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Unlike the day before, the mood on the second one seemed a lot worse. Barely anyone talked. It was one thing if oneself was more of the silent type, but totally different if the entire group was progressing through the winter wonderland in the very same mood.

Nonetheless, they continued. And both Muu and Ettamri managed to not kill each other yet. In fact, whatever blood-thirst they may have carried would maybe soon be directed at a common enemy. Something was there. Drawing her weapon, the blade-dancers senses heightened even more as she scanned her surroundings, drawing closer to the wagon to have at least one side be covered.

Full Album of that released today, so all of it!

Thankfully, Muu hadn't quite yet entered the snow globe as their shift ended, having instead made sure to take one last round and check her own gear one more time as nearly everybody did the freezing. And, just for a moment, she really did wonder if the silver-eyed shield bearer simply carried a lot of misfortune. Maybe he was cursed by some vile magics?

Not that Muu could know, of course, but if there was truly more behind it than just incompetence of his party, they had to be careful. Nonetheless, with the night cut short, her supposed-to-be sleep now turned into more preparation. Collecting wood, cooking and sharing some food, loading the wagon, checking her weapons and doing some simple morning practice. After all, if worst came to worst, she had to get used to the snowy ground below.

With all that done, there wasn't really much for Muu to say in the first place. She had quite some social interactions just early morning hours before.
"Of course." Muu said with more emotion than she had ever shown before so far. "Of course." She repeated, as if she couldn't believe what she witnessed. Nothing. That was exactly it. "This inconsiderate, rude, too-full-of-herself, narcissistic, piece of..." The brunette stopped herself there."No wonder, she likely forgot us, considering she's too stupid to even remember anyone's name." Or not. Muu shook her head. "And to think I tried to make up with her. Unbelievable." She kept shaking her head, before shrugging. "Has any party ever left you behind?" It was more rhetorical, really. "I guess there's a first time for everything." This simple act... hurt. More than any physical pain the giantess could have inflicted on Muu. And, obviously, she couldn't help but think deep down that Ettamri had done this only to hurt her.

Oscar was, simply, collateral damage.

How long had they been away anyway? NOT that long. Nonetheless, what happened, happened. Closing her eyes and taking another few seconds to calm down, Muu nodded towards the ranger once more. "Let's catch up." She could have said 'try to', but failure was not an option.

Following some loosely sort of trail, it was Muu that mainly lead the way until she did not. It didn't bother her to pass the lead to Oscar but, if anything, she wondered if they had literally taken off the second Muu and Oscar had been out of sight. After all the wagon was still not in sight!

With the Goblins quickly dispatched, Muu decided there was no use in giving chase. Instead, assuring herself of Oscar's well-being. But he seemed fine enough.

"It's all well." She responded to his apology. "Better like that, then the other way around." Gazing into the forest they had just escaped too, Muu wondered. "But, yes, we should get moving. There's an ever so slight chance they might come back, with more."

Rather than waiting for Oscar to finish his business, Muu, too, decided to pick whatever valuables the Goblins had on them to carry. With both of them done rather sooner than later, they would soon return to the abandoned? camp.
@PaulHaynek Sorry to have you go through all that work, but I just can't find motivation for this anymore. Thanks for running that one round.
"What? You scared of fire?" He said mockingly, taking some steps closer towards Allerun as he shifted his hand threateningly around. "Maybe if you beg nicely, I'll just slit your throat instead."

He simply shook his head, sighing, his face clearly showing his thoughts: 'Why did I get assigned together with this idiot?'

The leader, on the other hand, thought for a moment. "Stop it." He said. It took a moment for the two to realize he meant their own kin rather than the Alchemist. Both looking in confusion. "We're in an Alchemists hut. You shuffled a lot of Chemicals around." He actually took some hasty steps towards the exit, a stainless blade suddenly dashing forward from below his sleeve. "I'll finish it quick." There was no mercy in his words.

"H-H-Hey! Stop it. I have been waiting for this, THIRSTING for this!" His flames grew more intense.

The third one simply disappeared, ran, inside the bath room again, his face having looked somewhat panicking before.

It was either now, or never.
'Gestured to both of us.'

"..." Yes, it did make sense. Not only objectively but also... "One second if you may, I'll be right with you." With all said and done, Muu walked up to Ettamri. "Ettamri." She simply said. Making sure to get her attention.

Not angry or anything. "Please don't call me idiot, again. Bladedancer is fine, just like how you used to." She still remembered that one, special, day, vividly, after all. "Thanks you. I'll be scouting then, now." There was no scorn, no sarcasm, no anger at all. Just one adult asking another adult, nicely, to stop. Simple as that. With that done, the girl quickly caught up to Oscar.

"So... you're an Archer, right? Worst case, you should stay behind me." She gave him a nod, checking once again if her three blades still have not frozen over before pulling her scarf up a bit more.
Alright, cool. I'll get some changes to Y u no done by Monday and we're good to go. Just to confirm, this 'beginner mission' essentially never happened, right?
"You do?" Muu asked, not as surprised as she maybe should have been. It made sense, actually, some of them wore heavy armor and even had flails. It must have been Katya's size, that made Muu look down on her. The little priestess had quickly pretty much lost interest in any further conversation, however, and Muu decided that, even with her size, she was probably more comfortable using that staff than a dagger.

Instead, the Bladedancer turned to the Ranger that had approached them. Didn't he just call her name? Scouting? Not smiling, she responded. "Me? Not that I mind, but weren't you assigned to go with—" What was it? The idiot. That was a rather mean thing to say, considering Ettamri addressed everybody else by their profession at least. Literally not even a day out and the giant had done exactly what Muu warned her about! If she had to guess about who she meant it would have been... "—Siwon? While I, we, make camp here?"
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