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Xandar Markov

Location: Carriage-> Main building -> Rat Nest

Xandar had payed little attention to his surroundings while they were traveling, simply keeping to himself or sleeping for most of the ride. Most of the few days between the events that happened and today had been a blur, he helped pack up for the trip, trained, and slept pretty much the entire time. That fight had left him pretty exhausted, considering he was nursing an injury. And while it was getting better, he still didn't feel 100 percent. Still, he was plenty healthy to take on whatever they would stumble by on their journey. Or, at least, he hoped, otherwise this would be much more dire than he thought.

Immediately upon stopping Xandar hopped out and went about to explore the town, not really trying to engage in conversation with the others. It wasn't important to him either way, and right now he needed to stretch his legs and try to find something to do. Keeping an Eyrien cooped up for hours, let alone days, was a tragedy waiting to happen. He was sure his job would just be to protect the others, as it always seemed to be, given his title anyways. Although at the current moment he didn't sense anybody near them, so this play would be relatively safe. However, there seemed to be an infestation of vermin, the poison kind, and this would be a great opportunity to blow off some steam and keep the others safe.

After a bit of wandering around he approached a manor that reeked of death, and he knew immediately that this would be the place. It seemed whatever had happened in this town, this is where all these witches were killed. And those rat bastards most likely were holed up somewhere here, and with a bit of digging around his suspicions were confirmed. Upon reaching the cellar he lit his hand with witchfire, shining a bit of light on the subject to see a mass pile of bones, human or otherwise. Yup, this was most certainly the place. These things were a plague to the land, they helped nobody and spread disease and death wherever they went, feeding off of it. No purpose, except to be a burden. He would feel no remorse burning them all alive.

After sending quite a bit of witchfire directly into the nest, the whole nest lit up like an inferno, bathing the cellar in light as the flames ate away at everything in it's path. Xandar immediately threw up a shield around the nest, controlling the flames, but more importantly, to keep the rats in. He knew shortly they would be trying to escape and see who was burning down their nest, and sure enough, dozens of those things started throwing themselves against his shield. They seemed more determined than he originally thought, and added some more strength to the shield, ensuring it wouldn't break.

He lit a cigarette, taking a long drag of it as he watched the flames run rampant, melting flesh and bone off the creatures in seconds. It was a thrill, watching these things die by his hands, chaotic flames being such a destructive force. It was also beautful in a sense, the way it moved, the heat it gave off, the light it produced. Beautiful and deadly, the way to an Eyrien man's heart it seemed. He figured this would get rid of most of them, although there were probably a few stragglers outside the nest. Hopefully they would run off after seeing what happened to their nest, but if he had to go hunt down a few more it would give him something to do. Hunting animals for sport filled the time, however, nothing was a thrilling as taking a person's life, watching it fade from their eyes. These beasts were meaningless to him, and after watching the flames for a bit he turned around on his way to exit the manor.

Xandar Markov

Location: Nearby woods-> Cliffside -> Front yard

Xandar finished the swing of his Ax as he propped the shaft on his shoulder, turning to face Randalvar. He had almost all the wood chopped already, and he slightly tilted his head at seeing Randalvar all battle ready. ”Well you aren’t wrong, there was indeed a fight, but you are very late to the party. I had all the fun myself it seems, left a whole army dead or demoralized up there.” The warlord prince said this with the utmost casual tone as he starting gathering firewood and vanishing it. ”And before you ask there were no casualties on our part, just some scrapes and bruises. More hurt egos than hurt bodies. But, you might want to know that one of those people in your village was the one who informed the Queen of our whereabouts.”

The grizzled warlord growled deep in his throat as Xandar insulted the village, Aren. "We wouldn't betray the Black Widow, she's done a damn bit for our village." But there was some doubt in Randalvar's golden eyes. It was his worst nightmare that one of the villagers had turned on the Healer who had done so much for them, but it was viable. Times were only getting harder and people were desperate. "I can vouch for every damn person who entered my tavern today. Hell's fire, Mother Night and May the Darkness be merciful. How is Lady Ashkevron?"

Xandar shrugged, swinging his Ax down on some of the remaining chunks of wood that left to be cut. He wiped the sweat off his brow, focusing his attention on the fallen tree. ”As much as you trust you people, I’m no stranger to being stabbed in the back. There was a note on one of those soldiers with the location of the Eyrie and detailing the presence of both The Widow and myself. The only people with that information are the people in the village or up there, unless you suspect one of them to be a traitor.”

