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When Ruler Inc falls, there's me.



I've gone by several names on this hellsite, since I've been around since Oldguild - didn't make too many waves back then, however. But, I am a twenty-three-year-old guy that lives on the east coast and attends community college for a criminal justice degree. When I'm not in class or raging online, I am at work at the worst place in the god damn world. And when I don't feel like doing any of that stuff, I'm usually on steam playing a game or watching Netflix. So my times kind of divided lol. I guess I call myself an average role player, there's better out there. I usually GM an RP or two, but sometimes, sometimes, I manage to find an RP that interests me that I join. I really like making a variety of different characters, and one thing I like to do is add depth and weave symbolism into my characters because people are a lot more than just one thing. I also like adding music where ever possible. I have a variety of preferred genres; I like superhuman and sci-fi settings the most. Though, I'm down for anything long as it sounds cool. I GM'd a lot of superhuman RPs, but, honestly, I'm trying to branch out and be known for a dude that makes any type of cool RPs. I have lots of ideas I want to put into play, which I'll detail below. I guess my specialty would be creating different worlds.

Message me anytime if you want to do them, or talk or play a game. Anything really. Also if you sent a message and I don't reply; chances are that I was out and looked at it on my phone or other device and wanted to wait until I get home before I replied. If I don't respond, feel free to prod me to get a response.



@Spoopy Scary: Honestly one of the best roleplayers on this site, we go waaay back. Despite his woman hair I really enjoy roleplaying with him and he is very intelligent. He has helped me a lot throughout the years.

@Junkmail: Despite all of his stale memes, shitposting, and other cancer he's a great guy. Pretty talented roleplayer for what it's worth (waaaay better than some of the retardation I've seen on this site) and has helped me with a lot of my ideas.

@Maxx: Even though he's infuriatingly flakey, I still regard him as a cool cat. He's a good roleplayer and definitely has some very good characters.

[@He Who Walks Behind]: If he would climb out of that damn cave and actually roleplay on this site, I would say he's the best. I always enjoyed his writing style and his characters, and he was my go-to co-gm when he did roleplay. He's also funny and probably has a huge dick.

@Dragonbud: I should probably talk to her more. Probably.


@Savo: A cancer cell that has fell off my body and developed into its own person. He's pretty cool for what its worth, and I entrusted him with the World Warriors RP after I fell on hard times and despite his attempts to eliminate what's left of my will to live, he's pretty fun to bounce ideas off of.

@redbaron1234: The last surviving brony, but are you a brony if you're a girl? These questions bring up the very nature and duality of man.

@Kamen Evie Is one of the few people on the RPG who likes Armored Core. They earned their spot on this list.

@KaiserElectric: Furromantic.

@Crosswire: They should change their username to Buttwire. One of the nicest people from the World Warriors RP.

@Drag: Cowboys are overrated

@wxps350: I found it, the most cancerous human being in the world. Please eliminate soon as you read this.

@Megsychan: If this scrublord posts another Skullgirl pony in my discord server I'm going to individually bite all of her fingers off.


@Zombiedude101: My go-to Co-GM and right hand man, you've probably seen him as the Co-GM in my RPs a lot. He really helps me worldbuild and makes my retarded ideas less retarded and I appreciate that.

@Lord Wraith: Honestly he has a superhero universe that's closer to a comicbook and a lot more consistent than mine. Eventually we will actually roleplay with each other some day.

@FernStone: As much as I like reminding them they're bad, they're actually a consistent and dedicated roleplayer. A lot more than what I could say about everyone else on this fucking list.

[@Altered Tundra]: I wanted to actually put something nice down, but this fucking degenerate still listens to edgy middle-school rock bands unironically.



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The weather hardly changed since Odessa started sitting out here with her legs folded. She had peeled up her robe somewhat as she soaked in the sun rays. Not all the way, though, because she wanted to be prepared if they had to drop everything and cut and run. That was the only thing preventing her from getting all the way naked, but she was still getting a good amount of sun rays. Given that she was the only person here who probably didn't need to sleep, it was only herself and her thoughts... and her various griefs and guilt. She sighed, as she finally felt a tingle in her skull and turned around to see Penny.

This was interesting... she doubted someone like Penny would seek her out all alone without having a purpose. This is why Odessa smiled at her when she approached with merely two words.

“Lilith’s gone.”

It wasn't a super surprising piece of information given that Lilith was gone since the boat fell. Mao also disappeared, too. "... I figured." Odessa blankly said. "It seems people... come and go, where ever we are." Odessa shrugged, as she was unsure of if they were going to run into the two again. Or run into the way they remembered. There was nothing that they could do about it, unfortunately.

“Hey, thank you again for saving me back there, I seriously owe you, like, seriously...which is what makes this part right here suck even more…”

"Why thank you..." Odessa trailed off as she was a bit nervous about what Penny was going to ask of her.

“But how the fuck do you know all of these things? Who are you? Don’t give me some vague bullshit, either. I want everything. Give me the goddamn details. All of them. Please. Please. I already trust you, it’s...I just need to know why.”

"Odessa Kayla Maxwell," She almost sarcastically answered. "Pleasure to meet you!" She gave Penny a wide toothy closed-eyed smile... that was sarcastic. Still, Penny wanted to know everything, but could she handle knowing everything. Odessa Kayla Maxwell was an ambiguity, even to herself at times. And prompted by it Odessa turned her hand into wood as she looked at it.

"If you honestly want to know," Odessa trailed off as she glanced back towards her blonde-haired "friend". Her hand turned back into flesh as she sighed. "... I don't even know who I am, myself anymore."

She faced forward and stared at the wall as if she was staring into the scenic sunset, but the grim reality burnt down on her. "I don't even know where to start." Odessa started laughing.

"But, I guess I'll just say I'm probably not from the same universe as you... I'm from a world named Glint if you heard of it. A little village in Africa that was starving, but an Apparition came... known as the Nurturing Will. She was an apparition that could control plants-"

Odessa put her hand up and it was surrounded with red flowers.

"-and she gave us everything we needed and more. Turned our woes upside down... but I'm getting off track here. The League attacked us and I almost died... until we adjoined."

Odessa explained the simple part, "... I don't know where she ends and I begin... I even forgot my original name, it seems like I'm more of the Nurturing Will than anything. And she knows all sorts of things about the supernatural, except I could never put my finger on why. A lot of things were lost when we merged and unfortunately..."

