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Elon Musk said there's a 1/1,000,000,000 we're NOT living in a simulation.


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Wow what a perfect gif, you still got the Kyle gif?
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Boy if you don't getcho Pokémon trainer name....

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Heightened Opportunities

Collab with: @yoshua171

Having finished with the pair, Roger waded through the crowd of people, many of whom were discussing what the forming Resistance might be doing exactly. Roger made excuses to some who tried to engage him in regards to said subject before moving on. He had been on his way to find the odd fellow wearing a kimono when it had dawned on him just who the Licentia was. An Eximius lord... Roger gaped, swallowing hard. After a few moments of trying to gather his courage, the speaker failed and so turned away. He took his phone out and sent a text to Zeki to handle the kimono-clad Licenti, saying he was caught up by other individuals present.

To make sure he wasn't lying, he swiftly made his way through the crowd and over to a dreaded youth who had, for some reason, raised his hand before. Noting his resemblance to one of the people his boss had pointed out to him, smiling to himself he made his way to the darker skinned man and tapped him on the shoulder lightly to get his attention. Xavian turned around slowly, bringing forth a rush of strong, but pleasant herbal aromas that could've probably intoxicated a sharp nose. His eyes were low and relaxed; the fluidity with which he presented himself was rather suave and nonchalant. Having caught the attention of the man who had previously been speaking, Xavian moved his hand to his pants pocket, discreetly placing the stone within. He kept the one hand in his pocket as he tilted his head to the left and raised a brow.

The man before him stood a few inches under him and his skin was indeed fairer than his own mocha-colored complexion. Xavian felt a bit surprised when he realized he was now face to face with the same man who, only minutes ago, was conducting the pep rally that had occured before him. His brow fell back to a neutral position as the muscles in his face relaxed. He spoke calmly, albeit a little slower than normal.

" I in trouble?"

Roger smiled and laughed lightly before talking just loud enough for the interestingly calm individual. "No, not at all. A friend pointed you out to me, said you'd likely be leadership material in your own way. So I thought I'd come talk to you, maybe see if you'd like to participate in the first Resistance mission we have planned out." While he talked he looked the taller young man over, wondering just what he was under the influence of--though he was fairly sure that there was at least some marijuana mixed in, the smell was quite strong after all.

Noting this he couldn't help but wonder what Zeki had seen in the young man. Nonetheless, he did as Zeki had told him to, mostly out of trust, though somewhat out of duty, he did sort of work for the guy.

Xavian let the question settle; he had been preparing himself to run in case he was, in fact, in trouble. But now he realized he was face to face with a completely different situation. 'Dem want fi recruit me? I'm no soldier...' he thought as his expression shifted to one of wonder. He took a brief moment to look around him, gauging the flow of the gathering. It seemed he had been hand picked from the crowd, which made him feel confused more than anything. He had never been a soldier before, and he could tell that this land was on the brink of some sort of conflict. A conflict he had undeniably tangled himself up in just by showing up. What he could not ignore, however, was the potential benefits of working in a leadership position. It was quite obvious that the "mission" that had been mentioned was no ordinary task, meaning it would be no ordinary pay, assuming there was compensation to begin with. Either way, it was the kind of experience that would look extremely attractive on a college application.

"Ya wan' me to help you, brotha'? Well..." he began as he tilted his head to the side once more, "...are you the good guys?" It was apparent in his tone that he was a bit lost on the politics, unable to discern who was right or wrong. While he did feel it was unfair to prejudice a whole species, he couldn't help but aknowledge the logic behind the Prae's decison. The Licentia were quite a heavy presence. "I don't fight others' wars. But... if ya can promise me some pay, I'll help ya, mon. IF you're the good guys, 'nah mean?" His words left little room for bullshit. Although calm, his tone was firm and genuine. The way his words flowed out, combined with his lost glare, made it clear that anything besides the truth would not be worthy of his attention.

Roger nodded, listening to the young man's words and thinking for a moment before smiling again and speaking up, "If you consider the Prae wrongly prosecuting Licentia and lowering them to second or third class citizens, on top of the unexplained disappearance of late the acts of the good guys then I'd have some doubts about your personal sense of right and wrong." There was laughter in his eyes as he said it, revealing that he doubted the young man would believe something so clearly ludicrous.

"We're fighting to stop these disappearances, to stop the prejudice, and to see what the Prae really want." He nodded and his brow screwed up in thought, a mixture of worry and focus in his expression as he spoke again, edging closer to the young man so they could hear one another better. "Between you and me, I think the Prae aren't here for our benefit, you know, for the greater good of humanity. I think they're here for personal gain. It's just the sense I get ya know? Not that I have anything to prove it yet."

He stopped a moment and glanced in Zeki's direction, capable of sensing the man through their contract, before glancing at Xavian again "In terms of pay, I think Zeki might be able to help with that. At the very least I can get you something as compensation, though I can't promise what. He'll be at the meeting that you're invited to later and you can talk to him then, maybe make a more final decision. That sound alright?"

Xavian's eyes followed the man's glance to the side, but he was unable to find what he had looked at. He then nodded, removing his hand from his pocket and rubbing the back of his neck as he rolled it to relax its muscles. From what he understood, this was no black and white conflict. Instead, an ongoing hostility had set the stage for a call of duty; the man had mentioned disappearances and that troubled Xavian. He had been able to catch the cries of various people who responded to the man when he spoke on the stage. This only meant that the disappearances were real: people were actually missing.

"Ya... that sounds fine, brotha. I'll be there."

"Alright, I'll see you there then," he said with a smile before he bowed his head before bowing out of the conversation.

Ya I'm good to go.
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