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July 8th, 4:37 PM
Sakakah, Republic of Arabia

Lady Arcana shielded her eyes from the geyser of sand that erupted from the meteoric impact, as the object - an asteroid? No, too small - impacted between the city and the approaching army. Hell, calling it a geyser didn't even seem fair: it was almost like a volcanic eruption of sand that blanketed both the city and the opposing force. She couldn't see anything from her distance, and from the obscuring aftereffects, but whatever had happened...she needed to be there.

Lifting above the battlefield, she flew to the scene at windbreaking speeds, pushing through the still swirling pillar of desert. Feeling her boots touch the ground, she attempted to find the point of impact through the choke of sand.

Tank slowly worked his way back up to a standing position having landed in a sort of awkward crouch which wedged him into the ground a bit, he was pretty sure he would be finding sand for weeks. He couldn't see jack shit at the moment because of the giant storm of sand and dust surrounding him from the impact or at least not very far so he stumbled around a bit trying to get some sort of bearings on where he landed. Not to mention he felt like he was in a boiling pot from all the friction probably looking like a well cooked lobster while he would probably have to peel what was left of his signature helmet off his head, he was due for a haircut anyway he supposed. Hopefully he wasn't too late for the fighting since he had definitely just caused a lot of bother with his sudden arrival but who knows maybe it might've helped in some way.

She had wandered through the artificial sandstorm for roughly a minute now, searching for some sign of whatever - or whoever, even - had caused that Earth-trembling impact. Since she had flown in, she knew where the epicenter of the impact was thanks to her eidetic memory. This at the very least gave her a destination to work towards. Hopefully she would move quickly enough to keep whatever was there from straying too far...if it was capable of doing such.

"Hello?" She called out, hoping her voice would carry through the vortex of sand.

That was when she saw it: a large silhouette against the backdrop. Very large, in fact, although still clearly humanoid. She couldn't make out any features, however-

"Wait," she shook her head, suddenly recalling that she could simply clear this shit out of her way with a quick clap of her hands.

Drawing back her hands, she quickly slammed them together with just enough force to clear the the area around them of the obscuring cloud. Indeed, with a thunderous crack the sand parted and the air was purified, allowing her to see...

"Oh..." Lady Arcana muttered, her voice quite small.

It was a man. A very tall man. A very tall, very naked man.

A buzz of static sounded from her earpiece.

"I didn't realize we were having another one of those adventures, Arcana. Wasn't the brothel enough?"

Girard could of swore he had heard someone in the cloud speaking causing him to turn around attempting to find them by sound starting to move in the very general direction. He really hoped he hadn't landed on anyone or too close to the action because he could only imagine what it would do to a person or people if it did this to the ground.

"Hello? There someone in here?" The big man asked figuring he might as well try to help whoever was asking to find him. It would at least be less awkward if they didn't end up bumping into him, he was not exactly decent at the moment.

He got his answer in the form of a loud crack clearing the area of debris so it was visible revealing who it was, none other than Lady Arcana who was also feeling a might embarassed if her response was anything to go by. He couldn't blame the woman and honestly he had nothing available to make this any less strange of an encounter.

"Got to say. This is not how I expected to introduce myself to another hero or heroine. But better to get it out of the way quick. Hi I'm Tank, heard about the war and tried to get over here quick to help out...the battle isn't over yet right?" The big guy said trying to give something else to think about besides him standing in his birthday suit.

Lady Arcana could only stare blankly at Tank and his main gun, unable to muster a response. She had heard Grim's quip, but honestly she couldn't really focus enough to give her a response. Not right now, not while so...distracted. How did she keep ending up in these situations? She was a good person, right?

"I..." she slowly shook her head, trying to regain some composure.

Get a grip, Karen. You're the Wizard. You can't get so flustered every time some dude flashes h-his...his main gun at you!

Raising her hands, she slapped her cheeks hard enough to cause a series of miniature sonic booms. She then settled her eyes squarely on Tank. On his face. Just his face. "Hello, I'm Lady Arcana. Are you here to naked? ...Help. Are you here to help?"

Girard felt like he was going to get some serious flak for this in one way or another, already kinda was as it is. Abby was probably going to both dislike it and laugh at the same time once she found out about the result of his jump while he had no mind to let go that this was her idea in the first place. Oh well it could be worse, not like he didn't have self control by this point in his life but he really needed to get something to at least cover up with eventually for Lady Arcana's sake if anything.

"No, I hoped to arrive in costume but that plan kinda went up in flames so to speak. As for helping thats why I'm here, can't have people getting hurt if its possible otherwise." Tank said attempting to make light of the situation while getting his intentions across. "Hope I'm not late to the show, this whole having powers thing is still new to me but lending a hand seemed like a good thing to do with a war on."

If this wasn't a warzone, Grim would be having the time of her life. Something about seeing the literal Goddess of Magic, who minutes before was ripping apart vehicles of war while simultaneously being fired upon by them, stumbling over her words at the sight of a naked man was highly amusing. It was probably even funnier than the time they chased harpies, considering they knew each other better now.

Still, better go check up on them. The enemy forces were demoralized to a point that they had started retreating, the meteor man having been the final nail in the coffin of their defeat. There was no need to go chasing after them viciously disabling the rest of their vehicles, at least for now. So finally Grim brought the jet back, hovering above and slightly behind Lady Arcana to examine this new addition to the field. She whistled lightly. He was a big man for sure, though his ... fashion, or lack thereof, could be worked on. The only thing he was wearing was what looked like the crumbling remains of a helmet. Heh, between his height, build, and what she could see of his face he kind of looked... like...


Grim's eyebrow began to twitch.

The Grim Jet suddenly moved forward, nearly brushing against the bottom of the crater as it hovered close to the nude man, nose almost touching the new addition. Yep, that was definitely Girard. Grim groaned, a hand going to her face. Was everyone she knew going to get some sort of supernatural powers?! This wasn't funny anymore. For fuck's sake at this rate David and Jaina will start shooting eye beams or something ridiculous! God fucking damnit.

... And she really hoped he didn't intentionally come to the battlefield like that. Abby couldn't have approved that. Well, the least she could do for her old friend - Grim still couldn't fucking believe this bullshit - was cover him up. Unbuckling from the pilot's seat the vigilante moved to the back of the jet, where a small cot was attached to the wall. The Grim Jet could fly home on its own reliably after all, there have been times Zoey had just crashed in the back. Yanking the orchid sheet off of it she moved back to the front, running her hand over the control panel. The glass cockpit opened up and without a word she threw the sheet at him.

Tank next surprise came in the form of a jet hovering down at first behind Lady Arcana and then practically going nose to nose with him as it descended further right above the low ground. It sure as hell didn't look like any normal military jet he had ever seen, he liked the occasional history show, so he took a wild guess some hero had to be the pilot of it and whoever it was apparently was not afraid of getting so close to a man who just made a massive crater in the ground. Good to know. He really had no idea what to do in the face, quite literally, of this so he quietly waited to see if someone was going to get out or whatever was going to happen.

Girard had wanted to greet the person inside when the hatch opened but instead got a face full of a bed sheet which he gathered up quickly. That certainly solved one problem of his as now he had something to use as more or less a small robe. Sure it was purple but he had long since passed the idea of looking a gift horse in the mouth, plus he sure it wouldn't look too bad all things considered, he couldn't exactly be picky. It wasn't hard to tell the purpose of said sheet either because seriously this couldn't have been more awkward if he tried and it seemed the pilot was ok with parting with it for the moment at least. He quickly got himself wrapped up from the waist down making normal conversation at least an option now though he doubted this was something he would live down so easily around the rest of the heroes present if these two weren't the only ones.

