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Im a university student.
Aiming for a game developer career.

Love writing, anime, sci fi, fantasy.

I am a man of culture ;)

And I am pretty flexibly in terms of roleplay and characters.

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Ill just put the character here for now.

Character Sheet:
Name: Tagnan Equil
Species: Gui’ lek
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Appearance: Short in stature with some messy hair that only seem to be get a basic wash regime. Tagnans posture is more of that of prey ready to bounce. Which is quite opposite to the deep intelligent eyes that seem to look through everything they gaze upon. And a very calm face that seldom expresses much but pondering and questions.

Assignment: Medical researcher and ships doctor assistant.
Equipment: when outside his lab he carries a small scanning computer, chemical sampling kit and a field medicine bag. Alongside some small spades, knifes and scissors for plants and the like. And always a bag of snacks. Always…

Skills: Medicine, treatment, basic surgeon, zero G EVA, Nano technology, chemistry.
Cybernetics/Genetics: Extra organ that helps produce stem cells for increased regeneration. Alongside cybernetics for improved protection against cancerous development in the body.
Most Gui’lek also chose to have a brain implant for mental access to networks and improved work efficiency.
Education: Medical science PhD, Biological engineering PhD

Personality: A bit self-absorbed and weak on the small talk Tagnan is at least a good listener when needed and when he figures he should just shut up for a while. Awkward around weapons or violence he prefers to attempt to talk it out or maybe run for the hills. A bit fussy in hectic situations, his only good trait for emergencies is that he is good at taking orders and focusing on his tasks.

Tagnan is a fresh graduate of two PhD’s and an eager explorer to fund his research and gathering of field experience to build up his reputation. He comes from a loving little family of scientists and doctors. And the occasional black sheep engineer. Which pretty much set his career for him as he grew up. Diving in as a nerd into the studies he has remained a single to date and a somewhat lackluster social skill that he might now develop better being stuck on a ship with a crew for a longer period. Since well not much tends to happen in space during these voyages.

Well, lovely to have you here @Silvir any questions as to what this crash will potentially entail for you and your crewmates?

Accidentally crashing onto a village killing everyone and becoming worshiped as gods by the neighbours O_O
Well I would be lying if this didn't look interesting XD
Heard you folks needed a chef

Appearance: - (also this guy makes some awesome images)
Name: Cliff Essence
Race: Human hybrid
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Job: Chef
Weapons: Modular gauss plasma ejection rifle. Mainly in a mode acting as a deadly plasma, kinetics variant that does high damage against Armour and flesh. Main weakness is kinetic and thermal armour.
Abilities: Highly skilled cook, great martial art skills and great hunting abilities. All accompanied by very sensitive senses of smell, taste hearing and sight. Count of the kitchen being safe during enemy boarding.

Personality: A typical intimidating character with the body of a stereotype movie character. He may have the outwards demeanour of a bad ass thug that looks more like he should spend the days ravaging cities and transport lanes. But no instead he is a chef and a gourmand looking for that next new recipe or kitchen to work in. Maybe taking it slow to work in some place to earn a bit of money before moving on again. Food is life in his eyes and will make sure that when he cooks his guests can sit down and enjoy it.
It is something that will bring a great smile on his face when he sees happy guests enjoying his creations.

Short bio: Cliff is one of those people that rarely sets down roots in one place. Instead he just moves from one place to another trying to discover new things. Or find something else to do when the first gets boring.
He knows he has a few kids out there and quite a few angry ladies that would be happy to beat his ass to a pulp some of them a bit more powerful than others. Buut he has managed so far. So now why not try something space faring like. Pirate sounds like a fun way to start.

So anyone interested in a somewhat casual nation story but with some effort on story building and writing.

The warring states era.

In the known world there are three ancient nations. One fallen from power and glory, now but a remnant of its past. Turned into squabbling small states locked in conflict for generations.
The other two suddenly finding themselves rising to a dominant state in the vacuum of the fallen but locked equal. Ensuring a long time of peace. Though friction slowly deteriorate it as bloodlines, politics and economics bound between these three powerhouses grind and break the status quo.