The flowers withered and faded. "... I cast away my humanity, Penny."

She sighed regretfully.

"Since my village's destruction, I've been... wandering," Odessa said. "Longing. For something. Perhaps the piece of me that I lost."

Maybe it was a bit too wordy, or she wasn't interested in knowing her life story. She wanted to know who Odessa was, and why and, well, this is the answer to her question.

"Is that sufficient for you, Penny?" Odessa said before she narrowed her eyes at her, "... Why do I get the feeling it's not?"

“I need a drink, or a few. I’m going to go get shots.”

Almost instantly Taylor burst out laughing. Just the look on Maya's face just told her that she had almost popped the biggest lady boner she had ever popped in her life. And hey, Taylor couldn't blame her, Madison was fucking hot. Second only to that (other) Asian chick that she has seen around here. Probably wasn't into women - but Madison reminded of a friend, except her ass and tits were even bigger. Taylor was tempted to tease the chick but they weren't all that close yet. The last thing Taylor wanted to do was piss off a potential friend and get her head exploded or something weird. She walked off and Taylor was certain she was going to rub one out - and, again, she couldn't blame her. While she was gone, she was approached by some chick. One from the Coven meeting that she met in the elevator.

"Hey! You're one of us right? Nice to meet you! Name's Quinn, best in the world, you'll remember my name."
Quinn Sinn

"I'm Taylor, you'll be screaming my name," Taylor said, before breaking out into laughter with a wry grin on her face. The whole "best in the world" boast didn't endear her to Taylor, because actions speak louder than words. Still, better give this nut the benefit of the doubt because it wasn't like Taylor had high hopes. She pulled out a cigarette as she lit it and took a deep puff of it, but then she looked at her. "Best in the world, eh? At what if you don't mind me askin', Quinn?"

That was when Maya came back with some drinks and Taylor grinned. They all had a toast and Taylor grinned yet again as she put the glass up the rest of the girls. "To a night so fucking crazy that we won't fuckin' remember it!" She said as she threw the drink back and she started getting a little bit tipsy. Fortunately, she ate a fuckton before she came out, but she was starting to let the inner-Taylor out.

“We need to talk to her after this, she’s so good… Even if this isn’t what I expected.”

Again Taylor started laughing, this was too rich. She had a better idea for the night. They wanted this night to be good? Then they had to great a little crazy, creative. Madison, or whoever went to the edge of the stage and started shaking her ass. A grin crept up on Taylor's face as she looked at the three.

"... I dare one of you to go up and slap her ass," Taylor grinned widely.

It wasn't long before the two DENS agents met outside the club... and goodness there was a long ass line just to get in! Meifeng got out of her car wearing a red dress that looked very unflattering given her lack of curvature. Still, it showed her impressively built figure, namely her legs as she walked up to the line. And Meifeng was the one that wore sneakers with dresses. The first thing that she saw was her old friend Cindy wearing a green dress with silt that she bet looked much better on her than Meifeng's dress did her. Mainly because she had curves. She was already in the long-ass line and when she saw Meifeng she gestured for her to come. And Meifeng cut through the line while receiving all sorts of comments for cutting.

"Cindy, why are you already here?" Meifeng asked.

"Ten minutes prior," Cindy answered.

"You're not in the military right now, Cin-Cin," Meifeng sharply said.

"Why are you complaining? I'm in line!" Cindy answered. "We would have been waiting forever."

"Because..." Meifeng trailed off as she had nothing to say really. "Let's just... uh... wait in line..."

Eventually, Meifeng and Cindy made it to the front doors of the club, showed their ids and they were in. When they walked in the place reeked of fish, cigarettes, booze, and degeneracy. Just the way Meifeng likes it.

"Oh," Cindy said, "Two grown-ass women walking into a strip club...."

She looked at Meifeng as she added.

"... We stick out like a sore thumb."

“I’ve hardly touched it. I don’t know about turning invisible but it won’t be hard for me to buy you drinks. Just gotta make sure nobody notices. I wasn’t joking about the drinks being on me.”

"Thanks, Sugar!" Taylor said with a smug grin as she grabbed it and took a sip without a second thought. It looked like coke but she tasted something strong. It was cheeky as fuck; it was coke but it had vodka in it. Taylor was such an alcoholic that she could tell. Still, Taylor knew that these bars and types didn't fuck around with underaged drinking. If they saw her drinking that could spell the end of their night, but it wasn't like they couldn't haul ass to the next place. Not that the bartenders were paying attention to them; they were surrounded by so many sweaty, horny, alcoholics that they were going back and forth.

"I doubt they're gonna notice," Taylor shrugged. "And if they do, we can always cut n' run."

"Let's drink, dance, and give these girls the cash they deserve! Who else is here?"

"Hell yeah!" Though, Taylor was trying to leave out a snide comment. The girls deserved something for being so brave as to shake their asses on stage, but she could see herself up there. Heh. Taylor shrugged yet again because she hardly knew any of these girls. So she didn't have a clue who was with them and who wasn't. She just shrugged. "I think the other two chicks are 'round here somewhere!" Taylor took a sip of her booze and felt the alcohol content hit her.

However, the DJ's booming voice interrupted their conversation:

"Coming up on the stage is Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiberty!"

And who walked on the stage elicited a raised eyebrow and a smirk from Taylor.

"... And her."


At least she was already drunk.

Madison sat down on the stool staring at her reflection while trying to arrange her earrings properly - She shook her head as she just gave up. Well, Madison knew that, at the very least, with this outfit on they wouldn't pay attention to her ears. She felt like shit right now, a headache, nausea and she took every alcohol remedy known to man to avoid throwing up. It wasn't the first time nor was it going to be the last time she did this, however she had to make it through the night. Madison stared at herself in the mirror.

... I don't even know who I'm looking at.

Madison sighed as she looked down and tears were about to fall down her face.

"Hey, Muchacha!" Madison heard the heavily accented voice and turned her head to see her good friend Lupe Riveria. Wearing a see-through red outfit but not as nice as her own. "What's up with you, lately? You've been..."

"What?" Madison questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"... Down," Lupe answered.

"Shit happens, Lupe," Madison answered with a sigh. "... And I've had a lot to drink."

"Sistaaaaa!" Lupe extravagantly said, "You know you get drunk once you get here."