"Appreciate it...friend!" The big man said realizing he didn't actually know who was in there. He could sort of see some sort of symbol on the side but from his angle it was not very clear, not to mention the sand kicking up from it hovering made it harder to figure out. Then again there weren't many regular people who owned a jet so whoever it was was either ex/military or had some money to them to get one. Probably wouldn't have to wait all that long to find out though so he could wait until they decided to show themselves.

It was at this point that Emerald Knight had actually dispelled his constructs and joined the others. He had followed the grim jet back to Lady arcana and the formerly naked man. Preston was just glad that he didn't have to see a man in his birthday suit all the way out here. At least, not for any amount of time that would have lasted on his memory. He was wordless. It seemed like Lady Arcana was on top of things here, and with the army retreating, there wasn't a whole lot for him to do on earth right now other than gain some more publicity and assure everyone that it was over.

Lady Arcana felt greatly relieved when Grim mercifully threw him something to cover himself with. Hopefully it was sturdy enough to not come undone in combat. Or get shot off. Though, considering that the Federation's army appeared to be retreating, that hopefully wouldn't be much of a concern.

Still, she had a few questions for this very large man standing before her, such as; "Where did you come from, if I might ask?"

Casting her eyes skywards for a brief moment to emphasize her confusion at his sudden and very cinematic appearance, she smiled. "Not that I'm complaining; you seem to have frightened the enemy off."

So he was the one who collided with the ground at terminal veloctiy, or maybe even faster. "I guess he was the last thing the army needed to retreat, huh." He muttered to himself, amused at how the situation was playing out before him. "Emerald Knight. Nice to meet you, Mr..."

"... What? Of course I left money on the counter! They accept dollars, right?"

A couple of yards away from the others was a man with white hair wearing some vintage costume. He had his helmet cradled in his arms, full of... falafels? His orange goggles were also propped up to his forehead, revealing his face, completely, munching on falafel while talking on a Bluetooth...

... Wait a minute, is that Jimmy Chong?!

"Yeah, I'm on the way to where that crash happened. Just going to finish my snack, first... What? Of course most of my gear's off! It's hot and that mask gets stuffy! Not like I'm near anyone in this ass-end of the des-"

Jimmy Chong looked up, his mouth agape as the falafel that was about to enter his mouth fell out his hands. His arm holding the helmet jerked instantly to catch the food from falling to the ground, although he worked rather hastily to put his mask back on and slide his goggles back over his eyes.

"Yeah, I'll call you back..." Celerity said, pushing a button on his bluetooth and hanging up. He had just noticed the group assembled before him, too close for comfort. He wasn't worried about any sort of fight, though... no, he was worried that his return to the public eye would have been too soon! Taking a big gulp, Celerity slicked his hair back and cleared his throat, before waving at the others.

"H-hey... am I late for the afterparty?"

"Is that...?" Grim's voice in the ear piece trailed off as the jet repositioned just slightly to look at the second green addition to their little impromptu vigilante party. He had already put the mask on, but she swore she had recognized him too. Not as closely as Girard, but rather...

'Even the fucking movie stars get powers now?!'

Lady Arcana glanced to the new voice, her face brightening when she recognized it as the little man that had been rushing about the battlefield beating up thousands upon thousands of soldiers. It was thanks in part to his efforts that they had been able to demoralize the army so quickly by displaying how outmatched they really were.

"Hi there!" She greeted him warmly, a gentle wave of her hand. "And no, we were just greeting Mr. Tank here."

"Tank..." Emerald Knight mused to himself in the cloth-bearing man's silence.

Gesturing to the very large man in front of her wearing a very purple sheet around his waist, she briefly blushed at the naked image still locked in her mind. Damn you, eidetic memory! She then moved her hand towards the other heroes as she introduced them. "This is Grim, and Emerald Knight. I'm Lady Arcana!"

You were a big help out there against the infantry, Mr....?"

"Run. I mean, I gotta run. I think something's going on... over there! I gotta check it out because... I'm fast, and shit!"

Celerity performed a complete 180, and started walking away very slowly and awkwardly, pushing the button on his Bluetooth, once again. He feels very weirded out at meeting four other heroes this early in his career, and most especially away from the press. What's more concerning to him, however, is being seen with them. They did a lot more than he did, he's pretty sure, and he'll look like a... a... a side character around them!

"I think they saw my face. Yeah, of course I put my mask right on when I saw them! I don't know, though, they didn't recognize me. Weird, right?" Celerity shrugged, before lowering his mask and popping another falafel into his mouth. He seems to have enough to share for everyone, although he didn't go on and offer any. Weird, especially with how slim he looked. Damn, short guys and their fast metabolism, right?

Girard had to say he was a little disappointed that his entrance had been the ending point for the battle, the cloud had settled enough for him to see that the Federation army had collectively shit bricks and was on the way out from the heroes intervention. Not exactly what he had been anticipating as his role but it certainly made an impact either way with the crater he made in the battlefield. At least it was over and with far less casualties than there would have been otherwise if any of them had kept to themselves so he was glad for that at least.

Tank lightly smiled as he was introduced to the three others present by Lady Arcana, he knew of Grim and Emerald Knight via news bits so that was neat but he couldn't quite place the other guy even if he looked familiar.

"Good to meet you all, circumstances being what they are. As for your question before I jumped from Maine to here, seemed a good a place as any to start since crime picked up quite a bit in places like Amnesty Bay." The big man said wanting to give an answer if not entirely specific about some information but chuckling thinking about it. "Never figured I could pull a stunt like this but go figure eh?"

The guy in green seemed to get anxious about something before running off in a hurry with food in hand. He seemed alright if a bit skittish and since he helped he was an pleasant acquaintance if anything.

Back in the city, things were not quite as well even with the army in full retreat. The forward elements had been faced with either progressing into the guns of the defenders, or attempting to route through the powered individuals making a mockery of their forces. Gunfire was sporadic across the northern end of the city, the few tanks proving themselves excellent targets for RPGs and infantry stranded away from their IFVs as they tried to march into the city. Raymond himself observed from the cupola of his Stryker, directing fire across the command network and steadily making a counter-push.

"Stryker-three, full advance on sector four. Anti-tank, move to support." His commands were acknowledged with affirmatives from the vehicle commanders, the sound of engines revving and moving into the desert. They were routed, but they were still fighting fiercely enough to give his meager troops difficulty. At least he was no longer on a time limit and working against insane odds.

A tank round struck the side of one of his unit's vehicles, sending shrapnel into the sand and forcing the crew to exit. Those tanks would have to be removed first, but he couldn't afford to move the thinner-armored destroyers up without adequate cover. Cover that didn't exist outside the urban environment of the city, and against an enemy that was well within range to quickly acquire them. He had a choice here, and looking out across the sands with his binoculars, he made it quickly.

"Ordnance out, all units halt advance."

His troops knew the command well enough, as LIS training covered just such a scenario as unlikely as it ever was to happen. Focusing on the first tank in front of him, Raymond lifted his hand and drew in arcane energy from the leylines beneath the city. They weren't quite as strong as those elsewhere, but it was more than he had been used to because of Lady Arcana's presence. Even before he said the command words, he could feel the lance forming in his hand and straining to strike out at his target. The arcane command loosed it, a concentrated lance streaking out across the short distance to impale the tank directly in the frontal armor. Designed as it was to defend against more mundane means, the metal parted easily against the attack, the interior lighting from within as magical fires ignited everything within and detonated the entire vehicle. Streaks of electricity sparked outwards in a circle, chaining between infantry and vehicles one by one until a section of the advance had been vaporized.

