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Jill grinned when Fer'a said to coil around Ash to keep them to the bed. She started to like the weird magic-creature thing.

"We won, it only cost all the life on the planet." Jill said with a short humourless chuckle.
At least Ash was starting to sound more like themself.

She wasn't prepared for Ash asking for a hug. She wasn't sure if she should, if she could. Could she cross the professional border and could she keep professional distance if she would.
Jill was too reliefed that Ash was fine to not give a hug. She leaned in to give a hug. "I'm glad you are alright Ash, don't scare me like that again," she whispered before she straightend again.

It was time she'd check on the rest of the crew.

Treghor looked genuinly confused when Alice spoke about eating. Slowly the alien concept of 'eating' made form in his head and he realised he should indeed eat soon. He was starting to get hungry and regular meals were improtant.

But when Alice asked about what he was doing he shoved it back to a corner of his mind again and looked around. He didn't know what to show first and he walked from pile to pile. "W-well, eh," he stopped shortly by the data from the rpobe he send into the solar wind wave. Than he started reaching for a specimen he took from the planet they just left, but he recalled the information about the planet they were heading too and walked over there instead. "Well, I-I've been looking up eh information about our next destination. Y-you know, the m-moons there are much more interesting than the planet." He started to get enthusiast and began a disquisition about mineral depostis and geological formations, not stammering once while he was talking about the subjects he loves.

Althea stretched her wings as far as she could before she got up and walked up and down for a bit. While the auto-pilot was working she knew Jillian preffered someone being close to the console just incase an emergency would emerge.

She opened a Comlink with the kitchen,. "Avia are you there?"

Alan was too swift on his feet for Gnol to be able to land many blows but Gnol on the other hand often could easily duck and roll away. His blows were a lot harder than Alan's, resulting in Alan being pushed back significantly when they hit.
Neither of them was willing to give in slowly their training started to get more serious.
"I'm ready," she said, she wanted to stroke Hunter's back but she refrained from doing it. It was a familiarity she didn't want to give in to yet. Afterall Hunter still was a practical stranger if she'd look at it objectively. Subjectively it felt like she knew him forever. How could it be that every time he was near her she turned to him like a sunflower turned to the sun. On the way back to the village Marigold was lost in her thoughts. Instictively she held on as she wasn't really paying attention to her surroundings nor her riding on wolfback.

The red daze of bloodlust slowly subsided as April's words came through. It had been a while since she got carried away like that.
Hazel transformed back to her human shape. "I'm calm," she stated before she looked for a place to sit. Her inner harpy was still stirring but more subdued. With interest she followed April's movement. "Will it take effect right away or will it be slow process that takes regular doses of the potion?"
Marigold smiled gratefully because of the kind words of everyone. It made her feel better instantly.
She reached with her hand to spot but couldn't feel anything, of course, but the remnants of the little burning sensation.
"Thank you Gaia," Marigold whispered emotionally.

Marigold would lie if she said she wasn't excited to ride on wolf back again. The anticipation already sent a familiar shiver of excitement down her spine.
"Drop me off near the edge, I'll walk the rest," she said as she climbed on, more nimble every time. She was starting to get good at climbing on Hunters back and make herself comfortable enough.

She was glad that the satchel had survived the running and all and she didn't lose her ingredients. Staying away for that long and return empty-handed would raise some serious questions.

Hazel took the knife and placed herself in the ideal position. She glanced at Fay, "Don't worry, it's a sharp knife, April will hardly feel a thing." As she spoke she quickly went over the soft flesh, making the cut deep enough to bleed lightly but not making too deep of a wound.

"Harpy dander coming up," Hazel said just before she transformed to the full harpy. With a loud cry, she shook herself vigorously. Her eyes rested on Fay and her blood started to boil. She was ready to find that witch and shred her with her talons. It took all of her human side to keep her more feral, harpy side under control and stay put.

"Anything else you need?" Like the heart of the witch, the liver of her daughters or her daughter's daughters Hazel put a stop to the train of thoughts that was dragging her focus away from the here and now.
Jillian felt a weight being dropped off her shoulders when she saw Ash awake, so relieved she almost giggled as she heard Ash talking like a drunk. That was so unlike Ash, she didn't believe she ever saw him drunk, but she could contain herself suppress her amusement to focus on the severity of the situation, Ash was still recovering and not drunk, even though it seemingly looked like it. She knew fatigue could look the same.

