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Current I don't write often as I'd like to but when I do, I'll put it here. Someone will read it, maybe even like it. Even if they don't, to me, they gave it a shot and that's more than I can ask for.
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"My thoughts are empty, prayers are empty, emptiness is the end of all. The world of the decadent is eternal. The trumpets must blare and bring the moment of judgement." Saren, Lost Book of Sorrow
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I may not have been here from the beginning but to see this site grow to what it is now means that there's that spark that's still keeping it alive and to that end, I feel a little proud of it.
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I run from which I don't want, I don't want for fear of losing. As I run, I glance back, in fear that it will no longer chase me. One day love will settle with me, and I, may no longer need to run.
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Man, I'm bored...Come on Division! My PS4 is waiting for you!


Who am I? I am courage. A symbol of unrivaled strength and pride. One who is not afraid to shape his destiny with his own two hands. I am a soul made of the strongest steel, crafted by the gods themselves. I've walked across the darkness and defeated its maker. I walked across the highest plane of existence and conquered it. I am your worst nightmare and greatest salvation. I am no hero, I am no villain. I am the wanderer, the legend. I live to serve the interests of the ones who need me. I will succeed where others have failed. I am Saren, a man of unparalleled ambition.

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@Zarkun Then I'll take her, and seeing that we can't really use multiple characters, I'll just reserve only her.
@Holy Soldier Really? Too OP? Since when any character from that series were OP? Hm, maybe I'm missing something here but alright, you're the boss. What about Samus from Metroid?
@Holy Soldier I was wondering if I could have Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia join it, if that's alright?
If you asked me if I believed in a world that wasn't the one I came from, I would've said such things doesn't make sense scientifically. Being a man of rationality, I had little to no belief in other worlds. Now? Well, I'm walking through one. This realm was so alien. I don't know if words would be good enough to describe this, would it be good enough even if it was? I don't believe so as it goes against everything that I was taught and maybe that's why I'm here.

The scenery changes often as I'm walking as if I'm walking through the lives of others, places they've been, places they've seen, and have yet been to. Some are strange, some are amazingly beautiful and breathtaking, and others are...questionable. I'm not clear why they were shown to me as I'm walking. However, these places...I sense something is wrong. Like this ever growing sickness that's getting strong over time. Blighted, as I would like to say.

I feel this pain in my heart, this sickness in my stomach and I feel scared of it. This feeling was the same when I thought about the woman who betrayed me. Who destroyed me on the inside then nearly killed me. This scar ran deep, like someone twisting a knife into my very being. This ever encroaching feeling in my soul...makes me feel dead on the inside but it's the only way I can describe how I feel when I look at these worlds. I don't know what's in them but it's like they're being slowly corrupted.

It was then that I stopped walking for a moment. I began to think back to how I ended up in this place. An explosion at the heart of my own world due to a universal threat destroyed it after I helped seven others defeat it. Then there was darkness and when I came to, I was in this place. That same feeling poured out of that...thing we had been fighting. It seemed...sad, angry, and vengeful. Like a kid lashing out because they felt threatened. It came to me then.

"How did I remember that?"

It was the only thing that was on my mind. I suddenly wanted to know what actually happened to my body? I pinched myself to see if I could feel pain. I did and yes, it did hurt. So I knew I was still alive but my senses were horribly dulled. The only thing I could even rely on was my sight. Other than the rumbling of rocks earlier, there was still no other sound. Nothing. I wanted to be scared, I wanted to have a normal reaction other than this calmness but nothing else showed but that. My thoughts, was still calm even though I felt empty.

While I sat there wondering if I would ever have a panic attack to the situation I was in, the girl who was on my back who I had forgotten about, had tapped me on the back of the head. It snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned to look at her. However, she didn't say a word and pointed to the tower that was still sorta far away but not as far as it used to be. It seemed, if I could put time to it, I could make it there within another two hours. I couldn't get tired. I don't know if that was even a possible thing here.

I just nodded and didn't speak. After all, I was pretty sure no sounds would come out. While I could hear myself, I doubt anything else could. Not that anything was normal but the only thing with a hint of intelligence in this strange place was the girl on my back and she wasn't going to talk to me. Her demands were pretty clear, just reach the tower. I didn't argue, why should I? If she had answers, it was logical to listen to her and be on my way. I wasn't going to get them anywhere else it seemed like.