Almost immediately his troops moved forward to take advantage of the gap created, firing upon the disorientated soldiers and seizing the initiative. He didn't like expending his energy in such open displays, but with the distance between himself and the heroes beyond, the only one he thought might notice would be Lady Arcana herself, and she seemed quite occupied at the moment. Nevertheless, he ordered his unit to strike forward, his command vehicle rumbling out of the city and on a course towards the gathering.

Frowning when the Speedster ran off, Lady Arcana briefly entertained the notion of following after him...but that would be rude. He had no obligation to stand there and talk with them, even if his behavior was kind of dismissive. Turning back to her other new friends, she could only shrug.

"I guess he isn't one for conversat-" Her voice stopped instantly as a prick shot into her neck, a sensation she had felt before...though this was the strongest she'd ever experienced by far. While at first it had been confusing, Samantha had explained to her that what she was feeling was the presence of magic. And this magic was strong...incredibly strong, to the point of causing her to worry that perhaps the Federation had sent in those weapons she had seen earlier.

"One moment, I'll be right back," she excused herself from the group with an apologetic bow of her head, flying up into the sky. That was when she saw it, the row of burning armor and charred remains. Frowning, she flew over to the area and landed on a building on the outskirts of the city to look for a possible source to the attack.

It didn't take her long.

She hadn't noticed it before, but now that she was focused on the task it was quite easy to feel the presence of magic in one of the individuals within their NATO "allies". Shifting her gaze in the direction of this presence, she finally settled on one of about a dozen of the vehicles that had showed up to defend the city. Without hesitation, she floated from the rooftop down towards it....though remained about twenty-five feet off the ground, just in case they opened fire on her.

"Someone in there used magic," she called out, her expression an unusually sombre one for her. "Who was it?

Despite the rather sudden appearance of Lady Arcana above the advancing vehicles, the gunners only spared her a glance, not moving to direct fire. Their individual commanders lingered in their observations a little longer, though still simply directed Raymond to her presence. Out in front, he saw her first and ordered a full stop of the unit.

"You seem rather sure of that." He called back, simply smiling up at her and gesturing for his troops to stand down needlessly. "Perhaps it was a bit of residual effects from the Federation's vehicles. We did pop a few rather well."

To the side the gun crews of the tank-destroyers nodded in affirmation, sharing fist-bumps with each other and giving thumbs-ups to the other vehicles in formation. War was their business after all, and while Lady Arcana might shy away from death, it was their primary directive.

"How about you come down to the ground so we don't have to shout at each other? You've got my word that no one here is going to shoot at you, not that it would do anything."

Lady Arcana offered a slight smirk. He said that, but in truth heavy caliber weapons would bounce her around if she was merely standing on the ground. It didn't hurt, but it was really fucking annoying. She, after all, didn't weigh any more than her build would suggest. Still, if it would help them to have a more amicable meeting, then she would do it.

"Alright," She agreed, drifting down to the base of the vehicle so that she could stare up at him instead. "And yes, I am certain...certain it was you specifically now that I take a closer look.

It was pretty easy to tell, especially when she was this close. From farther away, it could've been any of the cew in that vehicle, but just standing right here? No, it was absolutely this guy.

It wasn't entirely how he had imagined his first meeting with Lady Arcana would turn out, though nevertheless he pulled himself from the cupola and put both feet on the ground in front of her. He was still looking down at her to a degree, but quite a bit less so being on a more even level.

"Is that so? Well, I've been known to put on a magic show or two for the kids back home and company functions." Raymond offered a disarming smile, and a couple others within earshot laughed at the comment. They knew full well what he was capable of, so found the banter amusing.

"Raymond von Lüneburg, CEO of Lundgrau Intelligence Services." He offered his hand amicably, still holding a smile despite figuring that she wouldn't buy his act for long. "We all know who you are, of course. Is why no one thought to shoot you when you came down to talk. Company policy and all that."

Lady Arcana accepted his offer of a handshake, despite not having a particularly good feeling about this guy. His attitude - joking as if he had no powers - rubbed her a little bit wrong too, given what he had just done with them. He was powerful, incredibly powerful...almost certainly enough that he could have disarmed those soldiers without killing them. While she could tolerate lethal force from soldiers who could easily die if they tried to spare their enemies, it just came across as uncaring from someone with this intense of a magical footprint.

"Lady Arcana," she introduced herself, even though he already apparently knew. It was only polite, after all. "It's good to meet you, Mr.. Luneburg. I appreciate the lack of shoot-yness on the part of your soldiers."

Pursing her lips slightly, she looked him over, wondering if this was some setup to let a spell loose on her. Was she getting paranoid? "Thank you for helping to defend the town, but we should allow the opposing forces to retreat now. Most are just conscripts who were forced into this war, just like the Republic here."

"Forced or not, they made a choice." He said evenly, fixing his eyes on her and standing firm. They did choose to try and force a way out through the city, which was the smarter choice even if it may have proven deadly. There was no way they could have fought their way through the heroes.

"Choices define people, and perhaps the ones made here today will affect how the Federation will react. We've proven that NATO will not allow anymore of Asad's tyranny, and for that I do have to thank you for your intervention."

She seemed just a bit on edge he thought, maybe because she had assumed he was a caster and a double agent. That one was something he had also thought of as a concern, if Asad had magitech, perhaps he also had trained his people in the use of magic. At least those who had the gift. Here and now though, he was facing down with the inheritor of the rock, and making a good impression would do well.

"Unlike the US government, my people operate under the impression that those few vigilantes who have proven themselves are not the enemy. You in particular saved New York City not too long ago, a place that I personally call home along with many in my employ. Would be a bit asinine to attack somone who saved your city."

" 'Fight for me or you and your family dies' isn't a choice, it's an ultimatum," Lady Arcana countered. But getting into an argument here wouldn't do either of them any good. Whoever this man was, though, he apparently wasn't actually affiliated with any government. The Intellect of Mnemosyne allowed her to recall where she had heard his name once: He was one of those Private Military Contractors.

Were they doing Magi for hire services now? Still, it was nice to hear that he didn't consider her a danger to be eliminated. If she didn't have to worry about a knife - or autocannon - in her back, then she would at least be able to focus on the task at hand.

"I-" Lady Arcana paused, noting the flash of jade in her eye.

It was about at this point in the conversation that the Emerald Knight decided to descend from the sky like an all important being, literally dropping in on the two speaking parties.

"I'd hate to interrupt," He didn't hate to interrupt, not one bit. If anything, he liked cutting in. It made him feel a little more authoritative. "but I don't think that strongarming people into fighting for you is the way to go."

He had only been able to hear Lady Arcana's comment about fighting or dying, so he assumed that this guy was the standard private military nut who only protected those he felt were valuable to him in some way. Emerald Knight almost wanted to launch a giant green fist into the man's balls, but he felt like that would be a little much for first introductions, especially since Emerald Knight was here to be a peace keeper. Him starting fights was a very bad idea.

"You what." Though his troops had seen Lady Arcana as a friendly to some regard, with this new intrusion they did not share the same sentiments. Guns were in hands and pointing at green-suited shortman, and even the tank-destroyers shifted their turrets to point in his direction. Seemed the troops didn't take too kindly to someone dropping down and getting up in their leader's face.

