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I can edit new posts, but not older posts.

Is there anyway that I can be deleted as a user or have all my posts deleted? If not, I wouldn't mind editing all my posts manually if it was made possible. But right now I can't seem to edit old posts at all. Only new ones.
In Sanctuary 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
test test
Ok, is there any reason why I can't edit posts? Or is that just a browser error on my part?

When I click edit post> then save, it just blanks out.
Also I am unable to edit posts for some reason
Please I have my personal information on there like name and e-mail address, I need the whole thread removed
u said u deleted it last time I asked
PLS delete…

It's on my archive
I’ve been trying to delete this for so long because Yugeto is going to use this against me when I’m famous
I am the GM of Spectrum and would like to have the rp deleted. Please and thank you.
Hello I am the GM of Sanctuary. I would like for the topic to be deleted to remove all traces of this RP.

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