"Thank you Fer'a," she said before she walked to Ash and knelt down. "Ash, I'm glad you're awake but you should rest a bit more. You're no good to anyone if you don't take your time to heal. Captains orders are to rest, eat and get well before assuming any of your duties. And if you don't listen to me I'll have Seb give likewise doctor's orders." she said kindly but firm.

she glanced at Fer'a, "Good luck letting him rest."

Gnol and Alan went to the practice room and grabbed some protective clothes and took some blunted weapons. Circling each other, makes some fake moves and testing each other they practised with a few weapons

Treghor fell off his chair, startled, as he heard the unexpected knock on the door. He opened the door and saw Alice. "Y-yes?" he asked "C-come i-in" he added politely. He hurried back to his desk and tried to quickly organise the mess of papers, pads and equipment lying scattered around. "Eh, let me grab you a chair." he brushed off some books from the nearest chair and pulled it back a bit.
"W-w-what can I d-do for you?"
Sarah nodded as she also heard the Fearow, "Must have been Rapier, he was going after Fearow."

She was glad Regan asked about Stairway Shelter, so they wouldn't have to leave right away.
"No, it's a pretty shallow cave, if one can call it that at all. If you stand in front of it you can somewhat make out the shape of a stairway. I suppose it was more prominent in the past and that erosion played its part. But still, if you stand at the right distance, squint and turn your head sideways you can still see it. Old names of places don't die around here and it can be confusing to people not native to these islands when islanders give direction using landmark names that are hardly recognisable."

She smiled, "I'm very grateful you came along, I would have a serious problem with the flock of Spearow on my own, let alone that Fearow." Sarah opened her backpack and grabbed two small bottles of water and handed one to Regan.
"We saw the Onix, registered as asked. We don't know where it went and it would be looking for a needle in a haystack again, I doubt we'll be lucky enough to stumble across it twice in one day." Her eyes started twinkling amused, "if you didn't scare Onix off with berating it like that."

Sarah drank her water as all the running had made her extremely thirsty. "I'd like to go back, with that cave-in earlier I think it's best to let some of the lab take a look at tunnels first and look for more geological hazards, besides."

Sarah put her backpack on her back again and walked to Gira. "Everything alright here?" Gira nodded.
"We're going back, lead the way Gira and keep an eye on any wild pokemon ahead of us. We're taking the shortest way but we're going to avoid the forest. I really don't want to deal with a group of Spinarak as well."
Tristan held his daughter and listened to Trevor and Noble trying to take her fright away. The girl looked up to Trevor with big eyes. "Really?" she asked impressed, that a man could fight that big dragon meant he was way stronger than her brothers. When Noble said some were the size of ponies she nearly squealed "Really?!" Tristan sighed and rolled his eyes, she'd be asking for a pony-sized dragon for her next birthday now.

"A mission, right. Of course, Duncan would find himself a mission." Tristan said with a shake of his head.

Duncan sat down at the table and leaned back casually. "Noble over here is only forgetting a small detail, he kind of is the rightful heir to the throne."

Tristan was baffled and looked from Duncan to Noble and back. "He's what?"

"Your future King, Tristan." Duncan specified more clearly. "At least once we kick the current one of the throne of course. And we need the help of Dwarves and Dragons to do that. So that is our quest, we formed three groups, a couple of riders went to their headquarters, another group went to the Dragon Sanctuary.

"There are still Riders?" Tristan asked.

Duncan nodded while Tristan processed what this meant and he turned to the others. "We can trust Tristan, he used to be my squire. He always had my back. In fact, he still has my back by taking care of one of the most important things in the world for me."

The door to the living opened and a woman came in to retrieve the girl, two boys looked curiously at the strangers.
"I can kill a dragon too," said the oldest before his mother could stop him, he walked to the table. "Right father?" He wasn't looking at Tristan.

Duncan turned his head, grinned and went with his hand through the boy's hair. "You bet, with a hand tied behind your back."

Gnol raised his eyebrows before he hummed in his beard. "Well, well. Your squire is worth his weight in gold, your parents must have been thrilled Duncan."

"Enormously," Duncan replied dryly before he greeted Nelly with a kiss on her cheek. "You'll have us for the night, right Nelly?" he asked.

She smiled and nodded. "We don't have many rooms in the house but we can make sure you'll be comfortable in the living room or if you prefer the hayloft you can sleep there too. I'll have to kick you all out of the kitchen to make a meal in a bit though. Tristan, go to the cellar and bring up a small barrel, I'm sure our guests are thirsty."

