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Current Finished Season 1 of Mandalorian. Armorer for Smash when?
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Happy Turkey day. Even if I don't eat Turkey.
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@Shadow Dragon, it depends because the solution differs from person to person. But I just chat with my lover or play games with friends. Watch "Memes" with them. Ultimately, the little things.
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For when she looks later, Happy Birthday! @Undead Eyes
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Just tried Long Island Ice tea for the first time. I can see why people love this. Life is good.
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As of yesterday, the project was axed. 3 people seemed to refuse to post, and a few of us got quite frustrated, so the GM declared the project over.
Upon landing and hearing the PA announcement, Cassius somewhat scoffed mentally before he received the affirmative to get his luggage and get off of the ship. And he did exactly just that, not sharing his emotions or making a fuss about everything... But his coat did catch many eyes as he imagined... Part of him was wondering how coloring his clothing after his name gave him a practical advantage. As long as no one received his last name, he did not care as much. He did a flourishing twirl off the ship, his hair dancing in the breeze with him as he made for the academy. Feeling all his joints crack, he let out a slight moan; it was nice to be in a less confined space. But this twirl wasn't needless, he was taking a brief look at everyone behind him... And he was surprised at what he saw to some degree, for better or worse.

"Is that a child...? Either this academy is desperate, or he got his applications mixed up... The battle field is no place for an idealist... Granted, Who knows what monster could be under that flesh in the heat of battle... but I'm willing to bet he might be dead weight to a degree... I just hope I don't get paired with that boy... Probably gets picked on for his looks..." Cassius thought to himself... Due to him being able to read and see pulses, he could see he was in fact a male. Otherwise he would not know it was a male. His company however did not surprise him. He felt she was too delicate as well, but admitted to himself appearances are deceiving, after all, this dance wasn't to entertain others.

The girl by the name of Ash seemed calm to him from what he could see... As did many such as Cyan. It was Indigo that seemed to spark a brow; not that he changed his expression. "Boy, his heart is beating like crazy... Hot blooded? Wait... the red one too? That is a big fucking Swiss army Knife..." And finally, Cassius noticed Kaldyr. "I thought I had a slightly sad expression, but if anything, you are the calm I wish to have in myself... Your pulses are... relaxing. Oddly comforting." With his last twirl done, he bowed playfully to the crowd before spinning on his heel forward, from here he moved at a regular pace. The players were set. To him, the game was just about to begin.


With the presentation with the headmaster done, Cassius went to the dinning hall, to which he devoured a nicely made Gyro, ironically he didn't touch the cucumber sauce, tomatoes or even the onions; he absolutely hated onions and just wanted the savory meat and fries... But he ate the Pita too, by ripping it and eating it. He had some type of carbonated beverage. His appetite seemed like a wild man who's first time it was eating a good meal in a long time, yet he seemed well mannered.

Once he was finished he took his tray and placed it where it belonged for sanitation. Speaking on sanitation... He shyly went to the Locker rooms before any of the men... He just didn't want to be seen in such a vulnerable state. Once stripped away of his clothing, he took a long, hot shower, going so far to take his time to condition his hair. He stared in the water somewhat as he was being cleaned... And then it hit him he was in quite the public place; and not the kind that pays for a display. Quickly, he made for a spot that had many blind spots and began to dry off. Quickly he got dressed, applied deodorants, and of course put on his night wear.

His nightwear consisted of a gray top that was somewhat loose, and of course, a black set of shorts for comfort before putting on shin length gray socks. He wasn't wearing his glasses, but he quickly darted off, briefly bumping into someone he didn't really stop to look at, but gave a brief, timid apology. "O-oh... Sorry, didn't see you there... Uhh... should be plenty of water left... Have a good night." He said before quickly swaying off.

Upon entering the large open room, he noted the other men flexing... Very awkwardly at that. Yeah, men flexing was viewed as something he didn't particularly care about... It just seemed childish to him, barbaric even. "Yeah... Men are not as impressive as they try to hold themselves..." He said, as if with slight scorn... But he then gave a dismissive chuckle before planting himself against a corner and sat beside it...

He didn't have a sleeping roll for himself, so he'd be cold for the night. He said a few silent prayers and closed his eyes, trying to think peaceful thoughts, trying to ignore the fact people may or may not be staring at not just a lonely person, but a lonely, possibly frail Faunus. In a way, he hopped people would look at him for his usefulness, and not the fact he isn't a human. He closed his eyes and made his peace for the night... 4 years, of possibly the most discomforting stares. 4 Years, of possibly finding dread in others... but hopefully he'd find peace. Yes... Peace... That is all he wanted in life.
Two day prior, a certain Faunus had just got his haircut and returned to his apartment. The Landlord gave him a nice smile; real wolf of a man too. "Heya kiddo... Ready for your first day tomorrow?" Timidly the Young adult looked at him and gave a nod.