"If you're going to butt into a conversation, it generally helps to do so with all of the information. My troops all fight quite willingly, and don't much take kindly to such assumptions."

Lady Arcana held her hands up towards the two of them, allowing her usual smile to filter back onto her face in the hopes of diffusing this misunderstanding. "Ah, Emerald Knight, he wasn't trying to strongarm me...we were talking about something else."

His facial features tightened up, realizing that he had probably made a very bad first impression to this possibly good person. He said nothing. Thank god his mask his his embarrassment.

She then looks to Mr. Luneburg, offering him that same placating expression. "Emerald Knight was a huge help against the Federation out there, your men don't have to be afraid of him. He's one of the good ones."

Emerald Knight Nodded swiftly. "Yeah. Good. I helped. Sorry."

Raymond eyed the green-clad hero with suspicion, though at those words he gave a gesture back to the troops and as one they put away their weapons. They were still on edge, but it was bleeding away slowly.

"Very well. As I was saying to Lady Arcana, we all appreciate the intervention. We wouldn't have been able to hold the city on our own without it, even with reinforcements on their way."

Arcana bowed her head lightly in appreciation for his gratitude. "Naturally. We couldn't just let these innocent people but conquered. Especially not with magic."

She didn't know if he was aware of the presence of magic-based weaponry on the other side, but if he wasn't then it was probably a good idea to pull him into the loop to prevent any unneeded loss of life among his men.

"I'm not sure if you're aware, but the Arab Federation has been given some very, very powerful weaponry by the same individual behind the New York riots."

Emerald Knight wasn't aware that Lady Arcana was able to comprehend the full power of the weapons being used against them. It wasn't anything against her, absolutely not. But the fact that she knew that these weapons were being distributed to other people, the one behind the New York Riots being one of them, was surprising to him. For right now, he just stood by and nodded. All his off planet work kept him from always being in the loop.

A serious expression crossed his face as he regarded the sorceress, having assumed that both events were connected but until now nothing too concrete. Of course, as the source of magic on this world, she would be able to more firmly ascertain such things, but considering her previous interventions he thought that might have been a bit beyond her.

"Yes, my personnel are aware of the military capabilities of the Federation, we lost a dozen men over the last few years trying to acquire those secrets only for them to be unleashed on the field of battle. Such is why we do not operate on the same principles as the two of you. If we do not react with lethal force, then not only will my own people die, but so will the innocents of Arabia under Asad's boot."

She really didn't want to argue with him right now, which she had a feeling any attempt at counterpoint would devolved into. Still, she felt like she should at least clarify her objections in this instance.

"I understand the need to stop Asad, and I plan on staying here to help do so. Or at least take all the toys he shouldn't have away," she explained, glancing off into the distance in consideration.. "I would never ask normal human soldiers to die trying to follow my principles. But you're the strongest Magi I've ever felt...and these conscripts aren't the ones we should really be worrying about. It's whoever has those-"

Before she could continue, a burst of static from the command vehicle interrupted her and a decidedly British voice came over the intercom. "Squadron Charlie to NATO command, we are under fire from unknown source, three planes down behind enemy lines." Silence followed as the radio operator picked up the headset and hurriedly issued GPS coordinates to try and move towards.

"Negative NATO ground, cannot comply. Enemy has air superiority. Unknown weapons in play-" The feed went silent again, the screen displaying the message 'Lost Signal' in bold red letters. As much as Raymond was enjoying the chat they were having, it seemed very clear that they had other problems at hand.

Emerald Knight had been watching the events go down. From the disclosing of dangerous weapons up until the sudden radio feed that dropped off as quickly as it came.

His left arm bent up at the elbow, his ring already glowing as he prepared for a quick flight. "If it's an dogfight, we have a good team to take care of it, right Lady Arcana?" He gave her a small smile, but his focus was quickly shifted back to the GI Joe in front of him. "Just point me in the right direction. I'll see what I can do to help out your men with whatever unknown forces are ahead."

Raymond looked to the radio operator, who quickly read off a set of coordinates. Of course it was firmly within Federation air space, likely the RAF squadron had been drawn in and shot down with some kind of magitech weapon.

"North-north east. In Federation airspace. See if you can find the downed jets first, we need those pilots back in friendly air space. Especially if they've got intel on a new enemy weapon."

Lady Arcana nodded quickly to his instructions. While she didn't consider herself subordinate to Mr. Luneberg, she did acknowledge that he knew way more about all things war-related. Deferring to him for the sake of those pilots, she lifted off the ground.

"Alright, let's go find them," She glanced to Emerald Knight, returning his smile. Taking the lead with his directions in mind, Lady Arcana lifted high into the air - high enough so that her sonic boom wouldn't hurt the people below - before shooting off in that direction.

It said something about the state of affairs that even 'Tank's' spectacular entrance couldn't hold the attention of the collective vigilantes for long. Jimmy Chong had wandered off quickly, judging from his reaction Grim could only presume that he had been caught flat footed at having his mask off. Then Lady Arcana, words cut off mid sentence as something caught her attention. Beneath the mask Zoey's eyes followed her as she left, but considering she still had the ear piece wasn't too worried. When the Minty Archduke took off as well it left only her and the partially covered Girard. Tank. Whatever he was calling himself.

Grim disconnected her mouth piece from broadcasting to any channels, double and triple checking that it had done so before the hatch on the jet once more popped open. Immediately she unbuckled from the pilot's seat once more and put a hand on the hatch to lean out, modulated voice coming out with a mechanical hiss.

"What are you doing out here?! You have a family!"

Girard's head cocked to the side as now the only him and Grim remained after the rest seemed to have moved on to other matters rather quickly, he could hardly blame them, and the latter leaned out of the jet's cockpit looking at him. It sort of sent his mind spinning when he got called out for being here though it really was the part about his family that struck heavily. He had figured none of them had any real idea who he was, the whole keeping low profile thing was important up until now, so how in blazes did Grim know he was a family man?

"So first public appearance and I'm already found out. Wow this day went sideways really quickly with just about everything." The big guy said with a might of exasperation at the situation then something kind of hit him from the back of his mind, there was only one person he particularly kept in contact with in Gotham and that was Zoey who was very rich. "Wait just a second...this is just dumb now. You too huh? Never figured with how you went on against this sort of stuff."

"I was against this sort of thing because of who I am!" Grim reached up, running a hand along the mask covering her face in irritation. Girard was smarter than people gave him credit for, so it was only a little surprising he figured it out so quickly, especially with the big clue she had given him. "People ... people get hurt doing these things. You know that as well as I do after..." The vigilante trailed off briefly. Her gloved grip on the hatch rim tightened, and her jaw clenched.

"You have a family, Girard. You should be watching your little girls grow up, not out here risking your life. Leave that to people like me."

"As painful as that was then and still is now I might have stayed home, kept my nose out of things. But you know as well as I do that its not in me to just sit back and let others do the fighting for me." Girard's expression had a bit of sadness but a strong conviction showing through that was very familiar to him. "I did try to keep it small and local, you might've heard the reports of some unknown guy beating up thugs in Maine. But Abby has been telling me how much of a waste these powers are unused and I'm inclined to agree more as time goes on."

"Plus all the models were getting in the way in the old workshop so I needed a new hobby to pass the time. Some things never change and if I lose a couple hours or more here or there its on me to make up for it." Tank said with a note of humour despite the topic. "As for getting hurt on the job..."

He stretched his arms out in a gesture to the crater he made as proof in the pudding of how durable and strong he was.

