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Vivid Recollections returns as the Fourth Seal rises…




It's your friendly neighborhood Allen J.

I've gone by several names on this hellsite, since I've been around since Oldguild - didn't make too many waves back then, however. But, I am a twenty-three-year-old guy that lives on the east coast and attends community college for a criminal justice degree. When I'm not in class or raging online, I am at work at the worst place in the god damn world. And when I don't feel like doing any of that stuff, I'm usually on steam playing a game or watching Netflix. So my times kind of divided lol. I guess I call myself an average role player, there's better out there. I usually GM an RP or two, but sometimes, sometimes, I manage to find an RP that interests me that I join. I really like making a variety of different characters, and one thing I like to do is add depth and weave symbolism into my characters because people are a lot more than just one thing. I also like adding music where ever possible. I have a variety of preferred genres; I like superhuman and sci-fi settings the most. Though, I'm down for anything long as it sounds cool. I GM'd a lot of superhuman RPs, but, honestly, I'm trying to branch out and be known for a dude that makes any type of cool RPs. I have lots of ideas I want to put into play, which I'll detail below. I guess my specialty would be creating different worlds.

Message me anytime if you want to do them, or talk or play a game. Anything really. Also if you sent a message and I don't reply; chances are that I was out and looked at it on my phone or other device and wanted to wait until I get home before I replied. If I don't respond, feel free to prod me to get a response.


Vivid Recollections: Into the False Light: By far my most passionate project. Basically, it starts out as a generic "kids get magic powers" slice of life then it gets dark when I reveal that there's something incomprehensibly powerful out to get them and destroy the world. It has some pretty interesting characters and an emphasis on symbolism, and has a dark storyline that isn't basically "everyone dies lol". I hope to someday develop a universe out of this.

Nomadic Fist: Radiant Soul: Two years ago, I made World Warriors: Nomadic Fist, the greatest RP of all time regardless of what anyone says. I went through some issues and gave it to someone else. Eventually, Nomadic Fist Radiant Soul was created and I am actually participating in this RP. The RP has a lot of potential and fresh blood in it and it could easily be the second-best RP of all time.


Well, less future and more potential.

Titanshell: An RP that is a mixture of Armored Core, Anarchy Reigns, and Metal Gear. Basically, the world has been destroyed by war and polluted by corrupt companies, so cybernetics have become the norm. Corporations have taken over and are the de facto governments, and thus they are waging war on each other using advanced weaponry such as combat cyborgs, mobile fortresses known as bastions, and the eponymous Titanshells - giant war machines that destroy armies and leave cities in rubble. So the RP is a mixture of cyberpunk and Mecha, I'm not sure what the cast will be yet.

Virtual Memoirs: An RP inspired by retrofuturism artwork, and the basis is that society has developed similar to the 80's retrofuturism art and has that kind of aesthetic. I'm not sure what the RP will be about, but maybe it'll be about exploring space or maybe I'll make it a noir-like drama on the lines of Transistor.

Deadwood: An RP that was years in the planning, basically it was a high fantasy world that was destroyed in a cataclysmic event that rendered a lush world a desolate wasteland. A few thousand years later and the nations are pulling together what's left, but it's still horrible. Very little of the land can sustain life, and people are dying by the boatloads. A group of adventurers is hired by the leaders of one of the only prosperous settlers to figure out what the hell happen to the world. The reward is getting to live in her nation, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

The Dream Garden Asylum: A different spin on "a bunch of people are kidnapped and given superpowers by bad guys". They've all been given serums that have changed their bodies in one way or another - but the catch is that they must continue to consume the vials in order to continue using their powers and it'll mutate them over time. They have to survive the creatures and other failed experiments that lurk the halls of the asylum as they attempt to find a way to escape with their humanity.

American Guilt: WIP title, but inspired by two songs (American Guilt and American Terrorist III). It's basically America on the verge of becoming a cyberpunk dystopia, where people are killed on the streets if they aren't being farmed like cattle. Everyone is under constant surveilence and rights are disappearing by the minute. A group of citizens attempt to tear down this awful system, some call them terrorists, others call them freedom fighters. However, they won't be able to leave with their morality intact. An RP that'll probably get me put on a government watchlist lol.

