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As the small group arrived back at the Coven Molly couldn't help but let her eyes drift across the casino. How is it that this place always looks more wrecked each time she came in. She sighed, dismissing the futile idea of maybe one day this place looking nice as she simply limped towards an unoccupied bench. She heavily plopped herself down on the pressed wood and groaned silently to herself. She considered for a moment, to listen in on what was being said. But ultimately found that all to be rather boring, even considering she heard the words FBI and gassed. Today was less than ideal for her first day in this new body and she was rather itching to get into a soft bed.

Molly simply closed her eyes and rested her head back against the wall behind the bench; simply resting there for a moment until it was all called to a close for the day and she could leave. She would leave this moment but felt that would only incur a fight with Madison and Jean Grey and she was in no shape for a third round this evening.



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Molly heard Kayla call her name as she was between the girl and the Hound. She angled her ear to Kayla to pay attention to the instructions. Nodding to confirm she heard, Molly immediately turned and began to head out of the area and towards the vehicle they had arrived in; grabbing Kayla's shoes on the way and waving to both Madison and Jess to follow along. It wasn't long before the group arrived back at the car and Molly simply climbed into one of the available seats and seemed to relax, though her eyes remained steadfast to watch the scene before them. Mostly making sure the Hound didn't get past Kayla without notice.

Without much delay the forest before them began to burn, and rapidly increase into a roaring whirlwind of fire; Molly couldn't help but smile at the sight. It was truly a brilliant sight to witness. After some time the fires dimmed, only slightly, and eventually she noticed Kayla come tumbling out of the smoke; her clothes singed to the point Molly was surprised they still remained on the girls figure. She was about to get out and help the girl to the car before she noticed Madison taking care of that detail. As the four were all finally in the car and heading down the road Molly looked back at the scene they were leaving; Noticing the now unscathed and massive figure of the black wolf simply watching their retreat; soon hearing the words inside her head. She groaned audibly to herself. This was going to be a pain. It was difficult for a Apparition of Fear and Deity of Death to not cross paths on occasion. She simply hoped the threat was towards the mortals and not herself.

After a short ride the car pulled into a Dairy Queen, as the car was pushed into park Molly lazily pushed her door up and began to walk towards the entrance with the group. Stopping in mild surprise as the girl Madison suddenly turned on her and hoisted her by the neck, her afforded strength given by the Jaws. Molly sighed as her feet lay dangling a few inches off the ground, seemingly unphased by the fact that a strong grip bruised the skin around her throat.

"Hraesvelgr. But you may simply call me Molly. Seeing as that's the name of the meat I am wearing." She stated rather casually, her soft brown eyes looking down at the girl holding her up in the air. "And I didn't lay a finger on her. Someone broke my toy, and I saved it from bleeding out on the floor of a dusty building. So I believe, if anything, a thank you would be appropriate."

"Okay, what the fuck?" Madison nearly shouted at Molly - No, Apparition. Tears began falling down her face. "I'm not thanking you for shit. Tell me what happened to Molly or I'm going to tear you out of her!" The hand that wasn't holding Hraesvelgr materialized a glowing purple claw with massive nails.

"Or better yet, fly you up somewhere really high and drop you, don't fuck with me, I'll do it!"

Molly couldn't help but mildly chuckle at the threat. "I guess Molly didn't tell you much of me. I am the Apparition of Fear. Threats don't terrify me, nor does the consequence of pain. But I have no reason to keep it a secret. You found out who I really am, so that portion of fun was taken from me. So, I will tell you the memories I have of Molly before she was nearly killed..."

"..And that's how I came to possess this girls body." Molly finished simply.

The Recollection faded and there was something inside of Madison that snapped. For a second she stared at "Molly" with wide-eyed shock as she yelled as she tossed her across the near empty parking lot. Floating over towards the girl and she cracked her knuckles as the barrier around her reformed into its usual mass of eldritch bones. Letting out a yell she quickly closed the distance as she brought her fist down in an attack that would probably kill any normal human being.

Molly believed that explanation would be enough to end all this foolishness, but suddenly her body was tossed across the parking lot, only to crash into the pavement and tumble a few more foot. Molly groaned in annoyance as she pushed herself up to her feet, noticing the few scrapes she recieved from the pavement. Could these incessant creatures stop damaging her toy! Molly eyes narrowed angrily as the girl came at her to strike. Molly wasn't dumb enough to assume it would do nothing if she simply let it happen. As the strike came down towards Molly suddenly appeared between them a thick wall of bone and flesh. The wall shattered and split on impact, but kept Molly untouched all the same. As Madison tore a hole through the wall Molly could be seen smirking before being hidden my a pillar of the same material came rushing through the opening Madison created and towards the girls center mass with violent force.