"Can I have some space please?" Madison asked.

"Sure, sure..." Lupe said with a cheeky smile on her face. "... It's just your turn to go on stage."

Shit. Madison thought to herself as she didn't want to go out on stage right now, but she sighed as she got up and walked down that hallway to the stage. "Go, Muchacha! Show 'em what you're made up!" Lupe laughed as Madison ignored her... but didn't notice her laughter suddenly being cut off. The only thing on her mind was the stage... and she walked through the curtains to her adoring crowd. Having a hardened and sultry look on her face as their eyes were all over here... and they didn't bother her in the slightest. Right now she couldn't feel anything other than an intense desire to get this over with.

Just shake her ass on stage for a few songs, make a few cute eyes, and call it good. She walked up to the pole as people already started throwing dollars on the stage, as she grabbed on with both hands and spun around. The people in front of her were merely faceless bodies. Though some looked kinda familiar, her head was not in the right place to care.

However, there was another insidious plot going on in the back of the club... in the basement of the club. Lupe, Madison's friend, was carried through the club with duct tape on her mouth and then thrown on the floor of the basement. She was violently thrashing around, but she was already bound and gagged... and not in a fun way. On the floor, she noticed various glowing symbols and other sigils, and then she looked up at her captors... three rednecks, more or less.

"Shit," Frederick said as he looked at the other two. "The fuck were we supposed to do again?"

"We capture a bunch of these bitches-" The one to his left, James, answered.

... Bitches?! Lupe seethed but she had a hard time doing it through the duct tape on her face. She raised her head.

"-And then we draw all these symbols." James shrugged.

"Should we call Blake again?" Jordan asked.

"And make him think we're stupid or something?" Frederick answered.

"How about we grab some more..." Frederick then started thinking, "Wait why it gotta be strippers?"

"They strippers," James answered, "Ain't no one gonna miss them!"

"No, but why specifically?"

James shrugged.

"The Outsider said, twenty women."

"... Are you sure that's a woman?" James answered. "I've seen some freaky stuff befo-"

That was when Lupe started angrily saying some very mean things but they were muffled underneath her face mask.

Jordan threw a thumb in her direction."... She looks a little pissed off."

"I'll keep watch," James said. "You two just grab some more girls."

They both nodded as they went on.

The DENS finished for the day and decided to get some R&R... And Meifeng found herself heading back to her nifty little hotel room. Like she usually found herself doing these nights, she was in a white bathrobe with nothing else on, lying down on her bed playing on her cellphone. Probably until she fell asleep... she wanted to get out there and find Annabelle but they needed rest. And maybe some relaxation. She was playing a slot machine app on her phone and was just... relaxed as they could get. Her family was probably asleep but given that they're young they're definitely up way later than she is. Meifeng sighed as she was all alone until her phone buzzed.

Cin-Cin 8:02 PM
Hey Mei do you want to hang out?

Me 8:02 PM
Of course where do you want to go

Cin-Cin 8:03 PM
No casinos Im sick of those

Me 8:04PM
There's a strip club not too far away lol

Cin-Cin 8:07 PM
Oh my God we're NOT going to a strip club you nut lol

Me 8:08 PM
Remember all the good times we had during your bridal shower

Cin-Cin 8:11 PM
I wish you could see my face right now

Cin-Cin 8:13 PM
Fine I'll go. Veni Vedi Veni?

Me 8:15 PM
yup meet you there, sis
@Maxx i'll show you how gay i am when i fuck you in the ass

“How’re we even gonna find out whose it is, nevermind find ‘em? That doesn’t sound easy at all. If that’s even what’s going on.”

"I think..." Zoey trailed off as she finally composed herself, putting her hands on her knees. "... We're getting ahead of ourselves."

It was simple and to the point, they were throwing around all these fuckin' theories about the place yet they never tried to escape. It seemed more logical to her than going through these mental gymnastics then finding a way out. "Like fuuuuck," Zoey groaned, "How about we fucking try, I don't know, leaving?" Zoey grumbled as she crossed her arms.

She laid down on her back and stared up at the white ceiling and her mind started drifting. She wasn't sure if she was going to wake up if she went back to sleep. Given how fucking weird shit got when she fell asleep, she could probably end up in a new place. And honestly, at this point, she didn't even care if she never woke back up. Zoey sighed as she just wanted some sleep.

"We're fucking tired," Zoey said. "Let's find a place to get some rest and then we'll pick a direction tomorrow, 'kay?" She started.

"... I really am not looking forward to sleep," Hagan said as he bit his fingers and remembered some of the bad things that happened when he fell asleep.

"I don't need to sleep," Odessa started with a comforting half-smile on her face, "So I'll keep watch."

"... Don't like the sound of that, spooky" Zoey muttered to herself as she sighed. She honestly didn't have the energy to protest, but she, really, just wanted some rest after everything that happened. "Honestly... I'm gonna go nighty night, good night, fam." And afterward, Zoey closed her eyes and kinda dozed off pretty quickly.

"Jesus, Zoey," Hagan hissed as he crossed his arms. "I'm going to keep watch."

Odessa nodded her head as she went out front, she would do better from up here and... she was not going to carry Zoey somewhere else. She needed to replenish her dwindling energy and get some water, too. Later, however. She merely found herself at the foot of the stairs and merely sat down. Patiently waiting, like a stone in a river, for the time to come for them to get moving...

Hagan was rested against the wall for what seemed to be hours... he was trying not to fall asleep while on guard with the others but he found it hard. Eventually, he gave in and his eyes closed. He dozed off as he fell into the same usual pattern of dreaming. If one saw him, they would notice the twitching and sweating.

It was the same kind of dreams as usual... it was a barren, red place. Well, not quite barren, he saw miles and miles of tall grass that were cast red due to the orange light in the sky. That light... it was nothing normal. It was unnatural, the most unnatural thing that Hagan had ever seen, like the antithesis of all things good in the world. Just right there in the sky. He sighed as he looked around... then he felt it. It grasps on him yet again as it wrapped itself around each of his digits and limbs as it brought him to his knees as he thrashed. Desperately trying to break free.

Hagan looked and saw the glowing orange tendrils that were thorny, sharp, and hiding a black mass underneath it. They restrained him to the ground as a figure walked up, wearing a white robe with golden accents on it,. Various fancy symbols that he couldn't bother to look at, nonetheless, notice.