Xandar vanished the rest of the wood and the Ax, brushing the saw dust off of his hands as he turned himself towards the older Eyrien. ”Alive, thanks in part to me on two separate occasions. They planned on cutting off her snake tooth finger and her wings before kidnapping her, but I put a stop to all that. She got a few cuts and bruises, drained herself a bit, but she’s resting now. She’ll be back to normal soon.”

There was a gruff chuckle of relief, though it did not reach the old Eyrien's eyes. "That's going to scrape her pride, not to mention her temper. No Ashkevron woman wants to have to rely on a senseless man. Especially when they've done something as stupid and drain themselves worrying over nothing." Vanishing a few of the wedges of firewood himself, the warlord set about helping Xandar. "I don't doubt someone betrayed someone, but- well, shit. Means we have to start looking at our own and that's never a decent thing. I take it, we best expect to do that without the Widow able to check if the party is guilty?"

"It's always a struggle looking within, as it could really cause some tension. We'll need to go about this carefully. There are a few of them interrogating some of the prisoners of war I had acquired. That might lead to some information, but I'm pretty sure the sadistic bastard is just entertaining himself." Xandar cut the remaining pieces of firewood, nodding as Randalvar offered his own help. "Oh the Widow will be fine, I'm sure, she can bitch all she wants. As far as her abilities we'll have to go without them for now, I don't need her draining herself needlessly again. We'll need her strength. We've started making arrangements to leave, though to where I have no idea."

The Eyrien and sighed Vanishing more wood. "Well, good luck with that. Her Aunt and her Mother were both prone to draining more power than was reasonable. To be sure, they were excellent witches! But damn if they didn't drive a man to madness- and not the permanent kind." He grumbled, remembering those times all too well. "Just wear a cod piece, when you tell her that." Advised the old warlord with a maniac grin that screamed 'better you than me'. His face turned serious as the Reaper spoke of leaving and not knowing where to. "Well you can't stay in Askavi, that's for damn certain. Wouldn't go towards Hyall or Dhemlan either. I'd say head west til you got a good idea of what to do."

"This'll have to be cod piece enough, I'm sure she'll leave them alone as she might want to use them herself." The Ebon-Grey teased, stretching his shoulders and giving a large flap with his wings, seeing as all the wood has been vanished and ready to be transported. "Well that's not much different than what I was doing. We can discuss that with the rest if you'd like to come with me. I'm using this firewood to help with a funeral pyre. There actual was one casualty, the one older gentleman with the Queen. I was impartial to his death, as I do not know how it happened, and also he tried to kill Faeril. But Fatima seemed to care for him so the least he deserves is a proper burial."

"Hmph," The Eyrien Warrior grunted, choosing to ignore the jab that Faeril might find the Reaper interesting. "You are serving this Queen now? Didn't think I'd see the day." Joining the Reaper in his ascent up the cliff, Randalvar hesitated for a minute before speaking up in a warning. "Be careful with that offer if you mean to tease the Widow, Prince. This entire Realm has scars."

"Well considering the pull towards her, and the fact that she seemed like the only decent one with good morals I've met in hundreds of years, I'd say so. It's actually nice having a Queen to serve after so long. The rogue life wasn't ideal, and it wasn't preferred, but it's what had to be done. But I really think now we can make a difference." Xandar chuckled at the comment towards him, reaching the top of the Eyrie as he calmly landed. "I'm always careful Randalvar, but I can't say much on that subject. I'm not so sure myself, and she doesn't make it any easier on me.

There was a soft chuckle. "No Ashkevron makes it easy."

@role model That's a GM question, but I figured you were in the garage we were going to be entering and meet us before we left


This is a spin on the ever so popular anime/manga that centers around two main protagonists, which will be my character and, hopefully, yours. This will be set in the MHA world setting and will begin on season one/chapter one. The only difference is, all the canon characters of 1A are not in this universe. However, all other canon characters can be in the plot as well as original characters. This allows our characters to more so dictate the plot and make our own path within the universe, while also having the same supporting cast around them to have a good experience. This also opens up creative freedom for what their classmates will be as well, but the main focus will be our two characters.

As the tags suggest, there will be more mature themes and romance in this roleplay. I write at a high-casual level and expect similar from my partner.

Note: You do not have to have an overwhelming knowledge of this manga/anime to participate effectively, but some general knowledge of the setting, lore, and world of MHA will go a long way.


