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Gabe scrambled to his feet as the Rattata hit the tree but only to see it disappear in the bushes. "Aw, it's gone now." Mareep stuck her head in the bushes it dove into. "What do you think was wrong with the little dude?" he asked Bakuto. Mareep moved forward into the bushes to try and spot the pokemon.

He turned in the direction of the voice and he jumped back as the Misdreavus stared at them. "That has to be a caught pokemon, I never seen one of those before so I'm sure they aren't in the wild here. I guess the Ratatta belongs to whoever has this one in the team."
Mareep stepped back, shaking off some twigs and leafs, before she turned to Misdreavus. "Rattata dove in these bushes, she informed the floating pokemon. "Poor thing ran into a tree after it tried to tackle my trainer."
I vote for @kassarock's entry. It wasn't an easy decision (and I really enjoyed the other two entries too)

Faber smiled, "Yes I would very much like to go through with it. I think it is perfect. I send Marigold for some herb picking and it usually doesn't take her too long so I don't want risk her catching me and ruining the surprise." Faber put down a little silver chest he pulled from a bag. "I have the agreed-upon price in here, the chest is an appreciation gift," he said. "Moving can be quite tedious so take as long as you need if you need to. I don't want to rush you."
Vivianne sauntered a bit before returning. "How lovely, I like how the garden stretches all the way to the forest," she exclaimed.

Marigold was astonished and couldn't say a word as her eyes locked on to the Ki-rin, something she had only seen pictures off.
Strengthened by the presence she densed more light around her but also around her stick, making it a better weapon. She held it like a bo-staff and bent her knees slightly to have a better balance. Her hands gripped the branch firmly as she waited for the beast to make a move. She didn't feel confident enough to charge but she would defend herself.
Her raven, Two-Feathers, flew back to Faber's house but when he didn't see anyone there he started to circle Silver Haven, in the hopes to find Hunter to warn him a beast was threatening Marigold.

"No apologies needed," Hazel assured him. She would probably have greeted a stranger the same way, if not worse.
Inwardly sighing Hazel looked at Ali, "Hello Ali, I'm Hazel. I'm accompanying April today." she said politely. "I hope you don't mind, we're here to see our mother."
She glanced at April, hoping she could take the attention back to her or something.
Jill smiled briefly when she heard Seb. "Seb," she said gratefully. "All I know is 'recuperating and stable' I was hoping you would be able to tell me how he is. I only know some first aid but this," she gestured towards Ash and Fer'a, "is way out of my league, especially with magic involved. I don't know anything about magic let alone injuries caused by magic one way or another."
Jill looked again and noticed Ash's hand resting against Fer'a. "He moved his hand! That's a good sign right?"

Gnol kept an eye on the door, hoping to see Avia soon. When the door opened he almost jumped up but when Alan entered he slumped back.
He didn't feel like conversing with Alan but there wasn't anyone else to talk too, besides Valour, but striking up a conversation with a dog was still a bit weird. "So, where are we heading?" he asked the pilot.
Alan took a glass of water and sat down with Gnol. "the Floau system, Ty'rop."
Gnol looked surprised. "Ty'rop? What are we going to do there?"
Alan shrugged, "Beats me but Althea said to just follow the direction unquestioned. I hope the captain will tell us later. Do you know anything about Ty'rop?"
Gnol sat back. "Not much, not many expeditions go there. No humanoid life has ever formed there. Hostile place although not overly dangerous. In one of the asteroid mines, I worked in there were some workers joking about how Ty'rops rocks tasted better than the stew they served us and how they were easier to chew as well."
Alan chuckled, "good to know that if we get stranded there we won't starve at least."

Treghor looked through the logs and noticed the destination, he tilted his head and started searching for anything he could find about the system and the planet, intrigued as he hadn't heard of the planet before.
Duncan didn't really pay attention to the conversation behind him, he was looking ahead and kept his focus on the path. With Trevor watching their back he didn't have to divide his attention as he trusted the man's capabilities. He wasn't expecting assassins behind every tree but it would be for the best to remain as undetected as possible for as long as possible. For as far that was possible ith hordes and a big dragon.
The forest was silent but not in a way that made his gut twist in anticipation. It could have been pleasant if the quest wasn't serious. He couldn't completely let his guard down and just enjoy the ride.