"You sound really excited to send me packing... What's the deal with that?" The Young adult responded before the gruff man simply bowed his head to the interior of the complex. "Right... inside conversation, got it." He looked to the clouds and rolled his eyes slightly. Just great... so much privacy for something that was no big deal... At least he was offered good hospitality where he lived with the type of privacy he needed. To him, Vale was more pleasant to him in an uncanny way... If there were racist, they knew how to hide his prejudice. It isn't like Mistral where it was about public in many places... But he felt even that was unfair to his hometown. Not everyone was a racist to his kind, it was just common for you to see posters around.

The male could best describe Vale as a sanctuary for the most part. At the very least he wasn't help up behind places at gunpoint, or with weapons with the intention of harm. Granted... That wasn't by people, it was by Monsters that call themselves The White Fang... That is another thing he noticed in Vale... A lack of White Fang sympathizers. It could be entirely possible that it was "Out of sight, out of mind" type affair. It was just a nice place for him to feel at peace... He just wish his family was there with him to enjoy that peace.

Making his way into the complex, the male was lead to an office in the back; this was where the landlord kept paperwork and the like. And if need be, spare keys for storage. He closed the door and took a seat at his desk, and seemed oddly chipper. "How y'ah holding up kiddo? You look..." Both were seated at this point, the Younger male had one leg over the other, clearly in a nervous posture, both arms crossed over his chest.

"Like shit?" The male retorted, almost unenthusiastic in every sense of the word. "Eeeh... I'll be honest and say this whole ordeal is stressful. You know the situation Mr.Grayman..."

The Gray Wolf rolled his yellow eyes. "I never said you look like... that... Your look healthier but your eyes say you're distant, and it has me worrying. You being next in your bloodline to be a Hunter and all that. You need to at least hold the appearance of you are in control before you can feel it." He tried to urge. "Works for me when I was your age... I'm not you, I don't have the social standings you were stuck with. But I'm just going to say this. Best foot forward. And chin up. Any type of poise will earn some form of respect even from your enemies." He tried to give his some type of advice.

The male took a breath, he was frustrated because he had no reason to doubt him; but not doubting doesn't mean he can't be skeptical of how to apply it to himself. "It's nice that you care, it really is... but... I'm not in the thick of it yet. So it's one thing to talk about it, versus actually being there... How are they doing by the way?" The male asked.

"Your family?" Grayman responded. "They're fine from when we last talked. They told me to keep an eye on you. And I guess to watch your spending... And tune that Bowblade of yours... which I see isn't very mechanical like many weapons are today's. But your grappling Hook has been tuned up, gave it more reach. New thread and all. That being said... Why not get an early night?" The older Faunus smile, his wolf like smile was somewhat infectious.

"I might do just that... Also... regarding getting to the station in the morning..." The male spoke. "You said we were going to talk about that."

"Well Cas, I have errands to run in the morning. But Mathias will take you. I would avoid dressing flashy until you all land." The landlord urged. "But in the event you ever get in a bind, or need a break... The door is open for you." he offered.

A genuine smile formed; it was such an alien feeling to him... it hurt, and he hated it because of that pain. "You're a lifesaver... I guess I'll try to rest." Cas stood up before making his way to his room.

With the next morning, he decided to keep everything simple for himself and got dressed up after a nice shower, flossing his teeth as well as brushing them after with a nice use of mouth wash as a finish... He wasn't sure what to wear to keep it simple. He decided to just stick with basic knee high boots, Gray pants, with a gray tanktop with a small vest over it. It was basic, and didn't stand out.

With a knock on his door, he got his luggage together and made his way out. A tall, broad muscular man stood there with short, wavy hair. "Ready to save the world?" The man joked, having a far deeper voice.

Cas rolled his eyes a bit before locking up behind him. "I guess I am..."

"Could have fooled me with your lack of spirit in what you say." Mathias chuckled. "Let's hit the road."

"Just as long as you don't blare your loud death tunes in the car, I do not care." Cassius chuckled. "Right, let's be off."

With the drive being done, a goodbye wave, Cassius was off onto the ship... Where he'd be staying for the next what feels like a day in a half... But at least he got to sleep. For the majority of the flight, he stayed in the least occupied spaced with a duffel bag with a change of clothes... But really had to ask himself. "Who the fuck makes a flight this long... Isn't Beacon literally on the same continent? I could have climbed there... But no... We have to go everywhere else... WHO PLANNED THIS?"

With the next morning with the announcement, Cassius took his bag, with a quick few sways he went to the bathroom Cabin area of the ship; while it wasn't a cabin as far as he knew, it was just a small room with a sink and a toilet... He is just glad the room was well cleaned. After he did his business, he changed into his Gray shorts, into a sleeveless Tunic with a crisscross pattern, placing on his long boots and of course... the world's most flashiest coat that adheres to his name.

If he never stood out before, now he did. He made his way up top to take in the view while his layered wavy hair blew in the wind... "Wow, I'm pissed... I could have walked here... or they could have dropped us off here earlier... But I guess they have to build up to this to act like it is more impressive with how you could frame this as a painting based on if you were obnoxious enough to take pictures with your scroll and added a shit ton of ugly, dated filters... Social Media... Never change." Cassius commentated to himself, aware he probably sounded negative... Better to establish who you are before others can establish you, for you.

