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"Rosemary..." Yuno repeated the other girl's name in a whisper. "Rosemary." She repeated, this time louder. Her dear ally. As it was always meant to be. Not so sure herself on why she kept on smiling, as the memories inside her were of a rather unpleasant origin, Yuno followed Rosemary close by.

Where were they indeed? An excellent question. Was this home? Likely not. "I... don't know." She truthfully stated before pointing at the iron door. The only exit in this room. "Let's go...?" She suggested. Whatever the case, Yuno didn't feel all too compelled to just stay here, unless, of course, the other girl wanted to.
Sooner or later, Allereun had to return to his humble home. "There you are." A certain girl greeted him, already waiting in front of his door. Alone. "I apologize for ruining these clothes..." Before adding with a small smile. "That makes us even, no?"
... how long has it been? It felt like the most natural thing in the world, waking up in the morning just like every other day. Yet, was an experience unique enough that it would not repeat itself. One moment, she was unconsciously drifting in a sea of ever repeating memories, mocking and ridiculing her. In the next, she was simply here, as if it had always been the case.

A weird strangeness lingered inside her, but it was nothing too much out of the ordinary. She wasn't transported to a strange new world. She was no alien to this desolate landscape. She wasn't frightened nor confused. The girl was simply was. As if it had always meant to be.

"I..." She looked at the other girl... "... lizard?" Fragmented memories inside her head began to resurge. A notion of fear and despair. A thing of the past. She shook her head. Beautiful. The girl opposite her was a paragon of beauty. Just looking at her put her heart at ease. But...

"I'm..." Taking firm steps forward, she noticed her body feeling weird, but nothing seemed too apparent. "I'm Yuno! Nice to meet you." Yuno offered a handshake and a friendly smile, finally starting to take a better look at their surroundings.

@PaulHaynek Nyyeeeeh. Yeah, guilty. I pretty much only used the OOC as a reference to things I forgot/double-checked on the PDF. Made some changes now. Such a shameful dispray.
@PaulHaynek What small problem? Why have you not been more specific in the same sentence? Why are you doing this to me!? AAAHHH THE SUSPENSE ;A;.

I don't mind if just a single guy or two. If Goat wants only one, we only do one. Although @GreenGoat clearly picked the worst husbando, as blue is mysterious and red spells JUSTICE. So yeah, go Greene I guess.
"It won't just happen by itself. We, I, have to do something." November explained. "And you can call me November." She told him a second time. It was better being on a first-name basis, right? He would feel... closer.

As the two reached pretty much the centre of the village's market, a runestone infused well/fountain surrounded by various market stands, the girl finally let go of her hand. "Mhm..." The blonde pondered for a moment. It would have been better if he simply believed her, painting a target on her back this early would surely turn out to be detrimental after all. Unless she'd practice moderation.

Right, now, how'd she do this? Clearing her throat, November suddenly started to yell out."The Great Lord of Light, the Father of Magic, the Bringer of Light, the Banisher of Darkness, Father of Men, the Origin of Peace!" While most people simply went onto their business, a few curious/confused onlookers gave the girl a glance as she blurted out just a few of many titles that Eins was referred to. "I saw him! In my dreams, he appeared." Her once neutral attitude had changed completely to be one who was clearly convinced of their own words, even a little manic. "'You shall be my reborn Voice' he said." By now, a few more people started to listen. Some simply amused, other open to weird ideas, and others just annoyed that their own trading (and yelling) was trumped by this cloaked midget.

"So, hear my voice. Hear our God. For he has a message for all of you..." By now, November was the centre of attention. "Let it be known in the realms far and wide: The Church has become corrupted. In the highest echelons of the Golden City, Demons have nested deep into their ranks. Greed and pride have started to blossom as-" A few tomatoes and alike started to fly towards her, even hit her, but that did not stop November. "-the Church uses false pretence under my holy name. Today, you're safe. In a month, nothing will change. But let me warn you: In a year, from now on, the Church will bring about an Apocalypse. Peace and serenity will make way for bloodshed and carnage..." November went on for another few minutes speaking about how the Church is now serving a false god as she finally came to an end, urging the people to take matters into their own hands and spread the word far and wide as they would be able to create an even better paradise. The fact that the worst treatment she got was simple words and rotten food were a testimony to how peaceful this place had become.

"Tomorrow..." She also added after an ominous pause in her speech. "I shall be here again. Our God promised a miracle, a cornerstone that will mark the coming of a second Utopia!" With that, the now in eggs and tomato-juice covered November was finished as some people called her names while others went onto their business. A few, however, seemed visibly convinced (or sceptical) as they asked her all manners of questions to which November simply replied she was too tired and they would witness a historical moment 'tomorrow'.

This went on for another five to ten minutes before things finally seemed to have calmed down and the marketplace was back to its usual pace.

Let's have all the human sacrifices \o/

After some back and forth I got something together. Putting the Lightsaber into the torso irks me a bit because I don't particularly try to meta this thing. Coughletsjustassumeitsahurtfullightparticlegeneratorabletoengulfherbodyparts

Also had an option to go full Edge with the randomized fragments of memory, Table 1 98 had Angel of Slaughter :^).

@PaulHaynek I have a question about Reinforcement Parts. To get a higher tier do the lower tier need to be of the same category? Say, for example, I want a Tier 3 Armament, can I take it if I have a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Enhancement/Mutation but no other Armament?
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