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we dead?

After D-Day blew the breaching charges, it was pretty automatic for Ferrara. During his time in the military, he had been on multiple missions where kicking in the door was necessary, but he had also been through many where silence was deadly. Swift, silent, deadly, was always the way he wanted to do things, this job seemed to be a lot of door kicking.

The perp was on the ground, dazed and bleeding as he cleared the room quickly. Seeing no hostiles and equipped with zipties, Ferrara cleared the perp. First was securing his hands, then instinctively he searched for an S-Vest or other explosives that may be hidden. This sort of training never left you. Clearing the weapon, a Mac-10, he noticed some blood on the ground, wounds were checked and Ferrara left the perp on the ground ready for the next step.

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Looking at D-Day, Ferrara thought, β€œArchetypal Meathead, it’s hard to not miss with a shotgun.” Heaving himself up while the truck skidded to a stop, he hopped out of the back and followed Ramirez, around the front of the vehicle and over the chain link fencing surrounding the property. Local police had already cordoned off the area, not sure if it tipped their hand. Stacking up behind D-Day, then moving closer to the door, when Ramirez quietly asked for the camera. Camera out and sliding the cable under the door, there was a slight click as the screen came to life.

Slowly moving the cable inward, Ferrara saw exposed cinderblock in the low light. Tracking left, very slowly, he could see some metal racks of food products and soda bottles. The left side of the room ended with no door cutout or windows. So far this looked like the perps hadn’t even checked back here. Turning right, again very slowly, a door became visible on the far right inside wall, most likely the way into the stock room. Positioning the camera for a more upward picture, Ferrara saw the door setup and started to relay the info to D-Day, β€œDee, it’s a deadbolt, looks like the door has one large hinge going up from the floor.”

Suddenly the camera flashed, as a light was turned on in the room. Ferrara, ripped the cord from under the door and slowly made a hand signal calling for absolute quiet. Kneeling back down with the machine, he started to slowly slip the camera back under the door. Now basically next to the door was the first perp he’d scene, cigarette in his mouth and a locked and loaded Mac-10 in his hand. Popping up he whispered to the group, β€œOne perp right by the door, I would suggest the C2 for the door. D-Day blows the door, I clear the room. This guy will go down in the blast. Everyone else can stack up on the inner door to the store. Thoughts?”

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@John Table Hey just an FYI usually the breacher, breaches a door and then the point man goes in first as the breacher secures the door, just trying to set it up right.
- The Outer Rim near Gamorr

The Outer Rim is always quiet, especially when Kott was sent on a patrol. No readings from any source in the last two hours, this routine patrol near Gamorr was teetering on boring. The last few months his superiors had been torturing him with monotonous single fighter patrols. This was strictly punishment for his actions four months ago where Kott refused to an order to fire upon a passenger ship leaving the Chommel Sector for a destination in the Inner Rim. Imperial Spies established a pattern that said these ships were not only carrying passengers but illegal freight. Kott was unsure about shooting down the ship and let it jump to hyperspace before firing upon it. Then ordered back to the Star Destroyer, he was berated right on the flight deck. Kott figured since he had been on the straight and narrow for a while, they wouldn’t execute him. At this point he would welcome a blaster to the face.

Kott shook his head and came back into his shitty reality when a sensor went off. A faint reading, jumping in and out of his equipment had him trying to get a fix. After a few minutes Kott figured out it was a ship with a cloaking device, β€œBounty Hunter,” he murmured. His best bet was to try and track it from afar, not knowing if he was out gunned. Kott was not going to call this in either, sometimes Bounty Hunters could crack into the secure Imperial channels. Kott’s Tie Fighter was not standard issue, he had made some modifications unbeknownst to his superiors. Upgrading tracking was essential, and easy to hide unlike a weapons upgrade. Imperials were so stingy when it came to modifications and that did not bode well for a dogfight. Creeping slower than he liked, his system finally caught a good signal and turned on his own jammer, another mod no one knew about.

The ship seemed to be heading towards Gamorr, which was unusual. While Gamorr was inhabited Gamorreans, they aren’t friendly or social. Backing off some more, Kott has no idea what this ship was doing, when a crackle went off in his ear … β€œEcho Four Papa, Sidoni where the hell did you go? We are not reading your fighter. Quickly, Kott made his decision and turned off his communicator. β€œLet’s see where this takes me.”
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