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Current "God put you on Earth with only one life so use it wisely as if it were your last."
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"Birth, death and rebirth, and just like that I have become anew like a butterfly breaking free of it's cucoon."


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~From a jar of ink a snow white and brown feathered quill is dipped in and raised, scratching against paper as it is used. A young elven of about 26 moons (years) old named Kira Blackthorne is writing a letter about herself to pass the time. She has no home or Kingdom to call of her own, atleast .. not anymore. Softly, she sighed a breath outward from her lungs and chest, pouring out her information to the unknown souls of this website she stumbled across.~

Name: Good morning/evening, my name is Kira Blackthorne and I am an "Advanced" roleplayer.

Hometown: I proudly hail from the towering Buildings of Bronx and rushing cars, NewYork but I speak as if I am from the lands of New England.

Age: I am now 27 moons on April 4th 2021.

Gender: I am a transgender male (Born female, bleh. It means when you are born you are not the sex you feel you were meant to be. Example: I am female but I feel like I was meant to be born male. Ugh, it is hard to explain. I a genderfluid and genderless but sometimes I have genders but it depends on my moods. >_<)

Roleplay: As said on my profile I am an avid roleplayer. I love to roleplay paragraph length replies and I love to show just how much I desire it. I have no limits and I always make sure that my roleplaying partner or partners have space to have imagination to spread as well. I do not like it when I have just the stage and as such I expect the other person to also take place with their character or characters. I do not want to have to do all of the work because that will make me turn off to the roleplay very quickly. I am a new player on this website (started two days ago on March 10th) but I am not new to roleplaying. I have been in roleplaying scene since 2007 and 2008 and over the years I have slowly and carefully perfected my writing to paragraph length replies, creativity wise in imagination and I can go to lengths you desire me to reach. If you wish to know a lot more of me then do not be afraid to send a private message my way.



★彡[ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪɴ ᴀ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ!]彡★

I love

Middle ages/Victorian ages/Renaissance/Dark ages
Any new ideas
Warrior cats
I like to create new worlds and characters
Kidnapper/Stealing/ Abduction
Slave/Master (Brutal without limits)
(I am up for many more ideas if it strikes my fancy)

I am up for anything apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic based

I like anything and I have no limits. It can be as dark and as sinful as you want but I do not care of restrictions. I will see you if we roleplay together. Send a message my way and we can soon be in a roleplay!


Godmodding (moving my character)
Ghosting without warning.

I also roleplayed on since May 28th of 2016 and IMVU.Com since 2008 but I haven't had the time to do what I roleplay there. But I roleplay here now since I wanted to start fresh.

Kira Blackthorne

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(I apologize for not having longer posts, a lot is happening in my real life that is making my roleplaying writers blockish. I promise to come back with more once this burden passes. I hope I am doing alright so far.) -Sigh.-
As if from nowhere Kira rushed toward the also vampire mle whose name was Achille, mowing down the approachin undead with perfect shots toward their heads, chests and stomachs. "Here, come with me. I will help you." She said gently, rushing away from the crowd that they were trying to avoid. She wanted more than anything to change the outcome of the undead arising once more. She was eager to help the weakened man who was also of vampire bloodlines. She looked down at Achille, kneeling down and helping him to his feet, letting him lean against her.

She offered a bit of her blood if he needed some once they would reach safety, "Will a bit of my blood replenish your weakness" She asked, offering her wrist for him to use. She kneeled down before him, staying still as she was meant to do as she gazed up at the weary eyes of the also vampire. She was half human somewhere in her bloodline and that was something that was very useful for now.
I love your illustrations! :D
Kira was highly confused because of the once peacefully undead being disturbed from their eternal resting places below ground, not being fearful of them for she was foretold of this because of because of being a time traveler. She foresaw things that happened in the future.

She saw with her crystal clear vision as the water tower's base was being bombarded by what looked like thousand upon thousands of the undead, deciding whether to fight with the masked man or retreat and find shelter and live to fight aother day. She chose shelter above suffering and dying a slow demise at the teeth of the zombies. "I apologize for not warning you before I shot, Jack." She sincerely apologized.

She said softly, keeping her weapons armed in her hands but following her friend. and heading back inside is an idea I agree with." She ran inside of the Saloon, never letting go or sheathing the guns, as far as she was concerned they were her new hands. She also grabbed the same brand of botte of whiskey but a different bottle, chugging down half of it before keeping it close by as she shattered a part of a window and took her part of the station. She aimed her pistol barrel of her guns at approaching zombies. She got up to higher ground, hoping that no towns folk would be consumed by the carniverous, brain-eating zombies. She was a predator in her own right but she never killed anyone like the zombies.

Never. She wanted to be with Jack and make it out of this and not be torn apart by the brain consumers. She was stuck between two emotions, one was glad because she and JacK finally cracked the code but dread because she saw the dead rise oNce more.
Yes, she is. Thans for clearing the confusion, my friend. @Nobodyman123 :)
Hello. I posted. Just waiting patiently as always for replies. I am a patient man. This roleplay is very fun. How are y'all today? ^_^
Kira was about to ask her new friend Jack another question when she sensed a scent that made her blood run colder than ice and seemed to freeze from flowing any further. She also silently sniffed the air a few times as if a wolf would do to gain information of it's surroundings, mentally mumbing before she turned around swiftly, her long locks of black hair brushing against the bare fresh of her elegant, swan like neck while trying to figure out the origin of a loud, unknow screamn like outburst before it even happened.