The pillar caught Madison off guard and sent her flying backwards and the sheer impact cracked the bones that comprised the barrier, but not break them. She flew backwards and did a flip as she regained control of herself. Madison was quick to fly towards Molly as she shouted, "GET OUT OF HER BODY!" Madison grabbed the pillar and it snapped off as she attempted to use it as a battering ram.

Molly's pompous smirk remained on her lips as she was yelled at to remove herself from the body she was inhabiting. As Madison broke the pillar and came at her like a battering ram she didn't move, simply allowing Madison to charge right towards her. As the pillar was nearly about to impact into her chest it simply deteriorated into ash and leave Madison holding nothing but air. As Madison's body continued to launch towards her Molly suddenly reached out in a flash of motion, gripping tightly around the barrier covering the girls throat and slamming her body into the concrete.

"Get out? You realize, if I leave... Molly's soul withers. She isn't strong enough to survive the damage it took." Molly stated firmly, staring down at the girl pinned beneath her hand to show how serious her words were. However, Molly forgot about the various skeletal limbs and skulls that were floating off of Madison's body. A raptor's skull chomped down on Molly's lower leg and blood trickled as it refused to let go. The only thing was...

... Madison didn't command the Jaws to do that.

"... That means she's still in there," Madison said as she lifted Molly up into the air. "... Which means we can do something to help her!" She shouted.

Molly flinched and growled in protest as the ethereal teeth sunk into her leg, before being lifted high into the air. Suddenly two large, crescent shaped blades of bone struck across the skeletal limb that held her in opposite direction; like scissors cutting through paper the limb shattered and released its hold and Molly began to fall back to the ground. She landed on her feet, but instantly collapsed to her knees as the strain on her bitten leg caught her off guard. She pushed herself back to her feet and glared down at the girl not far from her. Suddenly a large skeletal scythe appeared at Molly's side, grabbing it firmly in hand.

"You keep pushing me kid and I will take off the training wheels." Molly declared viciously. "The only reason I haven't tried to kill you yet is because this incessant voice keeps pleading me not to."

Madison floated in the air, looking down at Molly as the rain began to fall yet again. Madison merely shook her head at Molly's assertion. "... You're not going to be standing that long with a bite like that," She pointed at the wound on Molly's leg. "And if you try to leave, you're not going to get far..."

Madison sighed.

"... And you heard the Hound, right? I already fucking died. Think I'm really afraid to do it again if I got to?Think again, dickhead. You call yourself the Apparition of fear? Well, I've seen things that are a lot scarier than you. Much worse. And I've seen them get their ass kicked. So what you think that you're any different? Any better? Well you're dead fucking wrong."

Madison stuck her right hand out. The Jaws suddenly disappeared as Madison decided to use a secret weapon, or technique, that the Jaws told her about. She formed an enormous T-Rex skull comprised of all the bones that the Jaws could materialize. It was bigger than her entire body and she was holding the ethereal thing like it was nothing. The Jaws told her that this was focusing all of his strength into one club... at the cost of sacrificing protection of the rest of her body.

However, she heard a voice behind her.

"... Both of you. Keep it in your pants." Kayla said, dragging herself up to her feet as soon as she finished her Blizzard. She had been enjoying the show so far, if nothing else. Between her own thoughts and the general tone the night had taken, she was so mentally exhausted with The Coven's crap that her typical endless well of patience for bullshit had reached its wit's end. "I will tear both of your hearts out of your chests, so help me god."

Madison turned around towards Kayla, "Kayla, do you even know what's going on!?"

"No, Madison, I dont. I dont fucking care. You know what I want? I want to go home and get some sleep, because I just burnt down the fuckin' countryside getting our asses out of a deal with death that none of us were prepared for. You want to fight, that's fine, but for the love of god and all that is holy do it on your own time. I have stuck my neck out enough for one night."

"Then go home," Madison nearly hissed. She wanted to explain it but she had a feeling that Kayla wasn't going to listen.