Old/New Gods: I had the off thought in my head after seeing the twentieth thousand "School for Greek Gods" RP. What if there was an RP about Gods from all mythologies and not in a school? That'd be pretty cool right? Right. I have no idea about the plot or the setting!

Desolation: I Remain: A horror RP about a strange red mist rolling through the world, and where ever the mist goes; monsters follow. Most of the world has been wiped out by this mysterious fog as nobody - not even the military knows how to deal with it. The RP follows a group of survivors as they travel far north as rumor has it that the fog can't travel up mountains. However, it's not simple as it sounds.

A mixture of urban-fantasy, superpower, and horror; the universe is a unique setting that revolves around the emotions and memories of the people who live in it.

The Othergrounds: A reboot of one of the first RPs I made on the guild. It basically revolves around a bunch of kids that find themselves in a strange place, an abandoned city that is full of mysteries. They're also the few people around that have magic powers, or they gain magic powers upon arrival in the Othergrounds. The cast attempts to get to the bottom of things as they find out that they are not quite alone. An RP that is meant to examine themes of isolation, loneliness, and reaching out to each other.

Hunted Forever: A simple horror/supernatural-thriller RP, a group of completely random people in a completely random city are hunted by a crazed cult. Said cult has a lot more power and influence than expected, as their goals, their membership, and what they worship seem to be completely otherworldly.

Who Is Eleanor Black?: A group of investigators are hired/called out to a remote village in the United Kingdom to investigate an anomoly: a woman has apparently disappeared into thin air. However as they follow the trail they quickly come to the realization that it's a lot more complicated from a mere disappearance; it's almost as if she was wiped from existence. They find magic is in play and it gets a lot more complicated as they investigate the Black Family. The RP will either have the cast be the investigators or the inhabitants of the village.

A unique superhuman setting where people have been empowered by crystals and the energy they give off, a deconstrction of the superhuman story.
Task Force RAVEN: An RP that focuses on the title group; an elite task force that is the best at what they do. They eventually find themselves in the middle of a huge conspiracy that will shake the organization, as the RP explores their relationship with each other and the world that they live in.

The Group: An RP that centers around a team of criminal Metahumans that have been gathered and employed by a mysterious higher interest. They rarely ask questions because they're being paid so handsomely not to, but they soon find themselves getting in over their heads.

Prison Break: A group of Metahuman inmates break free of their confinement... and end up being forced to work for a mysterious person who has mysterious goals. Simple enough, the RP is meant to center around a bunch of morally ambiguous characters or people who haven't had their shot of redemption yet, similar to the suicide squad.

Infinite Worlds: Basically adopting one storyline from a previous RP. Basically a bunch of friends (and new homies) find some missing scientist's notes and decide to follow the trail. They find secret organizations, dimensional travel, and friends!

The Broken: Or misfit toys. It's about a group of Metahumans with severe problems (either mental or physical) going to a therapy group and bonding with each other. Featuring adventure!

A quirky RP series based off of fighting games and anime; is a fantasy kitchen sink that mixes the ridiculous with serious plots and settings.
Demise of Dreamers: Set after an alien invader conquers the earth and subjugates it; banning all forms of combat. Martial artists and other warriors must either join the resistance against him or assist him to gain complete control of the world. A darker take on the universe, but will still retain the RP's signature ridiculous in a serious situation.

Fighting Gold: In a generically named metropolis that has become a hive for warriors and other weirdness, a corporate madman attempts to subjugate the entire city. So the various fighters and other warriors must either side with him or against him, or fulfill their own agendas in a strange city that will expand and get more ridiculous as the RP goes on.


@Spoopy Scary: Honestly one of the best roleplayers on this site, we go waaay back. Despite his woman hair I really enjoy roleplaying with him and he is very intelligent. He has helped me a lot throughout the years.

