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Jill drank slowly from her ale. It was one of the only somewhat decent drinks in her opinion. Some drinks in the bar were just nasty and others so strong it would wake the dead. Her eyes went over the others sitting at the bar, some of them looked like they didn't even taste what they were drinking anymore. Taking another gulp she contemplated on her next move. If she could acquire the working hydro-flux capacitor than maybe she could trade it for a decent power cell. The only problem was the guy that had one according to the bartender wasn't someone she felt comfortable going alone too. Sure she could fight and she could shoot her lasergun but still, sometimes it was better to avoid problems and a woman alone often could find herself in trouble no matter how strong or smart she was.

Her gaze went over the drinkers, maybe she should hire one of these guys to help her. Not that she had much to give but it could be enough for the ones coming in here and drinking their sorrows away. Her eyes rested on a guy in a corner booth, Jill was sure she had seen him before. Always drinking but keeping to himself and not starting problems. She couldn't help wondering if one day she would sit there doing the same, not a lot seemed to be able to get off this forsaken pile of junk and some seemed to have given up. That was a depressing thought.
Recruiting from a bunch of drunks wasn't ideal and definitely not her first choice but she didn't trust a lot of her contacts anyway, too often had they tried to rip her off. At least her boss was somewhat decent but he didn't pay a lot, she didn't get more than a roof over her head, one meal after working hours and some pocket money from him.

Jill got up and walked through the bar. She stopped at some tables and asked if any was interested in going with her to collect a part but most dismissed her or suggested other ways to spend the day. Jill hesitated when she came closer to the booth with the man that looked like an absolute mess and her idea of hiring someone from here became a worse and worse idea. Nevertheless, she was there now and she might as well ask. She could only regret it later.
"Care to help me out?" she asked him, already bracing herself for possible suggestive remarks or blunt rejections.
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Jillian Bosson walked briskly down the street. Her vibrant red hair bounced with every step, reminding Jill that she really should wear it in a ponytail more often. Evading puddles and rubble she made her way to the bristling centre of whatever the locals called this collection of buildings. Disgusted she kicked rusted and dented bucket out of the way and the clattering scared away some local rodents. Some especially nasty specimens as far as she could see.
Vexxith, people weren't kidding when terms like junk planet and lowest of low hideout were used to describe the planet. Those people had been generous in her opinion.
Vexxith had started as a promising dream but had soon turned in a living nightmare and she had no one to blame but herself.

Jill made her way to what passed as a bar around here. No matter how far in the galaxy one would go or how abandoned the planet was, everywhere you could find a bar, a place where people went to drink away their sorrow, wallow in self-pity and spend more than they should.
If she was honest this bar wasn't the worst she had seen but it definitely mirrored the hard life that was being lived here. The building had seen better days but structural it was still sound. Some busted lights and flickering screens gave away there was some way overdue maintenance needing to happen and some panels were only partly fixed but at least it kept the wind and rain out.

The doors slid open and a grumpy looking bouncer eyed her suspiciously but Jill chose to ignore him. She made her way to the bar and sat on a barstool. She slid a coin to the bartender "One Ger'opp Ale please," Jill said while she let her eyes wander through the dimly lit room. More or less the normal clientele as far as she could see. Some addicts, some gang members, some corrupt security, some criminals and some poor working-class residents. The sound of the metal cup being placed in front of her brought her attention back to the bartender. She didn't know what species he was but he definitely wasn't of human descent like she was herself. "I'm looking for a hydro-flux capacitor," she informed the bartender. "A working one this time," Jill added after sliding another coin to the bartender. He took the coin and shrugged. He scribbled a name down and handed it to her.
A close-by patron chuckled and Jill shot him a glare. She contemplated if it would be worth it to stop the particular individual from chuckling any further but in the corner of her eye she saw the bouncer closing in and with a sigh she let it go.

It wasn't easy to even get by on Vexxith, let alone make enough to get off the junk planet.
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"I think Marigold will like this colour," Faber said. He looked at the doors and the blurred glass door. Faber was pleased to see the doors were in good shape. If Ash would still accept the offer it was more than a fair deal for his daughter. They would have to start saving again for Rose but they still had a couple of years before Rose could get her gift. He could already picture Marigold here.
Vivianne admired the glass sliding door. "How pretty that is!" she exclaimed. She tried the door and was surprised how easy it slid open. "How ingenious! I would love a sliding door."
Faber sighed and shook his head smiling. "Dear me, dear me, the light of my life requests so I must comply."
Vivianne beamed and patted Faber on his arm. "As you should darling." They both chuckled.

Marigold followed the bird, curious to where it would lead her. She was surprised to enter a clearing and to see the lake. She went closer to the lake and stood on the shore of the lake. Looking around she noticed the bright and vibrant colours. She smiled happily, this was a beautiful spot. The sounds of the birds were welcoming after the silence from earlier. Marigold couldn't help but wondering how cold the water would be. Glancing upward she tried to determine how much time had passed and she was sure she could take a little break to enjoy the scenery.

