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Current Making the mistake of wanting to be "reasonable" in SF and Fantasy... not a good idea.
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... I have not been using my account on this site efficiently, time to change that :3


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Ok, do you want Traveler to still be on the mercenary ship or can I just simply remove that part from IC?

I hope this is not the case, but have you all thought it was a mercenary ship?
(Merchant, as in not much of fighting prowess in them)

I would prefer he not do a "Calvin impersonation", there is going to be a docking and a return to the Typhoon, much better than jumping out between ships while a space-battle is ongoing. But do what you want and see what happens.

The biggest issue is the safe part (as he knows nothing of it and is in another part of the ship).
@Lurking Shadow
It's nice that you want to help us move this along quickly, but I must ask that you remove the "opening the safe part" from your post.
That particular situation will be resolved in another way.
@pandapolio The sad truth is that we haven't even started yet, RL summer got in the way on my part. But I am thinking of starting up the coming weeks. So yes, if you at the time of the OOC appearing is still interested, I'll gladly see you among us ^^
Back from a short vacation, will read through all your stuff when I wake up. Deeply sorry for the delay on my part ^_^
welp I think it safe to say this rp is dead


No, it certainly is not dead :)
A measly five days is nothing. I am going to post this evening for one.

Yeah that sadly didn't work out as I had planned xD
I don't know you that well yet, but would you like to be my 2nd co-GM? Ry hasn't been around lately.

Well, sure :D
Just PM me stuff you want help with, or want to brainstorm about ^^
Ok, @Dealdric, the problem I see was that you ignored the jest's char noticing red, ignored that another of the jest's chars were talking with Price, took Price without allowing for response (but that's already been said).

Now, you placed red in a place to observe the terminator and the elf, which means you had to be prepared for interaction. You don't just completely remove yourself from the situation just because you feel like it, if your char is in a spot, you play it from there into the next.
I know it can be annoying to include the surroundings in a post, but you have to take them into consideration, especially if you are going for a sneaky action.
I'm guessing you're planning to lay the foundation for a "we got backup" scene, which in my opinion is awesome, but please cooperate more with other players, and especially the GM when doing so. Otherwise things will halt and fall flat in trying to reorganize and edit.

I hope I don't come across as trying to mess with you, I just want this to be as fun for everyone as it can be, and not drown the GM in strange situations :)
@Dealdric you really need to interact with the posts of other players, and try to not do the one-man-only show
The others were all beginning to realize what must have been done to them, what must have been done to the whole world, and still continued. Most of them seemed like their new feelings were shining through without any restraint, Dean burning away the wall was quite telling. And he was immediately on the idea of releasing everyone else from the angels control. I'll have to make sure he doesn't do something the rest of us will pay for. Robert thought to himself. He had to find out if he could read their minds, or maybe...

-"FUCK that hurt"-

Robert pushed his minds eye out as fast as he could when he heard Vladimir's cursing. Fucking idiot! He barely had time to notice the makeshift shrapnel flying in his direction. Only managing to lessen their speed, he still felt like someone had thrown the rock pieces at him. The pressure on his mind flared hot and he was forced to draw it close again. Apparently he'd have to keep watch of that guy as well, "true freedom", Dean didn't seem as big an issue after that remark.

-Are you both planning on just rushing there and wreaking havoc? Blowing the place up maybe? Robert said. Walking up beside Dean and Vladimir to look out towards the city. Pushing his awareness out to include them the weight in his head increased like a big rock. What's in your mind! He had no idea if it would work, but hopefully they wouldn't notice either way, both of them seemed to have pretty straight-forward powers. Suddenly Roberts vision went bad, he was seeing double, no, triple. And he could feel himself, in more than one place, and there were taste and smell, and sounds, and fuck, fuck, FUCK! It felt like his head was splitting, he had to rein his awareness in again, but which one was him!

Outwards, it only looked as if Robert Fields had frozen a bit in place, like when one stared at thin air for a moment before waking up again.
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