"I can't believe this shit," Grim groaned weakly, finally just leaning her head against her hands. "Even Abby knows? She encourages this? No, wait, don't answer that - of course she does. You two were made for each other. Plus she's about as stubborn as you too!" Those long gloved fingers of the vigilante tapped against her head, a growling rumble echoing from the voice modulator as she hummed thoughtfully. Turning the problem over in her head she knew immediately that anything she said would be like going up against a brick wall - literally, it seemed. She had known Girard too long to think she could convince him to just go home. Especially with his wife backing him up.

"Hold on," The urban legend finally growled and pushed off from the rim of the cockpit hatch, retrieving one of the numerous ear pieces she had stored away. If the others didn't return theirs she'd have to program more later. Grim flicked it to Girard. "Put this on, I'll connect you to the others. This fight isn't over yet, if what Arcana reported before we got here is accurate. This isn't over yet either though, Girard - Tank. We're having words when this is done! ... At the very least about getting you some fireproof clothes if you're going to be jumping oceans ..."

Girard felt mildly amused when his friend tried shortly to rationalize a way to get through to him after the frustration of finding out Abigail had been a major player in this decision, not to mention the lack of surprise overall about it. It would not have been the first time Zoey had to deal with this particular problem nor would it likely be the last though she had been successful in the past several times back when powers were some idle fancy and he was just a big but normal dude. This admittedly was not the discussion he planned to have with his long time friend or how he wanted to contact her since it had been a bit since they called one another but it came out now either way.

When Grim ducked back into the aircraft for a second he was curious as to what her plan was on the matter. She could just keep him out of the loop but that would be rather cruel and ineffectual as he would continue on anyways or she could let the others attempt to deal with getting him into the game but they might not do it to her legendary standards. In the end he caught the earpiece she tossed to him with a bright smile as he listened to the woman temporarily end her little rant for the moment.

"Oh good, I do get to see some action after the trip over here. Be a waste of a performance otherwise." Tank moved away some of the helmet remains around his ear to get the receiver in place. "I'm already feeling the blisters forming on my ears as we speak, but a new snazzy costume I can get behind Grim." He ended with a wink at her vigilante name. It was business time now though so he got himself prepared to dish out some damage as needed to whoever else required it.

"That's my name," Grim muttered in response, heaving a low sigh. She sat back in the pilot's seat, tapping the control panel in agitation. "Please tell me I'm at least right that you're partially invulnerable, ri-" The vigilante got cut off as a red light burst into color on the display, a voice patching through to both her and Girard's ear pieces purely on the fact it was an emergency signal.

"Squadron Charlie to NATO command, we are under fire from unknown source, three planes down behind enemy lines." A pause as the operator rattled off a response, and then, "Negative NATO ground, cannot comply. Enemy has air superiority. Unknown weapons in play-"

Grim grimaced underneath her mask as the voice was abruptly cut off, her goggled gaze moving to Tank. She gave a short nod to him and shut the hatch, settling back into her position handling the controls of her advanced jet. Her voice, still modulated, came into the other man's ear.

"Looks like it's time. Be safe, Tank. We'll talk more afterward."

"I'll see you on the other side. I'm buying afterwards."

4:42 PM, Baghdad
Arab Federation

Basil Al-Asad paced within the war room of his Presidential Palace, observing the digital map of the battlefield. He wasn't happy, not anymore. The campaign had began with his forces overrunning the poorly equipped and trained defenders of the West's Arabian puppet state. So swift was their victory that it seemed all but inevitable that the entire rotten state would crumble before the day was out.

But now Army Group Center had broken. Now they were routing, like cowards, despite their orders to advance. More than a hundred fifty-thousand men, and they were defeated by just five people and a single brigade.

Clearly, he had underestimated the power of these supernatural beings, of "The Wizard" that he had been warned of. But he would show them the true power of the rightful ruler of the Arab peoples!

"General, has the NATO squadron that entered our airspace been neutralized?"

Sharizor the Persian looked up from the digital map displaying their sound defeat in Sakakah, focusing his singular steel-grey eye on the president.

"It has been done. My men in the region have confirmed all six jets shot down with no survivors. The Imperialist dogs lay burning on the sands just as promised."

"Excellent," Basil smiled. Sharizor had acquisition from his father's war with Iran in the 80s. A former member of the Shah's regime who had fled the Revolution, he had remained in his service after the war. Now, he served him as well.

Glancing to the map again, he cupped his chin. "That is a NATO carrier encroaching from the Gulf, yes?"

The map displayed the more forward elements of the NATO task force entering the Persian Gulf, at least one carrier they could identify and numerous smaller vessels. "Appears so, trying to acquire identification on the vessel. Looks possibly British, which would match with the designations of the F-35 jets we shot down."

He paused, receiving messages from forward observation posts near the coast that were feeding information into the grid. A moment later a name appeared over the carrier and several other vessels. "HMS Prince of Wales, one of their modern carriers. Probably getting ready to sortie more jets into our airspace."

Chuckling at this, Basil closed his eyes. Yes, his plans had been partially derailed - he had hoped to be in Riyadh if and when these supernatural entities appeared - but their situation was far from hopeless. Indeed, from where he was standing, they still held a winning hand.

"Sharizor, I am going to leave the destruction of the NATO forces and the remaining four superbeings to you," the President explained to him, stepping towards the entrance to the war room. "Have the Annihilator prepped and ready for my arrival. I will deal with this Wizardess myself, using the ultimate gift our new Lord has given us!"

Their Lord had stated that with it he would be able to defeat her. With their orchid harlot slain at his feet, the morale of the Imperialist West would crumble, along with all the pathetic puppet rulers of the south that dangled from their strings.
July 8th, 3:48 PM
Sakakah, Republic of Arabia

Lady Arcana had made good time, if nothing else. Even with the Grim Jet as a passenger, she had arrived in less than three minutes just ahead of the advancing army of Basil Al-Asad. The city of Sakakah, with a population of nearly 250,000 people now stood in the path of the Arab Federation's invasion, the battered and demoralized remnants of the Republic's army doing their best to dig in and fortify their position with what precious little time they had.

"We're here," Karen spoke into her earpiece, the device shielded from the harshness of friction by her mystical aura thanks to its close proximity. "The Dictator guy's army should be here soon,, start your engines?"

Waiting until she heard the Grim Jet hum to life, Lady Arcana released it so it could fly independently again.

Although she was still hundreds of feet above the city, she could already see that many there had noticed her. A lot of them seemed uneasy, some even a little upset. Why would they be - oh, wait. Shit, she didn't even think about that, culturally insensitive prick that she was. "Alright, then, how about this?"

With the same magic through which she had transformed her uniform into a cute outfit during her visits with Zoey, she created a pair of light purple stockings that ran from her boots to beyond her skirt. Then, she created a likewise orchid facial covering that - when combined with the hood of her cloak - made for a rather convincing burka-like mask. "There we go! Lady Arcana, Middle East mode!"

Feeling as if she'll piss off slightly less people now, she descended closer to the city. The defenders were digging in as best they could, preparing for door-to-door fighting of the most brutal and savage kind. In truth, she knew this entire city would be burning within the hour if she didn't do something fast. She could see that parts were already aflame from bombs that had been dropped by a Federation Air Force that had complete control of the skies.

Had being the operative word.

Glancing up at the sky above, she quickly shot into the clouds with a thunderous crack that resonated through the area. Finding their aircraft wasn't an instant thing, nor an easy one, given the vastness of a three dimensional sky and her lack of a radar, but her speed nevertheless made it possible with a bit of searching.

