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Yes, we still need pact nations and being a neutral nation is always on the table.
Nation Name: The Republic of Blaque

Head of State & Age: President Raul Fernadino (46)

Political Alignment during the Most Atrocious War: Neutral Nation

Culture: The Republic of Blaque has long since held the ideals of neutrality and the freedom of the individual above all else. Ideologies challenged throughout the events of the atrocious war to the point in which the nation seemed almost primed for collapse, split between varying factions supporting both the now defeated powers and the pact nations. Ultimately, for better or for worse, the nation remained neutral. Playing to both sides of the conflict, giving to their demands where necessary and remaining stern to what they believed in where they could. Caught between the conflict of two major factions.

Once a nation welcoming to all people and cultures, the shadow of the bloody war has left a lasting mark upon the people of Blaque. Despite having never spilt a drop of blood fighting for either side, the infighting, foreign meddling, and persistent referendums have left the population jaded and isolationist ideals now remain at the forefront of current politics.

Before the great war and the slow shift towards isolationism, the Republic was at the forefront of liberal and progressive ideology. Accepting of all people and cultures, proposing the ideas that it was not the heritage of the man but the character. Though a large portion of the country continues to hold these beliefs, it is questionable just how long they will remain influential to the nation moving forward.
The Tsardom of Radena


The Blizzard of 1901

The morning hours had been long, cruel, and gruesome. Frightening temperatures had persisted throughout the month, catching most within the small town by surprise. Rations and blankets spread thin and outside aid from the capital had arrived two weeks too late. Most whom were susceptible to the fearsome blizzards that Dachne had faced, had long since perished nearly a week ago.

One of whom was Yegor’s mother, an elderly woman in her late seventies. She had lived through both him and his brother marching off into separate wars, her only daughter Katenka dying six months into childhood, and her only husband Leontiy collapsing dead three streets over near a small bar called the Chernyy Almaz, the doctors believing it to be a rare heart disease. Now it was her turn to be put to rest, a tired soul who only wished to be free of her memories. She had gone peacefully in her sleep just three days ago, and only now had the storm letup enough for her to receive a proper burial.

“For now we lay these unfortunate souls to rest, may they forever be with the ones whom they loved dearly in the afterlife. Now and always will we remember them for the things they had done, the people who they cared for, and the cherished memories that they bring. Let us all gather in silence.” All who had gathered begun to respectfully mourn. Soft whimpers could be heard throughout the crowd. Twelve people had perished this long and drawn out winter, many praying to god for it to soon be over. That his merciful and loving light grace the town of Dachne once more.

Yegor sat quietly. He had no wife, no child, no family to speak of. The winter putting to rest the last person whom he cared deeply for. Laid to rest in a hurriedly made grave, the tombstone marking nothing but her name. “Anya Stanislavovna” it read, the text already faded from the shoddy craftsmanship. His eyes sank into what had for the time being felt to be a pit of despair. The cruel reality had placed him lonelier than ever before.
The Tsardom of Radena


Ministry of Economics

The Ministry of Economics has recently announced a series of changes to the yearly budget after the Tsardom saw an incredible budget surplus, causing numerous amounts of controversy and infighting within the ministry. After nearly three weeks of heated discussion, the ministry finally agreed to a formal budget proposal to announce to Tsar Pyotr II:

Budget of the Tsardom of Radena
Fiscal year 1901


The official budget of the Tsardom of Radena will focus primarily on issues ranging from industrialization, administration, corruption, militarization, and colonization. First the ministry will address the expansion of the industrial output of the Tsardom with announcements of a boost to the current industrial output of the Tsardom in order to meet Continental standards. Proposed administrative solutions will made to address the both corrupt and lawless nature of the Tsardom’s Easternmost territories to avoid repeats of the surge of violence the Tsardom has witnessed over the past month. Next, the ministry will propose a series of budget initiatives to increase military research spending in order to remain competitive and secure against neighboring powers. Finally, the funding of current colonial initiatives will be increased in order to encourage the expansion of the Tsardom to bring about a better, more civilized world in both Settumu and Serranthia.