"Hagan Rosefey... no matter where you run..." The figure in the robe spoke, their voice a mixture of a young boy and girl's voice. "... I'll be there to catch you."

The figure raised their hand as a tendril wrapped around Hagan's neck. "So why fight? I'll always be apart of you."

And with a snap of their fingers, Hagan's neck was slashed open and his head fell off...

Hagan awoke, yelling loudly... his entire fucking outfit was drenched with sweat or something. Same as every other night. He was taking in deep breaths as he grabbed onto his neck... thank God, it was still attached to his head! He was still recovering from the shock.

"Yo, Hagan!" Zoey shouted over him as she looked at him, "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah," Hagan tried to play it off, "I'm fine."

"... Because you just woke everyone up."

Good grief.

Some of these sluts were entertaining the idea of going to a dirty strip club. Well, like attracts like, and whores attract whores. Emily rolled her eyes, but still, she couldn't afford the effort of really getting up and arms about it. There was a simple solution to this. One they were too stupid to even entertain. Emily craned her head around towards Quinn and shook her head at the chick.

"... How about you lot go to the strip club," Emily just shrugged as she said. "And we go to dinner? Or what you want to do. I don't care."

"Sounds good, sugar..." Taylor had no freaking clue what this girl's name was. She was more than certain she was going to find out later, but she wasn't going to be boring and go to dinner. They'd all stick out like a sore thumb and Taylor was the french fries and tenders girl. Not the steak min... something. Taylor shrugged. "I'm in."

Emily sighed, "How about we go to Ocean Prime? It's nice." And you people could use some class. Emily thought to herself.

"Sugar, if we go to Ocean Prime we're gonna dine and dash," Taylor blew a strand of hair out of the way of her face. To be honesty they couldn't afford a better place than this. Like a library. "Just go to Red Lobster."

She shrugged.

"Either way," Emily said as she got up with the briefcase. "... I'm going to go home and get changed. Meet you all where ever." She sighed as she walked off.

Taylor shrugged, "Give me a name and place and I'll be there."

There was a slight problem with Claudette's plan. Just a small one. She drove Madison's truck all the way home but when she got home, well... Madison was still passed out. And Claudette knew that she wasn't strong enough to carry her all the way there. Given that she was probably twice her body weight! Claudette got out of the car and went to the backseat of Madison's explorer. Good grief, today was rough. The only idea that Claudette had was waking up Madison, but she wondered what was the lesser evil here... Sure she was unconscious but that meant she wasn't talking, and waking her up meant that she had to deal with drunken antics.

Then again its Florida and Madison will instantly die if she leaves her in the car.

Claudette opened the door and placed her hand on Madison's shoulder and gave her a good hard shake. "Madam..." Claudette trailed off as she shook her a little harder. She was honestly hoping that Madison didn't die or go into some kind of coma, she was still breathing, however. After giving her a hard shake she started moving and Claudette sighed in relief as Madison got up...

... And immediately vomited off the side of the vehicle.

Wiping her mouth with her arm Madison shook her head, "Blehhh...." She groaned as she felt like she just ate rotten chicken. Or ass. She wasn't sure which was worse. Her head was spinning as somebody jammed her in the face with a brick. "The fuck? Like seriously, the fuck?" Madison slurred and confirmed that she hadn't slept off the alcohol.

Claudette merely walked around and offered Madison a hand with an affirming smile, "Come, let's get you something to eat."

Madison was eating some chicken and rice, sitting on the sofa with Claudette at her side. The social worker was explaining the whole deal with Blake... and how it fell through almost immediately. Shocker. What was really... embarrassing was Claudette reading back everything that she did. And it was not pretty. It was shitty actually. And Madison had to make sure that she apologized to everyone there.

"... Shit," Madison sighed as she rested a hand on the side of her head out of embarrassment. "... I need to find her and apologize." She slurred, she was still a little woozy. The food was helping.

Claudette doubted that Vashti would take her apology but who knows? Claudette just met the woman not too long ago. "We can save that for tomorrow, you need to get some rest."

"What I need to do is get ready for work," Madison was quick to answer. "My shift starts in a little bit..."

"You should call out-"

"... And miss out on big money?" Madison said as she narrowed her eyes at Claudette. "Sorry, but I got bills to pay, sis." It sucked being dismissive of Claudette, but it sucked more being put out of their house. It's not like the Coven will come to their aid... because she was more than certain a good chunk of them didn't even have jobs and still were dependant on their parent's money.

After finishing up her meal Madison went into her room and... actually, after taking a sniff she realized that she smelled terrible. She wasn't sure if it was the vomit, alcohol, or something else, but Madison took off all of her clothes as she just skipped to the shower. Well, it was only her and Claudette and they were both girls so...

... After her shower, Madison put on jeans, a t-shirt, and had on sandals... and then she walked to her room and grabbed the backpack that had her "outfit" in it. It was a pretty large black military-style backpack that was large enough for her to stuff all of her stuff into and more. As she walked into the living room she noticed that Claudette was asleep... which she thought was weird but Madison didn't have time to dissect the scene. Madison shrugged... she reached into her backpack and pulled out a protein bar or two and ate it. When she got drunk at the club she ate a protein bar or two and got all better...

As she got in her car she sped off towards Veni Vedi Veni.

Those whores, those sluts, those bitches!

They ruined a perfect deal and Blake was absolutely seething as he stormed his way back into his office... because Phillis kicked him out of the house and now he's stuck here. And he would rather be here than their fabulous beach house because at least this is where his brain juices start flowing. Blake sighed as she sat down in his chair with his elbows on his desk and his fingers together. He closed his eyes as he thought hard. The door open but he didn't even react until he was addressed with a simple:

"... Are you okay, sir?" He opened his eyes as he saw Jenna Lyons, the pretty little thing in front of him didn't even instantly induce arousal. Not like she usually does. "You seem a little tense, how did the meeting go?"

"They had sex with my wife."

"... What?"

"They had sex with my wife, Jenna!" Blake shouted as he pushed himself up with his hands in a dramatic display. "Even after I gave them a deal they couldn't refuse!"

"Well..." Jenna looked off to the side as she held a clipboard to her chest with both hands. "That's... rough."

"How do you think I feel getting cucked by women half my age?" Blake asked as he sat back down. "They've got a rude awakening coming!"