@Junkmail: Despite all of his stale memes, shitposting, and other cancer he's a great guy. Pretty talented roleplayer for what it's worth (waaaay better than some of the retardation I've seen on this site) and has helped me with a lot of my ideas.

@Maxx: Even though he's infuriatingly flakey, I still regard him as a cool cat. He's a good roleplayer and definitely has some very good characters.

@He Who Walks Behind: If he would climb out of that damn cave and actually roleplay on this site, I would say he's the best. I always enjoyed his writing style and his characters, and he was my go-to co-gm when he did roleplay. He's also funny and probably has a huge dick.

@Dragonbud: I should probably talk to her more. Probably.


@Savo: A cancer cell that has fell off my body and developed into its own person. He's pretty cool for what its worth, and I entrusted him with the World Warriors RP after I fell on hard times and despite his attempts to eliminate what's left of my will to live, he's pretty fun to bounce ideas off of.

@redbaron1234: The last surviving brony, but are you a brony if you're a girl? These questions bring up the very nature and duality of man.

@Kamen Evie Is one of the few people on the RPG who likes Armored Core. They earned their spot on this list.

@KaiserElectric: Furromantic.

@Crosswire: They should change their username to Buttwire. One of the nicest people from the World Warriors RP.

@Drag: If we were Metal Gear characters, he'd be Volgin, but he'd call himself Revolver Ocelot anyway.

@wxps350: I found it, the most cancerous human being in the world. Please eliminate soon as you read this.

@Megsychan: If this scrublord posts another Skullgirl pony in my discord server I'm going to individually bite all of her fingers off.


@Zombiedude101: My go-to Co-GM and right hand man, you've probably seen him as the Co-GM in my RPs a lot. He really helps me worldbuild and makes my retarded ideas less retarded and I appreciate that.

@Lord Wraith: Honestly he has a superhero universe that's closer to a comicbook and a lot more consistent than mine. Eventually we will actually roleplay with each other some day.

@FernStone: As much as I like reminding them they're bad, they're actually a consistent and dedicated roleplayer. A lot more than what I could say about everyone else on this fucking list.

@Altered Tundra: I wanted to actually put something nice down, but this fucking degenerate still listens to edgy middle-school rock bands unironically.



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So imma cancel this rp. I am staying away from home for awhile and I thought I would have phone access but I will not. My internet access will be limited.

“I just ask questions and get answers.”

Suddenly things started making sense. Rita had some kind of compulsion based abstraction, and all the times Britney was forced to speak all made sense. She slapped herself mentally for failing to catch on sooner, but she could only feel disgusted. "So, you've been hiding a compulsion abstraction from all of us?" Britney asked, putting a hand on her chest, the same hand that was covered in roots. "I feel fucking violated here, and I know I messed up-"

"Enough!" A massive flame appeared in front of the group and caught everyone's attention as Justin stood in the middle of the fading flame. He had his eyes narrowed and brows furrowed as he spoke, "Okay, we know Rita's abstraction, we know Billy's a murderer and a coward, but how about we stay on the subject here? Just for one second, okay?"

Britney groaned.

"We need a way to kill the Glutton, and we don't have a clear plan, and as much as I want to charge up in there and fuck that thing up - I don't like the idea of going in without a clear plan at the very least," Justin said as he pointed at the mountain through the window. "Winging it isn't going to work."

Things were getting intense, but Lynette was staying focused on the mission. Stopping the Glutton (or finding that lead on her grandmother). Rita had seemed to use her abstraction on anyone that wasn't Britney or Penny - she thought to herself. However, if Billy really tried to kill her... then she found it hard to care that he ran away (or even got injured). She let out a sigh of relief when Justin took charge of things, and there was a little lightbulb in Lynette's head that was about ready to go off.

"I have an idea, it's not the best but it's better than what we got - nothing," Lynette said finally deciding to step up and be a leader. "Brit, you said that the Wielders or whatever built the Seals in the first place, right?"

"Yeah," Britney said. "They're long gone, however."

"What if we tried to find them? Is there an option to do that?" Lynette suggested.

Britney sighed.

