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3 yrs ago
Current You can look into the future... it's right behind your eyelids.
4 yrs ago
Elon Musk said there's a 1/1,000,000,000 we're NOT living in a simulation.


ΞΞΞR Σ € K L ξ $ $ΞΞΞ

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I’ve been trying to delete this for so long because Yugeto is going to use this against me when I’m famous
I am the GM of Spectrum and would like to have the rp deleted. Please and thank you.
Hello I am the GM of Sanctuary. I would like for the topic to be deleted to remove all traces of this RP.

OK, I think I've left enough of a dramatic pause.


Wow what a perfect gif, you still got the Kyle gif?
Who even are you people?

Boy if you don't getcho Pokémon trainer name....

"Fat Boy Kyle wants to battle!"
"Fat Boy Kyle sent out Bulbasaur!"
"Oh no what is Fat Boy Kyle doing?!"
"Fat Boy Kyle ate Bulbasaur!"
"Wtf Fat Boy Kyle?"


Oh hey it’s that guy

Don't you have college to do?

I remember you guys
I'm here.
Oh yeah
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