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12:40 PM, November 3rd
The Wedge; Hub City

"Wowzers, nice one, Hayes!" Karen exclaimed.

She couldn't say that she saw that turnaround coming! Karen had expected it to all be over in the next round, and it was...for Ives! It quickly had become apparent that Hayes had left his corner with a plan, and he had executed it flawlessly. His opponent, powerful though he was, apparently wasn't much in the brains department. She supposed he had never had to be, before now.

Guess it just goes to show you that you shouldn't give up hope until you see things through.

Aiming her remote for the television, she clicked it off, a smile now stretched across her face. Even though it was just some boxing match, it still made her feel good to see someone claw themselves out of a bad situation like that. It gave her a little bit of hope as well, that maybe there would one day be a way for her to get out of this place as well. The Wedge eventually consumed everyone living inside of it, dragging them down to its level. The last thing she wanted was to grow up to be arm candy for some thug.

Her eyes flickered in the direction of her cellphone as she noted the time. Her dad would be home before too much longer, so she should probably get to fixing lunch.

Standing, she almost immediately felt the soft caress of fur slowly slide its way across her ankle. Reaching down to gently scoop up the black Bombay cat, Karen nuzzled her face into its purring form. "Heya Samantha, I was wondering where you'd gotten to."

That girl always managed to disappear whenever she was looking for her, despite being a strictly indoors cat. There wasn't even that many places to hide in, so it was pretty confusing! In any case, it was probably lunchtime for her as well: meals were one thing she never failed to show up for.

And same as with the people of this house, Karen was the one that always had to prepare them.
@Cu ChulainnHe's like our version of Johnny Cage! "Come on, you're telling me nobody has seen 'Jimmy Splatter Fist'?!"
@Simple UnicycleGreat job! That was a pretty interesting read! ^^
@Ceta de CloyesSure, that could be useful. ^^
@Ceta de CloyesFeel like I haven't gotten much of a chance to show my character's personality yet. Hopefully I will when Monday happens in-game, since that'll be when she actually gets her powers.
@pyromanLooks good to me. Especially because she's blue and not green. :P
@The Whacko*Grumble grumble Batman grumble*

@Cu ChulainnYou're approved!

@QueentzeYou can if you want to, sure. It's not required, though.
@BluetommyWell, non-white Latino I should perhaps specify.
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