"Well..." Britney trailed off, looking off to the side. "We could, there's a point in the mountain that'd allow us to travel to the different universes but there's a catch or two... or three." She shrugged before she continued.

"We'd still have to go into the mountain and I think the Glutton is gearing up for something big. Plus, all of the Godforce and those memories could overwhelm some of us. I've seen what it can do to people and... it's not pretty. And that's not even the worst part; traveling to different universes can be a scary thing - like the League exiles thousands of people each year and know where some of them go? The void. And once you go in, you never come out unless somebody gets you. And with some of the things there... it's better to leave them be."

That was the first part of Britney's explanation of why this was a terrible idea. It gets worse. "And those universes aren't small - they're huge as ours. What are the odds of us stumbling on the wielders of the white light in a reasonable amount of time?"

Justin shook his head as he put his hands on his hips and hung his head. "... Not high, right?"

"But, it's still better than nothing."

"Better than nothing?" Britney said, "I don't think it's a good idea, dimensional travel is risky. Too risky for us to even consider an option."

"You brought up one definite way to fix the seals, right...?" Justin mused as he kept his arms crossed, looking off to the side.

"Don't tell me..." Britney looked over at Justin and balled her fists. "We can't trust Amethyst with that power - even if she does solve it, we might have a bigger problem on hand later! If she doesn't go and fuck it up the first time."

"Well, I'm thinking maybe we'll have to chance it!" Justin shouted.

"Don't trust her," Britney said, "I don't want to see her throw your lives away so she can achieve power!"

"... Hmph, and you are the people the Child has placed their faith in?" The group heard the deep demonic voice of the Hound as he appeared in a cloud of black fog. First appearing in a silhouette and then walking out of the fog with his glowing red eyes. He appeared to be the size of a normal wolf, for once, but his head drifted from the left and then to the right. "Are you all aware you all are the last Awakened in Farmer Hill? All others have fled." He first said.

Britney's heart started racing for a moment as she had to grasp her chest upon seeing the Hound in person. Sweat started dripping down her head as she took as many steps back as possible to get away from the thing.

"Or they're dead." Justin flatly said.

"And they are being tormented as we speak," The Hound said, a hint of irritation in his normally monotone voice. "You all need to get serious because time is of the essence. The Child may have kept this from you all, but there's a slim chance we can revive those killed by the Glutton."

"Wait, there is?" Britney suddenly perked up. "Or are you bullshitting us...?"

"I never lie," The Hound said, "As I said before, the whole cycle of life and death has been thrown off balance... it wasn't their time to die, which means if we do things right; we can save them."

"And what's 'right'?" Lynette said.

"I can give you a way to fix the seals utilizing the same power that the Wielders of the White Light used," The Hound started. "The true name for that power is Ascension and it requires meeting a certain set of requirements and bathing yourselves in the Godforce to Ascend to a different level and grant you the ability to manipulate the Godforce itself."

That was interesting to Lynette, to say the least, but what was the catch. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at the Hound, and he continued, "However... it requires a clear mind and a deep bond to everyone else being bathed in the Godforce. Or your minds will be overloaded and shattered by the experienced. Sent all over the Godforce... but using this method we can recover those who have been consumed by the Glutton."

"But, there's always a fucking price is there?!" Justin shouted, angrily.

"I am afraid so, Justin Liao," The Hound turned towards him as he said, "There's also the option of locating the wielders of the white light, but you'll have to go to the very core of the Mountain to find the portal into the All-verse and possibly connect your minds to it and try to locate them. But, that'd require sacrificing a few of your friends to the Godforce and I can't guarantee you'd find them..."

That hurt Lynette's plan.

"... But if you did, I'd guarantee they'd be able to save your friends and close the seals."

That saved Lynette's plan.

"However, as I said before, time is of the essence and you all should be aware that all of this will come with a price. It's merely a matter of deciding which choice is the lesser evil."

"What about Amethyst's plan?" Justin just had to ask.

"That'd work, too, but with all the prices Britney went over," The Hound looked at the group, "So, I would decide now and stick with it."