As if in sync she heard a few more of them in a few other directions. She was not terrified but she was concerned, deeply concerned for what happened, nodding as he heard Achille. She had premonitions and that was what she was gifted with since her birth. She could see thing that happened before well .. before it happened.

So that was it .. the dead had risen, she had heard this in many movies and fictional books she had read. She was also one of them. She was a vampire but she did not wish harm on humans like the undead did. She just needed to quench her thirst from time to time.

She reached down and undid her holster that was attached to her side, undoing the two pistols that were her most prized companions she owned. She was given them from her beloved father before he was hunted and staked through the heart by the humans she was taught to despise. Through it all she never hated them, she could never hate them, nor could she ever have the courage to take any of their lives.

She twirled them in her hands once like the true outlaw she did, never giving into her fears of the zombies. "Alright you bastards .. time to send you back where you belong!" She shouts, one of the rotting hellish, hollow vesseled zombies dragging a limp foot toward the graveyard and near Jack and Kira with a loud groan as if a fresh death rattle. She aimed one of her pistols and did not hesitate although something told her to.

Once she did she aimeed, squeezed the trigger and stared, watching the zombie become flung backward with a bullet loddged in it's forehead, resisting an urge to hiss at it as she saw blood squirting out it's fresh wound like a sprinkler.

Kira smiled wide once again as she was accepted by sexy, handsome Jack, joining him in the searching for any clues in the strange grave robber. She could sense many saddened humans nearby but she knew that it was because of the snatching of the bodies of their loved ones. She searched graves, trying her very hardest to not move anything to disturb the resting place of the such hollow vessels that were grabbed.

She looked at Christina, the woman who was leaning against the railing, emmotionally sensing her sadness. She may have been able to do that since she was born but she kept that secret to herself. "Jack and me here are friends, what brings you to the saloon? young one?" She asked, not wanting to be too into the mysterious woman's business but just making small talk. "Even here you can find friends, you just have to find where to look and be patient." She smiled once more, trying to cheer up the depressed woman who seemed down in the dumps.

She sighed as her search came up empty like the holes in the graveyard, arising to her heels, dusting her dress off. She walked over to Jack, asking him the same question she had in her own head. "Find anything yet .. hmm .. this is strange?" She adjusted the bright red rose in her hair, the sun making her skin glow like a thousand crystal diamonds. Her bright blue eyes becoming of a bright blue that shined beneath it's rays. Being a vampire had it's perks, perks like being enchantingly beautiful through the ages and never aging a single day.

She wanted nothing more than to solve the grave robberies and put this whole thing to a permanent rest once and for all.
"So Jack .. mind if I tag along?" Kira asked, sprinting up to Jack. She was awfully bored with the Saloon and the faces were becoming stale to glance upon. She may have been a catch to gaze at with a double take but right now she wanted to be with someone, that someone is Jack.

By now the drinks she had consumed had made her a bit topsy turvy but she was a woman who could handle her alcoholic beverages well. She also took to leaning against the railing one lack and red high heeled boot pressed against the wood while the other was firmly rooted to the ground, her long ruby red and pitch black as night dress matching with her pale skin. She brushed a strand of long hair beind her ear and smiled, feeling at peace with the evening that had loomed over the vast endless lands of LongWater.

"So .. who do you thing has done such an awful deed?" She asked her new friend, taking a hit of tobacco from her own neatly self made of cigarette she lit with a match from her steady supply of them. "This seems to not have been done by any animal, this looks like a very clean kidnapping of bodies, I agree with the grave robbing."

She flashed a smirk, finding not many clues since the ones responsible may have been her kind. She may have been vampire but she knew when to clean up her messes. She did not wish to be caught and staked by a finely sharp point of wood. She stayed low, making sure not to gather any attention to her true nature whenever the sun went down or whenever she was hungering for blood to fill her empty stomach.

"Mind if I travel with you a bit? it is a bit lonely out here alone without a big strong ally on my side." She said, flirting abit. She wanted to be with someone who could be on her second in command whenever she needed to protect herself in this big bad world.

"Yes." Kira said back, feeling as if she could conquer anything as long as the liquor was in her system. She stayed close to Jack, flashing her famous "sexy" smile that revealed two wide set of natural pearly whites. "Kira is the name, mind if I call you handsome instead." She smirked. She was eager to see just where this night would lead off to. She twirled a strand of long hair around her index finger in a playful way, gazing up into Jack's alluring eyes. She wanted more than anything to be brought to the brink of pure insanity with the presence of them.

Her body was something that any man would take one thing to die for, her eyes something for them to stare into and her hair for anyone to run their fingers through. She wanted to find a man to fill that void. She listened to the sharpness of sudden commotion outside, hearing it near the cemetary, it seemed as if it was just a small squabble, she thought to herself, 'It is nothing," she thought, 'It is just nothing, Kira, dont get involved.' The priest sounded nervous but she did not move from her spot, she was much too dizzy and drunk to do such a movement.

"Well then, do whatever makes your happest." She said with a smirk. "I am also eager to see what is available for work in this town as well." She wanted more than anything to be able to be with her beloved but she knew that he was in heaven. She wanted to be with him but he was not anything anymore, he was ashes to ashes and dust to dust. She wanted to do anything to be with him.
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