Before Noble, she curtsied, "Your Highness."

Alan couldn't do much and kept an eye on his dragon. His dragon, he still couldn't believe it. Yet here he was, running around Ark's paws and chasing his tail. He helped Mikhal collecting some wood for a fire.

He watched Ricki as she crouched down to take off and stopped what he was doing, impressed by her flying. When her wing faltered and she crashed down, he threw down what he was holding and rushed over. "Ricki! Are you alright?" He glanced over her body, to see if there were any obvious injuries. He reached to help her up. "Perhaps you need some of that paste too, you think it would work on your wing too?" he asked.

Terasivas got tired running in circles and went over to Meria as she had said something about welling up water and he sure was thirsty now.

Crreessa grinned, she liked the energy of this one and she could kick butt so that spoke to her advantage too. she couldn't help wondering what her brother would have thought of her, he must have liked her.

RedClaws bowed his head slightly. "Thank you, Kela, if it wasn't for Crreessa I wouldn't have returned. She is his sister. It's as much her loss as mine. We bonded." RedClaws felt the pain of the loss of his first rider strengthen again. The bond with Crreessa helped but still, a part of him would always be missing.

Crreessa felt RedClaws pain, as well as her own, They both had that missing piece that couldn't be completely filled by their bond but it wasn't as gaping anymore.
She distracted herself by looking at who spoke up. A certain Destiny this time, it sure was a day of happy reunitings.
Thursdays, only thursdays
Gnol sauntered from the paddock to the back door. It was open and in the kitchen the man sat at the table, a pint in one hand and his other hand lying on his lap, out of sight, a female voice and children voices could be heard from a room closeby.
"Thank you for welcoming us into your house." Gnol said with a small bow. The man returned it with a slight nod.
"I'm Gnol, Those two gentlemen are Trevor and Noble." Gnol introduced them.

"I'm Tristan," he replied curtly. Gnols eyes went towards a closed door when he heard the voices again. "My wife and kids." Tristan said in answer to the unspoken question.
"So what brings you here?" Tristan gestured to the empty chairs. "Take a seat and do tell me." He examined Noble and Trevor. He dismissed Noble as an immediate threat but Trevor could be a problem.

"Well...Duncan..." Gnol started, not sure where to begin and what he could tell. He then heard a familiar whinnying outside. "Speaking of the devil." Gnol said with a wink.

Duncan put his horse in the paddock and walked to the kitchen. "Tristan, good to see you. How are you? How's Nelly?"

Tristan got up and put the dagger he was holding on the cupboard and grabbed Duncan's wrist. "Good thing you at least gave them something to let me know those people are your friends." Duncan chuckled and was about to reply as they heard a scream outside.

"Monsters! Dragons!" a little girl's voice shrieked as she ran inside, throwing herself against Tristan, sobbing. Tristan looked from Duncan to Trevor and Noble, "What have you brought on my doorstep?" he asked almost angry.

Alan listened to Meria as she located the water. "I wish I could do that," he sighed. "It would have made my life so much easier."
He turned back to Ricki. "Linda will be back so soon, I'm sure."

Terasivas scrambled down and started investigating. Sniffing at leaves, chasing his tail and running circles around Ark.

When Rachel stated Damien was getting rusty the corners of Crreessa's mouth started twitching again. She had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep herself from laughing again.

"Pleasure to meet you Kela. I'm Crreessa, also not exactly human." Kela seemed like a cool female, she wondered if she also knew her brother and what her brother thought of her.

RedClaws shook his head when Orian smacked Ram, such silliness was beyond him. "Ram'' RedClaws greeted the other dragon.
Sarah's side began to ache and her breath came in short pants. Gira was waiting patiently and watched her trainer reach the shelter.
It took the trainer a bit to catch her breath and she leaned against the wall.
"Welcome in the Stairway Shelter." she managed to squeeze out. "Gira, watch for the Spearow."
Girafarig placed herself more towards the edge and watched the swarm. It looked liked they weren't regrouping to follow. It seemed like without the Fearow to follow they stayed behind.
"We shouldn't stay here too long, if the spearow stay away we could sneak off and head back."

Gabe stopped as he saw Rapier fly over his head looking, and spotting, the Fearow. "Awesome!" he stopped to watch until Mareep nudged him, urging him to go on. "Right, lets not wait."
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