Gnol nodded. "The truth is always good. Now we just have to work on how you are going to say it. Like your tone, the way you stand. Be fierce, be confident, be proud. Say it loud and in full confidence with your head held high and the look the Darven king right in the eyes. Mind you, he'll try to stare you down. Don't give in, return his stare and keep your face even." Gnol glanced at Trevor. "Maybe you can practice with Trevor, anyone who can survive his death stare can make it through a meeting with the Dwarven King."

Alan looked from Rai and her dragon to Ricki and her dragon. "Wasn't Mercury injured? I wouldn't want to strain him. But five adults and two small but highly active dragons seems like it is a bit much to carry for two dragons. If we'd have two massive dragons like the red and orange ones I might feel more comfortable sharing dragons. My Dragon can hardly fly and doesn't know how to sit still either."
"I can fly, didn't you see me earlier? I can fly anywhere I want!" Alan glanced at Terasivas, "You can't fly for very long yet and you definitely can't carry me.
Alan watched the three riders who were going on their mission. "I think with them already flying that they will draw all the attention to them if we go flying as well the eyes looking at the sky will also turn to us. Perhaps it is safer under the seclusion of the canopy, for now, so we won't have hunters or spies reporting two groups of dragons taking off in different directions."
Alan looked at his clothes. "Besides, I think I need some better clothes to fly, the wind blows right through these and I'd hate to get sick because of flying through the cold air."

Crreessa looked at Seb. "Wow, you must have been thinking like really hard then judging by the way you were starring, hope you didn't hurt yourself," she mockingly. "Come, hop on, float on or whatever, RedClaws can carry you too. You're tall but skinny enough. Let's save your energy for your thinking." Creessa waited till the other riders had taken off before she followed. RedClaws could adjust his speed better in the back then in the front or middle.
Sarah nodded, it was sensible advice. It would be foolish to rush to the hole to take a picture. She saw her Weedle going closer but he was still in the range of her pokeball to call him back she assumed so she let him be.

Weedle shrieked and wriggled but the grip was too firm. The ground got further away and his trainer got smaller and smaller. The words Rapier spoke barely got through. He had felt safer on the ground. Although slowly Weedle started to feel exhilarated soaring in the sky like this. If only he could fly all by himself.

Sarah stepped a step forward when Rapier picked Weedle but when Regan said to keep distance she stepped back again, feeling the ground shake indeed. Regan had seen it too and didn't intervene so she decided to trust Rapier with this for now.
"Saur, pay attention. This is a potentially dangerous situation and you need to be on guard, ready to strike," she said to her Bulbasaur.
Saur nodded, looking at the ground, trying to pinpoint where the Onix was.

When the Onix emerged Sarah turned her face away and raised her arm to shield. Thankfully Regan could swat away one of the projectiles.
Sarah stared at the Onix for a bit until Saur nudged her. "Saur, if he strikes use vinewhip. If Onix sends more projectiles also use vine whip to try and keep us safe. She raised her pokedex and it's metallic voice rambled on about the Onix. Sarah snapped a picture and added a comment to it. She glanced behind them and was happy to see Weedle safe and sound on the ground again. "Are you ok?" Weedle nodded, "Use string shot to slow Onix down when he moves towards us. We will not engage if he doesn't."
Duncan led the way, making sure the very big dragon could also follow the path they were going. He glanced back once but when he noticed Trevor watching Noble he could focus on what was ahead, knowing Trevor was a skilled man who could watch Noble well. Duncan wasn't really expecting trouble here in the forest and it was no use to try and go through the forest with horses and dragons. He thought he saw large wolf through the trees but the shadow was gone too soon to be sure. It could explain his horse being a little skittish the scent of wolfs on top of dragons nearby.
"I know a place we can stay the night if we want to avoid the roads and villages," he said. "A family that lives in the forest a bit away from the roads." He looked to see if the others agreed, it was still a good while till it would be night but planning ahead was always wise and it wasn't much of a detour.

Gnol raised his eyebrow when Noble let him go first. "Sure, don't blame me if my horse farts though, they stink and you don't want to be behind him when he does, I can tell you that." Gnol wasn't completely at ease with having the King behind, it seemed safer for noble to be in the middle of the group, but he figured the dragon was good enough of a guard and quick enough to respond when needed. "Tell me Noble, have you thought about what you are going to tell and how you are going to word it when we reach the Dwarves?"