"We should go with giving ourselves greater powers," Britney said as she raised a hand.

"I think we should try to locate the Wielders of the White Light," Lynette suggested.

Justin shrugged and remained silent.

However, the light in the sky outside went orange for a second as the group perceived orange cracks in their eyes. A massive headache overtook them as the Speaker appeared out of nowhere in their vision. Except wrong. Instead of appearing human, their skin was an unnatural oily jet black color and their eyes were orange... holes. The thing wasn't wearing any clothes but was completely smooth in appearance.

"... So many risks, choices, and games," The Speaker first started with their voice having an echo as if it was being repeated over and over again. "Bah, don't tell me you all are going to play the False-God's sick, sick, game."

The Speaker chuckled for a moment, "All of this... all your life's sufferings and complications, it's all to them and they didn't care one tiny bit. They just farmed you for your memories so they could achieve true power and now they are suddenly trying to care that they have a use for you. Hahahahahahahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Speaker laughed maniacally.

"Don't play their game any longer, I can give you an easy way out. So we can all enjoy the rest of eternity in relative bliss. Reject the false Gods, reject their Harbinger of Death, reject the system they forced on you. Because this is how you achieve the happiness you want. The freedom you desire without the shackles of the False God. Just reject him already, we have a place for you on the other side. We just need you to... fall into the light. The choice is yours."

All of the Speaker's hallucinations disappeared. Possibly a mind game or maybe they wanted true allegiance to the Glutton.

So many choices and Lynette didn't know which one was worse. Hell, some part of her was thinking that maybe the Glutton wouldn't be so bad.
@Ghost Note
I want to start with only one character for now, and if the RP needs filling out, I'll bump it up to two. Real photography for the faceclaim is preferred, but I'll accept realistic art if a photo doesn't do the character justice...I just want to avoid animation and anime.

Aight, I have a character in mind I might use. She'll be a Class 1, but her power will make a huge impact.
@Artifex how many characters are we allowed + what type of "realistic" faceclaim would you prefer (real photography or art)?
You know how to attract me, interested.

Five Springs Church, Central Araminta. January 3rd.

The girl with the face had a good point. They don't have reason to trust this girl, and Amanda knew better than to blindly believe everyone's story. Everything has two sides to the story, and the girl didn't have an immediate answer. Amanda crossed her arms as she narrowed her eyes at the girl. Things weren't right here...

Brianna had to pause for a second as she focused on June. The girl had a point, she needed something more solid, Brianna put a finger to her mouth.

"Aw shit, didn't think this through, did ya?" Jaden said with a cocky smirk.

"Shut up, Jaden," Brianna was quick to say. Before she just let out a sigh, "I can show you proof, it might be a lot to take in at-"

Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the door, followed by a hellish growling. The banging hit the doors so hard that it caused debris to fall from the rooftop.

"Shit," Brianna said, "The Witch has found us..."

The banging stopped as there was a banging up the side of the building until it stopped at the top. Then what was left of the roof caved in.

"Move!" Amanda said as she darted off to the side, she rolled, and when she hopped to her feet she managed to pull out her pistol and aim it directly at the thing. Unfortunately, the thing caused a massive dust cloud that impaired all vision in the area. Amanda took a few steps back, the growling started back up again and she was tempted to fire a few shots.

Meanwhile, Jaden hauled ass to the other end of the building and ducked behind one of the rows of seats. He had his back to the seat as he looked up as the dust settled. Amanda was crazy! The bitch should stop trying to play hero and find somewhere to hide. Case in point, whatever it was quickly jetted out of the dust cloud and rammed Amanda. Nobody could even see the thing, all they saw was a bunch of footprints quickly charging her and sent her flying across the room. She came to a stop with a roll, but that fucker was fast.

"Hey, Bri, know what I was thinking?!" Jaden shouted at Brianna, "Now would be the perfect time to show us we can trust you and help us with this invisible thing!"

"... You can't see it?" Brianna.

"But, take your time!" Jaden said as the monster that they couldn't even fucking see got ready to attack someone else. He didn't know who. "We clearly got all the time in the fuckin' world right now!"