So on I walked, and walked, and walked. The scenery changed often. To that of snowy fields, blistering deserts, underwater trenches, and rolling hills and grasslands. I couldn't feel anything walking through them. No temperature, no lack of air, no wind brushing against my form. Nothing. However, nothing lived where I was walking through. Nothing was there, nothing tangible at least. There wasn't anything to impede my progress even when walking through these elements.

"It's like I'm constantly walking through shadows of worlds before there was any life to speak of. Maybe I'm not allowed to see what I haven't experienced yet or maybe this is something I will experience in my future. It's hard to say now." I say speaking to myself in my head. Its weird to me that in order to keep myself normal is to talk to myself, as if I have to rationalize everything I see even though this is an affront to science in every which way you try to slice it.

Although no time passed by, I was keeping it in my head. In order to keep my focus, I began to count. I was up to four hours in this world, from the time I got in here to the moment I was on this rocky path walking. It would take, well approximately, another hour from where I was standing to get where the girl behind me wanted me to go. I wasn't going to lie to myself, even though I couldn't feel the emotion of nervousness, my thoughts couldn't articulate how I would react getting to this grand tower I see and one I was growing closer to.

Surprisingly enough, my thoughts weren't as empty as I thought they would be. This world is almost devoid of any stimuli to speak of other than sight. Anything I touched felt like there was nothing there, anything I try to hear was met with silence, there was no taste even when I was walking through that underwater trench even though I knew it should be heavily salty, and lastly there wasn't any smell either even when I was walking through those beautiful rolling hills and fields. The flowers that were there, didn't have any sort of smell.

It was like I was walking through a world comprised of nothing but air, and not even that because I couldn't feel that as well. Darkness, at least as I know it, didn't have any sort of tangibility despite this world being made up of it yet the tower on the other side of this vast world was filled with nothing but light. The only other thing I could see and the only other stimuli I could react to even if it was by sight alone. This girl that was on my back, I couldn't feel her but I know she was there because she was solid, hard to explain really.

I was now on hour five, and I was in the final stretch of rocks that led up to the tower. The rocks themselves became less bumpy and more smooth and even. They all were now more closer together than far apart. I didn't have to use any energy to jump to distant rocks even though I wasn't using any energy at all. Who knows? Maybe this is all in my mind? Kinda hoped that would be the case but I wasn't sure if I'd even liked that as an answer.

The rocks were now a smooth path as I walked to the gate. Tall, ivory gates. Regal and expertly crafted if I say so myself. Now I stand at the gate. The girl, who had been quite comatose this entire time began to animate. She lifted up her hand and I could see a symbol on the back of it despite her pale features, the mark was quite dark which was quite a contrast. Looked more like a tattoo but I could see what seemed to be free flowing energy moving through the mark on the back of her hand.

I was mesmerized by it, the way the energy moved and looked a lot like the cosmic energies of space that had no rhyme or reason just free to move however it wanted. This energy now flowed out of her hand into a series of locks on the gate. The locks had writing on them, writing I could understand. It read: Life, Death, Knowledge, Time, Light, Darkness, and lastly Chaos. The locks weren't actual locks as I knew them, they were carvings of beings I've never met before. When her energy flowed into them, they animated.

They had different colored eyes and what I assumed to being their unique energy signature flowing around them. The carvings used their energy to flow into the center of the gate then there was a loud unlocking sound. I wasn't ready for it and I was startled by the sudden noise. It didn't stop there, however, everything I had been devoid of suddenly snapped back to me. My senses, my feelings, and my thoughts. I gasped a breath of air as my heart gave the biggest lurch I ever felt as if it was ready to jump out of my chest.

I felt weak, really weak as if my body didn't want to keep standing. I felt how tired I was, how hungry I was, how thirsty I seemed to be and there was this constant ringing in my ears as if there was a constant noise playing at a frequency that was barely audible for me to hear but my body to feel. I collapsed but something caught me. In my last moments of consciousness, she stood there holding me. Much taller than I was now. She had a more full body but she was still naked but I was in her arms and she was holding me close.