"Well, sir, how about..." Jenna awkwardly trailed off as she listened to her boss ramble... and she was certain he went off the deep end.


"... You let it go because I strongly believe this will go nowhere good."

"Nonsense!" Blake said, "I've already made plans with a certain vampire Coven..."

The door was thrown open again and Makoto Koda walked in... along with three members of the Greenwood Coven that Blake had tracked down. While he was having a meeting with the... regular Coven(?) he had his secretaries find the Vampire Coven and after the deal went south, Blake did the backup plan. The first person to walk in was a , the one after that was yet another shirtless man with shaggy hair, jorts, boots, and a cigarette in his mouth, and the last person to walk in was this abomination against God.

"How are you all doing?" Blake asked as he barely even made eye contact with them. "I see you have eschewed shirts. How...." Trashy.

"Good, good..." The first one to walk in said, as he pointed to himself, "I'm Frederick, he's James, and he's Jordan. We heard you were looking for some magic powers." He grabbed onto his belt with both hands as he nodded at Makoto.

"Sorry about ruining your theatrics, boss," Makoto chuckled. "But my shift ends in like ten minutes."

Blake shrugged as he too was tired of playing games and wanted to get to the point. "... To the point, I like that," He started, "So, what are you offering..."

"I'm offering this!" Frederick said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a music box and showed it to Blake. "It has an apparition or something in it called the Outsider! Or something!"

And that name clicked in Blake's head... it was an Apparition that the little lady Alyssa (Or Apissa) mentioned. One that was powerful. Dangerous... and probably the key that Blake needed to get revenge against the Coven for fucking his wife. He grinned.

"... And how did you find this? I thought they locked it up in a vault or something."

"Oh, that's easy!" Frederick said with a smile on his face. "I was robbing this old lady's house while naked-"

"Okay, why were you naked?" Jenna asked.

"Because I got high, like super high," Frederick proudly said as Jenna's eyes started twitching. "But I was going through her house and all that looking for stuff to steal, then I touched this and it started talking to me and shit and I realized: Aw damn! It's the Outsider!"

"Mind if I touch it?" Blake said as Frederick brought it over and offered it to Blake with both hands. Without a second thought, Blake reached over and put his hand on it. He was half-expecting it to be nothing.

"̵̦̑W̵̰͉̉͛̈́͜ḧ̷̹̹̦́̋̾̎y̴̛̥̻̯͔̐ ̶̱̯͆h̸̎͜͠e̴̘̔͒̀ĺ̵̡̾l̵͎͇̲̂o̵͈̎ ̵̨͔̈́̐̕t̶̳̞̿́̎h̴̨̗̝̽̓̍e̵̳̅̉͂͋r̷̺̯̮͗̽e̸̫̞͊̀̀͝ͅ,̶̡̜̺͍͠ ̷͔̀͝á̷̧̐̀́͜n̸̛̝̹̑͂̆͜d̶̻̯͚̆̈ ̶̭̞̥̆̋̔͠ẁ̴͖̝̏̽̐h̵͍̣̀̈́͝ơ̷̭͍̎̄͗ ̶͎̋̆̀̆m̴̰̭̲̮͑̐̀i̴̩̦̐͌̕ģ̷͎̼͗̄h̷̻͉̦͌̓͊͜t̸̯̥̙̆ ̶̢̏y̵̘̪̣͆̆͆̚o̶̜͚̤̎ư̷̘̩̌͋̕ ̵͖̀̓̇b̷́͜e̷̢̨̲̤͛?̵͎̯̿̾͝"̸̻̟͓̝̏͌̂͝

He heard the voice, but no mouth or anything. Its strange strange voice, it was ethereal... and Blake looked at Frederick to figure out if he should respond out loud or not.

"... Blake Schmidt?" He awkwardly responded.

"̶͈̜͙́͊̕͜͝W̵̝̤̭͒̀̽i̸̧̻̠̇l̶̰̫̻̼͆͛͑͒ḽ̵͈͂̽ ̷͓̄̚y̶̤̻̼̽̈́́̌ȏ̴̹̪̇̏̾ū̷̜̘ ̸̩̲̟̿̀̋̑b̷͚̎̊͑̇e̷̢̱̾ ̸̌͜͜ẗ̴̨̬̜̻́̽͋h̶͙̪̜͔͌ę̵̛̰͉́̾͘ ̷̱̟̞̙̈́̃̎ȍ̵̹̺̤̩͝n̴͍̍è̴̛͚̮̓̃ ̶̨̢̱̫͛t̴̢͎͊o̷̰̬̗͍̿̃̎ ̴̣̹̓̆̾l̵͓̿͝ê̴̯̯ṱ̵̣̾̍̌̀ ̵̢͍́̑͐͜m̴͍͖̺̦͊̓̐ȇ̶͇̳̰͔̑̔̍ ̷̞͈̅ò̴͌͑͘͜u̴͉̘͛͛t̷̫̞̑̿ͅ ̷̰̝̑͑o̶̢͚̗͆͛f̸̢̰̹̭̄͑͒ ̷̟̎̑̈́͝t̷̹̰̭̬͂̈̒͝ḩ̶̼̅̀i̸̜͒̉ś̵͇̞̄͛ ̵͔͎̺̥͋̌͊p̵̪̺̝̑̂r̸̢̘̒̆ĭ̷͈̋͠s̵̼̎ơ̵͓̥̏ņ̴̫̼͙̾́͛.̸͚̤͍̒.̴̤̳̠̹̈́̓͝͝.̶̦̩̭̤͆̄?̴̢͙̹̔̅ͅ ̵̤̉̑I̴̧̫͊͘'̴̤̃͗̓v̸̧̞͇̾͜e̵̦̥͗̈́ ̷̝̟̊́̀͘b̵̙͍̀̌e̷̤̙͉̝̾́̚͠e̵̤̜̩̳̐̀n̷̻̹̺̄̉ ̷̢̜̍͆̾̏ͅţ̸̯̍̎r̸͍͙͑̓̽̎a̶̜̽p̸͕̀̑̓́p̶̢̫̿ͅë̷͈̻̜̩̆̅́d̶̛̘͎̜͛̈́͌ ̴̢̈́͐̚̚h̸̯̙̖̯̿͝ē̶̗͕r̷͑͜ĕ̸͓̣̎̾ ̸̖̬̣̍͝f̸̯̠̰̏̓o̵̜̅̄̈́r̶̻̲̽ ̵̟̌ͅf̴̛̭͙̌̉a̴̻͌́̿̿r̸̰̩̄͊,̵͙̽ ̶̜̆͂̂f̴̧͉̦̄͋a̵̧̺͇̿̏̚̕r̸͔͖̂͛͘̚,̶̳͒̎ ̶̖̼̠͐̒̂ẗ̶̗̜͓́ö̶̢̺̥̉̓o̸̦̓͠ ̸̱́l̴̯̃̕͜o̵͋̊̑ͅṉ̵̰̑g̷̢̘̜̖͋.̸͉̎̃̓̌.̴̲͌̈̄͠.̷̡͎͇̰͂̒̋͗

"I won't do it for free," Blake answered.