It was an entire squadron of bombers, no doubt heading for the city on another run. She hadn't a clue what type they were, since the entirety of her military knowledge could be stuffed into an ashtray. Still, they had wings and engines. She could work with that! She was currently trailing them at...well, she'd guess quite a few thousand feet off the ground. Figuring out how to best pick them off without killing their pilots was the hard part. She didn't want to make them explode or anything.

Maybe ask the expert on jet design?

"Erm, Grim? How do you figure I can disable a bomber without killing its pilots?" Lady Arcana spoke into her earpiece, hoping it was made to handle all the wind blasting past her right now..

Of course Lady Arcana didn't want to kill the pilots, Grim wasn't even surprised. The Grim Jet was currently hovering above the city, the black body emblazoned with the grey wolf head stark against the sky, its pilot taking in the landscape from the moment they arrived. No doubt Lady Arcana could handle the jets, and once the skies were clear it'd leave the tanks as hopefully easy pickings - of course that would likely destroy them. Somehow she didn't think Arcana would appreciate that. Ah, there we go. A quick check of her computer's mapping revealed what she needed however - a nearby body of water. As the Grim Jet banked to take off towards it as the vigilante responded.

"If they're far enough away from the city go for the engines - just make sure you don't destroy the wings. They should be able to glide well enough. If they're too close you'll probably have to make them eject - don't worry, they'll no doubt have parachutes - and then you can deal with the bomber itself."

Lady Arcana smiled in response to her friend's advice, "Okay! Thanks. This hopefully won't take too long."

Setting her sights on the bombers bringing up the rear of the squadron, she quickly closed with the one nearest to her. This did not go unnoticed by the pilots inside, as they immediately began taking evasive maneuvers. They wouldn't escape her, though, not without leaving their engines behind first!

Keeping parallel with the aircraft despite it's best efforts to lose her, she was forced to blink a few times in surprise when the afterburners swept over her body. This didn't deter her, however, her left hand quickly lancing out to impale the engine pod with a knife-hand jab, before ripping herself free. Watching it glide down through the clouds, she couldn't help but smile when the pilots ejected. Success!

Shooting through the sky in a green blur was the Emerald Knight, a fire burning in his chest to quell some violence. He was thankful that the ring sets up a small field around him, allowing him to move at such high speeds without even his hair jostling in the wind.

Even he was surprised at the speeds he could reach while flying around. Intersteller travel was one thing, but when he could actually see trees and cars pass by in the blink of an eye, he knew for certain he was going pretty damn fast.

Unfortunately, ultrasonic flight didn't mean that he could process things at an ultrasonic pace. He had ripped through something whille flying to his destination. Moving as fast as he was, he couldn't see it, but stopping as fast as he could to turn around and see, only now did he see that he had just shot through the parachute attached to an ejector seat.

The person was still in the seat, now screaming for their lives as they entered a free fall. This wasn't how he wanted to present himself to these people, not at all.

He bent over and flew as fast as he could to the falling pilot, and conjured a large platform to catch him and the seat with. He needed to be careful though. He had to bring down the platform at a pace that would agree with the speed of descent of the pilot, and from there slow down until they reached the ground.

And that's exactly what he did. It took him a little time to get everything figured out just right, but he was able to catch and save the pilot whom he had endangered in the first place.

Emerald Knight didn't know if the pilot spoke english or not, but that mattered very little with the help of his power ring.

"You're safe now." Emerald Knight spoke in english. He needed for the man to speak, so he knew what language to set his ring to. Time was short. As much as he wanted to stay and chat, he needed to move elsewhere.

He ascended slowly, speeding back up gradually the higher he got. Well, at least he knew that he was in the right place.

Another engine pod impaled, and another bomber falling. After the first plane had been disabled, the rest of the squadron had broken off their formation and attempted to evade her. Being bombers, she guessed they didn't really have any dogfighting abilities, since they never tried to engage her. While it made her feel a little bad to systematically hunt down a fleeing enemy like this, she figured they would just regroup and eventually continue their attack if she didn't.

Besides, it meant that the Dictator guy didn't have these planes to use against them anymore, and that could only be a good thing.

One after another she outpaced them and disabled their engines, watching them glide down into the clouds below. As she was finishing off the last one, Arcana couldn't help but notice a sudden flash of light beneath the her, one that was - oddly enough - tinted green. Her first instinct was to suspect it was one of the new weapons the Arab Federation had, a weapon they very well could be using against Zoey right now!

If that was the case, then she needed to get back there and stop it. Maybe the Grim Jet could handle itself, but Karen wasn't about to leave anything to chance.

Descending through the cloud layer, her eyes - sharp as any bird of prey - scanned the area for the source of the flash. She was expecting an aircraft, something sleek and futuristic-looking. Instead, she found a man. He was glad in what looked to be a green uniform, and he was much the same way she did! Who the hell was this-

"Wait," Karen paused. "That's right, I remember the interview in the Hub City Daily! That's Emerald Knight, isn't it?"

He must have come to help stop the Federation too! Awesome! It would be nice not to be the only superpowered hero flying around, even if he did only have the strength of ten men. Raising her hand, she offered him an energetic wave as she flew closer. "Heeey! You're Emerald Knight, aren'tcha?"

"Huh?" Preston could have sworn that he heard someone calling out to him. But he was up in the air, flying around, and definitely in an area where other flying people weren't common.

When he spun around to the direction of the voice, there she was, waving to him as she neared him. She had powered flight too, it seemed. No wings, jets, or anything keeping her up. He offered her a passive wave in response. He was surprised that she spoke english too. Maybe she were here for the same reason he was?

"Yeah, that's me!" He smiled at her and delivered a sharp nod to reaffirm her suspicions about him. "I'm glad my name's finally going around."

Now that he was able to get a good look at her, she seemed pretty iconic too. The purple, the lightning bolt, everything fit into the image of Hub City's very own Lady Arcana. "And you're Lady Arcana. It's an honor to meet the most popular hero here on Earth."

Looking around, he floated casually around. "So, what's the status here? I kind of ran through a parachute and have no idea what's going down on the ground."

"Most popular hero," she echoed him, a slight chuckle underlying her words, "or most infamous vigilante, depending on who you ask...but thanks all the same!"

When he mentioned running through a parachute, she blinked and instinctively glanced at the desert far beneath them. "Oh, I've been disabling bombers. They were heading for a nearby city, presumably to soften up its defenses for when the army gets here."

Not that she intended to let it arrive if she could help it. It would be much easier to fight them in the open desert than in the middle of a populated city where any stray bullet or grenade could kill a civilian. She'd yet to encounter anything she would consider magical in nature, which told her that they were probably keeping the big guns back for now, after initially using them to shatter the Republic's army.

"But, um, the situation is basically that there's a huuuge army on the way and we're the only ones that can stop it," Arcana explained. "The people defending that city really don't have a chance without us."

He scratched his chin. They could push up. Between the two of them being able to fly faster than nearly any jet on the planet, it wouldn't be hard to just keep moving up until they got to the big army. On the other hand, if the bombers were to fly to other nearby areas, them being too close would make it difficult to close in on them. He supposed that them being as far back as they were was fine for now. They'd just have to wear down the planes until they ran our or decided to stop.

"It can't be just you and me, can it? I mean, we could get it done, but it'd be a close call if the army is as big as you say it is." He wasn't quite sure what their next move would be. He really did hope that some more heroes decided to join in, but it was probably a far cry from reality. "If it is, then we'll have to stay on top of things. We can't give them an inch, otherwise they'll keep going."