Rivalling states bound to each nation for support by old ties or new deals. Marriage to create peace turns into conflict when death opens a path to power through said marriage. Outside parties meddling into the conflict for personal gains. And distant strangers prowling the borders or the known world to take of the bountiful resources available.
All while in the ruins of a small and forgotten nation a shadow stirs, roused by the conflicts and meddling into old forbidden knowledge.

In the midsts of this other smaller nations (you) rise and form. Unifying clans, free colonies or settlers seeking a new beginning.
For almost 60 years peace has ruled all but the fallen Empire.

Quick info about how this will play out.
You as the player can create a nation and there will be preset bordered areas you can choose from around the two dominant nations.
Each spot will have a few advantages and a few disadvantages (threats or natural problems limiting self sufficiency) following by default. Does not matter how strong you try to make your nation, the disadvantages will just be made stronger to force you to seek political aid and support. A created nation can be up to about 2-300 years old as an established known nation, history can be older.
Technological limits will be similar to 1300's but with magical enhancement rivalling 15-1600 medieval time or even more modern. For a price of course.

There is a story and plot developing in the world as we play. You can of course build and shape your own ones between nations. Just don't forget the other ones. When certain events take place and you have not paid attention to prepare for it you could watch your little precious nation fall into ruin quickly. Annihilation is a possibility in this story.
Pacing will be about four posts is one year or depending on meetings and negotiations. Things will take time to do in this world we do not have teleportation or instant travel. Magical versions of these will be high value and hard to come by things.

the goal is to have about 6 ish people in this 8 total with me and Windstormugly.

Now about the big trouble makers here is short info about them.
The three Ancient nations

NPC - Fallen Empire about 1000 years old - The Empire of the Iron flag. Used to be the dominant faction in the known world spreading it's influence and starting colonies in distant lands. Unrivalled in Military and trade. Now called the warring states.

Windstormugly - Ferlaneia 6-700 years old - A land solidified by it's natural mountain borders and great deposits of minerals.

Silvir - Sierra 3-400 years old - The green kingdom grown from conquest and unification around it's bountiful natural riches of food and livestock.

While there are ancient nations there are also lands no one willingly walks.
To the East the Territory of the nine clans a fierce warrior people that cares little for the outside world unless it threatens their own.
And to the north a small ruined nation destroyed by unknown calamities where curses, abominations and the undead walk freely.

Outside threat is distant nations trying to invade and colonize the known world that they consider primitive and barbaric.

Map that will be used- (Edited map version will be shown in OOC later) borrowed from Quabbe on devianart.…
South-Eastern part of the map (bottom right area) divided by the water and a part of the bottom right side of the water will be used. The rest is fairly unknown lands
PUha my computer works again. TT_TT sadly i lost my work i put into perfecting the application i shall back out for now, im still mourning the dead HDD (it contained much writing and ...other content)
Excuse the double post just thought id add this up before i go further to see what GM thinks about it. O__O

Can't get the damn img to work so here!! >:( i took a central spot for now But i don't mind moving if there where plans for that.
Okay Nation RP with an Acctuall plot. Damn i am sooooo in.

NOW GIVE ME THAT LONELY ISLAND IN THE CORNER. *squints eyes* omae wa mou shindeiru!!!! *does shore side piracy while having a weird thing for tentacles and girls with cat ears* It shall be the reason for weird long time past magical explosions. Some people say two of them might not have been enough.

On a more serious note though if i can join in how is it looking so far and im still reading up on the main post :P

oh wait i just found the most updated map ... O_O i am kind of stuck with that island huh XD
Okaaay now to rearrange this country to fit an island...or wait that area in the middle is still available right?? D8
something something dark side - im here because i was forced to.
@Windstormugly@Silvir Are you two waiting for me to post? My bad if so.

Well that and i have been away with work for a two weeks so been to distracted to be able to write something properly
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