"̸̹̀͊Ọ̷̘̳̘̅f̸̛͚͖̽ͅ ̵̠̦̺̔c̷̞͛̌̉ơ̴̟̎u̴͓͋̀̓̚r̴̛̯̊̄͛s̴̠̮̔̉e̵̡̞̗̤̒ ̵̲͆ṅ̸̼̜ó̸̤͎̋̒̓t̵̪̊̉.̸̱̞̯̗̐̇͌́.̵̬͊.̴̡̭̇̏́͠ ̵̛̠̤̐͘ẅ̴͇͇̪́͠h̵̟̲͚̗̅̽̄͂à̵̗̹͈̩t̵̠̅͠ ̶͇͚͗i̴͉͐͒š̸̞̙̾͆ ̸̺͚̐i̵̪̬̐͐̚͜t̴̘͋̃̍̚ ̴̢͎͂̒̈́͠t̷̯͉͓̳̓̉͝h̵̹͙͖͗̌̌̃ǎ̴̭͉̟̘t̸̞̟̳͌̚ ̸͚̓ỹ̵̟̈́̚͘ǫ̷͚̖͆͗ͅu̸͙͓͇̫̎͋ ̷̛̦̜̓̍͝d̴̝́͌͝e̷̹̙̫͛s̸̛͎̈̓̕i̵̗̟͛̊̍͛r̴̦̎̌̑̑e̵̖͓͍̫͆͘̕?̸̢̱͚͚̾̏ ̶̩̬̈́I̸̯̍̀ ̶͙̪̿͗̏w̷̨̲̹̪̔̍̃i̸̗͐͂̏͝l̶͎̙̾ͅl̴̳̞͘ ̶͔̘͉͚̓͝g̴͕͗͑̓͝r̴͖̼͛̓ả̸͎̹̂̓̄ņ̴́͑̆ṱ̶̠̖͉͌ ̴̭̳̳̅̀̈́i̶̟̓ͅť̷͙̳.̷͕̮̻̾ͅ"̵͈̽̈́͒


"̶͈͉̓A̷̰͈͂͆n̸͚̜̈́̽̌͐d̸̢̟̆̄ ̸̧̦̗͆̄͛͘w̶̝̮͌̿̽̈́h̵͓̝̯͊̚a̸̻̥͂͂̀͑ẗ̴̳̳̫͊̉ ̸̖̮̪̇͘k̶̛̮͕͜i̴̤̫͑n̷̡̲̮̳̅͐d̴͙̥̱͓͋ ̶͍̦̝̏̓̈́ǫ̴͖̬̯̋̚̚f̷͈̕ ̷͓̼͌̀͑͝p̷̝̽̽o̴̥̦̿̋͗͋w̵̛̫͝è̷̡̲̣͂̎͝r̴̘̓̾́͝ ̷̭̞̀d̷͎̣̱͙̍͗o̵̡̪͖͙̓̇̕ ̸͖̺̜̃̎̔͝ͅy̵̭̖͇͓̾̌̾o̸͙͑u̸̡̫͒̋̑̈͜ ̵̨͇̠́͑́̚ͅs̷͕͐͠e̵̡̙̪̳͝ę̷̺̖̃͘ḱ̵̞̭͉͘?̷͇̠̔̌̔͊"̵̦͙̘̎

"The power that lets me get revenge on people that wronged me."

"̴̮͉̰̐V̵̖̔e̴̢̪̯̒̈͒͂r̷͍̮̆͗̆̔y̷̳̟͎͝ ̴̬͂w̷̻̦̪͑̀e̵̻͍̰͋͛l̴̯͚̏l̴͙̂.̴͕̔̌̆.̸͔̹͚̾̾.̸͔̲̰̲̏ ̴͚̰͒̄́͝t̴̤̰͊̉͠h̶̞͙̘́̎e̶̞̪͉͋̇̕n̷̯͉̙̾̈́ ̵̖̾̈́̃͘r̵̼̦̓ê̷̜̹̔̕l̷̲̤̭͊͐̎e̸̼̰̱̒̍̃̚a̶͇̮̔͆̈s̵̳̙͔̲̽̌͆͠è̵̪͎̼͆ ̸̢͉͎̤͋͗̅m̸̩̻͈̪̂̏e̶̮͙͖͔͗ ̶͈̯̅͝ä̸̛̳͈͕͓́̏͝n̸͈̟̟̏̑̒̋d̶͎̝́̉̾͘ ̶̠̙̳̆̊̅ý̷̱̖̽ó̵͖͐̐ủ̶̺͚̃́̈'̶͓̫̯̭́̾ļ̴̹̉̇̓̀l̵̝̤͈̋̃̔ ̸̬̙̬͗̀h̵̠͖̆̍́ą̸̪͚̭̂̀͆̕v̶̜͖͎͇̉̀e̸͉̼̓͋͘͠ͅ ̴̳̎e̷̯̩̖̮̾̿̑̽v̸̳͈̟͐́̑e̶̡̜̠̻͗r̵̙̩̥̄ỵ̷͛t̵̡̻̎͆h̶̫̤̼̓͆̍͝ǐ̸̯̞̳̫̊͛n̵͚̓̌g̸̥͍̘̑͛ ̴̢͛̏͌͘y̷̡̨̫̒̔͗͠o̷̹̊̀u̶̠͎͚͊ ̷̗̅͊̉͑w̶̠͓̼͗͜a̸̙̍̽̀̚n̴̨̠̗͔͋̈́t̴͎̠̗͛͘ ̷̛͖̽̀a̴̻͖̋͒n̵̨̖̙̓͐́̚d̵͇̓͐̎͘ ̶̛͈͖̚m̷̢̿̔̃ō̶̧̺̩͝r̵̹͈͆̃̄e̵̼͐̆̀.̷̛̣̮̟͍̆̇͆"̶̐ͅ

Blake grinned. "... How much do you want for it?"

