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Current I think some people in the status bar took a wrong turn on their way to Twitter.
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I theorize Star Wars is only fueled by nostalgia.
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Happy American Independence Day. Let's blow some stuff up.
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Join my combat maid RP


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Alright, Ruxia is in the running for sqaud leader. She will default win if no one else steps up.

Molly is also in the running for mom and had won by default.
Alright, on the lore page I finally got Thanaton up. It's at the very bottom. I STRONGLY suggest people read up on it if they picked that as their individual training because the place is.... not exactly.... a nice place - but you will pick up some great combat experience though!

@Ryona Zako

That's alright. You made the right character to avoid leadership anyways.
Factions and Notable Organizations

Okay, under the IC tab I added a simple list of rules and expectations.

I will be working on a large write-up on Thanaton (considering many of you like that choice) along with placeholders for other notable factions/groups/nations.

I am working on my own character. she will not be special just because I am in the GM. She will be part of the main-cast, but more-so a supporting character.

Finally, we need a designated squad leader. I will be taking volunteers and then I will personally decide who has the better character to lead with. If no one volunteers, then I will pick someone.

First and foremost, let us start with basic rules.

1.) Do not force actions onto other players outside of normal social interactions (Shaking hands, playful shoves, and so on). Always attempt.

2.) Avoid intentionally using out-of-character information to get ahead IC. Always stick to what your character would know, reasonably could fathom, or learn.

3.) If you do not like what another character did IC, then deal with it IC or do nothing. However, if there is a justified reason to bring it OOC then bring it to me first.

So, those are my three basic rules. Now we will move onto expectations.

1.) Respect commonsense, physics, and logic. This is to not say we cannot break realism. After-all, much of this RPs premise is rooted in fantasy, but there is a method to making believable unrealistic action. Barring special abilities and specific character traits, avoid behavior similar to the following:

Tearing limbs off casually, brute-force overpowering fit strong men, catching bullets/dodging bullets, making up new powers on the fly (without permission at-least - you can still get more abilities), and so on.

You are still a very capable killing machine, but you are not above logic.

2.) Roleplay as a member of M.A/I.D and not a rogue agent. Part of training is passing several marks of obedience-conditioning that are near possible to fake. This does not mean your character will have no personality, nor will they just do anything M.A/I.D asks without question. I am simply stating that at the start of the RP your character will be loyal and want to hold onto that loyalty, but they might lose grip on it as events transpire.

3.) Do not be afraid to take risks and settle for playing it safe. I rarely kill characters. If there's a burning building with vital intel in it - then run into it. If an airplane is crashing and there's only one parachute with you and an enemy - said enemy jumps out with it on, don't try to just survive the crash in the plane, fucking jump after that bitch and get that parachute. This is not to say characters who are cautious are unwelcome, but do not play safe simply because OOC you fear losing your character.
I will post rules, expectations, and RP guidelines considering we are getting closer to RP. The rules and guidelines will not be unexpected (I think). If there are any problems with the rules and expectations please Pm me
I really like that one too!
@Jarl Coolgruuf

You can make your character distinct. She still is a chef which is different than Alice. Additionally, the backstories and motivations make up more than just the looks. The martial arts focus is very similar, but you can always have your character focus on a different one.

Furthermore, you did remark your character is more of a cloak and dagger type. Alice seems to be a competent front line fighter (able to dodge bullets) so that already makes them very distinct. I might make an IC reason for the concentration of albino characters as well
@Jarl Coolgruuf

No, just the red and white hair + martial arts focus
Also, I love the two albino martial artists.
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