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Nioda, the Eastern Nation

Shirou's Outcry

General Shirou, commander of the infamous Fifth Infantry Brigade recently made an public speech in Sakaan, right outside the Niodian Government Building. The speech was seemingly random and non-organized, seeing as how no one of the public nor newspaper knew of the speech and/or when he would be giving it. During the speech, the renowned general cried out about the injustices of the recent war the country took part of after Emperor Yamamoto entered the nation into the bloodshed. The speech lasted only a few minutes before Shirou was ushered into the building by government officials, but his speech was clear and heard across the nation as newspapers quickly printed out a part of the speech,

"We weren't supposed to be involved in this war. We weren't supposed to be involved in this damned, wretched, terrible war that killed tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of our country men. A war that left many of our ships sunk, a war that led to a sea riddled with blood -- our blood. But in the end, we won. We won the war, despite our losses. We won the war, despite how many people fell. We won the war, and we did it proudly and courageously. We stood through the war, we stood through the bloodshed with our heads held high, even when our cities were being bombed over and over, even when our monuments fell and crashed, even when our own civilians were dying left and right. We won the war.

And we were forgotten. In the end, we were forgotten. We weren't invited to the negotiation. We weren't given money for the people we lost, for the people who sacrificed their lives, for the innocents who had to die. We weren't given any lands, any territories, any colonies. We were forgotten in the bitter end. Our people who died, our ships that were sunk, our monuments that were destroyed... all for nothing. We weren't even recognized for our courageous fighting. We were forgotten. We were left behind.

We haven't forgotten."

Emperor Yamamoto has yet to comment on the speech, nor voice his own opinions on the matter.
Re-Modernization of the Navy?

Rumor has it that Admiral Shin, commander of the Iron Wall Navy of the country -- a name that he himself gave -- is entering talks with Navy Design Companies in hopes to perhaps re-modernize the navy. While nothing has been set in stone -- nor has any production on any ships or upgrading of any current ships -- it is clear that Shin is interested in his navy that unarguably led the nation into victory.
If I chose Blooded in the Skies, doesn't that mean I forfeit round 5?
I'll take Bloodied in the Skies then

@Ryu Your Turn

I already sent him my preferences a long time ago for Round 4 & 5.
I'll take Experienced Admirals
You uh... you still alive @Storymangler?
I will be the Great War Victor.

The North East never forgets.
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