"You made it here.

Do not worry, child.

Until you're strong again.

I will take care of you.

So don't fret none.

I will explain everything.

But sleep now, rest now.

When you awake again.

You'll be stronger than ever."

She spoke with such power in her voice even though it was the softest I've ever heard. I got a better look at her face here. She had very long amethyst colored hair just like her eyes which covered her more sensitive areas but didn't cover her eyes. She was stronger than she looked and my body lost all sense of struggle and just laid limp in her arms. She began walking toward the tower which was only a short distance away. However, I couldn't stay awake and I fell asleep when she was only halfway there.

She had smiled, the sky was back to the way it was, there was a warm feeling in the air. That of life and love. The energy in the air felt as if I was lucid dreaming. A wayward feeling. I was unconscious but I could feel it in my soul. She disappeared within that tower with me in tow, now I had completely blacked out from everything around me. I was uncertain where she was taking me but I feel as if I could trust her. She didn't mean me any harm yet so for now, I will leave everything in her hands. Me? I will rest. It was a long journey.

I have much to reflect on but...this wasn't so bad. It could've been worse, I know it could've been but it wasn't and the most important thing I was still alive so there was time to get some closure to where I am, what my purpose for being here, and what's my purpose when I finally get out. I had a feeling I was going to take on a responsibility I couldn't imagine I'd take but one that was made for me in mind. Never in my life had I been so sure about anything and little did I know, how right I was going to be.

For now, however, I will leave that for future me. The me right now will stay in slumber for however long I needed and how keen she was on letting nothing disturb me. Good, I'm going to need time process what I had been through if I could even rationalize such a thing...
Oh wow, I actually wouldn't mind joining this. Basically every character I've ever written for, OC's and established characters from different franchises alike, have a story I made for them a long while back and that I'm still writing for. This would be good to stretch that story beyond a world which I wrote for them. If you're still looking, I definitely wouldn't mind joining!
Gohan's face had soften at Kinoko's words, exactly what he needed to hear at the time. Although that didn't stop his drive from wanting to get better. Sure, he gave up fighting to focus on his family, he was never really much a fighter like his father and younger brother was but he realized in order to have that life he needed to help keep the Earth safe from harm. He nodded with a smile. "Thanks, Kinoko-san. You're absolutely right." he said pushing those doubts to the side now. Gohan never realized just how much of an impact that Kinoko had made on him in the amount of time he had known her. Well, coming from a human standpoint, Vegeta was exactly what Saiyans were like. Not that the way he acted was bad or anything, he thought. Seeing her though was completely different, maybe not all Saiyans were so hard to have a heart to heart with.

Just then, Bulma came out side with a smile on her face and everyone turned to face her. He clapped her hands once to grab everyone's attention. "Everyone! Thank you for coming out here on such short notice." she said as she stood mostly in the middle of them with her hands on her hips.

"Well, to be honest, you yelled for me to come. I was on official business, you know!" Jaco said rather defiantly.

Bulma just rolled her eyes and wagged her finger in front of his face. "You protect this sector of the universe, right? Then this affects you just as much as us. Just be thankful you aren't out there fighting alone, hm?" she said with a bit of a smirk on her face.

Jaco just awkwardly laughed and scratched his cheek, looking away a bit. Tien, however, stepped in. "So Bulma, what is this all about? Sounded pretty serious when you contacted me earlier. Is everything okay?" he softly asked. That's when everyone else had leaned in to find out just what was it that they came here for.

Bulma rustled in her pocket a second then took out a Dragonball. Everyone looked at it a second but Piccolo instantly had noticed. "That Dragonball, it's not stone. It hasn't been too long since Frieza had been revived. It hasn't been a year yet, I mean." he said walking over.

Everyone else's eyebrow raised as they thought about it. "Yeah, you're right. It should be stone yet here it is, not stone. What's that supposed mean? Do you think something happened at the lookout?" Krillin asked as he leaned in for a closer look. Piccolo frowned a bit before turning around and walking away. "Wait here, I'm going to the lookout to talk to Dende." he didn't really wait for anyone to answer, he just flew off at top speed.

