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Being treated like some doll he could just treat whatever did not sit well with Muu. In fact, for a routine check he seemed to do quite a lot.

"I was just a bit exhausted. I'm fine now." Muu tried to explain. Kind of, anyway. "What do I-" 'Rectum' "..." It took her a few moments. Did the 'doctor' seriously just suggest that? "WHAT!?" She called out. If the treatment from just now did not sit well with her, then doing what he was planning to do was definitely, certainly, 100 times worse!

"No." She told him. Simple and effective. Although, ultimately, she likely was still too weak to properly defy his will. "How? Why? ... I-I'd like to see my companions!"

After being just so lightly violated by the stranger, Muu was more than happy that she had gotten something to drink. As grotesque as it might have been, it was still better than nothing. It helped her to focus. The man was, as strange as he appeared, not out to kill her at the very least. Still, there were so many questions...

"Who are you? Where am I? Where is my party? My gear? How long do you want me to rest? How much does it cost?" She asked him after a moment of thought. That should have been all, right? The most important questions, anyway.

Her palms were sweaty. Knees weak, and arms heavy. Muu felt like shit. The past hours, days(?), a tangled collection of thoughts. The snow. The silent musician. The bath. The nuts. The thirst. The house without walls. Just what- "-!?" Longing for air, Muu woke up drenched in sweat.

She felt like shit. Somewhat regaining her thoughts more clearly, the girl was taken aback to a similar situation. A long time ago. The simple bite of a goblin lead to a horrible infection. And now? Where was she? Alive? The wagon? The others? So many questions, little answers.

She had been a burden again.
Closing her eyes for a moment, she would just- No. Muu wasn't the same Muu from back then. Under heavy groans, the blade-dancer lifted herself up. There were others, but Muu's throat was too dry to talk.

"Are you alright?"

No, he wasn't. Not. At. All. Muu likely couldn't even imagine the pain that little Renauld had to go through. One thing lead to another and the mage landed unconscious(?) in the water. Now it seemed like it was Muu's turn to help yet, the other male visitors to the spring had been faster. Both Oscar decided to stare while Argen dragged the not-yet-a-corpse out of the water.

Just how long had Muu been out for them to think it was okay to visit the hot spring already? Or was taking her time a luxury they couldn't afford? They were, after all, on a mission. Wannabe-professionals. "It was an accident." The girl explained to nobody in particular as the others were quite some distance away. Instead, she gathered her dagger and other belongings that were deposited on the edge of the hot spring. Getting out of the water and using the woolen garbs to make herself somewhat comfy while leaving the leather out for now.

"It was an accident. I thought he was an enemy." She now explained, closing in on the other two she explained. "I'll take him." With these words, Renauld (and his stuff) was but just another piece of luggage for Muu to carry to the campsite. Once there she gave the others a simple nod before making sure that the mage was sufficiently covered and close to the fire, too. Letting him rest on her lap while enjoying some buttmeat, too. Just usual things.

It should have been fine, right? Muu thought, as she closed her eyes, for just a second. As she truly felt the warm, gentle, water surrounding her body in complete opposition to the cold winter. Like snuggling in super comfy bed sheets while surrounded by icy winds. Just for a second, Muu could ease up. Just for a moment, she'd simply closed her eyes and...


Her shoulder was grabbed forcefully.
Her name yelled, loudly.


The first reaction of the girl who sprung back to life would have been to burry her dagger somewhere deep into the assailant's flesh. Just, with the weapon likely having slipped from her hands, and her field of vision greeted by a pair of legs and what was in-between, the second reaction came so much more naturally. As if written by law.

'Huh? What's up?', or 'Uwu don't stare at me you perv~' might have been the start of a flourishing romance in an alterverse. But for the Muu of today, Renauld's goodwill would be met with a lot of pain. It was pure instinct, in the end, that made the brunette's leg go up in one short, but forceful, motion. Sure, the surrounding water cushioned her move somewhat, but ultimately it was not too different than jumping to relatively great heights from a simple standing position.

It was only a few seconds after that, that Muu truly realized who (hopefully still) stood in front of her.

"..." And a few more seconds for her to process what had just happened. A voice full of concern, a gentle tap on her shoulder. Her 'few seconds of sleep'. Of course. Burying herself deeper into water and avoiding eye contact, Muu asked. "My apologies, it was a habit. Are you alright?" Followed by a little bit more faint. "Thank you."

