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Hey! So I'm Skye which isn't my real name but I usually use it to be safe :). I won't give much personal info but here's a general bio for you guys to know just for roleplay purposes and things like that. But anyways feel free to PM me of you're interested!

-I'm 15, from looking at some of your profiles and posts I've seen you're much older and as a minor I should be safe. Don't worry! I am. No sexual or inappropriate things here.

-I'm in EST (Eastern Time) I will reply quickly! Depending on the length of the paragraphs of course but I won't take more than 2 hours to send a reply unless I'm asleep haha.

- I'm not as experienced as most. I hadn't known roleplay could get so in depth and serious until I came here, seeing numerous paragraphs and details so please take it easy on me! I'm trying my best here 😅

- I'm only looking for romantic roleplay. I'm not very creative when it comes to crazy good stories and plots so if you happen to have an idea yourself then please suggest! I'd love to hear it.

I think that's about it for now, hope you enjoyed! Byeeee

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Hey! So this is pretty much my first prompt/storyline thing I've done on here so please take it easy on me 😅. I'm not super experienced and I did my best to write this out, my apologies if there's any flaws or it doesn't seem as detailed or long as others you've seen. Well, here it goes hope you like it!

(This is MxM and romantic, nonsexual, and in 1st person, even though the prompt is in 3rd. If you want more info on who I am you can check my bio! Also, PM if interested or add me on discord cherrycoke#2443)

It was a pleasant, mid-September evening in a quiet California town called Mountain View. The air was cool and the sun was setting, the sky being a breathtaking scene of blue, pinks, and oranges. At the abandoned, unfinished bridge was Robin Spier, slowly making his way to the end of it. In hand was a marker and hanging off of his slumping shoulder was a small, black, well-worn backpack full of patches and pins ranging from bands to horror movies. What was he doing here? You may ask. Well, to put it simply he had been a quiet boy, 17 years young and more of an observer than one who experienced life in the front seat, minding his own business and just getting by. Me, myself and I was a quote that basically described him. Or that is, until someone came around and flipped his world. He made it to the end, the reason of him coming being a bit sinister and dark, he himself being nervous and squeezing the life out of the black marker in hand, so much so that his already pale knuckles turned white. He sat down, his legs swinging over the edge and peering down at rocks and river that dropped down below, which became more difficult to see as the light of day started dimming. Was he really going to do this?
Yeah, exactly what Ammokkx said. Pretty much everyone plays characters of different genders than themselves. There are also many, many people that like all kinds of gender pairings, I've seen no lack of other girls/fujoshi/fujin looking for MxM stories here. It's not so much you are "pretending to be" a male, but you are writing a male character. You aren't trying to dupe anyone into thinking you're male. Pretty different in my opinion.

Yeah there's definitely a lot I need to get used to and understand, this being one of the things. Guess I need to look harder and pay attention because man I never seen anyone looking for MxM. 😂 But thank you! Somewhat comforting to know I'm not insane or weird wanting this lol
<Snipped quote by Skyess>


Girl, don't even worry about it, 99% of us are hot garbage even if we don't like to admit it.

People have put up interest checks for far stranger things, too. Just hop onto the 1x1 section and browse a bit, I bet you'll find some right away that'll get your head turning. I have not fact-checked this and will not held legally accountable for any bamboozling.

We're all just nerds with a wish-fulfillment hobby; post whatever the fuck you want. God's long left this site, you got nothing to fear.

EDIT: Oh and just one more personal note; I'm a random-ass white dude where half his characters are female. If cross-play was a crime on this site I'd have been banned long ago. I mean, I was banned once, but not for that, at least.

