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She looked at her shadow "Yeah its one of my fathers traits i wish i didn't get, it just plain annoying to deal with."

She then looked at the academy building she know what it intented to do make them into their parents. She didn't really like that idea as she turned back to the others. "Im still confused about why father sent me here it's not like i can become him." It was true that Flynn and her father looked similar but other than that and a few other things they didnt have a lot in commen. One of the main difference that probably stuck out the most was their genders and she wasn't really sure how and academy could change that. The closes they could probably get was by cutting her hair but even that wouldnt do much.

Flynn started to become less nervous the panic she felt earlier going away. "To be honest we should'nt have to become our parents." She said still curious about Aphemia's answer wondering is she wanted to come here or not.
@Polaris North@baraquiel

Flynn looked over at Aphemia seeing her "everything's alright" look made here fell slightly better Johnson when he spoke before he bowed at them. This was new to Flynn seeming her and her father where in no way nobal. "Nice to meet you Johnson" She would give him a friendly smile but it seemed more childish given how young she looks. She looked at her un-atched shadow and sighed still afraid to let it go as she didnt want to go on a search for it again.

"Your parents story was nice to read it was'nt exactly the princess meets the prince like other so it intreaged me" She said staying as calm as possible she had'nt really notice how small she was compare to the other two around her until she stood up as. "So did either of you want to come here" She hoped and kind of guessed that most of them didnt want to go here like her but where forced. She was kind of suprised that Aphemia had'nt asked him a tone of questions yet.

Flynn looked a her shadow once again sighing she know how much trouble it could be and just hope that her shadow would behave so she could at least try to meet other she was glade is had at least stop struggling. She was debating if she should let her shadow go to see if it would stay but if it didn't she would have to find it again. She turned to Aphemia "Do you think letting my shadow go is a good idea?"

She then looked around at the other students she hadnt really tried to talk to anyone apart form victor as she was quiet as shy and nervous person. She looked back at Aphemia again as longs as she had her with her then she should be fine "ok lets go and socialize with the others who do you want to talk to first?"

"Yeah I've heard of her" Flynn know getting Aphemia's curouisity and odd personality "Me and my father are from neverland, Hes Peter Pan that also being the name of his story. Also about my shadow i have no clue what to do my father normally deals with her and never thought to teach me" Flynn looked at the shadow version of herself "Maybe if i ask her nicely she will go back to it's place?" She said half jockingly.

"Nice to meet you Aphemia and yeah if you can that would be amazing" She said allowing Aphemia to help with her little problem she was glade that she didnt seem strange to Aphemia but then again the girl did seem a little odd herself "Just remember to be carful it is a living thing". Flynn was trying to think about who her parents where before asking. "So whos your parents? and what story are they from?" She asked curiously.

Flynn over hear someone say peter pans kid and how they never thought they would see the day she looked over at the people closes to her before facing the girl again this was'nt new to her. Her being here was wired to most, her father was supposed to never grow up but she was prof that even the forever boy doesnt stay young forever. she had heard the story of her farther and even she wondered how she really came to exist her dad was alot older know and spending time away from neverland showed that. But in the stories he was all for not growing up maybe if he didnt she wouldnt be here or exsisted at all. She pushed the though away and went back to trying to put her shadow on. "Why is this so difficult" She said to herself looking at the girl again "So whats your name?" she said sighing in fustration "Why cant this come with an instruction menu"

Flynn looked up from trying to put her shadow back it still trying to escape from her grasp. She tried to comprehend all the questions she was just asked liking the others girl curiosity and just guess she was from wonderland seeming she mentioned it. "Umm no im not from wonderland im actually from neverland thought I spent most of my life here"

she then looked at her shadow lifting it up sligtly "This is my shadow and i didnt really want to play with it, it kind of ran away so it doesnt really have a name unless you count shadow as a name? also no one has ever asked me to play with it and if i let it go i might not get it back"Getting to the last question she was stumped having no idea how to reply to the whole is a raven like a writing desk "And for the last question I have no idea" Flynn looked at the girl with a smile "Im Flynn by the way"

Fynn looked around for her shadow franticly it had to be some where. It was so fustrating how her own shadow could run away from her it was yet another unwanted trat from her farther. She was about to ask for help when out of the corner of her eye she spotted it. She rushed towards it knocking into someone as she did reaching out she grabbed a hold of it, know for the hard part putting it back in the right place there little game of tag coming to an end.

She turned around looking at the person she bumped into once again fear filled her but she remained calm "Sorry about that" She said her shadow trying to escape from her grip she walk away going to lean on a tree and try and re-attach her shadow. things were'nt really working out for her she already felt like the odd one out she sat on the ground as she waited to go in. She would look at all the other students from where she was sat but mianly kept her head down.

Flynn had now moved away from Victor she heared Xade saying how she couldnt wait to start meeting every one and she wondered if she should introduce her self. But decied to at least try to find her shadow first. she tried her best to stay out of the others way she probably looked lost to most of them as she looked around.

"Why does this happen?" She said under her breath frustrated once again as she past some people the search not working out to well for her. She was debating if she should ask anyone she took a deep breath calming her self.

Im new like you Xade and read each post maybe animera has'nt been on resently as its her rp thats my only guess
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