Five Springs Church, Central Araminta. January 3rd.

"... I don't drug test."

All that mouth Jaden had quickly run out when Archie said that to him. He said it in a whisper and Jaden had to resist the urge to draw attention to it. He shook his head as that cocky line of energy went dry with only four words. He had to shake it off, and keep up the facade. "... The Black what?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. Jaden was unaware of all the sightings of the Black Shuck. The comment probably fell on deaf ears as Archie walked up the stairs to the doors and opened it. Five more people showed up - probably not going to be the last. Jaden was tempted to make another smartass comment about people asking the same fucking two questions over and over again, but he forgot how basic this town and the people in it are.

If he made a comment they'd probably still be standing there drooling.

The smirk that Archie shot Amanda only elicited an eye roll as she waited for everyone to go inside. Right now she was interested in neither Archie nor Jaden - since it was obvious they weren't the threats here. Amanda let out a sigh as her hand finally got the signal to drift away from the pistol in her waistband. However, Amanda was bringing up the rear - she made sure she was the last person through the door. Just in case. She muttered a "Thank you," to Archie as he finally closed the door.

Unbeknownst to the group, there was a set of footprints approaching the church. It had the appearance of fearsome claws as an invisible creature approached the building.

Inside the church, lighting wasn't an issue because a huge portion of the roof had collapsed in and let the January sunlight in. The wood that the many rows of seats were made out of were rotted and were reclaimed by nature. There was a network of roots and weeds all over the building and every step the group took was over some ivy (which is why Amanda was glad she was wearing boots). There wasn't much remaining of the windows and the shards of glass were all over the place underneath the ivy. However, one oddly untouched thing was the pulpit and the massive white cross that overlooked the whole building.

A set of footsteps started coming up from the front of the room towards the pulpit. A small, mousy looking young girl walked up to the pulpit. Few people around town knew her name, and it was unlikely that the older crowd would know her. However, Jaden raised an eyebrow when he saw her.

"Ey, wait, you're that weird girl," Jaden started, "Um what's your name, Brianna, right?"

"Yeah," The girl just says as she holds her bicep with her left hand - keeping her cellphone within grasp for some odd reason. She leans up against the pulpit as she began her explanation, "I'm glad you all came here, I know you have a lot of questions-"

"... Like how the fuck did you send text messages without a name or a number?" Jaden injected.

"-But we'll have to save the questions for another time. We're short on time... you guys were all involved in one of the supernatural occurrences, but it didn't use to be this way. At least not like this, but there's somebody at the root of it all. They call her The Witch."

Amanda raised her eyebrow. Okay, this was starting to get weird.

"She's behind the serial killers, the moths, and the things you haven't heard about," Brianna started. "I don't know who she is, what she can do, or what she is - but if we stop her, Araminta will return to normal."

Amanda had her arms crossed, skeptical.

"I know it's a lot to swallow right now, but you have to trust me, you have to believe me. I sought you out because you lot are the few already encountered the other side and your sensitivity for this kind of stuff should be higher. We're the only people, as it stands, that can stop this because trust me; it'll only get worse from here as the Witch grows in power. Will you trust me?"

“You keeping anymore secrets from us?”

Suddenly, Britney whipped around to Rita as she was compelled to speak. There was something that she was keeping from the group, as always. Except she had the noblest intents in heart when she justified keeping it to herself. She spoke with a smirk and a smug attitude to boot... which probably didn't endear her to the group.

"Oh, I know a definite way to fix the seals - it's just that the cost is so stupid and high that I would never consider it. Nobody ever explained how they sealed the Glutton, did they? There's a group of Adepts from Glint known as the Wielders of the White light and they are so powerful that they can manipulate the Godforce! But, after the Glutton was sealed and they saw how fucked up the League was, they packed and left. They're in a different universe, and nobody knows where. They tried looking for them, but... it didn't end well."

