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Thanks for waiting! We shall now continue~

Yuno was still standing. With most of her body more-or-less disfigured and mutilated, it was only her strong bones and mechanical composition that was keeping her from complete annihilation. Nonetheless, the girl was confident. It was a battle of attrition, one she was positive they would win.

Thus, when Yuno was suddenly not the attention of the enemies attention anymore, she could only become that much angrier. How could they dare to hurt Rose?! Unforgivable. Unforgivable. Unforgivable. Unforgivable! Somewhere, a part of her, had thought of these contraptions as monstrosities that deserved her pity. Simply victims. But now? No. They had to be put down...

[Attack Check: 8+1 | -2 AP] 2 Damage to Goliath
[Chain attack: 7+1] 2 Damage to Goliath

4/6 AP
The World broke before her eyes. A bright flash, an ear-shattering howl, a fierce roar of the thunder.

Muu was victorious. Content — even as she was sent flying.

The colours returned. Her focus widened. The World spoke once more. The awful taste of salt. The disgusting wetness of her own sweat. The numbing aching of her muscles. The shattered corpse of the axe warrior.

Muu was victorious. Content — a mere moment to be proud of her own exploits.

The World widened further. The continuous onslaught of the thunder-giant against the element of the Grave itself. The existence, or rather lack thereof, of Ash. The broken, yet unyielding, mage. And her declining Sun. Gwyn and Matteo. Lying there, lifeless. Cold.

"No..." Her broken voice whispered. "No..." Her proud self wailed. "No...!" She pathetically pleaded. With weak steps, Muu rose up again. Slowly, but surely, one foot in front of the other. A mere mouse between the battle of a tiger and a lion. "No..." She could only repeat.

"Nonono..." Like a cursed chant. "Please..." She could only plea. "Gwyn...!" Getting on her knees in front of Gwyn's corpse unconscious body, she gently started to shake her. "Gwyn!" Again. "Gwyn!" Stronger. "Wake up!" It could be so easy. "We have to move!" If only. "Now!" In a mix of negative emotions, Muu brought down her fist on her Sun — shattering part of her.

The World broke before her eyes, yet Muu had no tears left.
Yeahno. A mix of doing this and that and the fact (Not wanting to shift blame here, just talking bout how I felt) Goat also needed a while to post made a hit on my motivation. I'll get a post up here on RPGuild in a bit (amongst other RPGuild posts I gotta do)

Muu would have gone mad. In the short time the group had been together, not even a day, the brunette grew awfully fond of the new healer. A sweet, gentle, caring and genuinely nice person. A ray of light in the darkness. Thus, the girl could consider herself somewhat lucky as she had quite literally no time to divide any attention to the ongoings behind the axe-wielding warrior.

There was only him, his axe, her, and the ice beneath their feet. A trance, of sorts. It was difficult. Truly difficult. But for the first time in a long time, she also felt confident. It didn't matter that she couldn't pierce the skeleton's armour to make him bleed. It didn't matter that its empty eye sockets made it just that much more difficult to read its next moves. It didn't matter that his axe, despite his size, was capable of surprisingly quick swings.

There was no frozen Matteo or Gwyn. No charging Ettamri. No chickening out Ash. It was only her and the opponent. In any other situation, on an actual battlefield, this would have likely spelt death. But here? Muu was the weakest of the bunch, so being able to take out an entire opponent by courtesy of keeping him engaged had to account for something. She needed the experience anyway, and she couldn't deny the thrill felt somewhat... fun. Even the pain in her back and the growling of her stomach was currently nothing more than a faint memory.

Nonetheless, it was questionable just how far she could go with her tactic. Her short pommel strikes could bring her only so far, and the skeleton's fighting prowess didn't seem to wane no matter what. No matter how often she struck him. And, ultimately, didn't it mean this was a battle of attrition? That's not how Blade Dancers work.

No. The brunette needed a bigger weapon. Later, she could ask her Master for advice against such an adversary, but right now? This blade simply wouldn't do. Luckily for Muu, this weapon was right in front of her, wielded by the very thing she was set to defeat. She only had to try and disarm him. The girl had managed to strike the monstrosity over various places before, so, surely it couldn't be that hard to focus on his hands? Clearly it didn't seem to feel any pain but maybe, just maybe, the bones would start cracking...
Muu did not even have time to watch, or pay much attention in the first place, towards the spiel of light and Ash's avoidance of death. The brunette herself had managed to escape death just barely, but now?

She couldn't just walk away from the undead monster to focus on others. This was now between her and 'it.' Her muscles were still aching but her mind was clear. Despite its appearance it certainly knew how to fight but, if anything, it had a slow weapon. It couldn't possibly be stronger than her Master.

Still, yet, this was not a matter of brute force, but grace. Dancing on the battlefield, just like she practiced. Piercing the skeleton surely wouldn't bring her far. Instead, Muu planned to dodge its next attack and counter with the blunt force of her weapon. This time, she was prepared.
@PaulHaynek Yeah, but Rosemary's attack was still in the first turn, or not?
Goliath-chan used his stronk muscles already earlier, did he not? Here.
There wasn't much to it. As Yuno was becoming more and more of a dead undead rather than a living undead, the girl simply continued to flail away at the gigantic Goliath. Over and over again, until either one of them would drop dead. No. She had to keep on going. She had to win. If she were to fall, then the monster in front of her would set eyes on...

Attack Check: 8+1 | -2 AP] 2 Damage to Goliath
[Chain attack: 9+1] 2 Damage to Goliath

As the Soldier's continued their carpet fire, it became also now clear that the girl had quite a few metallic alterations inside her. While her lower half was further decimated, the bullet's made only a slight dent into her torso.

[Used Cyborg part to defend against Soldier's attack]
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