Folding his arms, he stared off into the distance... Finally.
<Snipped quote by Vongola_Hasayo>

<Snipped quote by Hitman>

Oh god, you have just set Team RSTC on the worst possible course. You have literally picked someone who is going to climb into a high cupboard and peer out of the cupboard door.

All in all, I'm not sure how I feel about Russell being a leader. He's not really the leadership type, it doesn't really fit with his character, and wasn't really the direction I wanted to bring him. He's more the type to get lost and then realise he's lost, get worried, and run around in fear, getting even more lost.

The GM did state he picked who he felt was the least qualified for the sake of chemistry and growth.

If we are being Technical, even in current RWBY, I do not buy Ruby as a leader and feel Weiss is more qualified.

I would say just take it. I think it works fine because it means Russel cannot be selfish with self preservation in mind as a leader.
<Snipped quote by Hitman>

Cassius and Indigo as partners with Cassius as the leader, didn't see that coming but it definitely adds something interesting to this. It's funny, Cas and I were talking a bit in DMs about their interactions, and if that brief little talk is anything to go off of this is gonna be a wild and fun trip.

It's going to be that much worse because he is the leader who is literally. "Keep yo Drama for yo mama."

As well as if a Character like Cardin Winchester touched him -- not sure if he is in this setting, but you should expect for him rip a new one if touched in any manner akin to how Velvet was touched.

He would quite literally grab him by the balls in retaliation to being grabbed by the ears and tail

"Cardin, Winchester... if you fucking touch my ears again... or any fucking part of my body... I will kill your balls and your dick with my semblance. And because you have such a firm warning... Do not try to down play as a lack of fairplay... now you fucking waste of sperm... get me a rag and clean my hand... you repugnant fuck."

Edit: Ya know, I should probably include the fact Cas is very Stand off ish.
I'm going to edit that in the Personality. It also just makes sense with what is established.

Edit 2: And done.

Please move your lovely stuff to the Character tab kthx.

Partnerships are separated, leaders are highlighted. Teams were chosen by opposite character traits overall in an attempt to make things as interesting as possible. Any questions or concerns are not only accepted by appreciated- this kind of got cobbled together with me and an index card, so it's not necessarily the best, but I think these teams and pairings best promote that good ol' RP drama/growth thing we all love.

@datadogie @KiwiHalcyon @CAS1006 @soph @Vongola_Hasayo @KiltmanBagz @CriticalHit

I'm going to do one adjustment and swap weapons.

Cas will use a Bowblade simply because of how well it will synergism with his semblance in all aspects.

But ohhh boy, this will be interesting.

Edit: The edit is done, as well as a few slight alterations in his background to make more sense.
@soph I probably have a good idea why. But I don't want to assume, and it's good to know you're understanding.

I'll be honest, as someone who has Autism and suffers from depression, my biggest fear is my curiosity and questions burdening others
Me and my Hubby talked about it a few times and he tells me I shouldn't worry as much. I've always tried my best to keep my inquisitive side to a minimum because I look at today, yesterday, and the DM's of trying to interact with everyone as... "I fear I am coming off as annoying when I am trying to be friendly.

But Ben always tells me the following when I do not get something:

"People who truly believe in tolerance will understand if you are not fully onboard with something or truly if you are fully not capable of being able to understand something, because if they reduce you to that, they are reducing themselves as a quality of person. Just because you may not agree or understand, isn't the same as decrying them or telling them they are wrong or do not exist because of an idea. If they treat you less than a person because you don't get something, than who is really being oppressive and dehumanizing?"

Edit: Either way, I really hope I didn't make anyone feel uncomfortable here. Or give anyone a hard time. It is never my intention.

<Snipped quote by CAS1006>

i wanted to have tinu go by they/them simply because i felt like creating a nonbinary character (++ i know how to write one), but i decided against it for reasons. until i said fuck it and decided to just go with it. the most prevalence it should have to their character is them correcting people when they first meet, otherwise it shouldn’t matter at all really

also the small text is for aesthetic but if it needs to be removed i can do it!!

As someone who is socially awkward about that sorta thing, mostly due to how I understand things, I find that a bit perplexing. But I'm not going to say. "Make it disappear either." The Nonbinary part that is. That being said... If my character does say things, please understand it is more of the character rather than my actual views and not how I actually view others.

I had a female character named Noir, and she snapped calling someone a "Whoreson" in a private rp and the player took it way to seriously... despite the character is well... just that. To take deep offense of how she was annoyed and uttered a phrase she normally would not say... is not me personally giving you the finger... Like, you'd assume everyone would know that the player does not equate to a character... But experiences tell me "You should just explain because people take things way personally."

(Yeah, some people just assume the player is just the character in different rps. And is usually if not always used as some type of commentary, because I've seen a trend on other sites where others cannot differentiate between the two. So I'm saying it now. Cassius is not me, and I'm not Cassius. What the character does and say... does not represent me. It is a character.)

The very tiny text however will actively be a pain on my eyes that my new prescription just isn't built around. That unfortunately is not something I am physically able to deal with. But I also realize I don't want to demand it be removed either; like who am I to tell someone how to enjoy their character? Fucking no-one in that instance.
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