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3 months ago

The small damp garage was lit only by the sparks fizzling into the dark air in the middle of the room. Anna looked more rat than bat as she crouched over her magnum opus, her welding tools filling the room with the noise of creation. Sadly that's all the noise the room was filled with, the small bungalow half paid for by her parents back in Germany used to be filled with the sounds of music, but after that old crone next door called the cops for a 'noise disturbance' Anna was condemned to work in silence.

She stood up, reaching her full height even if it was only 5 foot 4, admiring her creation with an undercurrent of anxiety. She sighed, walking over to the wall and placing her hand on the power switch, tracing her eyes along the wire that connected it to her creation.
"It's gotta work this time..." She whispered to herself, pulling the lever down.

A low whirr filled the room and for a minute nothing happened. Then suddenly two lights shot out of the metal man's eyes and a metallic groan paired the movement of his head to face Anna. If there was ever a time to make a frankenstein 'it's alive' joke it was now, but Anna was too awestruck to notice. For a moment she was filled with hope, for a moment the robot seemed to move. But that was only for a moment, just as he tried to push himself up he fell back down and the room returned to the quiet, anxious atmosphere from before.

Anna sighed, passive aggressively tossing her welding equipment on the floor and storming through to the living room, placing a pair of headphones on her ears and angrily scrolling through social media.

After a while she calmed down - resigned to the fact she'd either have to keep trying or give up. She felt her stomach grumble, it had been a long night, she deserved comfort food if anything. Lazily moving through to the kitchen she didn't even bother to look up from her phone. She reached her arm out for the fridge, but rather than gripping a handle she felt herself grab leather. Her eyes shot up words in confusion before switching to awe as she watched her 'failed' creation ramble through her food. She removed her hand from the giant oversized jacket on the robot and tore off her headphones with a smile of disbelief.

Next door old lady Abernathy picked up the phone. That kraut next door was making a racket again and Abernathy had her knitting circle in the morning.

Present day

Interacting with @Shard @Omega Man
Anna finished the last touch on her dorm room. What originally resembled a high class hotel suite was now plastered in posters and fairy lights. In the corner of her room sat a small record player, because we're all allowed to be a little pretentious every now and then. A childhood photo of Anna and her parents sat on her desk. America was fun, and she loved all of the new experiences she had, but she still missed her parents and her hometown dearly. Anna looked over to Robostein and with a flick of her head he followed her out of the room, crouching and turning sideways to fit through the door.

She headed to the kitchen, that kid should've hopefully finished his baking by now the past few attempts smelled good, even if they were burnt. What was that kids name again? Nigel? Nero? Nathanial? Neoh? That was it. Anna made a mental note to just pair him with Keanu Reeves so as not to forget again.

"Hey fellas, how are we?" She asked, entering the kitchen. That other guy, Judah was in the room, they'd exchanged words once or twice, but only sparingly she put it down to him being just as awestruck by the whole concept of a superhero team as she was for the first while. Before she could really strike up a conversation Arrowcaster entered the room, wanting people to test his droids. That peaked Anna's interest, not the fighting, but the droids. She'd need to ask Arrowcaster later for a look at them.

She had to admit, Neoh was nothing if not a thespian. His 'no thanks' was like a Shakespearean soliloquy, it was like being in the room with Laurence Olivier himself.
"Yeah I'm afraid I might not be the best help there, and the big guy might do a bit more breaking than testing" She said, pointing with her thumb to Robostein as she spoke. "Plus, I'm eager to see if Oscar Wilde over here has mastered bakery yet" She joked, taking a seat on the kitchen worktop next to the oven. After Arrowcaster and company had left for the training room she took her opportunity to learn about her teammate.
"So, Neoh. What's your story bro?"
@Omega Man I understand, but at this present moment I'd much rather play Tim. I feel he's the most thought out of the characters I've written and the one I'd be able to play the most. If it's really much better to play Fate I will, but I'd rather keep him as a secondary.
Posting to keep the list consistent! Pending acceptance as my switched primary instead of Cyborg.
@Jeyma @ThriceDefied @Ardent Debater @snake153 @IAmKnight @Days @Shellshock

Just want to check if you all are still interested in joining, let us know.

Apologies, but no I'm afraid.
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