In order to bring about both law and order to the Easternmost Settumu territories, the Ministry of Economics will propose a significant budget increase to the administration of these territories. This would be primarily placed in the recruitment of an effective policing force, as well as give added benefits of discouraging corruption from said police, local governors, and other officials. This would ultimately aid in a long term stabilization of the region. As a result, the administration budget will be increased to $200,000,000, thus making the administration of the Tsardom 34% of the years budget.


The Tsardom of Radena will continue to meet the current standard of infrastructure it has kept since last year. Considering that there has been no push or need for a major overhaul or massive increase for this part of the budget for the time being the Tsardom will contribute $2,000,000 to maintain its infrastructure and allow breathing room for minor expansions.


Education has always been considered to be important to the Tsardom, allowing for innovation and creation within the workplace. However, the Tsardom at the moment can’t afford to massively overhaul the education budget, especially in terms of secondary education for the wealthy and middle class citizens. As such, the Ministry of Economics has agreed upon keeping the status quo with current expenditure, with primary schooling receiving a budget of $64,000,000 and secondary schooling receiving $80,000,000 of the Tsar’s budget.

The Ministry of Economics believe that the Bureaucracy of the Tsardom is not in desperate need of a financial overhaul, as such there will only be slight increases to the current expenditure, placing the current budget at $100,000,000.

Colonial and overseas territories

The Ministry of Economics understands the importance of the Tsardom’s current colonial interests abroad. After much deliberation and discussion within the Ministry of Economics, a budget increase was agreed upon to encourage the further expansion of current and likely future territories of the Tsardom. The current budget gives close to $40,000,000 to the Tsardom’s overseas territories.


It is in the best interest of the Tsardom to remain advanced in current military and naval technologies to protect its ever growing empire across the world. As such the Ministry of Economics has dedicated $25,000,000 to both Naval and Army research.

After nearly a week of deliberation by the Tsar, the new budget was officially agreed upon with a few minor revisions.

Ministry of Domestic Affairs

Unemployment and industrialization

A recent initiative by the ministry of domestic affairs has been undertaken to improve the current mass unemployment throughout the Tsardom. This initiative is to begin with the construction of several factories, over the course of the next ten years. The first city announced to receive the first factory is the city of Zamocin. An industrial center and incredibly large city, it is believed to be one of the most economically sound locations to construct the first of many factories soon to come.

Laying down the law in Settumu

The lawlessness of the Settumese territories has recently brought about an initiative with the aid of increased budgeting by the Ministry of Economics to bolster the police presence in the Settumese territories. The local police will then be utilized in an attempt to disperse any and all rioting peacefully when given the opportunity. The establishment of a temporary curfews will be made in the following cities: Qinghua, Suyang, and Sensong until the increased violence between the culturally Radenan and Meungese citizens have been quelled.

Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry recently has negotiated a treaty between the Tsardom of Radena and the Veletian Empire allowing for the free access of both military and commercial vessels through the Canal d’Or. This treaty specifies that the Tsardom will pay $500,000 a month, paid annually, for the period of 4 years. This is expected to bring about a great deal of trade and prosperity to the Tsardom’s Easternmost territories. A once incredibly dangerous journey through the South Serranthian ocean has now been reduced to only six months.

Tsar’s Royal Navy

With the recent acquisition of the Alek and Wenshou Island the current Radenan Royal Navy stationed in the Hironese Sea has been deemed far too small to protect current interests. Sailing under Admiral Stepanovich, in the flagship the TRN Borzaya, he and an accompanied fleet of two CA, the TRN Sever and TRN Namereniye, six CL, the TRN Koventri, TRN Chertenok, TRN Rytsar, TRN Korona, TRN Ray, and TRN Milost, and thirteen DD, the TRN Posle, TRN Presledovatel, TRN Geroy, TRN Byskochka, TRN Yurkiy, TRN Prygun, TRN Doblestnyy, TRN Foreytor, TRN Vostochnyy, TRN Pech, TRN Strannik, TRN Golavly, and TRN Korol will head to the Hironese Sea to regroup with the current already established fleet located there.

Colonial Ministry

The Tsardom has announced an official expedition to the Island of Fasum lead by eccentric biologist Dr. Yakovich. The goal of the initial expedition is to explore the native fauna, inhabitants, and wildlife along the Island, as well as discover ideal locations to establish small settlements on the Island itself. The first settlement on the Island will be named Novyy Nakhoysk, named after the hometown of Dr. Yakovich.

