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Duncan looked around and rubbed his hands pleased, everyone seemed to have made a decision. "Great! That's solved. I'd say lets not waste precious daylight."
Duncan turned to the Hermit. "Thank you for letting us stay here and enjoy your hospitality. You helped us a great deal. Do you need some more help with something before we leave?"

Crreessa glanced at RedClaws. "should we go with Rachel and Damien or Duncan and Noble?. Both might lead closer to capitol." Crressa wished she could travel with Rai but she was going too far from her destination.
RedClaws examined everyone. "Going with Damien would have the benefit of learning sone things but we might get sucked back into the order. Going with Noble and Duncan will probably be a detour but easier to split off from."

Alan grinned happily. "See? The young,cool squad. We have the young bard too." Alan was completely unphased by Trevor's glare. Alan chuckled after Ricki spoke. "You are still a better rider combo than me and Terasivas." He said with a wink.

Gnol looked at Mikhal disappointrd. "Sorry to hear that young bard, I would have loved to sing songs by the campfire at night. But I understand, for humans the dragon sanctuary is something extraordinary and an opportunity you cannot pass." Gnol grinned.
"I will give your regards to Ebkor and I hope our paths cross again."
Sarah watched the interaction with Rapier and the ranger. She smiled amused when Regan launched her pokemon. It showed her the bond between them. The ranger was quickly rising in her esteem and seemed to be an enjoyable travel partner. She enjoyed being out and walking in the nature.

Rapier was flying ahead now and Sarah nodded when Regan suggested to follow him.

Regan started talking and Sarah glanced in her direction a few times. Her lips curled up in an amused smile when the last question was asked. "What path?" Sarah looked downwards. "This one I'd say." Sarah grinned before she looked ahead again. "I'm not a typical trainer no. Even though I did walk that path briefly. I even picked up a pokemon in the lab Kanto and did two gyms there. But I am a student now. I study to become a pokemon researcher." Sarah paused. "I love pokemon and I realised that there is still so much to discover, so much we don't know. And I want to part of that." She looked at the other female again. "What made you decide to become a ranger?"
Really back now ^_^

@ouTland01 @AXIS Sorry to make you both wait.
Duncan glanced at Madeline. "Maybe you should, her Majesty could use her friend there amongst the suitors. And I could use your honest opinion about them at the table." he said as he walked on.

When he reached the doors that lead outside towards the herbal garden he opened it and let Lady Madeline go through first. The scents of the herbs greeted them already.

"Let's take a stroll through the garden, a little light walking before dinner is great to get some appetite. Besides, knowing our cook, it'll be an elaborate meal again."

Keith hoped that a signal would be given when dinner was about to ready, something like a horn or whatever. He would hate to miss dinner. But riding and getting to know his fellow suitor was a nice way to spend the time before dinner.
He looked around a bit, to see if Desmond would be outside too but he couldn't spot anyone right now.
Again, Keith thought about how he acted when Nora had introduced herself. "I do want to apologise for my behaviour when you introduced yourself. I can safely say I did not expect that but I could have acted a bit more prince worthy or something."
Sarah nodded and returned the smile. "Ready. Let's go." She followed Regan outside, pleased to see the ranger was well prepared. Sarah looked in the direction they would be going. It wasn't the first time she was going there but she never spotted the Onyx before. There was a path, a direct road and usually kept well enough to travel with ease. "There is a path that leads to the rocky area where the Onyx resides. If we go straight North from here we'll get to the path, maybe an hour away when walking normally, it'll go a little North-East."

Sarah looked at Regan's pokemon, she had seen Rapier before. Even pointed the flying type out to Lorie. But so close she could study the pokemon better. "No, I'm sorry, I haven't seen the Onyx myself yet. It must have a good hiding place so any cave or caverns Rapier could spot would narrow it down. Maybe some of them can be better seen from a different angle then eye-height. Or spot some kind of tracks that are larger then average Onyx make."

