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Jeremy Hart

The situation... might be more dire than Jeremy had previously thought. If the White Rabbit was truthful, and no matter how intricate his dreams had a right to be, they wouldn't create this. He still wasn't convinced, but maybe this was more real than a simple dream.
The notion of not being able to leave, was far more impactful than the Rabbit telling them that the P3 kids had all been abducted into this "wonderland". Feeling any sense of duty to save those without power, was a weakness. The only thing of importance was that he got back to his own body, if the Rabbit was telling the truth of course. In which case the quickest way may not be helping them, maybe that "potential" could prove another way out as well.

One of them turning into a younger smaller version and the back and forth with the Rabbit indicated something like the mind, and especially the subconscious was the stronger forces in this place.
The younger man on the bench turned out to have one of the strongest opinions for the Rabbit, one that Jeremy could understand, but saw no profit from pusruing, the "shadow in their midst" as it were currently held all the cards, it would be better to gain more knowledge on the possibilities open for them. But then again, not everyone could be as calm and collected as himself, Jeremy thought as he brushed off some dust from his suit.

Now now everyone, if the situation is as dire as our host says, there has to be some plan or they woldn't have brought us here now rather than later. Mr Rabbit? Jeremy said. All those talking about their divided station were right, they had to unite or group firmly before any steps forward could properly be taken. He would wake up.
Jeremy Hart

He was running through a forest in a dream, escaping from the destructive actions of some black "rabbit", now occupied by a man in a hat. He was following a girl with mouse features, along with various other people, running ahead of him in varying degrees of panic. And now he could see them jumping down a big hole in the ground. Indeed, this had to be his mind telling him to be less affected by the students and his colleagues. Most of the dream-people either jumped down or more thrust themselves down the hole, but one of them actually acted sensibly and lowered himself down it. And the fact that everyone dissapeared within even though such a feat defied common sense, well it was a dream after all. As everyone was gone down the hole Jeremy took a moment to look around him, taking in the surroundings, the atmosphere. Forest, something felt off about that, he was sure he could see movement far away. Well, as his mind refused to wake up there wasn't anything to do but follow the others down the hole, which he sat down and lowevered himself into with his hands still firmly on the ridge of the opening.

Apparently dream-physics did not do well with doing things carefully, he could feel his feet and legs start pulling him wierdly as he lowered himself into the hole, and he lost his grip. A strange feeling of vertigo engulfed him as he was almost pushed, not down, but rather up out of what he first thought was the opening, but proved to be an end to the tunnel as it were. And of course all the other people were there. He managed to come out of this hole in something of a shoulder-roll, standing up to brush off any dust and dirt from his suit. The dream didn't dissapoint in becoming even wierder. The room, rather the hall, was big, strangely decored, with a long table a bit off from the hole. The kids and few less young people were mostly having something of an argument with the white rabbit, who as Jeremy entered did not so much look as a rabbit as a victim of severe melting. The first thought into Jeremy's head that someone had poured oil over the rabbit was quickly replaced with horrid fascination as the thing changed, melting in front of their eyes. Turning around and back the rabbit was himself again it seemed.

The others demanded answers from the rabbit, why were they here, why had he brought them here, what were shadows, and more. Walking around the scene Jeremy was once more impressed by his own dream, these people almost seemed like actual individuals. Some of them even made allusions to this not being the real world, did characters in dreams have that kind of fourth-wall breaking tendencies. Maybe it was time to test it and actually interact with the denizens of this ever continuing dream. One problem however, they were all talking in the mouth of eachother.

As it was Jeremy continued circling the group, coming around the table, at which one of them had apparently decided that it was better to rest than to join the chaos. Still looking at the group Jeremy came to a stop by the bench.
Ok, here is the deal:
You know what, there can't be enough multiversal RPs or stories out there. And that's because the heart of the matter is it's concept and conclusion. A multiversa is infinite in its own fundamentality, even if it may be dwarfed by necessary existential forebears.

So, what'll this be about to stand from the masses you ask?
Well, let me put it this way.
You'll have one hell of an egoistic GM overseeing it.
What, that's not something good?
Oh I think it can be.

Less sarcastically though, I have a few multiversal plots ready to be explored.
A classic travellers tale with the position as the hunted. (Not fleeing, simply a very long tactical retreat.)
One of those annoying crossroads places, it's not a freaking tavern though.
A world in need of saving, maybe from itself, maybe from your interference?
And some other more existential nihilistic philosophical debate regarding the multiverse itself.

