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You could've. It's been forever since you've last RP'd on RPG, but personally I don't remember you doing highlighted names.

Ah, you're right. I highlighted when he spoke, but never his name. I guess I sort of picked it up off-site; whenever I roleplay elsewhere that isn't on a forum, I always italicize and bolden the name, so that might be it. Similar reasoning. Not sure why I'm not doing it here though.

Maybe I picked it up from you guys because I love you all so much. :)
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What do you mean this is your first RP ever, remember?

Oh shit, my disguise is compromised.
@Kuro I could have sworn I always did that, but my memory might be bad.

Shiganshina had always been a bustling location - like many of the districts that hung on the outer shell of Wall Maria, activity had been a constant. Many sought funds to move deeper within the Walls, somewhere where the possibility of Titan attacks were practically zero. Others simply did what they could just to live for another day. For Gabriel, it had always been a struggle; all he had ever known from the moment he was born was to become something greater than a mere man. Yet, when his father had passed, he had only known how to be a rat on the streets. It was not until a few months prior that he was able to truly correct his ways, thanks in part to the incident with Adèlyn and the brief meeting with Palmiro before the latter set off. Life had a strange way of correcting the mistakes one made in their life, yet it was never enough to simply coast. With newfound strength, the Moreau boy was able to continue the training regime his father had instilled in him, and sought a future within the military. It was the only tried and true path for someone like him and hew knew it.

Today, however, was a day of shopping. Through the vast sea of inhabitants on the market, he waded to find his mother's favorite bakery. It was his youngest brother's birthday, one that would be celebrated by having a lavish, or as lavish as they could afford, supper with the whole family. He had taken up many odd-jobs over time to help compensate for his family's lack of funding. Ever since his father had passed, the household struggled with finances, and left Gabriel in a difficult position. Even now as he passed the other residents, an angry glance was given; he was a notorious gang member, after all. At times, he would even be cheated out of money for doing a simple task, as many believed he either stole the delivery or was simply playing a con of some kind. Life was hard in Shiganshina, yet he persisted. Despite all the challenges laid before him, everything that had culminated in his life only served to propel him further towards a career in the military. Once he was ready, he would join up, and seek a better life for his family.

The bell above the bakery door rang out as Gabriel swung it open, making his way inside, and approached the counter. The baker turned his gaze to the young man, a look of surprise on his face. "Well, if it isn't our local thief. Come here to steal all my bread again, have you?" A small bit of tension hung in the air... until all at once, the two shared in a laugh. It was true, in the past Gabriel would steal as often as he could from the baker with the other youths, but over time, he had regained his trust. It wasn't an easy thing, toiling around with dough and the like, but he did eventually pay for all that he had stolen.

"How's the scar, lad? Think it will ever stay like that?"

Gabriel's hand instinctively reached up for his cheek, and spoke up, "I think so. My mother said it's healed up as much as it could."

The baker let out a huff, waving his hand around some in the process. "Well, that's what happens when you hang around a crowd like that. Here, let me get your mother's favorite. And remember to pay this time," he demanded with an almost playful glare.

Even then, it sort of hurt the boy to think of how much he had earned this reputation. Yet that hurt had made his heart strong on the outside. He rode the storm as best he could, handing the baker a few coins to make up for the cost, and took the bread with him as the two waved farewells to one another. As he walked through the crowd, the boy decided to take a shortcut home by the river, and turned his gaze towards the sky. It was a beautiful sunrise today... just like it always had been. One day, his family will be able to examine the very same sky from a better home. No longer would they have to struggle to make ends-meet. With a huff, he steeled himself for the future, and continued on his way...
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John Roleplay: Rebootening

John Roleplay Origins: The Interest Check.
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John Roleplay

John Roleplay II: The Reboot.
He's out of retirement; he is...

The Roleplayer.
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Considering we're in a world with giant, man-eating humanoids, I don't think we'd need to shoot him in that particular scenario. Our job would already be done.

The horse is eternal. He roams the plains in the clouds above when his mission is done. I ain't a steed; I'm fuckin' Pegasus.
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