"You are my ride home, Madison!" Kayla said, exasperated. "This is just another Babylon situation. We know where Molly lives, and we'll work it out, but not now. Fighting each other is not the way to do this. If Molly 2.0 is telling even a modicum of the truth, the real Molly is going to die right here and now on the pavement." Kayla argued, crossing her arms. "Honestly, Madison? What is your plan here? How do you intend on extracting this entity from Molly's body? Or are you just going to rush in guns blazing again? I can't bring people back from the dead, so I cant bail you out if you fuck it up." Again, she almost said, biting her tongue. Madison obviously was being emotional right now, and was handling sensitive subjects in knee-jerk, gut reactions. Kayla got that, because she did that too. She was better about it now, but she had been there. She would probably be there again. "We're all tired. You're not thinking. Take it from me, you dont want blood on your hands if you can help it."

Jessica had watched the end of the fight against the hound, and the fight of Molly vs Madison in quiet. She couldn't help but feel a little out of place here, and she really couldn't bring herself to attack Molly's body, possessed or not. "Madison... fighting this thing is just going to kill Molly, Kayla's right. Let's call it quits for now and figure this out later. Killing Molly won't make any of us feel better." Jess sat on a bench with her knees pulled up besider her. She had an inner desire to work harder to stand on level with her fellow coven sisters, and now she had another goal. Getting that ugly fucking monster out of Molly. "Let's just leave. This was... a lot." Jessicas usual smile was nowhere to be detected on her face. She felt tired and powerless, and needed rest.

The whole speeches from the two made her... think. She paused. Just floating in the air as not a word left her mouth... she turned towards Molly with her own jaw agape and just stared at her. The tears stopped, oddly enough, as the massive club that she materialized through the Jaws faded away. It... made her realize... she wasn't alone here. She was being selfish, oh, oh so selflish. Madison wasn't acting like there were three other people with her the whole time. She was acting like she was doing all of this alone, yet getting the people she cared about hurt.

She sighed.

She fell from the sky onto her feet as she crossed her arms and didn't say another word. Madison had messed up and she had gotten these people who, like Kayla said, stuck their neck out for her and into danger. She closed her eyes as she turned away. Madison didn't say a word, because it was simply not her place to speak anymore.

Molly remained still, holding her position as the two other girls began to talk Madison down from her rampage. Her eyes never leaving Madison to ensure that Madison didn't suddenly change her mind and strike while Molly dropped her guard. Though as the giant T-rex head faded and Madison came back down to ground level Molly let her Scythe deteriorate and was no longer wielding a weapon.

"I believe you, Madison, misunderstand me, or my intentions." Molly began, her anger subsided and speaking casually. "I have no interest in causing Molly harm. Or letting her slip away. I took over her body to save her. Sure, I had a mild interest in seeing through the eyes of a mortal. But I don't like my toys being broken. Especially when they haven't reached their potential. I am tirelessly bored of this.." She was cut short, taking her gaze away from Madison and looking towards Kayla as she spoke.

"Molly, or whatever the fuck your name is-" Kayla said, turning to what had once been their friend. "Shut the fuck up. Please. You are not helping your case calling our friend a toy. I need, need, need you to understand that you are allowed to continue this on our terms right now. I'm trying to stop Madison here..." she said, motioning to her friend with both hands, being as obvious as possible in her pitch to the entity that was more out of touch than her great grandfather had been before his death. "... From making a mistake. But we people, not toys, people, have a phrase called 'death with dignity', and if it means freeing Molly from the cage that you have her locked in, I am okay with making that mistake. Again." she sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose in frustration.

"We'll discuss the terms of your stay later. You did technically save Molly's life, so I'm sure we can work out some sort of... I dont know, reward as a thanks? But you must understand that I do intent on talking to her again. Call it part of your experiment if you must. Grade school details obversation a necessary step."

Kayla groaned, and took a long drink from her now half empty water bottle. She approached Madison, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, it's gonna be okay. I want to talk to you about what happened tonight. Later. Not now."

Jess nodded along with Kayla, half-heartedly. She didn't have the usual spunk, so wasn't nearly as talkative. Still she felt like she had to say something. "Look, we just care about Molly. We don't want you hurting her. I'm really uncomfortable having an apparition like you in her, but if you have to be her version of the Arc reactor, I guess that's how it's got to be. But if you do anything to hurt her. I will fight you, and I will win." She grimmaced at the demon wearing her friend. Her channeler began glowing almost involuntary as her courage had begun to restore a bit.

Molly groaned slightly as she was lectured on the terms of Humans and their weird fetishism with friendship, or whatever they called it. Though the pain still in her leg from the bite reminded her that she was currently outnumbered. And had no special gift to leave this place and into safety while stuck inside this body. So, Molly simply nodded in the direction of the two girls, in a manner of agreement to the current terms.

