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If you do decide to join then yes, there would be enough players.
Personal preference and it means that if one person drops then the game doesn't grind to an immediate halt.
So, what's the plan now?

Wait for all the character sheets to be done. Though if there are only three players then this might have to be scrapped. We shall see.
done my stats. Hope the second talent is alright. Might be a bit op but it's mostly circumstantial I think.

Outright immunity is a bit too strong for a talent. Would you be willing to instead change it to 'Add +4 to Journe's Skirmish Defense against fire-based attacks?'
Alright, hope things go well for you.
Looking good so far. Ysmengard will be a welcome addition.

By the way, I added a new section in the template for appearance that I forgot to add. My bad.
Up to you all as a whole. Provided at least 75% of the group wants one I'll go ahead and make one.
Everyone is looking good so far. I'll answer any more questions in the morning when I wake up. See you all then.
I got the first talent down, just figuring out the second.

Mountainous Might looks good to me.
Forsythia's statistics look good to me. Are the talents basic bonuses to those implied situations or something else? Lucky Klutz seems a bit broad. Perhaps a situational bonus to everything when they reach 50% HP? Though I believe you can add an additional 1d6 to one of your Pools.
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