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1.) Roleplays MIGHT include extreme violence, abuse, and gore. (varies on partner)

2.) I have no strong moral objections to nearly any topic within roleplay.

3.) I enjoy playing evil characters or characters who are disagreeable.

4.) One or more posts a week is fine with me. I enjoy this pace. I can usually post everyday if my partner is replying exceptionally fast.

5.) World building is important to me. My partner must be open to building the world alongside me rather than just forcing me to build it all. However, I also do not want my partner to claim 100 percent of the world building as there own. I like it to be collaborative.

6.) I enjoy female x female romantic pairings or just a platonic pairing. Although, I tend to RP multiple characters of all types. But for all intents and purposes, the premises I have provided all have a female point of view.

7.) I am open to talking OOC.

8.) I have a preference for drawn character face-claims (any artstyle) or just a well-written description.

Plot Ideas
I will outline a broad concept for both of my plot of ideas. These two are tentative concepts that are open to discussion/alteration.

It came from below...

Genre: Cosmic Horror/General Horror

Role: Investigative journalists/private detectives following the trail of a missing young lady.

Setting: Rural United States (current day potentially)

Fantasy Level: Ambiguous supernatural elements

Synopsis: A small team of journalists/private detectives are following the trail of a peculiar missing person case. The individual in question is a sixteen year old runaway who continues to post ambiguous messages on their social media but they are otherwise missing. The investigating party successfully traces the IP to a small town in the middle of rural Texas. An ominous sinkhole has recently formed in the town and some residents of the town are starting to display strange behavior. It is not before long that it becomes apparent that some sort of cult has appeared who seem to worship the peculiar hole in the center of the town. How will the team proceed? Will they venture into the hole to find what unspeakable horror waits beneath? Or seek to infiltrate the innerworkings of this cult to see if their missing person in question is part of this cult? Maybe she is being held captive? Or something far worse.... what seems to be a run-away person case soon escalates into something beyond comprehension...

What to expect: A lot of investigation and slow-burn organic plot building.

Our Separate World
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Steampunk

Role: A duo of witches living near a rapidly booming settlement.

Setting: A low-fantasy/dark fantasy world experiencing an industrial revolution.

Fantasy Level: Magic is subtle, yet very real.

Synopsis: A pair of long-lived witches have lived leisurely lives nestled away in a grove. Previously, a massive empire had overtaken the separated feudal kingdoms which had once employed the witches. The pair had managed to make a living off infrequently visiting the nearby village upon request to care for sick, or ease the suffering of the dying. The local folks had begun to see the pair as some sort of protectors, but a new generation of people had begun to move into the town bringing advanced technologies with them. A particular mining device had made it possible to dig deep into the soil and extract a rare mineral that is valued for being easily fashioned into conductive components for technological machinations. The witches had only heard whispers of these strange new technologies, but were okay with the introduction until the new-comers began to enter their grove and recklessly dig. They have not learned to fear the witches' magic, so an example must be made. The richest of the prospector's daughter will make a fine example...

What to expect: Graphic depictions of all sorts of magic induced body horror. Fantasy world building too.
Alright, going to give it to everyone straight.

The RP is not happening.

I lost my passion for interacting with others through this medium.
(Unless it is)

Author's Note: Until snow falls on desert skies...

At-top metal corpses, intermingled flesh, and all the other once-pumping vessels of a "so-called" civil society - a young girl weeps. Not only did her creators abandon her, but her name has as-well. That name has been swallowed, dreams devoured, and efforts all for naught. Even her tears, ever so sweet, fall onto deaf, uncaring, tainted soil. If she is crying alone, does she make a sound? She will insist that she is. Even going so far to scream out to the tainted sky as if it could scream back.

"Why!" Thrashing about she screams, desperatly clinging to the sludge that was once her dear friends. Only fragments of hair, bits of bone, and strips and bits of cloth remaining of them. Like her, their names, dreams, efforts all swallowed. Latent descriptors are the only things that describe these little reminders of a time much better. Such as the little crimson strand of red hair aptly named "red" or a fragment of horn haphazardly named "demon." The girl of swallowed moniker collects such things as she spends her dayless days weeping.

Was her crying a pointless trifle? A futile fight? No, far from it. That continued pain is a rebellion against something lurking deep inside her fragile heart. To feel comfortable, to feel complacent, to only numbly move onto into that swallowing void and become one with the blue-black sludge around her is a coward's fate. So, did this in-fact mean her swallowed friends succumbed to such a fate? The fragments, if she gazed into them long enough, would tell her the answer.

And she did, and she gazed, for a year's time. Tearful, vigilant, remorseful, memory filled eyes.

Then, with full realization, she did realize cruel truth. She had no part of this, yet was all the more aligned with twisted ambition. A prisoner...

Something greater than herself - a fiction.

Looping, trying, and pleading for a conclusion that will never come. He is with her and she is with him.

And he is writing - as your eyes follow these words left to right.

Three times before he began and three times after he swallowed those dreams. Something that bugs him, a perpetual sickness, to feel warm and now cold. He swallowed that heat. Treading too close to that poison we all know.

And did he ever learn his lesson? Well, did you?

Did you?

Nothing ever meant anything to you.

I may swallow my dreams.

But at-least they are mine.

I have her.

You have nothing...

You like the taste of ink, don't you?
Why are so many guests viewing this thread?
Real life might take precedent, but I made a promise to you guys. I need to keep good at that promise.
I will put in some extra effort to probably get the RP up tomorrow. It will be poetic to start it 365 days after my previous RP.
Alright, so I feel everyone deserves an explanation for my silence.

I took an unplanned break due to personal reasons. These reasons are nothing to be concerned over, but I do not wish to share them.

So where does that leave this RP? I want to give everyone the best experience possible and have been slightly despairing over that first post. Truth be told - I have been thinking about one of my most successful RPs that I ran (tomorrow is the first anniversary actually) and I keep chasing that example despite knowing this is just a hobby.

This RP will begin and when it starts the ball will be rolling and it will have lots of momentum. Once I get things started, I get really obsessed.

Just give me a minute... :)

Also, I got a bit sidetracked with a personal thing I have been working at for a long time coming.
@Ryona Zako

I forgot to mention that OOC help is encouraged.
Alright! I will write up all the necessary stuff before hand and have the RP up by tonight.

@Bartimaeus (Ruxie) has been appointed squad leader. This means a few things:

1.) Ruxie will be held accountable for mission failure.

2.) They will be the one to give orders to the squad in combat scenarios.

3.) Finally, they will give broad orders at the start of investigations. It will be up to the individual to decide how they want to go about tasks.
Alright, our next character is done we just have to wait for it to be posted.

I will write the dossiers tomorrow, finish my character, and hopefully post the start of the RP.

So, I will leave this RP open for people to join with the possibility of adding more squads/squad members. I will do my best to make this RP great for all of you, so let's work together to make this something special.

Thank you for your great characters so far
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