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In Sanctuary 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
"..." elusive silence.
"?" and yet, as the quiet becomes aware of itself, it dissolves into an endless echo.

"Yo" a message from a silent voice. I instantly know who it is.

[Kisheto. This is a dream?]

"Yeah, I usually forget by the time I wake up, but this is the first time you talked back," he says.

[So you're real?]

"Obviously. Are you dreaming, too?" he says.

[I don't know.]

[What are you?"
we ask at the same time. There are no words to hear, no sights to see. It is simply known.

"What am I?]
it feels like I've been here before.

"You're different from the kages. I thought you were Aeritus or my subconcious or something. No, it's different, but like I said I'm probably going to forget when I wake up," he says. I wonder if he's been here before, as well.

[Yeah. Either way, it's nice to meet you bruh.]

In Sanctuary 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
We can do a pseudo-reboot. Because it'll be a reboot but it won't be a reboot, but it'll be the same kind of story.

NOTE: I'm working on an animated CG movie of the Sanctuary universe, so the reboot has the potential to become something truly epic.
In Sanctuary 11 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
It may seem incomplete.... but really: The story of Sanctuary ends after the characters break free...

Born of digital ink, they manifest within our physical forms. The story of Sanctuary actually never ended. The remainder just won't be found here ;)

In Sanctuary 11 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Thank you Kyle.

Love for all my friends here; I would not have made it this far without you. You are my family forever.

Believe it.

I can edit new posts, but not older posts.

Is there anyway that I can be deleted as a user or have all my posts deleted? If not, I wouldn't mind editing all my posts manually if it was made possible. But right now I can't seem to edit old posts at all. Only new ones.
In Sanctuary 12 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Ok, is there any reason why I can't edit posts? Or is that just a browser error on my part?

When I click edit post> then save, it just blanks out.
Also I am unable to edit posts for some reason
Please I have my personal information on there like name and e-mail address, I need the whole thread removed
u said u deleted it last time I asked
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