The Imperial Palace

The Tsar has recovered, giving an official appearance just outside the palace in Glavnaya, and a small speech to the crowd. “It is my duty as Tsar to inform the people that I am now well. The Tsardom need not worry any longer about my health, or the health of the Tsardom should my time come to pass. For the time being, I am reinvigorated and hope for the Tsardom to be so as well.”
The Tsardom of Radena


To inherit an Empire

The room was quiet, all but the loud, guttural wheezes and coughs of the Tsar could be heard. Every man, woman, and child turned their attention towards Pyotr II, their worried faces surrounding him, some real others a facade. None were so foolish as to not realize the gravity of the situation, especially not the Tsar himself. Every breath he took, the pain that filled his lungs felt to be a fate worse than death. Every temple prayer dedicated to his survival. Every sign pointed towards the reaper awaiting to collect the soul of the honorable Tsar.

“It is nice” the Tsar paused, letting out a fit of coughs “for you all to come at my behest.” The Tsar then laid quietly for several minutes, almost as if he had already been exhausted by the conversation. “It is important that I now establish my successor…” He let out a loud wheeze. “To the Tsardom.” Eyes began to look around, many now focused away from the Tsar and onto the two likely candidates. Prince Artur, nearly ten years younger than the Tsar and the youngest among their siblings. Known by many as a rather eccentric and educated fellow, infamous for his time as a Căpitan of a rifle battalion, in which he sacrificed three hundred men crossing the Sirakh Desert in order to flank the Seljuk forces during the Al-Kanasus border dispute, resulting in a decisive, yet controversial victory at the battle of Shakhah. Artur, despite his controversial victory however had the support of many members of the Imperial Ministry and several high ranking generals within the Tsar’s Royal Army. Others however looked towards the young Prince Olev, only fourteen years of age and according to current succession laws, far too young to lead. A kind and caring child, he is loved and adored by both the upper and lower classes. The child however, had supporters far and few between within the Imperial Ministry. The most avid of them however came from General Fyodorovich, to which many believe is due to his complete distrust of Prince Artur.

A priest was officially called, to lay witness to the Tsar’s will and testify the man whom he decided to inherent the Tsardom of Radena. “In my final hours, I have pondered who would lead the Tsardom best. I believe it, while unconventional, best for my son, Prince Olev, to take the throne after my passing. I trust that the word of a dying Tsar be absolute until the end of time.” Many in the room were shocked, none more so than Artur himself. Calmly excusing himself after a short while from the room, eventually secluding himself for the rest of the day. Many stares soon turned towards Prince Olev, before he too nervously excused himself.

Prince Olev, Summer 1899

The Tsardom of Radena


Memoital, oh Memoital

Recent news of the annexation of Memoital quickly reached Tsar Pyotr II, initially the Tsar and high members of the Imperial Ministry did not believe such reports. It was not until Lomovtsev Llyich sternly read out the official request of asylum from Prince Bernard. “It is clear to me,” Llyich addressed before the council, “that despite the faith in the Zellonians that we had so eagerly placed into them, they stand before us as aggressors. Whether it be desperation or madness by the king of Zellonia himself, these actions will not and should not be tolerated by the Tsar and the rest of the ministry.” He gave short pause before continuing. “This is not the first time the Zellonians have worryingly acted in bad faith. The invasion of the Marnish Kingdoms, to which we had hoped would never happen again, seems to have been a warning. A warning of the Kingdom of Zellonia’s desire of the entire northern peninsula. A threat to the entirety of our influence in the region.”

Approving nods were given by the entirety of the Imperial Ministry and few spoke out against such claims, except for General Fyodorovich. Though technically not an official member of the ministry, is given a special seat to represent the needs and wants of the Tsar’s Army. Having served as a general during the Sosodrov Crisis, he was considered a trusted member of the Old Guard. “It has come to my intention that the Tsar finds himself surrounded by conflict. The Hironese in the East, the Zellonians in the north, and the Tyrian-Redanians in the west. Two of these conflicts we are about to drag ourselves into. The Tsardom is in no position to keep this up, I believe that if we interlock ourselves in the lives of too many nations, we run the risk of becoming involved in a conflict on all sides. One that the state of the Tsar’s military is not capable of competing with. I recommend strongly, that if these situations come to conflict, that the Tsar be so ready to leave ourselves open to being taken advantage of.” Whispers could be heard among a few of the other twenty representatives within the Imperial Ministry. It had seemed that some agreed with the words of the esteemed general.