Oml I low-key actually laughed at that but thanks dude. I'm very new to a lot of things on here and roleplay is definitely a lot more... serious I guess? But wow haha note taken. I'll definitely check it out and thanks again 😂
So I wasn't sure what to title this as but I figured what I put just gets to the point. I love (not in a weird or sexual way) gay or boy x boy roleplay or stories. I find it cute and fun and I get a lot of ideas. The problem is, is that I'm a girl and it's likely no one wants to do roleplay with someone basically pretending to be a guy. This website and forum and all seems pretty professional from what I've seen, meaning if I did get a chance I'd have to be extremely accurate as to how a male would act and things like that. Anyways, what I'm just trying to really say and figure out, is that if this is ok to do. Most people (on other places) usually reject this idea, though I'm no way trying to scam or say I'm a guy because I'm not! I just want to do roleplay like this.
High fantasy always works for some reason, with some generic conflict or something that lets the adventurer/commoner speak or interact with noble/royal, usually a running away from arranged marriage or coup attempt or anything like that really.

Modern can work, usually with meeting on like a dating app or in a public place, usually a minimum wage employee that has to assist the wealthy businessperson or businessperson's offspring/family, or a maid if you want to just go for the fetish points, or some kind of traveling storyline can sometimes work.

Afew genres can also accommodate the storylines I just threw out, like Sci-fi which allows for plenty of the same wiggle-room fantasy gives, Historical fiction can, you just have to play with suspension of disbelief abit to make it work, School-life can make it work with multiple angles like wealthy and popular/poor and unpopular, bully to friend to lover, etc. Honestly in deciding a genre for a Romeo and Juliet type story, the sky's kind of the limit if you know what you want.

EDIT: Spacing for ease of reading.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it and those are some great examples and suggestions! :)
Hey there! So I love the idea of having a roleplay be Romeo and Juliet- like. What I mean by this, since I didn't really clarify is where a guy and girl or girl and girl etc. are from opposite to close to opposite spectrums, one being wealthy, popular etc. While the other isn't or is totally the opposite and there's factors and events that separate them.

Well I tried making that as understandable as I could 😅 but I want to know what you think! What storylines and settings like this would work well?
(Someone was nice enough to give this to me as they have used this roleplay before. I do not take credit for writing even though I made my own changes. Also, please check my profile and message me if interested! I like using discord rather than here since I don't come here often)

In an attempt to understand depression in teenagers, psychologists have joined forces with English teachers to develop a new assignment. The idea is that highschool students will be randomly paired with other students from an English class and expected to write anonymous emails to one another in an attempt to help and look deeper into their lives. The rules are relatively simple in that constant contact must occur, it'll happen for the entire school year and students are forbidden from revealing their identities before the end of the project. Anyone can be paired with anyone and one can only imagine what hijinks might ensue.
Ok so I realized I have been posting a bit and I promise this is the last one for a while but here's my question. How do you make a roleplay/roleplay prompt good?

So mostly I'm wanting to know how to make a good and interesting prompt or the thing you use to hook people into participating in the roleplay. I don't like ones super long but just enough information has to be given so people know what it's all about. Then, once the roleplay starts how do you keep it going? If any of you understand what I mean and want to help out a beginner please comment haha, everything's appreciated 🖤

I want to get better and I know posting a lot seems like I'm either dumb or trolling but I'm genuinely curious and want to know what you guys think.
I wouldn't say it's super necessary but it can be quite helpful! Being able to select the tags you want and find the right roleplay according to those tags would be great, rather than having to scroll through a ton of different interest checks or roleplays just to find the right one. It'll save time too, though as said before it's not insanely needed just a helpful feature :)
So I'm just gonna put some guidelines down here that either I'm looking for or just things you should know :)
If anything just check my bio since I might be a little repetitive, saying more things that are already in my profile thingy if you've seen it before.

- I'm 15, this is why I do nonsexual. Not only that but because it's just uncomfortable to me since I know nothing of that area.

- Just something romantic, I don't want it to be like that when we first jump in but I want it to develop along with the rp.

- I'm ok with FxF or FxM

- As said in my bio, I'm a beginner! I might not be able to write multiple paragraphs in depth and detail. I'm trying to learn and get better but at the moment I can only do so much compared to a lot of people here 😅

I currently don't have any good ideas, seeing you all and you're totally amazing storylines and plots make mine look sad 😂 someone graciously gave me their old plots, one of which I'm interested in but I'd like to tweak it a bit. My discord is cherrycoke#2443 if you've read this and like to add me :)
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