Britney started off her explanation rather robotically... because it was in her nature to never disclose this information to anyone. Ever. "But, there's a way to make more. It's a ritual that involves sacrificing twelve different types of Awakened that correspond with their twelve colors. Like, you just won't be dead, you'll be stuck in a state worse than death. Like the kind of dead that makes you wish for a normal death but you're stuck in it for the rest of eternity. But, it's not like one of us is going to be the ones getting powered up; it'd have to be an Adept. Meaning that psychopath Amethyst and her goons are gonna be all-powerful, and we'll have more problems to deal with after the Glutton - if she doesn't kill us all. So would the cost really be worth it?"

Britney sat down on a chair as she spawned a vine and brained it like a rope. She spun it around her fingertips as she said, "So, that plan is literally dependant on trusting a person from a different universe with a different set of morals and ideals with one of the strongest abilities out there and hoping they don't screw it up or cause a worse problem afterward. Because there are more beings like the Glutton out there, y'know? They just don't bother us... until someone does something stupid to piss them off. There has to be another way, the Child or the Hound must know of one."

That was when the effect of Rita's abstraction wore off and Britney started putting together the dots. The Farmhouse, Hillview High... whenever the girl talked to her, Britney ended up talking too much. Her eyes narrowed as her sigils started glowing. Vines started coming from her hands as she said,

"... Rita, you never told us what your abstraction was."

The subject of Billy came up and Britney couldn't help but shake her head. "No note, nothing?" Britney had to ask, but she sighed as she held her head. She tried to reach inside of herself for the nicest way to put this, but maybe she had to be blunt. "I'm not sure what happened to Billy; if he left or something happened to him," She started. "Well, the Corrupted aren't the most subtle, so we can rule that out. Neither are the Wendigoes."

Well, that came out better than she thought. "Maybe... maybe it was all too much for him and like you said, he ran away. A few members of our group packed and left, after all."

"Let's not worry about them," Lynette just softly said as she focused on what Penny suggested. Going back to the old campsite... back to where this all started. It would feel weird to be back, but she wondered what would have happened if they were never there. Would her life be normal? Or would another group of people have to get to finish this nonsense? Though the revelation that Justin told her has her worried - she feels perfectly fine, but what about the others? She would have to stay on her toes, but her eyes drifted to Sharon for a second.

However, the Support group got a reminder about their guardian angel as everything went white for just one second.

"Don't worry, I'm going to be watching over you all the whole way. I will show you everything you need to do, just believe in me."

The Child's Voice disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Justin shook his head as he crossed his arms. "I'm finding it hard to keep believing in you." He muttered to himself before his attention landed on the map. Penny suggested they go to the campsite. Justin liked that idea. "Yeah, I think we should pack up either way." He started, "This place is too big to properly guard and the Glutton probably already knows we're here."

"So, it's official, then?" Lynette said, "I wouldn't mind heading back to the campsite."

"Everyone pack up, if it's not important; leave it."

After everyone got what they needed, the Support group marched out into the old campsite. They weren't bothered by either Apparition or Corrupted - there was a strange occurrence. Every Corrupted in town was stuck in a trance; frozen in place, but standing staring at the mountain. Their eyes were glowing a bright orange color as they didn't respond to a thing - not even Justin hitting one of them in the shins with a baseball bat. Regardless of Justin's idea of taking them all out, the group pushed on through the woods until they made it to the old campsite...

The bridge to the place was still destroyed by the Glutton and it seems like nobody touched the place since they left here. They stood at the bridge and stared at it. Lynette was the first to take initiative and pull out a screwdriver she had on her. She drew a large symbol of earth and pillar after pillar erupted out of the ground and made a pathway for them straight to the island. She stood to the side as she said, "After you."

"I'm impressed," Sharon said.

The group walked across the makeshift bridge, as Justin took the lead as he said. "Alright, I doubt anyone was here, but let's find a place to take a break and figure out a plan. Let's split-"

"Don't say it," Lynette said.

"Fine," Justin said with a sigh. "Penny, what do you think we should do? We'll cover more ground if we split up."
Just to make sure everyone's on the same page; nobody has entered the church yet and everyone should be outside/on the stairs.
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