually turns dark green when exposed directly to heavy lightning or when heavily drunk, and a cybernetic prosthetic right arm . He has several small tattoos spread across his upper forearms, many from prison culture and only a few with certain specific symbolism. His sleek black hair is usually kept short with a combover to hide the start of a receding hairline. Vincent almost always shaves, at certain times leaves a slight stubble, underneath his broad and small nose.

OCCUPATION: A troubled youth, Vincent found himself among the ranks of the underworld criminal organisations, particularly noted for being the thug of William "Willy" Calluzzo, the boss of the renowed Calluzzo crime family. His early twenties were dominated by racketeering, intimidation, money laundering and illegal firearm, cybernetic enhancements and drugs posession. Together with this low life, Vincent was also the mafia's personal spy, spending much of his time among the rabble of the streets in order to gather intelligence regarding anything, from the pattern of the police patrols in the neighbour to watching the daily lives of the recruits of the criminal underworld. After a drug business transaction gone wrong, Vincent was imprisoned together with several members of the crime family and only at the behalf of Don Calluzzo himself could Vincent serve only a 10 year sentence in the prison. Now, after a decade in prison while cut from most of his past life, Vincent found himself forced to adopt society's standards of today and thus, seek employment as the private investigator of Campbell's team.

CAMPAIGN TEAM POSITION: Being the personal detective of Campbell means, most of the times, to pick up the phone and answer when the big man is calling. Altough considered part of the team itself, Vincent is regarded as some sort of "auxiliary", an unofficial team member. Campbell instructed Vincent clearly to keep a low profile as possible, especially when his political status is at stake. Vincent is the man that will investigate rivals, especially looking for dirt to smear any potential political rivals. Any job that requires dirty hands? The team calls Vincent, for he's the eyes and ears of Campbell among the streets.

Psychological Profile

Manipulative | Mildly Sociopathic | Responsable | Frugal | Analytic | Daydreamer

PERSONAL GOAL: Vincent's persoanl goal is to get his life back on track and offer a better future to his sister and her fatherless child.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: Vincent's main reason for seeking Campbell's employment was because the big man offered an average enough stable payment for Vincent for the time being. It remains to be seen what kind of ambitions or connections Vincent might display later.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: The only thing sacred to Vincent in this world is family, both his blood one and the criminal organisation. Where he lacks in empathy, he makes up in responsability foremost to his own self. He also inherited the philosophy of hypermasculinity from his father, detesting any behaviour that might not resemble a masculine one by traditional standards. Personal motto? "Gotta enjoy the little things in life, such as as an ice cream in the summer or a hooker here and there."

POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: Vincent is a fierce critic of heavy non-essential cybernetic implants, and views those heavil augmented as similar to degenerate drug addicts who mutilate their bodies because that's "the fashion". He's also a patriotic american, not to mention racist both ironically for the jokes and unironically at times.

SECRETS: Perhaps the biggest secret is his past's criminal life, for it could ruin his future legal employment options and draw attention from the police once again.

FEARS: The biggest fear for Vincent is to end up alone without a family and a purpose in life.

REPUTATION: Many old friends, especially from the mafia, still fondly remember Vincent for his charisma and "talk less, more action" approach to things, but there are many who harbour bitter resentment for Vincent, including wifes of murdered rivals, children without a father and victims of his criminal abuse.

LIKES: Women, whiskey, gambling, brawling, listening to old music

DISLIKES: Effeminate behaviour, police, insects, boring work

QUIRKS: Vincent is still an old school type of character, refusing to become strangled in an endless modern conformity. Many call him "Uncle Paulie" because he is dressed as classic and archaic as he can.


”Character Quote”

Operative Information


Engitech Prosthetic Hand Augmentation X.20 - Due to a severe brawl in his youth that almost killed him, Vincent's left eye and right hand had to be replaced with augmentations. His right hand was, at that time, the most affordable average wrist augmentation he could find, and he adorns it to this day, tending weekly to his arm in order to ensure it functions and optimal parameters. Altough old in design by today's standards, his Engitech wrist still manages to be very helpful, especially when circumstances require brute force and resistance.

Engitech Orbit X.20 Series - Part of the same generation as his right hand, his blue cybernetic eye requires same maintenance.

EQUIPMENT: A black suitcase for documents, a brass knuckle and a standard pocket Glock pistol.

- Handy with street brawling
- Average knowledge of firearms

- No regards to privacy of people
- Short temper

I modified the sheet a bit to change the position in Campbell's team to 'private investigator'
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