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I was in a donkey show in Tijuana once; trashed drunk and desperately in need of cash to get back home. I made $12 US in three hours.
@BCTheEntity I think Discord servers are usually quite handy mediums of instant communication.

Also, The character I'm currently making up is a young mutant from Nevada who's come into possession of dangerous experimental nanotechnology and is after revenge on the corporation that killed her family in pursuit of their property. Your thoughts on the premise?

You were a super athlete that was in an accident and nearly died until your dad fused Alien technology with your body and it healed you, but made you more machine than human. You could go by.... Cyborg.
You basically just want to rewrite the books and change "Harry" to "Neville" and vice versa, eh?
"I bet his saber doesn't have a cracked crystal!"
I have no problem RPing DCCU, but I really feel like yo're limiting yourself greatly when it comes to that. As far as like, general knowledge pertaining to DC comics, you are literally using an internet connection right now. When in doubt, google, my friend. However, if you're still deadset on Cinematic Universe only, I am willing to set something up for us. Or, at the very least, run some ideas past you. Just remember, Cinematic Universe means Affleck-Batman.
Oh, God. Did you just tag me in a forum post? Jesus I feel old.
So, I see there was a bit of a server wipe or something here not that long ago. I was a member before that, but as it does---- life got in the way and I was unable to keep popping in as often as I once had. Maybe it had to do with lack of interest, too.. I can't really say. Either way, I find myself with all this free time now (aka recently single) (aka freed from her wicked clutches lolol) and wanting to dive back into some passion projects. I have studied creative writing and journalism, so I like to think of myself as quite a decent writer and I'll probably be perusing any new RPs that have been posted. If anybody has any suggestions, I would love to look into something around the mid-high level range. If it isn't a challenge, there is no fun in it for me. Anyway, I'm here and this is my introduction. I look forward to making you all cower. Toodles!
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