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Yeah, sincerest apologies. I've been really busy the past few days, but I should be alright for the foreseeable future.
Misty yanked back her hand from the man when a bus came into view, and shouted an answer to the boy.

"How much is bus fare!?" She called out, her hands cupped around her filter to try and project her voice.
"Don't keep it off for too long, you know what that stuff does to y-" Before Misty could continue, she heard the loud horn of a bus.

"Who the hell- what-why?" She said, recovering from being startled. She looked toward the direction of the sound.

"Who the hell has a car!?"

Understood, no worries. Thanks for the heads up!

She nods, taking a small back from her body and opening a pocket, taking out a chocolate bar and some M&Ms.

"Yeah, running does take the energy out of ya." She says, biting through the plastic wrapping of the chocolate bar, biting off a piece of the chocolate inside.

"So what brought you here?" She asks, offering some M&Ms.

The woman nods, checking her pistol's magazine.

"No need to assume they're not friendly, like you. From what I've seen, most humans have a habit of being nice to each other, what with us being an endangered species and all." She said, though her eyes scanned the surrounding ruin.

"Something tells me if we see anyone else, we wait for them to start shooting first." She continued, but in a complete 180 turn of mood, she stuck a hand out to the man.

Call me Misty. No, not the Pokemon."
The woman almost jumped, nearly striking the man with her pistol. Luckily, she stopped herself.

"Jesus, man. Don't jump at me like that!" She chastised, looking back at the beast.

The car was successfully ripped from the beast; coated in a thick layer of black, gelatinous substance, and various pieces of mutated flesh. As various bullets found their way into its multitude of heads, it began to drag itself away in defeat, leaving a trail of the viscous substance as its heads whined and shrieked in pain.

"Looks like we successfully managed to make it sad."
The car collided with the creature in a rather gruesome spectacle; the beast practically folding in on itself as some limbs broke and went flying. It's attention went to pulling the car out of itself as best as it could.

The woman took this chance to start scaling the steep incline she was stuck on, doing her best to find solid footing, trying to sprint up the partially-frozen ruin.

"Oi! It's a Limb-Beast! Not a brick wall! Keep shooting!" She said, hefting her way onto another frozen vehicle.
As bullets collided with the beast, its multitude of mouths let out a choir of whines, various incomplete heads and eyes turning towards the various sources of pain. Arms and legs tried to pull it in both directions, leading to it simply staying in place, as it seemed to argue with itself.

The woman fired off two shots, aiming for some of the heads of the creature. One bullet sunk uselessly into its flesh, while another collided with the head of what might've once been a crow.

She didn't seem to pay much mind to where the other bullets came from, focused only on getting the monster to die.
@Dark Light Interesting character.

For those concerned, I assume that 17 only means his physical age as opposed to his actual age.

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