Gohan softly took the Dragonball from Bulma's hand then looked at it himself. It seemed normal to him but there was this unshakeable feeling that something was off about it. He frowned a bit and gave it back to her just then Yamcha said something. "Well that's good right? Just means we just find them and get them before anyone else does. If they're wish ready, I don't think that's all that special." he said crossing his arms.

Bulma pursed her lips a bit and shook her head. "That's exactly the problem. You already know how these Dragonballs work. The fact that they're not stone would mean that something should be wrong. I don't like it. When you look at it, just looks normal but the feeling it's giving off..." she said just as Tien cuts in. "Makes it seem like something or someone tampered with them. Do you think it has something to do with wishes that Frieza's henchmen had made?" he asked but no one there knew.

Bulma crossed her arms and thought about it a moment. "We don't know unless we collect them all again and see what Piccolo says when he comes back. I wouldn't be making such a big deal about this but the last time this happened, it wasn't so pretty." she muttered. However she looked back up again and took out a Dragon radar. "So that means you guys are on Dragonball hunting duty! Go find them and bring them back here so we can figure out what the problem is. I don't have a good feeling about this and it may be nothing at all but I rather not leave this up to chance." she says handing it to Krillin.
Everyone had looked up when they felt Kinoko's presence, well, mostly Piccolo was the first to notice then the others did as well. All of them were rather fond of the Saiyan princess. After all, she had done much to help them in their long journey. They remember it like it was yesterday when she had came to Earth with Raditz. Some of that were bittersweet memories and even to this day, none of them knew what prompted her to switch sides like that but they couldn't have been more thankful especially Gohan as young as he was.

They had gotten rather used to her fast soon after, considered her one of the gang with much help of Goku of course. Took Piccolo a lot longer to come around but consider she didn't kill him after he had no choice but to kill Goku that day to make sure Raditz had perished, he thought she couldn't have been that bad and he was right after he had mellowed out over the years. The others had various opinions of her, none of them were too out there...I mean, if we're talking about right now at this moment.

"Glad you decided to join us finally, Kinoko. I didn't get a chance to tell you yesterday but thanks for saving us both. I don't think we would've made it without you." Piccolo had walked over to her as he said that.

"I agree. I didn't know that Frieza had gotten so much stronger. I should've been more matter how many times I go through it in my head. I feel like I could've done better then." Gohan said with a heavy sigh.

"I wouldn't worry about it Gohan. None of us knew that he would get that strong. We're sorry we couldn't do anything to stop him at the time." Krillin had added.

All of them agreed and had a moment of silence after that. Jaco had something he wanted to say, a joke to lighten the mood but he advised against it since he didn't want to get blasted just for making light of a dire situation yesterday. Probably the only time he seen Frieza up close, just thinking about it gave him the shivers something awful. It wasn't just him, however. All of them were more on alert after that. Peace had really gotten them soft and after what happened, it gave them a wakeup call that they should not be slacking off when there's no threat to be had just yet. No one really felt that more than Gohan, the more he thought about it, the more the strain on his face worsened a bit.

His mind fell back on both Videl and his child, Pan. What had happened if Kinoko wasn't there? What if he had died as a result? He'd be leaving them and that thought alone really bothered him. He had asked Piccolo to train him again, from the basics up. He really didn't want to mess up again. Things may have changed but he was still a warrior, he needed to keep up with his father and everyone else. Sure he handled himself well against Frieza's henchmen but Frieza himself was so much stronger than him it wasn't funny. He looked down at his own hand and squeezed it, the only time he was horribly disappointed in himself. He was hoping he'd get over this wall pretty soon, he didn't want to be a burden to everyone like he was when he was a child.

There were a lot of things being said between the heroes of Earth just immediately following Frieza's sudden visit to Earth. It was soon learned that his troops used the Dragonballs in order to bring him back to life and with his renewed vigor tried to get his revenge but was soon stopped by Goku and Vegeta. The following day after that, all of them were within Bulma's home. Well, all except Goku and Gohan. Since Chi-Chi caught wind that Goku was back, immediately put him back to work in the fields. However everyone else had been there and decided to talk amongst themselves about that day's events.