Finally Madison spoke.

"Let's go," She sharply said, before she pointed at "Molly" and hissed, "You're coming with us back to the Coven so we can figure this out. Try any shit and I promise you - they won't be able to stop me." Madison said as she got into Mollys face.

"Fine. But I am getting an ice cream." Meat-Suit Molly retorted sharply. Before heading towards the entrance of the DQ, trying to hide the slight limp in each step. As she pushed herself through the double doors and headed to the counter she looked around, seeing no one in sight.

"Hello..?" She called out curiously. Apparently they had all fled due to the commotion outside... fuck.

Molly then returned outside to see the others still where they previously stood.

"We need to leave. Everyone left and probably called the police 'cause of our fight." Molly stated casually as she hurriedly limped to the truck and practically threw herself into the back seat.

Madison immediately flew her way into the drivers seat... realizing how stupid all of this was. And if Kayla or Jess weren't in the car at this point?

She was leaving them.

Jess got into the back seat of Madison's car and folded her arms. She was ready to get to her car and go home. She counted on her fingers how long she had til her next DND session, coming to the conclusion there were still 4 days to go. Oh well. She decided to lighten the mood a bit. She knew she was probably annoying the girls but it was better than silence. "So... you all sure you don't want to get into dnd? I'll teach. It could be fuuuun." She tried to sound natural, like she always did, but her tone came across as forced.

However, there was one person who didn't flee... recording the whole fight with a cellphone out of notice.

Molly groaned audibly at the Hounds response; though she'd be lying if she said it wasn't entirely expected. But her annoyance was cut short as an alarming pressure began to form around the entire area. Molly's eyes quickly shot back to Kayla before quickly enacting countermeasures to not get thrown around like a paper bag on a windy day.

Suddenly from the Earth beneath Molly's feet twisted flesh like vines and rapidly wrapped and secured a hold up Molly's legs; anchoring her to the ground. Molly needing to fully brace herself against the sheer force being pushed through the area, glad she decided to start her anchor point with her abstraction as deep into the Earth as she did given how the first few feet of ground began to crack in areas. As the shattered Earth began to fall back and reality seemingly returning to this area Molly shock Kayla a curious glance; apparently surprised by her sheer power output, even though it seemed to take a toll on her body.

As expected then the Hound began to return to its form. Molly let the binding around her legs deteriorate into ash as she listened to Kayla request a bit more time for... who knows what. But she seemed confident so might as well try any attempt to get out of this shit show. Even though the Hound could follow them wherever they went if he truly wished it. She watched as Madison and the Hound clashed; or rather, Madison get tossed around like a ball of yarn in a cat sanctuary.

As the Hound began it casual, yet powerful, step Molly suddenly appeared in front of Kayla and instantly summoned a large wall that came to a point in the center, diverting the shockwave to either side of the two and leaving them untouched. As the shockwave dissipated Molly dropped the wall as it crumbled to ash.

"Whatever you have planned, I would hurry." Molly stated casually to Kayla as she saw the large blade of light strike against the Hound and split him into pieces.

Using this time Jess afforded Molly as the Hound was reforming itself she went into action to stalled his reforming as long as she could. Molly suddenly dashed forward towards the reforming Hound and instantly from the Earth a large spike jutted out and punctured into the beasts chest. Without missing a beat a large vise appeared around the hounds head and instantly enveloped its entire head and clamped down, destroying the head and turning the physical form into a black smoke. Ultimately, inconsequential but an attempt to slow the Hounds return to its full strength.
I just don't know what the limits and stuff are here. I see people doing all this cool stuff and my characters often go under the radar. I just wanted to be helpful too. I didn't know there were like pms going on asking for permission to do things? I haven't rp'd on a forum in years so I'm really out of the loop. I'm not being passive aggressive, but I can admit maybe I was a bit too snarky. It just sucks having your character overshadowed like they didn't do anything, you know?

I am terribly sorry, I definitely didn't mean to over shadow your character. I am running on 3hrs of sleep and just got out of a 5hr class that did NOT go well so I simply forgot you had a post with Jess attacking by the time I got done reading through all the Coven/FBI interactions.

I can adjust my post to correct it to something you'd like to happen in that turn of events?

