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@ohsosaiko Yeah, I'm sure. I don't want to be a burden and have people waiting on me.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to bow out of this. This is very fast moving and I just do not have the time to respond to so much and so often. Hope you all have fun!
I'm thinking if she isn't back in a week, then we can talk about making our own thread. Three days really isn't very long.

Name: Rosalind Adaeze
Age: 18
Parent: Persephone
Abilities: Just as Persephone has a dual nature, so does Rosalind. She can see and speak to ghosts, but has no control over them. She does, however, have control over plants. She can bring them to life and make them grow.
Personality: Rosalind is a bit on the quiet side; she's very sweet and gets along with nearly everyone, but she's more of a listener than a speaker. It's her anger you have to look out for. Piss her off or hurt somebody she cares about and she becomes terrifying.
Short Bio: Rosalind was raised by her father who never told her much about her mother. It was always weird to her that her mother wasn't in her life, and she sort of assumed her mother had died. It wasn't until she was about ten that her father realized all of her 'imaginary' friends weren't imaginary, and all of their plants were overgrowing without him touching them. Persephone had told him who she was when they were together, but he hadn't really believed her. He did now. He did his research and found Olympus Academy and sent Rosalind there. She's been attending for eight years now.
Extra: Has a weird fashion sense that is a mix between flower-child and goth. Somehow, she pulls it off.
@ohsosaiko I'm fine with either modern or historical. Both could be fun. Just sort of curious how to differentiate it from Percy Jackson (granted, I love PJ, so I'm not complaining.)
@ohsosaiko This could be interesting. Were you thinking more modern or historical?
@TheMadAsshatter @pugbutter

Neasa wasn't all that reassured when Scott said they weren't going that way - sure, they weren't, but who was to say the strangers didn't decide to turn and follow? She lowered her gun slightly, but kept them in her peripheral, just waiting for them to try something.

"Mostly by the border," she confessed, shrugging her shoulders. "It's easy when you first get inside, after that though? S'all just dust in the wind, really. Came from the north, well, obviously," she said, rolling her eyes and letting her Irish accent tell all. "But that's about it."

She was glad that she had been keeping the group in her peripheral when they suddenly jumped and seemed to flee from the road like a flock of birds being chased off. "Hey," she hissed, keeping her voice low. "I think we've been spotted."
@TheMadAsshatter @pugbutter

Neasa found his shrug to be actually reassuring. He wasn't sure why. He wasn't some obnoxious do-gooder who was going to be pretentious and preachy. He didn't have some story made up to convince her that he was actually good and totally not going to do terrible things to her the moment she turned her back. He was just helping her because he had a shred of decency in him. And that was fine with her.

She followed him out of the building, gun gripped in hand, and glanced around. Once her eyes readjusted to the sunlight, she scanned the horizon, and to her surprise, saw three figures a distance away.

Neasa caught up to Scott, nudged his arm with her elbow, then jerked her chin in the direction of the three figures. Maybe they were too far away to be heard, but she wasn't going to risk it if they were hostile.
@jbeil Are you still looking for a partner? If so; are you looking for FxM, FxF, MxM, or don't care? (And I mean either romantically or platonically.)
@StripyWolf Still looking for a party for the supernatural bounty hunter one?
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