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Interested. Might make a character and see if you are ok with it.
Tentatively interested.
Will write out Zatara soon.
As long as it is still as potent and dangerous and infinitely varied in its sources and causes and effects as I came to expect from the likes of Constantine, Klation, Sargon, Necro Nick, Zatara bloodline and such, I will be overjoyed.
Interested. I'd like to straight up claim being this universe's Giovanni Zatara. Magic is my favorite thing. Phenomenal cosmic power beyond the ken of common superheroes and mortal men, even more so.
@Letter Bee
Apologies for the belated reply, I am not very used to forum-style correspondence, as opposed to chats.
What I have in mind is an emotionally vulnerable barely-adolescent child who was inducted into the Hammer of Masters very early in his life due to not knowing any better, who is serving the organization faithfully because they provide to him a family and sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that he never would have felt otherwise, and because he is a child, and the free and take-what-you-are-due approach that a position of Arms Master superiority promotes appeals to his young and delicate sensibilities. His Noble Arm is the two-pointed brilliant sabre Zulfiqar, whose power is fairly complex and would take a long to describe in detail and work out with you precisely - but the gist is that when it is employed, a reality-warping aura of enforced peace and pacifism extends all around him, with nobody being able to do any active violence to anyone else when affected. He can selectively turn it off for any given person, but, of course, that'd mean that they can fight back against him just as well as he can harm them.
@Letter Bee
Yes. Would you prefer me to do it in here or in DMs or in some other chat client?
@Letter Bee
Hi there. I've been an avid (anonymous) spectator in a lot of previous games and like to see that you're continuing Hanged Man's work.
Are you perchance sill accepting players for this game? I've got some fairly solid ideas.
Tentatively interested.
An RPG such as Cyberpunk 2020 is, by all accounts, much better played in real-time sessions as opposed to slow play-by-post, especially considering the nature of combat and task resolution rules, which are designed to be high-velocity, quick and exciting.
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