And I have been keeping in contact with Ghost in PM's because I had big plans happen behind the scenes with molly, that were revealed a bit my last post so that's why I have been clearing my posts with him before I posted anything to make sure whatever I did didn't mess up his story arc
@RogueFox Yeah, I sent the post to Ghost in a PM before submitting to get approval

Molly was stunned completely as she watched Madison strike out against the Hound. Was this girl insane? From the little context Molly could comprehend that Madison was trying to get a favor from the entity of Death Incarnate. This didn't exactly bode well for her chances to receive such a favor.

'fuck..' Molly breathed the words out quietly as she noticed the Hound turn back towards them and begin to charge.

She didn't exactly want to reveal herself this soon, but pretending to be the weak meat suit he was stuffed in simply wouldn't stand a chance against the Hound; even if the Hound was simply trying to toy with them.

Molly stood for a moment, staring at the charging Hound as she awaited the moment an opening revealed itself. Like mana from heaven, suddenly a pillar of light bolted out past the group of girls towards the Hound. The Hound quickly bounded to the side, just barely fast enough for the beam of energy to strike a divet into the large entities shoulder. Molly smirked, the strange girl with the absurdly long lightsaber gave her an opening.

Molly then outstretched her hand towards the charging deity; suddenly a circular blade of bones appeared off to the side and flashed across the landscape, slicing cleanly through the beasts leading legs and separating them from the rest of his massive size. The front of the Hounds body crashed into the Earth, his form grinding across the dirt, only coming to an abrupt stop from Molly's next attack. As soon as the Hounds body hit the ground 6 ten feet tall, two feet thick spikes plunged down from the sky. Skewering the Hound through the body at different angles and piercing the Earth.

As the Hound lay pinned, his legs quickly began to regenerate as his eyes snapped to Molly, a grin spanning across his large mouth.

"Oh, Hraesvelgr. I should have sensed you." The Hound coyly snarled; his legs having fully returned he flexed his massive body and easily turned the spikes piercing his body into powder, standing once more at fully height.

"Hello, Hound. Anyway I could convince you this fight'd be boring?" Molly suggested rather simply, seemingly convinced the request would go unrewarded.
I am still stuck in this damned class. I will let you know when I start getting that written up..
I will be able to get a hound fight post in after I get out of class. Should be in about an hour or so (to at least start writing it)

Molly remained silent as she sat at the table. Listening to the other either bicker or offer their opinions on the matter of having a new member join. She agreed with the few who stated that they should get to know the person before inviting them in. It was only reasonable when running any sort of club. Hell, they interviewed candidates to join Gyms; getting to know them before casting a vote either way seemed perfectly reasonable.

But then Emily offered her tremendous insight. Truly a gift to the whole congregation. Where did she get her personality? A whole sale at the Bitch-farm? But Molly chuckled softly at the pointing and name calling. It was truly cute how high Emily viewed herself and her opinions of others.

"Let's not forget, Emily, without Babylon your only power would be a God Tier level of 'being-a-cunt'. So please, don't think because people don't talk back to you that it has anything to actually do with you, but entirely because of Babylon." With that final statement she cutely blew a kiss in Emily's direction.

"Now, about the new member. I personally agree that we should get to know them first. Not because of some of the elitist shit some of the others have been spouting. But because it's only a reasonable request to get to know someone before they join a group or club or organization or whatever. I know most of you are eager to be all inclusive, but as we all should truly know already. Not everyone is a bag of rainbows in the extra-normal world. We should get to know this person before we start voting yes or no." With that her attention was drawn to Madison beginning to head out, calling on those who were willing to tag along.

Molly pushed herself up from her chair and headed to the door and stood beside Madison, offering a soft smile.

"I'll tag along. Meeting the Hound could be fun." And with that, she joined the small group out into the parking lot.

Molly pulled herself into the back seat of the Ford Explorer; her eyes casually looking over the group before she wiggled herself into a comfortable position for the ride.

Once they finally came to a stop Molly stepped out into the pouring rain, a soft smile finding her lips. She enjoyed the rain; something about the sound and feel of soft pellets of water rhythmically falling onto exposed skin was reassuring. Something only the living could truly enjoy. As she snapped out of her little blissful state she noticed Madison was already making her way down the path. With a short jog Molly had caught up and was walking closely behind the others.

Molly's steps slowed as she sensed something arriving. Her eye instantly locking on the black mist that slowly forming into the shape of a black, red-eyed wolf. Molly twinged a bit nervously, but seemed to stand rather confidently. Her eyes shifting from the Hound to Madison, curious to hear the girls response.
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