Gabe nodded and quickly went to grab a drink and a little bag of assorted nuts. He frowned as he heard the Pokedex and looked worried when Lucian was starting to freak out. "What's up buddy?" he asked, "something wrong? Anything I can do to help?" Gabe couldn't imagine what it could be.

Machop looked up alarmed as he heard the tone. "His sister? Bad news I take it. She contacted him through the dex or something?" Mareep looked with big eyes at Lucian. "Poor guy, We should hurry and hide him away in his house."

@CitrusArms @JrVader
Sarah was sitting on a chair near the window staring outside with her headphones on. This time she had chosen the view near the front desk. The music she was listening too blocked out most other sounds. When she wasn't staring outside she was silently looking at the lady behind the desk. She still didn't know the name of the front desk lady and she didn't care either. Sarah sighed and stared outside again. She had just had her meds and she hoped they wouldn't have any side effects. The music in her ears helped her, it always had. But the annoying messages always came trough.

With another sigh, Sarah lifted one side of the earphones to listen. Great, a horror movie or a cooking lesson. Sarah really just wanted to go to her room or sit somewhere quiet. And some girl, she hadn't known at all, left. Good for her.
But the therapist had urged her to seek contact. To socialise. If she wouldn't go, more therapy sessions would follow for sure and again she would have to explain why she was not seeking any contact.
Maybe she would do the cooking. The therapist had said that if she'd cook herself it might give her more appetite. The little amounts she ate had been concerning the staff. On the other hand, in a movie she could just slip on her earphones and listen with her eyes closed to the music. No one would notice and she wouldn't have to talk to anyone. Sarah shook her head. The cooking thing probably was the smarter thing to do.

Sarah's eyes were drawn to the front desk when one of the other residents slapped her hand on the desk. That was a bit odd. And if Sarah had to be honest it wasn't the only odd thing going on around here but she couldn't put her finger on it.
Sarah got up and followed the other woman, maybe give a word of encouragement. One could become best friend in 6 months.
She glanced towards the clock. Sarah had taken her medication during breakfast at 7 am, which meant somewhere between 9 and 10 the meds should work at their best. Last time she spoke to her doctor about he said he would fix it. But Sarah wasn't so sure.

Sarah stopped when she heard someone talk to Sienna and looked at Sienna. Sienna didn't look well indeed. Sarah hoped it wasn't a stomach bug or the flu going around. "Perhaps some water?" Sarah offered. This should count as being social Sarah wondered what the therapist would see as an adequate level of socialising before she could mind her own business again.
Sarah nodded when professor Maple spoke. She had heard about the Onyx and it had been a pokemon she wanted to see anyway. Hearing it hadn't been seen for a while made her think of the reasons why. "Of course Professor, I'll leave right away," Sarah said before she turned to Regan. She looked at the Ranger as she introduced herself.

Sarah arched her eyebrow when Regan said how lucky she was. Sarah didn't feel particularly lucky to have someone escorting her, but it was probably for the best.
"Very Lucky," Sarah said with a small smile. "I'm Sarah. And if possible I would like to leave right now. Unless you need to buy some supplies at the Pokemart?" She asked Regan.

"Awesome, this way," Gabe said before he turned to lead the way. "My parents aren't home though, they both are working," he said as he walked on. "My house is easy enough to spot, the house has a pond and a massive oak tree in the front yard. And dark green doors with a big door knocker in the shape of a Timburr."

Gabe stopped in front of his parent's house. "This is my place. Make a mental picture so you can find it again," he said with a wink. "Wanna grab a drink inside or go further to your place. It'll be a good walk."

@JrVader @CitrusArms
I'm sorry it took so long but I finally have time again. I had some really busy days.
Yes, sorry. I had a really busy time. Had some issues at home that took time to take care off.
I have time to RP again this afternoon/evening.

@JrVader @CitrusArms I'm really sorry I didn't notify both of you. Will have a post up asap
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