"Give me a million dollars," Frederick said.


"Give me two million dollars."

"I'll give you a hundred thousand dollars, and you'll have the opportunity to do some work for me," Blake said as he snapped his fingers and Makoto handed the briefcase to them... and it was not a hundred thousand dollars (it was hundreds on top and monopoly money on the bottom) but he was certain they couldn't count. They exchanged goods and Blake looked at it with a grin.

"Boss," Jenna looked at him as he stared at the weird thing. "I think this is a terrible idea. We should just give that back to where ever they got it and-"

And Blake ignored her as he tossed the music box on the ground hard as he could and it broke into a thousand pieces. And out came a greyish-blue smoke that eventually formed a a blue-skinned woman with black hair wearing a kimono. The Outsider smiled widely as she said,

"̴͈̘̂̿̃Ṯ̴̰̮͛̔̏h̶̩͗͋̾a̸̞̋͂n̸̩̲̬̅͗k̷̨̼̟̄͑ ̴̼̤̈́͛ỳ̴͍́͒o̸̞̐͐u̵͎͌̊ͅ ̶̗͝f̴̻̜̞͌ơ̶̘̄͜r̶̛͕ ̶̧̈̿͋r̵͙͉̈e̵̖͠l̸̞̖̥̄̒̄é̷̯̺͍͠ă̸͜s̴̻̞̞̑į̵̑ń̴͉̖̱g̸̙͚̥̈̅͒ ̴̛̩͑̐ḿ̶͕͇̍è̸͇̆͘.̷͖͂.̶̞̊̌͐.̸̯͔̙̔"̴̧͍̜̔

"Now we can destroy the Coven!"

"̸̛͚̹F̸͙̪̟̆̔͐ŏ̶̲́͋ŕ̷̯̲̻́̋g̵͙̱̰̃̅̋i̴̛̺ṽ̵̧͎̞̑̅e̸̛̩̭͗ ̸̧̻̲̈́m̸̥̏̌́e̸̳̳̺̒.̴͎͛.̴̨̙̾.̶̢̠̳̀͌ ̴̡͕͍͒Í̶̤̥̣̊͠ ̴̩͉̻͂͗̂l̵̪͉̋̓e̶̘͓̒̄͝f̸̬̦̾͋̚t̵͓̜̲̀̃͘ ̸̮̝͍̈́̕ö̷̡́͠͝u̶͎̥͚̾̎t̵̛̥̮̗͐ ̷̻̂͆͛͜ạ̵̮̀͗̚ ̴̞̆̚͝s̸̤̹̆̓ţ̸̠͉̃̕͝i̶̡͌p̴̡̞̎͐ǘ̸̻͋̔l̴̨̯̫̈́a̵̠͎͚̔̊t̶͔̑͐í̸̲͕o̸̻͛́n̵̛͍͖̑͜.̵̫̞̍̃͠.̵͇͎͇̃̌̐.̸̠̱̾͛ ̸͔̟͖̈́̈ă̶͉̳̭͐͛n̷͓̯̝̑͋d̶͖͋ ̶͓̈͝ͅḁ̷̛͌̚l̷̛̲̩̳ś̸͈ǫ̸̖͋̿̅ ̴̨͕̖̌I̸̯͋͑ ̵͎̫̘̓̔̓h̵̗̾̈́a̷̓͊͛͜v̷͖̬̌͘ẻ̴̗̼̘͝ ̶̞̰̳̑ṅ̷̛͎̺̘ö̷̡̖́͆̇ ̶̠͆̓̔c̶̲̈́͗ľ̵̯͔̖͆̕ǘ̴̪̭͇e̵͚̦͝ ̷̛̫̤̒w̵̡͓̹̓̇̑h̶͖͒̀o̸̟̟͗̈́ ̴̢͉͉́̕͝t̵̡͈͂͘ͅh̴̜͎͌̚é̵̥̰͐ ̸̦̗̝̃͊̍C̸̰͋ő̴̤͝v̸̮̖͍̆̔e̵̖̾͋̑n̷͙̤̬̚͝ ̵̝̟͐a̵͓͚̔ͅr̶͔͐e̸̫̎.̵̼͓̉̽"̵̍͒ͅ

"And what in the world is that?"

