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Current Hey everyone, sorry for my absence. I know I sort of disappeared. But with everything going on I sort of just... shut off. I apologize for that, but I still need more time to get my head on straight.
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Uhh yeah.
@Ghost Note it could have MORE gay
Hi there! So, I have been in a craving for a simple romance to write with another one of you lively Roleplayers! I am only looking for 1, MAYBE 2 partners currently as I am in my final project week and don't have huge amounts of time. Uh.. yeah. Onto rules I s'pose!


  • Don't be a straight up poopy-head. Just a rule for life.
  • Post when you can, no rush. I would love for at least once a day but I know life gets hectic at times. Just let me know when/if things seem to get busy and won't be able to respond for a couple days.
  • I write at a casual-advanced level, and since I am only looking for one or two I would prefer that my partners write on a similar level. I feel this will help neither of us getting bored.
  • Grammar. While I won't cause a fuss about some simple misspelling and what not; I am not perfect. As long as I know what you're trying to portray in your post... cool! :D
  • Must be 18+! This is non negotiable. There will be adult themes and I am above 18, you should be as well.
  • I am currently only seeking a FxF romance story, so I don't think this would work if you're only looking for MxF romances.

And... I think that's all. If you have any rules for me just let me know! I try to be accommodating :)


Soo... I don't really have anything in mind! But I am open to practically any setting along as it's a romance. I need some cute love story telling. So I don't mind if there are other elements in there or what type of setting.

If you also don't have anything in mind and searching for some cute love story telling.. Still pm me! We could come up with something together!
<Snipped quote by SassySalamander>

No no no

He had a freakout on the discord and I booted him.

Oh damn..
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