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4 yrs ago
Current I'm a cashier so at the end of my shift I'm supposed to count of how much money is in the cash register. For whatever reason I was $200 short so wish me luck tomorrow.


Whatsup :^)

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Sniper/proud camper type character.
Very interested, but how do the specs work? I'm assuming The CS will list out the abilities. I also hope its not a problem that I didn't watch much of sao II lol
lol whattt
I'd be down for this. lets shred it B^)

I've been wondering for a while how this would work but has there ever been a roleplay that is ran through discord. I've been thinking about it for some time and have thought of ways it could succeed and ways it could probably go bad as well.

Discord can have other channels so it would be easy to communicate live through an OOC channel and you can easily PM others too. You can also roleplay through an IC channel. I feel it would work well for fast paced RP's with lots of dialogue and minimize the time between interactions. Same can go for actions they can easily be reacted to making action RP's not seem kinda choppy. The only thing I can see flawed with the idea is that I can see some busier people (like me sometimes) not always having the time to always be on the discord in the first place.

It seems like an interesting idea and it made me wonder if the it has already been done or not. Would like to hear other opinions.

EDIT: Just scrolled up and saw the discord... anyway has this been done?
this can't die already. So like do we wait for you to do all the time progression like bell rings and such or can we just proceed as seen fit? Also how will classes be ran? By the gm aswell?
Also, the assembly is to be held the next day (AKA: Tomorrow)
Nicolas seems to think that it is going to be held today?

alright i'll roll with it.
My bad! edited.
I'm assuming we can write our own interpretation of what the twitter page would say about our character
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