Lady Arcana nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you're right. While I don't think they can hurt me, they might decide to just keep moving past me if I can't disable them quickly enough. I've been doing my best not to kill any of them too, of course."

And that was something she had no intention of letting up on. She was no killer, and besides... "Most of these guys are conscripts, right? They didn't really have a choice but to fight for that Dictator dude."

That was how conscription worked, she was pretty sure. They just grabbed you, put a gun in your hand and told you to shoot whoever they pointed you towards. It was really messed up. If it were even the slightest bit possible, she'd like to stop this war without losing any more than necessary on either side.

Gesturing for Emerald Knight to follow her, she quickly flew back down towards the city, hoping to find the Grim Jet still hanging somewhere around there. Hopefully the Republic's soldiers didn't mistake her for the enemy. "...For the record, we're not alone. There's one more hero: Grim."

To be honest, an aircraft the size of the Grim Jet wasn't really the type of plane for fire fighting.

Luckily the Grim Jet wasn't a normal aircraft. It didn't take long to reach the body of water to the north west of Sakakah, an initial fly by checking for threats both visually and scanned. Finding nothing to impede it a sharp twist had the jet turning around and dipping, just barely skimming the surface of the water as a panel near the back opened and extended. The craft tipped back up and was soon making a beeline back to the city, the mechanism in the back already preparing the potent mix.

There was of course no way that the Grim Jet could ever battle an entire forest fire or anything near that size, but for a city already ablaze even the emergency supply of foam concentrate in the back - specifically made to smother fires when mixed with water and air - would suffice. Only being fitted with weapons would've been a bit of a waste, after all. The first pass over of Sakakah Grim stayed higher up in the air than necessary, having no doubt the citizens were on edge and afraid from the bombers. The nozzles in the back of the Grim Jet still sufficed to mix the water and foam at that altitude to drop on one of the areas being ravaged by flames, cutting off with the flick of a switch and resuming over another. On the second fly by the vigilante risked lowering the jet slightly more, hoping the initial pass gave the flag to not shoot - if arriving with Lady Arcana didn't already.

Not that normal bullets would do much against the hull of the Grim Jet anyway, but it was such a waste of bullets.

It took three trips zig zagging across the city to empty the supply of foam concentrate and water. There were still fires blazing inside the city, but the bigger ones had been contained for the most part. With the foam concentrate reserves on near empty the panel in the back finally closed once more as Grim checked the scanner. Finding an approaching object the jet banked to return to the initial drop off point. While she doubted Lady Arcana would allow anything past herself if she could help it Grim was still prepared, weapons systems ready.

As expected it was merely the heroine returning to the city, no doubt a few bombers less on the Arab Federation's side. What wasn't expected was who she was with, or the fact that she had apparently changed outfits - not hard considering her powers and would probably make interacting with the locals easier. Smart. Slowing the thrust of the Grim Jet and activating the hover the vigilante banked beside the two floating figures, lingering in the air only a few feet beside them.

"In the ten minutes I've been gone you not only got pants and a mask but also picked up a stray." She commented over to the other woman's earpiece, adding on in a mutter, "Then again I've been running around in a gas mask for over a decade so I guess I can't say much." Under said mask Grim's brows furrowed as she took in the new addition. She recognized him from some news reports, another super powered one.

"... Cabbage Patch, right?"

"Emerald Knight," Lady Arcana corrected her friend with a slight blush of her cheeks as she settled into a float beside the Grim Jet. She always had trouble with people's names. Though really, now that she was able to size him up properly this dude was really short! Like wow, he was about the same size as her in her human form!

Gesturing towards the "man" in the cockpit, she offered an apologetic smile to the other hero. "This is Grim, a hero from Gotham."

"I took care of the bombers by the way," she returned her focus to Grim. "There will probably be more, though."

As if to emphasize her comment, the sound of jet engines quickly approached. These ones were different, and not just in the clean tone of their jets, but that they came from the south and west. Without even pausing they gave chase to the bombers that were retreating, passing by the group of heroes. As they did the union jack on the tailfins of the F-35Cs displayed prominently that support had arrived.

"Squadron Charlie to Task Force Command, we have eyes on Federation bombers pulling away from the combat zone. Pursuing to the edge of friendly air support to execute superiority patrols." The lead fighter pushed ahead slightly, his squadron following behind. Three more joined them just as quickly, deploying from the carriers in the Red Sea and pushing their engines white hot in order to get to the front as fast as possible.

Below more NATO support was moving in as well, groups of IFVs on the road into Sakakah lead by a black and red painted command vehicle with a man standing in the open command hatch. Having been so far removed from the front lines for so long, Raymond had felt it necessary to lead the LIS detachment personally, going so far as to organize a fast assault platoon ahead of the main line infantry. It was only a dozen Stryker IFVs, but with the two big guns in the unit and a fair number of FGM-148 javelins as cargo for the troops, he was confident they could hold the line until more arrived.

Clear as it was he had a good view of the upcoming city, and the heroes hovering overhead, taking out a set of binoculars to identify them for himself. "Ah, there you are." A hand steadied himself as he leaned out of the hatch, a grin on his lips as he observed. "The battle has just begun for Sakakah, and reinforcing elements have arrived. I wonder if you will remain to help liberate Arabia, or if now that the military is here you will leave us to it?"

Preston, now floating with a jet of some sort hovering next to him, wasn't able to hear much of anything. Luckily, his eyes were still working, and that was enough to see the dots making their way over to the three flying heroes.

"Hey." The Green Lantern tapped the shoulder of the mystical mistress beside him. "There's some more on the way. We need to get moving before they get too close."

He couldn't tell if they were friendly reinforcements on their way to the town, lending their aerial aide against the forces bent on destroying everything, or if they were the destroyers themselves. He couldn't take the chance to sit around and wait. He needed to see the jets at a closer distance.

He flew off to intercept the jets. Of course he couldn't talk to them, but he did hope that flying circles around them would allow him to identify the planes and which side of this battle they were on. If they were the good guys, then good, but if they were the enemy, then he was just that close enough to be able to force them out of the air.

He closed in on the jets in quick time, pushing his ring to carry him just a little faster, and them some to keep up with them at a steady pace. It was rather lucky that he could vaguely identify the jets as the good guys. They didn't seem to be doing much to harm him as he flew around them to see who they were, which was also a good sign.

He decided to ride with the jets instead of returning to Lady Arcana and Grim.

Lady Arcana turned when Emerald Knight tapped her on the shoulder, before staring up at the incoming jets. Apparently, there were more incoming already. She supposed it was too much to ask for the Dictator to cut them even a little slack. Although..they seemed to be coming from the wrong direction, considering the other bombers were clearly flying in from the north.

Staring down at the city again, she also noted about a dozen armored vehicles approaching from the south as well. It didn't seem like a very big force, and the locals weren't react with much in the way of fear or panic either.

"Grim, are those guys part of the Federation or what? Do you like, have some kind of computer that can tell?" She asked her friend through her headset. The vehicles all seemed to be marked with the letters "LIS" across their sides, but who knew what the fuck that meant.

"They're NATO," Came the immediate reply, though Grim didn't look up from her computer to the jets. Instead her gaze had focused on the control panel the instant a small, seemingly innocent beep alerted her to something new. The vigilante's gloved fingers moved over the screen carefully before her eyes flicked upward. "A small force, considering, more than likely an advance squad. So friendly, but be on your guard - we're fighting a common enemy but we're still technically criminals."