“Do not be so naive general, such actions will only lead to the loss of what little influence the Tsardom grasps onto.” Retorted Llyich. “The general made be so afraid of conflict after the war with Kalpia that does not have the stomach for it, but the reality of the situation is that the Tsardom can not simply hide away. I plead to the wisdom of the Tsar, that he denounce the actions of the Zellonians and accept the fleeing prince. We must ensure, no matter the cost, that the Zellonians aggressive annexation of Memoital does not go unpunished and that it soon be returned to their people. If we do not, then we risk the Zellonians becoming a quick threat the the Tsardoms northern territory.”

The Tsar cautiously considered both positions. He had been a young man, but he remember the Sosodrov Crisis with clarity. The stain upon the Tsardom a fresh wound to this day. However, a wound should not stop a man from acting in his own interests and so the damned war would not frighten the Tsardom from remaining steadfast in their foreign policy. They would not let a Zellonian no less, frighten them away. “I have decided. Mr. Llyich makes to strong of an argument for the issue to simply be ignored. Inform the Prince that we will accept his request of asylum within the Tsardom.”

General Fyodorovich, circa 1900

Denouncing the Zellonian Menace

Several days after news had reached the Tsar of the Zellonian annexation of Memoital, a once loyal ally of the Zellonians and of much discussion within the Imperial Ministry, the Tsar made an official statement on the issue. “The Kingdom of Zellonia has committed the ultimate betrayal, one to the people of Memoital. A strong and long independent country, that had placed their trust into Zellonia, much the way that the Tsardom did, if not more. The sons of Memoital fought, bled, and died in the name of the Zellonians during the Zello-Osladian War. How was this debt repaid when Memoital in its time of need only wished to keep some shred of sovereignty? With absolute contempt by King James. Shredded away without a second thought over the consideration of their people. This act towards one’s own former ally, one whom went into ruin due to a war they need not have helped with and yet did not shed a single bit of blame to the Zellonians for, was met with complete betrayal. Shredded of their dignity as a country without a second thought by the Zellonians. As such, the Tsardom officially denounces these actions taken by King James.”

Backroom dealings

When Prince Bernard arrived in the Tsardom of Radena and had been acquainted with his living quarters within the Tsar’s Palace, a private meeting between Prince Bernard and the Tsar Pyotr II had been arranged. The two sat in the extravagantly decorated parlour, the cloth on the tables was lined with fine silk straight from Meung, the table design and crafted in Violette, even such insignificant things as the glass of the windows was forged in Oslad with fine Taran sand. “It is a pleasure to meet with you personally Tsar Pyotr, the gratitude that both me and the people of Memoital have for you doing such a service for me can not be expressed with simple words.”

“The pleasure is mine, Prince Bernard. The betrayal of the Zellonians was an absolute tragedy for your people. To have the pride of your people shredded away without a second thought is unforgivable.” It was at this time a Radenan maid had approached the two, pouring freshly imported tea from Meung.

“Then I hope that it is not to much for me to make a request, of an esteemed and understanding Tsar such as yourself, that you are to support my people’s cause through monetary and military aid to the Sons of Bernard. They are like minded individuals who wish to see to it my return to Memoital and the removal of Zellonia from the Island. If their cause were to be funded by the Tsardom of Radena then the people of Memoital may be able to quickly retake the land that is rightfully ours and expel the Zellonian dogs from our country.”

The passion in Prince Bernards voice was clear and the Tsar new what supporting the Sons of Bernard could possibly mean. However, if they were to ever weaken the Zellonian grip on the northern peninsula, this would certainly be it. “I will support your people in whatever they need to be freed from the grasp of King James.” The Tsar and Prince Bernard began to discuss the deal further for what is believed to have been another hour. Terms of support for the rebel group had been reached by the Tsardom.

