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When worries of errors get in the way of imagination


I am Sean
I act on a whim
I think about drawing
I stress about why I make art
I over think whether my art is worth much
I believe I have really nothing to do
I want to do more than nothing
I don't want things simple
I wish to know more
I want create
I am dead

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Rules: What I say goes, but feel free to try to convince me otherwise.

hider=Game mechanics
Fun spacy time- The setting of the game starts on the year January 1st 7000AD(Earth time). In Universal time which was determined by THE KRAKEN, is UV 500,000. UV aka Universal time just works by increasing the number by one after every 24 hours... If days passed and it was 500,002 then you would just simply make it UV 500,004.

B.S. TRAVEL- Ships in this game can go to many bizarre places. You are given a ship in the beginning of the game with a default way of traveling. When traveling in a Blank zones(where you have no idea how close you are to anything.) you can create a solar system to be in. The solar system will be 100,000 light years in diameter. Every solar system that a player enters for the first time or spawns in, a player may create a planet or something large with the maximum size being 5 times the size of Jupiter. This large area of something that the player creates must be at least slightly hostile to the players in some way.
If there is no guup(Light year fuel) to get in the solar system by planet of thievery, then the player first to enter the blank zone or spawn in it will decide where it is anywhere that galaxy as long there is a hard obstacle in the way of the fuel. The amount of guup created is limited to 5 and the player whom decides the location of it may only take one guup (for reasons you'll have to make up, such as being chased off from that hostile thing). /hider

GUUP fuel-- light year fuel
MEP-- Mega energy point
UV time-- Universal time says THE KRAKEN


Faction Clans Groups Religions Politics asjhdkjashdlkasjNS-Nova security(terrible name I know)


This is a spacy roleplay

I'll be throwing some simple random events at you faces having to do with astroid feilds, aliens, ect. You create your character and youll get a ship to go around in.
I'll allow players chances to get better ships and upgrades to balance things in the beginning.
(Ill create a official character sheets you can fill soon)

This is the story's thread

Rules and what to expect:

Posting time limit/turns
Posting speed: one week after the last post is the time limit(if you havent posted in awhile your character could go into auto-pilot being controlled by a GM till your ready to resume if needed. We will try to bug you first before doing this.

Turns: Anyone can post after anyone. We dont want any slow pokes, jk.

[Match] The way things are

Match had moved far along into the vents before hearing metal thuds, indicating the entrance he had made was being entered. Usually a shout wouldn't have confused him in this situation, but it did because it wasn't being directed at him. "Don't fire?" he wondered why they would say that. Were they trying to be humane? He was already pretty far along in the vents where he could see a fork going left and right. Match was about ten feet away when rifle-metal started flying up into the vents. Metal bounced behind him and was quickly gaining on him. The shooter may not have known where his exact location was, but if they were ready to shoot at their own ship then they probably knew thought Match. Match used the wheels that were on the mobile suit's knee joints and elbows to speed trough the vent in a bent over position to speed up. A bullet flew into part Match's thigh, unforchantly missing his mobile suit and going straight between a gap in the suit. Match grunted in pain as blood drip. The wound wouldn't stop Match from walking but the blood would make a trail, not like he would get far enough for that to matter, they would be hot on his heels. This wound would tire him out in about a hour though. Forchantly Match made it to the fork and well into the right side. The vent was heading to armory, if he took the other vent it would have gone to the cockpit, and between those two locations should be where his ship should be. Match released 16 spherical bombs from his suit's legs that trail behind evenly spaced between each other 5 feet apart in two rows.

[Steph P. Stone] Oh well

Outfitted in body armor, equipped with a galaxy positioning, system(gps), and holding a metal flinging rifle, Steph was ready to put down this intruder. She was colder than the rest of her crew and she knew it too. She is the kind of person to stop someone in their tracks before asking questions if she had it her way, she usually didn't. This was one of those occasions where she, when put in the right position, could let out her thoughtless freedom, to rid the ship of traspassers. Whether the scum could be considered a traspasser after her crew captured him was in the grey area. She was ready to go after the target let loose on their ship.

