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Current For the last four, and especially two years. Ive had an assignment in a nonprofit org, but now, now im free! RPing here i come :D
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Making the mistake of wanting to be "reasonable" in SF and Fantasy... not a good idea.
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... I have not been using my account on this site efficiently, time to change that :3


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Are they all humans, or are there like, aliens?

Is there a option for a magical creature to be an imposter in the ship crew? Like, it replaces one of the dead crew members to spy on them?

Hi there!

If something like this happened it would do so after quite a while in the story. The goal to begin with will be focused on introducing your scifi characters to a new world. Everything native will thus be in my purview so I can give the right thematic feel for it.

No Among Us shenanigans to begin with :)
Hello People!

The OOC is up!

Hope to see you all there ^_^
Welcome to the universe, where we all live in the galaxy called The Tresymatra, a trio of arms swirling around the center.

Due to the size of the galaxy and the rarity of spacefaring civilizations among its trillion stars, trade-routes and travel tracks reach across vast stretches of the arms, some spanning tens of thousands of light-years without anything but the occasional communications-relay. Those that have cause to venture on such voyages are either merchants, dignitaries, emmigrants or outright weirdos. And armies of course.
So too is the case of the refitted cruiser;
now primarily transporting refined materials and pioneering settlers along its routes.

You have all been passengers or crew on the Cloudseeker, and most of you have just experienced a quite brutal awakening.
Roused from cryogenic suspension, the ship in pandemonium, everyone rushing to reach one of the escape pods before the Cloudseeker breach the atmosphere of an unforseen planet in its path. Having had no warning of this new obstacle, the warning sirens scream of the imminent crash. You just barely make it to one of the escape pods.
At least you won't crash along with the Cloudseeker, you'll crash apart from it.

A few hours later, you wake up to find your pod survived the crash, and after wrangling the hatch you emerge on an alien world.
Welcome to Chralmede!

So, to lessen your waiting, here is almost entirely the Character Sheet I will have you use for your characters.
Some of it will of course make more sense once I've gotten the OOC up, but I think it's functional.

As I put this in the "Free section", I am not expecting an essay for your characters, and if you want to be of an original alien species I don’t need the same amount of rambling as I put to show some guidelines.
Above anything, ask me to elaborate and clarify if you have a question :)

Whello there people! All apologies for my disappearance the last few days. Now then:

@Windstormugly I would be interested as well if this is still recruiting. Its always a treat to blend such styles together. Going to attempt to call the spot for the Medical specialist or Biologist : p Will everyone be a part of the same crew? Or can/will some of us be wayward from other events that left us marooned? Can/will any of us be natives of the world?

Yes, still looking for more people, you are welcome :D

Xenobiologist or medical specialist, you will certainly be damn important either way! (some more information shall be supplied while Im working on this OOC so that you can all start making characters)

Everyone being part of the same crew was my original plan, and I'd prefer to keep it that way for simplicity. (I should mention that the crashing ship is not a tiny thing. And you guys will not have been the only people on it.)

And no native characters, I've got them handled ^_^

Will this be in an overall sci-fantasy galaxy/universe? Or is the magic on planet more akin to superstition? Or is it more akin to an untapped science (how else would they describe it in this case?) to the rest of the galaxy/universe? Basically what I'm leading up to is will/can our characters be magically inclined before crashing? And in what ways? Like are space mages a thing? Or is it more like biotics from Mass Effect?

Good questions, as far as the different alien species on the crashing ship are concerned, there is no magic in the galaxy.

We shall see how your characters decide to understand any supposedly supernatural forces on Chralmede.
As far as your charactes know, they are not capable of magic.
An inclination or affinity though, possible. It will not be something you are aware of at the start of this story.

(Yes, your characters will have the opportunity to somehow acquire magical powers and abilities)


Due to the amount of interest this has garnered I will begin editing and cleaning the proto OOC document.

I will post a brief excerpt so you can start writing your characters soon.

Glad to have you all here :D
Accidentally crashing onto a village killing everyone and becoming worshiped as gods by the neighbours O_O

That would certainly be a stereotypical order of events, let us see what happens.

Im debating with myself if you should have a prologue scene to the crash and thus a potential to direct your splash-zone.
Or if I should just roll dice and see where you end up... if I roll 6 6 6 I'm planning a subnautica play, only you arent equipped for deep sea excursion. Or maybe you are, we shall see ^_^
@Sapphic Nunnery Hi there, no it has not started yet.
I'll be getting the ooc and stuff up and running when one or two more people have shown an interest in the idea. Then the rp itself will start maybe a week after, allowing for everyone to make characters and getting to know the premise better.

I'm guessing you are interested in the idea, so, anything I can elaborate :) ?
@Wolvena Happy to have you with us :)
@Rusalka Glad to hear that :)
I did not know what Elex was but after looking it up I understand what you mean with the vibes.
No problem if you are more familiar with fantasy, you won't need to be knee deep in hard sf to chrashland on Chralmede ;)
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