Grim tracked the signal on her radar as the Green Giant joined the jets, silently making sure he hadn't taken off on a mistaken crusade; people acted so hastily sometimes. Luckily both he and the NATO jets didn't attack each other, confirming her suspicions that the three of them were friendlies for now.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but for how long?
@PleekTake two accepted! I really like your new backstory!
Name: Siobhan Ó Donnabháin
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Alv
Current Appearance: Siobhan has a soft and curvaceous figure, one that's far more comfortable casting spells from a distance or piloting her Greatarmor than trying to engage in any kind of melee combat.

Personality: One would expect somebody who has endured a lifetime of being feared and rejected to be bitter and cold, and yet Siobhan defies these expectations with her plucky and energetic personality. Usually carrying a grin on her face, and a take-no-shit attitude towards her peers – particularly the Regent, she is deeply loyal to Princess Yvette of Grandia, treating anyone that would do her harm as a mortal enemy. Beneath the surface of this supremely confident Archmagus, however, is a deep desire for acceptance, a wish to be seen as valuable, to be needed.

Brief Backstory: Siobhan Ó Donnabháin was born to a Human father and an Alv mother in the Kingdom of Albion. While her mother was pregnant, her father proved to be abusive, oftentimes beating his Alven partner when drunk. One night when he threatened to beat her to death, his heart suddenly ruptured, killing him...the actions of Siobhan, lashing out from the womb.

So terrified by this display of power from one not even born, and mourning at the death of her partner - abusive though he was, her mother proceeded to try and kill Siobhan by slamming her stomach in the door. This merely caused her to go into labor prematurely. Her mother seemingly died in the process of giving birth to her, though this was never confirmed.

Discovered by a small group of fairies as she lay on the brink of starvation, the creatures took her and raised her as one of their own for the next fourteen years. It was this upbringing that turned her into the energetic and playful prankster she is now. Unfortunately, good things seldom lasted for her, and even among these magical beings, her magic prove uncontrollable. After an arcane outburst nearly burned their forest to the ground, the fairies she had once called family exiled her. From then on she would wander Albion and the lands beyond the channel, struggling to control her power.

Through years of diligent training, she would succeed in doing so, yet her reputation for destruction remained. When a shipwreck left her on the edge of starvation within the borders of the Empire of Grandia with little to her name, she felt like her time had finally come. That was when saw a carriage pass her by, one that was unusually ornate and flanked by guards. They ignored her, and she ultimately ignored them as well...until the distant sound of gunfire drew her to the scene of an attack.

She found the carriage besieged by cloaked figures. Most were armed with guns and were fighting the numerically overwhelmed guards, but a number were quite clearly Magi. To Siobhan, it seemed obvious that the carriage and its guards stood no chance, and while she couldn't be certain of the circumstances behind their attack, or who was truly in the right here, something nevertheless compelled her to act. Unleashing her power against the Magi first, she engulfed them in a stream alabaster flame that left barely even ashes in its wake.

Stunned by this display of power, the men armed with guns did something that shocked her: They turned their weapons on themselves, committing suicide en mass. For that reason, their origin was never discovered, their bodies containing little in the way of evidence linking them to any individual or organization.

Quickly moving to check on the carriage's occupants, Siobhan was stunned to find it was none other than Princess Yvette Von Einstreth of Grandia herself! Seeing that Siobhan was starving, Yvette was quick to offer her what food they had, as well as asking her to journey with her back to the capital. Once there, she was asked to display her extraordinary abilities as a spell caster for the court, and over the next couple of years she successfully rose to the rank of Archmagus of Grandia.

Despite - or perhaps because of - her fierce loyalty to the Princess who gave her this opportunity, many today view Siobhan as an unwelcome and potentially dangerous outsider, and would very much like to see her removed and replaced with a more "traditional" candidate...

Abilities: Siobhan possesses magical potential that cannot be properly measured, and can barely be controlled even by her, despite her years of training to do so. While she has managed to attain enough focus to at least prevent herself from unintentionally lashing out with arcane fire, she still sometimes struggles to keep her raging magic under control during combat. Despite this, her control when employing summoning, healing, and teleportation magic is exceptional. It is her talent with those types of spells that is the primary reason she was chosen as the Archmagus of the court, rather than her powerful yet barely constrained offensive spells.

Skills: In addition to her wide array of magical talents, Siobhan is an exceptionally skilled Greatarmor pilot, particularly when behind the controls of her personal Greatarmor, "Gringunfatz". Outside of magic and Greatarmor piloting, however, Siobhan has little fighting ability.

Equipment: Siobhan always carries her Faewood staff with her, her last connection to her homeland of Albion. In addition, she usually carries (or levitates) a grimoire of spells and incantations, as there are some spells even she cannot instantly cast yet.

Her most notable possession, however, is of course her personal Greatarmor "Gringunfatz", a nine meter tall war machine and the original prototype that the cheaper, less powerful mass production Greatarmors of the Empire are based off of. It's armor is thicker and it possesses far greater strength and speed than the standard model. Designed to take full advantage of Siobhan's immense mana reservoirs by feeding directly off its pilot, its primary and most devastating weapon is the "Mana Gatling", a Gatling gun designed to fire hyper-condensed mana instead of bullets. Use of this weapon would quickly kill most pilots, making it impossible for all but a few to safely use this Greatarmor. Additional weaponry includes a chainsword for quickly slicing through any tank or infantry foolish enough to get close, and a series of rocket powered grenade launchers installed along the torso.
Origin: Native

She still seemed a bit upset at him from earlier. He still couldn't quite grasp what the huge deal was, but it hardly mattered right now. Not when she'd agreed that going into town was a good idea! Standing from the couch almost immediately at this, he offered her a nod in response to her observation that it would offer him a chance to get a layout of the town. While he was primarily doing this for the sake of a good time, he couldn't deny that the thought had crossed his mind. Their future battles were unlikely to take place in an open field outside a church, after all, so learning the numerous streets and pathways of this town was undoubtedly a sound strategic move.

"Then let's go!" He grinned down at Estelle, raising his fingers to his lips, only to pause. Wait, it probably wasn't a good idea to use his chariot in broad daylight like this. That's right, these Magi had rules they liked to follow. Besides, attracting the enemy's attention would probably cause their exploration of the town to be interrupted!

Instead he folded his arms, waiting for Estelle to show him the way forward. "By foot, that is!"

It wasn't as if he knew where anything here was, after all. Or what sorts of places were even worth visiting, for that matter. It was an interesting reversal: he'd have to rely on his Master today, rather than the other way around!

"Eh?" Rider blinked at his Master screaming at him, her sheer volume and the embarrassed rage that poured from her causing some hint of awareness to slip into his consciousness. Oh right, she was naked. You weren't supposed to do things like that these days, were you? Though he didn't see why it mattered: she was just a little kid anyhow. Or looked like one, at least. Still, her anger reminded him of someone, and that made him feel like he shouldn't make much of a fuss about it!

Holding up his hands, Rider backed out of the room. "Err, right! Just...take all the time you need then, Master. I'll be on the couch until you finish getting ready."

Though he really hoped she wouldn't keep him waiting too long. He wanted to enjoy the day before he had to get back into the thick of it again! Not that he wasn't really looking forward to testing the worth of these other servants when the time came, of course. And the thought of finishing his battle with Saber was always front and center in his mind...albeit, he understood that this would likely come at the war's climax.

He didn't foresee any finer opponent than her, after all, and it would be a shame for every fight after to seem like a step down.
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