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3 yrs ago
Current I seriously need to stop getting sick. I'm sick of it.
4 yrs ago
I don't drink coffee: headache. I drink too much coffee: headache.
4 yrs ago
I don't know how, but SOMEhow, my cat managed to trick me into thinking I'm the worst. She wakes me up at 3am and places a live cockroach besides my face and I'm feeling guilty for being mad.
4 yrs ago
When I think I finally locked my cat out of my bedroom she finds a way in AGAIN to eat all the computer wires.


Just a twenty year old with yet too much free time for everyone's good.

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I'm interested in Terra Firma or The Sundering. @Karos would you PM me so we could talk about your ideas for those?
@SouthrnSassnch, I'll PM you, if that's ok!
@Genkai, I actually don't have ideas since I never thought in doing an Orphan Black RP. That's okay, though. Good luck with your search!
@Genkai, I'd love to hear your ideas about an Orphan Black RP!
@beccaday02, ok, I will do that! Probably tomorrow, though. And thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention, but I like the name you chose for the RPG. It's an awesome name.
@Scar Yes absolutely. We're just about to enter Bella's house though so not sure how we could bring you in. Perhaps he could be being attacked outside and Bella and Frank come out to help?

That sounds good! I'll start my post right away! :)

Edit: also, I wanted to know if I could make a small change in my char's application. I wanted to change "training nurse" to "nurse" because I figured it will be more helpful if he actually has already finished his education on that. Would that be ok? That would be the only thing I'd change.

Edit 2: Yay, there it is! Hope you guys enjoy. My next posts IC probably won't be as long as that one, it's just that that one was the first.
@beccaday02, @SomewhatAverage, finished reading the thread you're both in! Well, I didn't read it thoroughly, but I read it, regardless! Could we arrange it for my character to meet yours perhaps? He could be around the neighborhood, driving his motorcycle or I don't know, any suggestions? It'd be good if we could form a group.
I'll post a response IC tomorrow and maybe fill the History Log.
Sorry I haven't been able to post IC yet, I've been recovering all week and I have a test on Sunday so I'm also preparing for that.
There's a competition running peeps ;)

Good idea! I like how you use that to give ammo and guns. I don't like infinite ammunition in TV series, it's annoying and unrealistic, so I find it only fair to be like this here too.
If I did a Brit, my version would have to be based on a Brit-com, a period costume drama, or a mystery/crime drama - none of which are real depictions I think.

Well, me too haha XD
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