Running door a corridor Steph could hear light metal thinking pass behind her and above head faintly. She swung her arms while pivoting on a heel in a fashion that had her turned around toward the sounds above traveling away. She ran till she was under the source of the sound, stopping with metal flinger pointed up. Her black hair settled on her shoulders. "I'm firing" she shouted up at the ceiling above at the intruder that was supposedly there. Immediately after, in panicked breath, one of her crew quickly shouted back through the thick metal between them. "Don't fire I'm in the vent!" Steph's head piece blasted in her ear. Other members confirmed that in haste. Like nothing happened Steph turned down her crew mates on her head piece and was off running toward the front of the ship ahead of her shaken crew mate in the vent. The metal ceiling between the corridor and the vents was thick, but not thick enough to prevent repeated shooting on one area with their metal flingers. This ship was fairly light and fragile compared to others. The ship's hull was like a insect's endoskeleton; thicker on the outside than the inside.

She knew he couldn't have gotten far within those vents above. Sure they were big enough to allow someone to crouch and walk through. The vents were big enough so a mechanic could close off areas in the vents to repair them. She decided to start shooting-up the vents as she ran to the cockpit, being careful not to shoot where she knew where the wiring for the ship was. If this intruder was in these vents then he was going to catch one of these bullets.

Oil-bag of stardust and lucky bs

Match-old prideful bag of sickness
UV 500,000.14:43
[Match] get it get it get out

Match decided to rest for a moment and catch his breath since he had been running from nova security. He previously hijacked a trasport ship by ramming his old ship into a transport ship. The contents Match was hunting for would satifiy his longing sugar tooth, but he wouldn't get his fill. Shortly after Match had took possession of the transport ship and moved his possessions onto it, the NS(novasercurity*) had pulled in his new ship with a pressure field, pinning it to theirs.

Now Match was on their ship after a small fire fight. They were about a two minute jog away, they had his ship on the other end of the NS cruiser* from.where he was and he needed a way to get around them.

Match was in their living quarters and from the looks of how the ship was shaped he would have to find a roundabout way to get around them. Before being abducted he got a good look at the exterior of the cruiser and took note of the rear end of the ship. Its mass was quite larger than the front end and Match knew he was on that end. He would have to get to the front end of the NS cruiser to find his ship. There was the problem being the middle of the ship was tight and narrow, that most likely, he would be caught trying to traverse through.

Taking in three breathes Match continued his escape by quickly searching the bed rooms, taking no longer than 10seconds looking through each. Match found a vent in one of the rooms and found humor when thinking about the poor sucker who had to get it. His room would be the first to have a alien invade and lay its eggs in the host. The vent was just going to get more accessible. Match used a sticky explosive that shot out from his mobile suit's arm at the vent above the room owners bed. Match dashed into the hallway, beind a wall for cover. The explosive made a eardrum shattering sound, like white static along with making a blinding flash that would've had Match blinded long enough for the NS to get to him for sure. Match ran back into the room, sprung up onto the debris that was called a bed and up into the vent being careful of the the sharp ripped metal.

The owner of the ruined room started yelling out profanities after arriving in the room. Two other NS members piled in the room, immediatly taking note of the hole in the ceiling, one of them climb into the vent after Match. Communicating through a head peace spoke a NS member warning the others to defend the cockpit.

UV 500,000.1:23/January 1st 7000AD 1:23am

Inside a escape capsule moving about 3mph in a asteroid field, Oil is just waking up from a self induced nap from boredom. Oil has been bouncing around in a asteroid field for about a week hopelessly being unable to escape. Communications are fried like the bottom of Oils leather boots from running across molten metal of another ship's floor, that had just been cooked by waffle iron shaped feet of a security robot. There were "signal spears" that the escape pod was equipped with and oil had used up 3 of 5 of them. The capsule's dashboard displayed logs of its travels, system information, remaining power, air, ect.

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Dammit! DAmmit! DaMmIT!" smashing the side of the ships dashboard with the bottom of ITs fist. Oil crouched forward in ITs seat holding face in hands. Not a second later Oil aggressively stood up ran to a gun on the ground and booted it. The metal thrower skipped, skidded, and made small sparks on the way to the opposite end of the room. The gun's cheap metals made for a captivating display when smacked against metal, which Oil was fond of doing when given the chance. Oil huffing recalled times of walking down hallways of large space stations and grinding his guns on the walls. Oil left many long trails following ITs travels and now if IT were to stay in this asteroid field, the vandalism fees were never going to be payed for. Oil pulsated less and started to accept a possible fate that IT might have to eat more than the things in the ship IT thought, but maybe the ship itself and then the asteroids! - (consume the everything)

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