"̷̺̪̤̓̒͘F̴̜̳̫͛o̷̧͍͉̎ṟ̶͎͉̔ ̸̻̇̄m̷͉̬̍̓ĕ̵̱̙̘̓ ̴͚̍̂͜ẗ̸̨̛̊ͅo̷̖̽͆ ̵̺̣̽̅g̷̤͇̎̂̎e̴̳͊̏̓t̸̞̐̾ ̵̡̯̀t̸͓̹̱͛̆͋o̸̦͙̿̓ ̷̤̎̏̎͜f̷͔̹̎ų̶̲̩̌̄l̶̢͔͑̕l̶͓̓͂̕ ̶̹̙̳̂s̵͚̪̆t̷̡͒ṛ̷̪̍̆̚ę̸̺̊n̴͚͇͘̕͝ͅğ̷̛̘̗͈̀t̴͈͇́̑̕h̵̨̧̭͂,̶̝͔͗̾̈ ̶̨̀Î̷̥̩ ̶̲̗̜̓͊́ń̶̜̿ȩ̸̳̦͋̒e̴̩͇̊d̶̼́͛ ̷̧̪͋s̷̥̲͛͑̈́o̸͕̣̾̕m̶̦̆͝e̵̼͂̍.̵̼̥̆̃̕.̸̰̟͒̃̀.̷̻̱͌͝ ̶͍͎̺̍̓̚ś̸͔̥a̴̧̜̣̾̀̃c̸̱̲̗̀r̴̬̎̂̾i̵̺͑f̷̟̆͂ĩ̶͎̽͜͝c̶̮͓͇̓ë̵͇̺̠́̈́s̶͔̗̼̒̏.̷̰̝̈́̎͘͜ ̶̭̽̊I̴̹̭̐ ̸̖̃d̶̠͕̟͆́͝o̸̝̰̔̎n̷͔͕͊̂'̴͉̥͍͆ẗ̷͕́͛̔ ̴͈̼̉͝k̶̥̲̭̈̆̽n̷̖̝̞͑̄o̶͉͠w̵̭̆̾ ̴̰̾̇w̵̢͇̹̉h̶̢͉͔͊a̵͈̦͍̒͌t̷͖̅̊͐ ̶̪̞̀̎̊I̷̦̓'̸̫̀̆m̵̨̮̐͂̄ ̶̱̙́ḯ̶̱̰͔̌n̷͚͎͕͆̿̕ ̸͓͑̎͊t̸͖̞̖͆h̶̡͙̼̀̈́̚ę̶̾ ̷͎̄̔̓m̶̠͓͒ö̸̫̭́͆̇ỏ̴͖̠͎̊ḋ̸͕͊̔ ̸͕̄f̶̭̈́ò̶̜̻͆r̵͕͗ ̷̧̩̕͠ē̷̦̯̋̕ḁ̶̪̀̍́t̶͉̥͚́͑ǐ̴̠͍̫n̸̖͚̜̾̑g̷̛̘̥̪̽̎.̵̡̠̐ ̴̪̥̬̈́M̵̮͌͒͒a̷̢̙̕y̸̞̳̆b̵̟̟̔́e̶̩̒ ̵̳͔̔s̶͕͔͖̏ò̵͙̓m̵̰̂̚ͅe̸̢̯̿͗͋ ̵̪̗̯̽w̴̖̺̽ͅò̶̥͍̾m̴̦̓ẻ̷͖͍͠n̵͚̩̆.̵̙͐͜ ̴͕̣̝̐̈́Y̶̹͈̤̔̆e̵̛͚̗̽̐s̴̛̞̯̯̈́̽.̴̰̽.̷̳͆.̴̞͍̪̂̌̈́ ̵͎͉̯̃̈́̾ḡ̷̢̼͎̃ḯ̴͚̈́͋v̵͕̤̎e̸̺̦̩̓̿͠ ̸̮͙̌̀̍m̵̱̝̀ẻ̷̳̈́ ̸̫̖̅̍̄t̴̜̙͋w̶̘̼͑̔̒͜e̸̖͑͂͒n̶̲͉̑ṯ̶̘̾̚y̵͔̱͑ ̵͔̞̟̏̒̄w̴̱̗̌ȏ̴͍̰̃m̶̠͔̓ẻ̸̛͈ǹ̶̗͚̤͑ ̸͓̤̂a̸͎̤̫͛n̷̼͎̈́̅͋d̴͎͕͝ ̵̗̬̍I̸̩̤̯͘ ̵͙͕̈́w̵̡̺̪̎͝ḭ̵̺̂̋͌ḻ̵̛̘̩̀͝l̷̞͎̞͑ ̵͔̽d̸̫̭̑o̶͈͘ ̴̬͚̻̈́̅̀e̷͖̠͝v̵̳̤̑ē̸͎͌ͅr̷̬̔̎y̴̟̬̮͋t̴̻̓h̶̢́͋ỉ̷̧͔́͘ͅn̸̛͚̼͌g̷̞͖̑͝ ̶̼̪͔͛y̴̖͐o̸̗͒͑ü̶̧͗̅͜ ̵͕̜̦͋̑w̴͓̃̑̓ȁ̶̺n̶̲̤͚̐̌t̴̺̄̅ ̵͔̘̿͋̉a̶̢̹̦̔̏n̷̯̬͂͛d̷̛͉͉͆ ̵̲͚̆m̵͚̬̱̏͊ȯ̴͚͙͊r̴̨̻̊̌̊ë̴̛̞́.̵̧͚̀"̶̩̳͖̕

Blake grinned as he looked at the vampires.

"... I'm certain we can arrange something."

The bass was bouncing and so were the asses.

The club reeked of cheap perfume and fish, but Taylor barely even cared because this was the only place that would let them in without paying a fee. If they came before nine there was no entry fee, which was nice. Taylor was sitting in one of the seats... watching some Hispanic chick with a fat ass work the pole... Taylor almost found herself mesmerized by it, still, she was missing something. Some fucking booze. The thing was they wouldn't let her drink because technically she was still nineteen. Taylor shook her head.

If only she told them that she was two people combined and they should combine their ages. Good grief. The woes of being some kinda freakshow... Taylor shook her head yet again as she went out to look for her fellow strip club mates. And Taylor had to say; it was pretty lit here. They were probably kicking themselves in the ass eating shitty food that some disgruntled wage slave pissed on. Eventually, Taylor found Maya and she smiled as she put a hand on her shoulder.

"... Hey wassup, sugar!" Taylor had to shout over the sounds of asscheeks clapping. "I bet the rest of the girls are just kickin' themselves right now! But, know what would make this night much better? Getting me some booze!"

She chuckled.

"Do any of ya' got the power to turn invisible or anything?!"

Fucking Red Lobster.

They told her that they were going somewhere even better than Ocean Prime. Emily knew that she should have examined the address they gave her! She got off the moped looking like a fucking idiot wearing a fancy white dress that showed lots of cleavage and high heels. Having her hair up into a bun and everything. Still... she wasn't going to chicken out yet. Emily's rage subsided from earlier... and it was replaced with a new type of disgust and revulsion towards the Coven. Mainly Izzy and Maya - because it was their fault everything fell through. If Izzy didn't imitate fellatio on Blake's finger, Phillis wouldn't have gotten pissed off. And if Maya didn't do whatever gross lesbian shit with her wife, well... they would be eating at Ocean Prime.

Either way, there were some things that Emily needed to discuss with the Coven. That was urgent. However, Emily was hoping that Izzy and Maya were off shaking their ass in a strip club and the adult members of the Coven were here. Heh. To be fair, they wouldn't be that out of place in a strip club. Emily chuckled as she walked inside and was promptly referred to the table where the Coven was.

"Oh why hellooooo there, friends?" Emily snidely said with a smile on her face. "So this is your idea of fine dining? Interesting."

To be fair, they probably thought Dairy Queen was the epitome of cuisine.

"Well, I think we have some things we need to discuss... is everyone here?"
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