Orange eyes! Whoever lived here was either not completely human or under the influence of something magical. It were the only to things she could think off before her attention was drawn to the opening of the locks.
Hazel raised her eyebrow as she counted the amount of locks opening. She could only applaud to the precautionary measures taken. Her life in the Secret Service had taught her that one couldn't be careful enough. Accidents and 'accidents' could easily happen.
She wondered what she would find inside but she was intrigued.
Jill nodded before Derek took off. The trip back was over before she knew it. It most definitely was quicker than the hike on foot.
"Thanks," she said. Jill gave a slight nod to Derek and to Althea before heading inside to make the preparation to take off as soon as possible. Once they were up and away she would check on Ash. Jill was worried about her dear friend. She drummed with her fingers on the pilot console, thinking. With a slight hesitation, she entered some coordinations with the control panel.

Althea nodded at Alice before she returned a nod to Jill and nodded to Derek in greeting. She looked at Derek and she looked at a screen nearby when he asked how many were still out. "Three are.." Althea started but then Ricki passed her. "Two are still outside, Alan and Gnol. Alan summoned his hoverboard though so they'll be here shortly." The tall, feathered woman turned her attention back to Derek. "I'm waiting here just in case but I don't expect any trouble."

Alan and Gnol went outside again. Alan shuddered slightly as he felt the effects of the dying planet. His Elf side weeped inside for the loss of nature's energy. Gnol was solemnly silent for a bit before he nudged Alan. "Let's go. I hope you know how to operate that thing."
Alan grinned. "Only one way to find out, right?" Gnol rolled his eyes. Alan glanced at Gnol. "Or we could call one of the winged crew members to fetch you and get flown to the ship if you prefer not to join me on my hoverboard."
Gnol muttered under his breath. "Let's just go, Pointy-Ears." he grumbled.
Alan's hand started to get up to his perfectly round ears but before he reached it he dropped his hand again and shrugged. He started the hoverboard and he and Gnol stepped on it. After adjusting to the weight Alan fired up the hoverboard and they quickly went back to the ship. Once there they jumped off and quickly got on board.
Althea closed the hatch door and looked at Alan. "I'll be in my co-pilot seat."
Alan nodded. "Yes Ma'am," he said mockingly.
Althea tilted her head and blinked a couple of times before turning and walking away.
Alan sighed and shrugged. "Guess I'll be in my pilot seat too."
Gnol chuckled. "So it seems lad." Gnol brought their stuff to the common room.

Jill left the cockpit after she sent a quick message to Althea. She walked towards Ash their quarters. At least she hoped this Fer'a brought Ash to their room. After a slight hesitation, she pressed the chime next to the door. Jill hoped Ash was alright and not gotten worse.

Sarah looked up when she heard the whistle. "Rapier." she sighed, relieved the pokemon had found them before she was following, what she hoped was, the same direction as Regan was going. "Regan fell down a hole and is in some sort of tunnel. She is fine and we are going to follow the same direction and hopefully, we'll meet up soon." Sarah pointed in the direction they were going, they would have to leave the pokemon-made path they were following now but they could return here if needed. "If you fly you might see an irregularity on the surface, like something pushed up some ground. A narrow line. Maybe you can find the end of the tunnel." At least Sarah hoped it would have a clear end and not disappear in a network or tunnels and caves. There had to be a reason Regan decided on that direction. "Let's go find Regan." she said to Rapier.

Sarah dug up a map and marked her location and way she was going. That hole should be reported and the tunnel investigated to see if it had more instable spots. But that wasn't her field, she could only tell others her observations but not do anything about it. She looked at the map and the general direction of the line, if it wouldn't make a turn somewhere, seemed to be heading to a large rock formation that was known to have some cave entrances. "Lets follow Gira." she said to her pokemon. Sarah put Weedle on her shoulder and Saur walked besides her. Gira wasn't the strongest in psychic powers but Abra was. She hoped Gira could at least pickup some vibes or something.

Gira kept going in the direction Sarah had pointed out. She looked back often and was glad when Sarah was starting to follo too. Gira felt sure that Abra and the Ranger were close.

"Great to hear that! Happy you are fine." she replied. She listened to the trainers talk a bit. "How was the battle? Must have been tough." That the bigger Absol didn't seem much of a talker didn't stop Mareep from striking up a conversation.

"A pokemon can do that when evolving?" Gabe had never heard of Ninjask and Nincada before, he didn't know anything about Hoenn either, other than that it was one of the regions to battle in. Maybe he should start to travel again one day. But ith some friends this time and not alone.
He was glad Bakuto wanted to go on his shortcut. It was even better when the Absol deemed the short cut worthy of trying out. "Great! You won't regret it!" The tree wasn't that far off luckily.
Mareep glanced at Gabe, she knew what short cut he meant. And technically it could be seen as a short cut. But she was positive Gabe knew what he was doing this time. Humans seemed to learn from mistakes.

Gabe lead them to the tree he mentioned and went left as he had said, the big boulder was a bit away. "What kind of pokemon are you looking for on the rocky area? I saw a Larvitar once. A friend of mine said he saw a Gible. Onix are around here. One big one but that one is very elusive and the island people don't like it getting caught." Gabe was thinking which one he missed.
"There are also cute little Shuckle" Mareep said to Absol. "I love watching them scurrying for berries."

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