Terasivas beamed at Linda's compliment. "You heard that Alan? I'm big, strong cute and my roar is impressive!" Alan sighed. "Oh boy..." Alan turned his attention to Rai. He doubted if he should remark that bigger didn't automatically mean one would be a better leader but it wouldn't harm anyone if the biggest would lead for now. "I follow your lead, my lady," he said with a graceful bow. He looked at his dragon. "You ready?" The little green dragon nodded enthusiastically, "you bet!"
He walked up to Mikhal. "So, how difficult is it to befriend one of Linda's kind?" he asked interested.

Crreessa bared her teeth. "I like that plan, we are a distraction and fight anyone stupid enough to come for us." RedClaws nodded in agreement. "I have to say, I am kinda curious to see the Order. My brother always was very vague about it, mostly to tease me. It would be nice to walk where he walked and see it for myself." Her eyes drifted to Seb. "You are floating? You can fly on your own without a dragon?!"
Sarah watched Rapier closely, curious to see how the move would look when this pokemon would preform it. She could hardly believe the flying-type was able to manage a rock like that with his talons. Impressed she witnessed the move being performed. The falcons' cry made Weedle flinch and Sarah petted him reassuringly. "Don't worry, you're a tough Weedle and I will protect you." Weedle nodded but looked sideways at Rapier. The sound that followed the crash was loud and Sarah could only imagine how much louder it must have sounded under the ground. She hurried to the obstacle to see if Rapier was alright and it had been as effective as it sounded.

Abra woke up briefly from impact and crushing sound, he heard Regan ask if he could hold on and he nodded before dozing off again while holding on to Regan. Abra noticed subconsciously he was put down on the ground.

Sarah sighed in relief when she saw Regan's head popping up from the hole Rapier made. She picked up her Abra, hugged him and recalled him to his pokeball. "Thank you," she said as she offered her hand to help Regan. Saur extended a vine as well to assist Regan.
"The Onix is there and coming closer?" She asked after she heard the roar and Regans remark. "I should register him on my pokedex for the professor," she said looking at the hole, thinking she could take a quick look, scan and go back again. "Did you see anything else down there?"
Weedle jumped down and made his way to the hole to peek down curiously at what an Onix was.
Recuperating and stable sounded alright, for now anyway. Jill nodded towards Avia. "Yes, I'll be there soon too," she said distractedly. Her eyes darted back to Fer'a and Ash. She was worried, more then she wanted to admit. What she really wanted was to pull up a chair and sit right there, waiting, for Ash to wake up. But she couldn't, she couldn't stay away from her duties and responsibilities. She had a whole crew to look after, not just one person. And others in her crew were better for this task than she was.
"Thank you Fer'a." she said. This creature was weird and more alien to her then most other species she had encountered. Although technically it wasn't alien, it was magical which was even hard to grasp. Jill was thankful that Ash seemed safe but she wasn't sure and the uncertainty was at least as bad as the worry. "I hope you don't mind if I contact our doctor to take a look as well?" she asked as she sent a message to Seb to come to check up on Ash and give an opinion if he was able.

"Valour." Gnol greeted him with a nod. "I reckon we're not going to see much of the little one with a wolf in labour or puppies to take care off." Gnol walked over to a refrigerating unit to grab a fresh, non-alcoholic drink. He planned to do some more work later after the next meal so he needed his head clear. He sauntered to panel and checked some data from the systems briefly. Since there were no errors logged he went to sit down again.

Althea looked at Alan. "So we are heading to the Floau system, our destination is a third-grade planet called Ty'rop. less than ideal conditions for most humanoids but not deadly with proper equipment. The charts show a clear path, if you want you can go eat first while I'll take the first watch. Alan nodded, puzzled why the Captain wanted to go to Ty'rop. "Why do you think we are going there?" he asked. Althea tilted her head. "It is not our place to question our captain's motives. There is no immediate threat to the ship or the crew so we are to trust her judgement. I'm positive Jillian has a perfectly good reason to want to go there and she will inform us in good time until then you just follow your orders." Alan shrugged and left, he didn't like it. He wasn't used to blindly follow orders and he thought that their captain wasn't too rigid in crew hierarchy. A bit sulky he started going towards the common room.

Treghor felt down by the destruction of the planet life he had witnessed earlier. It wasn't something that could b explained through science nd it bugged him on top of feeling down for the loss of life on that planet. "But perfect study material." he mused. Perhaps he could ask Ash later about how it works, if there was a scientific explanation to the magic factor.
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