A moment of peace and silence was a welcome change. And never had Muu wanted a bath as much as right now. Even if the mere existence of the 'Orc' was somewhat frightening, it was a fact he was not hostile currently. And neither Ettamri nor the bubbly Katya seemed to mind. In fact, they were all kind-of doing their own thing now, one way or another. Surely the male people of her small party would do something like taking a bath after the girls. It was only natural. But for now, she could simply enjoy the warm embrace of the hot waters herself. The only question was, how long? Was it really able to be called fully relaxing though? After all, the only thing she hadn't parted with after undressing herself was one of the daggers. One could never be too sure.

Left alone in thoughts for now, her mind wandered towards the brand on her upper thigh. Another relic of her past. How long had it been there, anyway? Did it even matter? Was it there in her memory? Despite her best efforts, it was still too fuzzy...

Indifference was the kind of emotion Muu was feeling upon the blood-stained battlefield. Apathy. Detachment. The sight was supposed to not bother her, at all. Ever since that one fateful day a part of her had died, too, after all. 'I don't care' was an easy chant to repeat as Muu, together with the others, continued on. Not without taking the Swordbreaker for herself of course.

Instead, their travel was now done in near absolute silence. And despite certainly not being unwelcome, this particular lack of conversation had quite a different undertone to it. It was nothing Muu tried to worry about too much, however, for their payment was still plenty. Until, suddenly, she stopped. Her feet kept moving, but her mind stopped thinking.

A familiar mix of odors.
A memory turned day-dream.
She was merely little girl. He was a wrinkly old man. Together in a big bath. Nothing more, nothing less.

Despite the reality of that situation, Muu felt nothing. Her emotions were detached. It was her, and her past, alright. But, just like that? All of a sudden? The past half-year the blade-dancer had spend her time surviving on a day-to-day basis. There had been no need, no time, to think about the why and how.

But now? Now... what exactly? What was she supposed to make of this? If anything, the memory couldn't be anything but weird and creepy.

Thus, despite her usual silence, it was quite apparent that Muu was quite absent-minded for the time being in face of this potential danger.
Getting relatively clean, things were slowly put into motion again as the wagon seemed relatively undamaged and Oscar secured even more food. Even Katya used her amazing healing magic to take care of the worst damage the group had taken. Muu herself seemed to be somewhat in thought for a second before, finally, sighing and shaking her head. Instead trying to make herself useful and somewhat helping Oscar.
What's done is done. The monsters had fallen, most of them anyway, and the group seemed relatively intact. Calming herself somewhat done, the blade dancer took a good look around.

For such an ambush, the group seemed relatively fine. Save. Except as particular sleepyhead. But likely nothing serious. It was in that moment, however, that the girl felt a certain unease in her face. It was still full of shit. Something she quickly intended to change. Clean her face. Clean her sword. She wasn't one to shower all that often, but right now, she truly regretted not being able to take one. Whatever.
The moment poo landed in Muu's face, everything went to shit.

There had been a time where she dodged an arrow from an ambush! And now this!? Maybe it had been luck, or maybe she simply wasn't in focus. Nonetheless, from the moment the monster decided for a rather underhanded tactic everything seemed to work against her. It's attention shifting, there had first been a flying Oscar to take care off. Lighter than she expected, actually, as the ranger was caught in her arms. Yeah, she still had it in. Luck and Fate were for the superstitious, in the end it all came down to skill. Unlike him she didn't share this emotional moment. It was a life and death situation, after all.

Maybe it was thanks to his panic, or maybe he imagined the outcome to be different with a calculated move, but where Muu had carried Oscar just a moment ago, in the next he twisted both of them in a way that the male laid on top of the girl. Quite aggressive, in a way, as the thrown weapon rushed over them moments where they just stood.

"It's okay." She replied, helping Oscar to get off her with only a slight blush this time around. In the end she was still a woman after all. "Focus..." She murmured before quickly getting up in one quick motion, wiping away whatever feces were left on her face before quickly analyzing the situation.

In the short tango with Oscar, most enemies seem to have been taken care of, and the survivors were busy being out-numbered or had a slow tree fired at them. One way or another, they had to dodge the obstacle Ettamri threw at them. And one way or another, Muu's blade would find her way. Exploiting weaknesses and openings, slowly cutting away at the opponents endurance, while gracefully dancing across the battlefield was their way after all. Yet, this time, she wouldn't miss her mark.

These beasts deserved no beauty, and Muu prepared herself to follow up on the giantess ranged maneuver.
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