Tsar Pyotr II’s Palace in Glavnaya, Radena

Offer of trade with the Republic of Itherae

It was not long ago that the Tsardom had been sent an official request from the Republic of Itherae promising the exchange of 3,500,00 tons of food in exchange for $10,000,000. Having no issues with the small republic and considering them to be neither an enemy or friend, but a potential trading partner, the offer was quickly accepted by the Foreign Ministry aftering being approved by the Ministry of Economics.
The Tsardom of Radena


Tensions in the East

The Eastern edges of the Tsardom, home to the Meung and Hironese, are suddenly on the verge of conflict. Recent ambassadors and representatives from Meung have recently come to request the mediation of such potential conflict between the two potential allies, in hopes of reaching a deal that could be arguably far more fair for all parties involved. Abhorring the idea of another conflict breaking out so close to home and after much deliberation between the Tsar and the Imperial Ministry, a decisive conclusion was reached.

In order to avoid showing favoritism to either the Hironese of Meung, Ambassador Yeryomin Vladimirovich, a native Radenan, was sent to officially accept the offer. The Tsardom hoped that ultimately, whatever conclusion was reached, that it would cement the Tsardoms ever growing influence in the Settumese territories.

Trade with the Zellonians

A recent request from the Zellonian ambassador was received by the Economics Ministry, requesting the trade of rubber resources for machine parts. Though the need for machine parts was ever growing in the Tsardom itself, it was not so desperate to trade another limited resource such as rubber to the Zellonians. Head of the Ministry of Economics gave an official response to the Zellonian Ambassador rather quickly, mentioning “The sale of such resources as rubber at the moment is not something we can so readily give away for a resource we are not in desperate need for. If the Zellonians would like to renegotiate the deal and offer both a more worthwhile resource to trade and a precise amount of rubber they wish to receive in exchange for that resource, then the Tsardom will be open to such a deal.”

Armament of the military

The soldiers of Radena were not well armed, and with the recent purchase of weaponry by the Hironese military many troops would need to be rearmed in the face of any potential future threats. The Radenan military sent out a request to Radenan Arms manufacturers for the production of 200,000 Kirov.88 rifles by the end of next year. A request from the Ministry of Economics was also officially sent out that requested any and all willing countries and global manufacturers who wish to sell their weaponry for a reasonable price to make an offer to the Tsardom.
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The Tsardom of Radena


News of peace in the West

Peace between the Zellonians and Osladian-Kalpian powers had finally been reached. A devastating conflict, that in the eyes of many Radenans, brought about the needless deaths of thousands in an almost brutish fashion. The Tsar himself commented on the issue directly, “The war the Zellonians fought against the Osladians and Kalpians shows just how far man is willing to go to win a war. Such brutality in a conflict should have never seen the light of day. The tactics used by the Osladians especially throughout the war is deplorable, the fact that no definite resolution on such issues having not been reached is despicable. While Radena will accept this peaceful resolution to the conflict to be absolute, it will not accept that the methods used by such countries to be justified. We can only implore upon the greater powers of the world to go about seeing an end to such unsightly and dishonorable forms of violence in the future.”

Headlines throughout Radena for the next week read “Peace in the west”, “Oslad bloodies its hands no more”, and “Zellonians stands their ground, a second chance at peace”. Opinions of the Osladian government and her people only continued to be soured, especially among the Radenan upper and middle class. Fears of the new Osladian government, one seemingly more militaristic than ever before had many worried. Some pieces even referred to the Osladian Prime Minister as “democracy gone awry”, one opinion piece that had gain significant popularity had this to say on the new Osladian Prime Minister:

Prime Minister Yegorov, a man of such honorable names as the ‘Count of Black’, has been recently awarded the highest position among the Osladian government, second only to their Tsar. A man of whom so affectionately referred to the Zellonian King as the ‘Mad King’, despite King James being beloved by his people, and whom has refused to acknowledge the wrongdoings that Oslad had committed during the war against Zellonia. His rise to power however, can be of no surprise. For the ‘Count of Black’ is a precautionary tale, one that every Radenan must hear, for it tells of the many failures of democracy. Bloody and dishonorable, this is the kind of man whom’s ideas will bring about an end to a civilized continent.
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