The first one to speak up was Krillin, who had just shown up after a couple of others had arrived. The rest had looked at him as he had flown in.

"Hey guys! I'm here! Sorry it took so long, I had been training a bit before and realized what time it was. 18 had to come and remind me." he said with a chuckle as he landed down softly beside Yamcha.

"Oh it's no problem. A lot of us just got here too. Don't know where Goku is but Vegeta is training as usual. Wouldn't kill him to show at least just a little interest after what happened yesterday." he said huffing a bit.

"You already know how he is and I don't think Goku will be here. Last I heard, Chi-Chi caught him immediately and he's out there working in the field already." Piccolo quietly said, he was leaning against one of the pillars of the small patio out there in the backyard of the Capsule Corp.

"Right, right. So what are we here for? Moreover, who told us to come here? I thought it was agreed we'd be training after what happened." asked Tien who then walked up to the rest.

"I don't know. I got a call from Bulma and she told me to come here yesterday. Said something about the Dragonballs. I'm not really sure since she was shouting so loud. So glad 18's not like that..." Krillin had gave a light sigh.

It was almost noon there in West City. Goten and Trunks were playing outside like usual, the Pilaf Gang were down in the lab along with Bulma' father who had been working on something for the past few days. Soon enough Gohan had came but unlike the tracksuit he was wearing when Frieza first came to Earth but his regular Gi just like his father.

"Gohan." Piccolo said just as he landed on the ground.

"Everybody. I decided to come after all. After what happened yesterday, I thought it'd be a good idea to keep myself in the know what might be going on or will be." the Saiyan said before looking around before raising and eyebrow. "Where's my dad and Vegeta-san?" he questioned.

"Goku's working and Vegeta's training. Apparently neither of them has gone back with Whis this time. I figured at least Vegeta would but he's been acting kinda weird all day long. Bulma knows but she won't say anything about it." says Tien.

Gohan was about to ask what he meant by that when a spaceship was seen overhead, everyone knowing who that belonged to didn't say anything until it touched down. Out of it popped out the Galactic patrolman that they all knew.

"Whew, Bulma has a way with words. I was out on official duty when she called me. Sounded kind of important so I just couldn't ignore." Jaco said as he coughed into his hand.

Everyone knew what he meant by that considering she kinda forced everyone to be here literally the next day but they figure it was important enough in light of what happened yesterday during the assault and considering it had something to do with the Dragonballs, they couldn't ignore it either. Piccolo had a guess to gather them so they couldn't be used again, at least to revive any enemies they may have had but considering they were stone until next year, that would be impossible to find them until they became active again. So they talked among themselves until Goku decided to sneak in and show up or Bulma came out, one of the two.

Full Name: Froze
Alias: The Galactic Patroller,Snowball (Gine's nickname of Froze)
Date of Birth: December 20, Age 750

Age:26 (Physically looks 19)
Height: 5'3 (A lot taller when transformed 5'9,6'5, and 5'10 for Second, Third, and Final Form.
Weight: 183 lbs.
Species: Frieza Race
Gender: Male

Relatives/Relationships: No living relatives, he's an orphan.
Gine (Goku's Mother): Best Friend/Mother Figure.
Jaco: Friend/Boss

(Other Relationships will be updated as story progresses.)

Occupation(s): Galactic Patroller
Affiliation(s): Universe 7's Space Patrolman.
Former Affiliation(s): The Crimson Raiders

Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red

Personality: Kind, Compassionate, Strong sense of justice, Reserved, and quick to anger. (Only when being compared to Frieza.)

Power(s): Second, Third, Final form. Golden Form.

Abilities: Unparalleled Ki Control, Rapid Fire, Paralysis, Thunder Blitz, Levitation, Recovery (Healing ability) Kamehameha (Later learned from Goku)

Voiced By (actor/actress): Sean Schemmel
Live-Portrayer (actor/actress) {just for fun}:
Theme Song: The Quest for Dreams - PR x SkyBlew x Faith Elle
I wouldn't think so. Maybe this would do better as a 1x1. I think it's plenty interesting, and there's a lot to work with. Maybe that's just me because of my overactive imagination, regardless. I'll put my interest down too, I'll hope it picks up for you. ^^
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