Anyone interested?
(Or is there any questions needing answers first ^^)
Jeremy Hart

It was just a dream, albeit very realistic, still a dream. He still had his dignity however, and as he knew it was a dream, there was no reason to lose his composure. Like maybe start running instead of walking, as all the others seemed to do, going past him on the sides. Jeremy would not allow himself to do such a thing.
The wave of heat and sound hitting him from behind did a very good job of breaking that composure, and the smell, him having so far only walked, the distance was not yet enough to shield him from it. Looking back over his shoulder was not greeting him with a pleasant sight, and that did make him start running. All to the proper atmosphere of the dream, still a dream. Those words were slowly becoming a failing mantra in his head. And the newfound doubt made him pay a bit more attention to the others running with him away from the... Black Rabbit, was that what the white rabbit had called him? Well that was a very lazy name if he ever heard one.
Having decided for himself to follow the dream better, following the girl with the mouse ears that suddenly showed up didn't seem like a bad idea.

There seemed to be some kind of commotion among those running ahead of him, but he couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was about, having not heard much more than the boy wheezing uselessly.
The soldiers shall sing as they march upon the throne, before their might nothing will endure!
Oh, the war hasn't started yet?
Hm, well then.

@Raylah great that you think so, as Silvir said we will wait until we see interest from a few more before starting the OOC. Welcome nonetheless :D
Jeremy Hart

The whole situation was growing more ridiculous, some of the kids starting to bicker with the rabbit, questioning his motives. And the thing responded like an untrustworthy character in a story. Jeremy thought to himself that he really needed to stop listening to his students talking between themselves about the latest childrens-movie or computer game. And when had he last read Alice in Wonderland, in his opinion the second book was much more engaging from an intellectual standpoint. The fact that many of the youths around him were advocating for his own thoughts of this as a dream kept striking him as self-critical. Was this his minds way of showing that he had doubts about something? A stupid notion to be sure, must have been something else, like how he should deal with his fellow teachers always mentioning that P3 syndrome. It was simply some new disease affecting young kids, they'd eventually find a cure.

As the big fellow arose from a pool of shadows and started talking with the rabbit. Was this supposed to be some monster of the dream? The reaction of his surroundings would indicate such, some of them even starting to run away.
But Jeremy didn't feel that usual urge to flee that instilled itself in a nightmare, looking at the man, and his eyes...
Something was strange about this dream, why hadn't he woken up yet. As he had all his wits about him it should mean that he was about to wake, but even thinking of it and trying to open his eyes didn't do anything but make him seem silly widening his eyes.

Opting for the logical conclusion, that the dream was simply a weird one, Jeremy turned around and started walking away from the big man, following the others running ahead. It couldn't hurt to leave, right?
Jeremy Hart

Most dreams are simple, the minds way of dealing with all the things happening each day, and whatever useless things that the mundane individuals brood and worry over.
This dream had so far gotten a bit too childish, though it somehow felt more real.
As Jeremy stood up and got his bearings he noted the various youths exclaiming their surprise at the situation, in particular the talking white rabbit. Which didn't surprise him as much, it was a dream after all. And various kids reflecting over how wierd the situation was only highlighted that his mind was very much aware of itself. He was after all above those he had obviously projected his thoughts about into the dream.
It did however make him interested in where the rabbit came from. And as he had such clarity of mind, he could that see the kids and whatnot around him didn't remind him of anyone he knew. And he did remember most of his students.

"Hm, will this visage change anytime soon or will I have too be annoyed at kids in my sleep as well?" Jeremy said. Not particularly loud, but anyone standing close enough would hear it. Not that it mattered, they were all part of his dream.

We humans always see ourselves as the intelligent species, the only one, we were wrong.

-They have been hiding among us since the dawn of civilization, things that look like us but are not. Pretending to be human. They have infiltrated every part of society, we must take back our freedom! Find the Mentals!


-We have moved among them for eons, we've helped them stay alive as shamans and wise folk. We've kept to ourselves. For that we were hunted and burned! For that we have lived in the shadows! It's time to reveal ourselves!


Welcome! To a world in turmoil!
After advancements in the fields of neuroscience, medicine and synthetic biology, a world-leading company released a high-tech drug to the public. But this drug didn't make you high, at least not in the usual way.
The drug enabled the use of mental abilities, the process of affecting your surroundings by sheer force of will. The company also disclosed the existence of individuals born with such capabilities.
The situation turned unstable almost immediately, with "Normals" doing like people do and seeing difference as dangerous. And the Mentals starting to lash out at the discrimination.
As it is, government is trying to maintain order, and the easiest way is separation and containment.
But anyone with an attentive eye can see a war brewing, hopefully it can be stopped before it erupt...


The OOC is in the making, but before such is finished. Any Questions?
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