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I’m interested. So we’d be playing as civilian scientists and military staff exclusively? How much control do we have over how this mission is run? Will players who choose CO characters make the overarching decisions or are you as GM gonna control some kind of General figure to make those decisions?
Jeekius had slept in. A potentially disastrous side effect of hunting in the dead of night, it was likely not the smartest thing to do the day before an assignment. But a dose of nighteye and the cover of darkness was a major boon on the hunt, and the lack of sleep was worth it for the venison and the pelts he got to sell in the morning. Unfortunately, morning seemed to slip by him altogether, and he found himself sprinting towards the Skingrad Company headquarters to avoid missing his meeting with Quintus.

Jeekius would forever be jealous of those who could decide how long to sleep each night, he never understood how they managed that. When he made it to the door to Quintus’s office he stopped, composed himself and caught his breath before casually opening the door and slipping into the room. “Greetings, I apologise for my lateness, there was a problem in the marketplace.” He lied, flatly. One benefit to being an Argonian was that you could say almost anything in a flat, monotone voice and non-argonians would pretty much just ignore you and continue their business. Humans and Elves may not treat Argonians with much respect in Cyrodiil, but a clever “lizard” can use that to his advantage.
I’m still interested, just been very busy. Will post soon

So, is mine accepted or no?

I’ve just about finished my sheet, folks. Might need to reformat it and make it look pretty but whilst I’m on mobile I think I’m done
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