In this world, 80% of the population has quirks, or powers, and it has become a norm in this modern day society. These quirks range in power, what kind they are, how they affect you, and some even mutate the way you look. These quirks are used for good and evil, and naturally these two forces are ever waging war in Japan and the world. While some turn to villainy, others strive to become heroes, and only the best make it into hero agencies and are sworn protectors of the people. Many of these heroes go to hero academies to learn how to be a hero, and some of the best heroes have come from the renowned hero academy known as U.A. This is where our characters will start their journey, as they set off to pass the entrance exam and make it into the #1 ranked hero academy in Japan.


You will have creative liberty over your character, but here are things that I require of your character to fit the narrative:

-Your character is the top ranked prospect of your class, a true prodigy that is considered a guarantee and has been offered acceptance to U.A. through recommendation. Your character has chosen to instead participate in the entrance exam and prove their worth like the others, whether your character truly feels this way or simply wants to show off, whatever the motive is.

-Since you are the top prodigy, your power will be pretty strong but also will have room to grow, expand, evolve, and become even better. Nothing too crazy though, it wouldn't be interesting if they were a demigod. The choice of your power, however, is up to you.

-Your character will be of high school age to fit the plot. I have a preference for this character to be female, but it's not a requirement. Other than those two things, you have the freedom of what your character looks like, acts like, origin and heritage, etc. Your parents, however, are (or were) very successful and powerful heroes to fit the plot.

Other than that you are free to create your character how you wish, within reason.


I have a good idea of what I want my character to be, very certain specifics may be adjusted depending on my partner. But, here is the definite and what you need to know:

My character is an orphan, their birth a bit of a mystery and a case long since lost and forgotten. However, they were never adopted and simply lived in the orphanage while going to school. They were at the top of their class and did the written version of the entrance exam perfectly. They were invited to do the practical exam, however, nobody knows what their quirk is. They have the medical predisposition that indicates that they do, indeed, have a quirk, but nobody has actually seen them use it. They have simply relied on their wit and physical ability to get by. Some speculate reasons as to why they don't use their quirk; That they are pretentious, that their quirk is useless, that they really don't have a quirk and are just hiding it. They've often been bullied because of this, and this gets much worse when they get pushed to their limits in the entrance exam.


Well that's about it. Other than what I have said above, I really want to work with you to create the rest of the plot and create a story that we can both roleplay and have fun in. Even if you aren't the biggest MHA fan, or if you are, I want to have a great writing experience with you. If you have any interest in doing this roleplay or have any questions feel free to message me below or in my private messages. I know what I want and I'm pretty set on it, but I am always happy to work with you and compromise.

A little about me

I am a 20 year old college guy who has been writing for a few years now. I like to at least reply once a week, but I will try my best to reply more than this. However, college is indeed busy some times, but I will try to communicate with you as best as possible should I get busy. I normally use RPG or Discord to communicate and roleplay, and I'm always open to simply chat or do other roleplays.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Hero Academia. The original plots, characters, and ideas for it are made and owned by Kōhei Horikoshi
Cole Anderson

Cole nodded, taking a deep breath as he took the folded up map and placed it carefully in one of the pockets of his backpack and zipping it back up. He shoved the two magazines into his pocket for easy access, before inspecting the handgun. After a quick look through and making sure the safety was on, he gave a nod to Mike before tucking the 9mm inside his leather jacket, making sure he could easily reach it and pull it out if necessary. He still had his brass knuckles slipped over his hands, so he still had something to defend himself that wasn't the gun. "Noted, I truly appreciate your kindness to us. I don't know if we'd have even a chance out of here without you. You're more than welcome to join us, but I respect your decision. But I will try to make sure your kindness was not done in vain."

The MMA fighter turned towards Carter, who started perking up suddenly as he gave the question about vehicles. After checking the security camera there did seem to be a numerous amount of cars of varying size and kinds. He looked over a few more of them in closer detail before turning to Carter to speak. It seemed that he was openly weighing the pros and cons of each type of vehicle, but Cole had already made up his mind. "If you want to try to drive a bus or van through this shit hole, be my guest. A car is going to be faster than those things regardless, and there's probably a lot of abandoned cars and debris in the way. I want something small and quick enough to try to avoid those things, and the zombies. One of those large vehicles would be a tank for sure, but hard to maneuver and easy to get stuck. There's no harm in taking multiple vehicles, especially if people want to go to different destinations after we head out. Peronally? I'm going to the island. And..."

Cole moved closer to the monitors, taking a closer look. If he could get his hands on a motorcycle he would be set. Quick, small, able to off road and get through tight spaces, and perfectly fast enough to outrun any of those things. It offered little for protection or storage, but he would much rather try to avoid the issues than ram straight through them. Sometimes you needed to travel light in these kinds of situations, and besides, he was not a stranger to riding a motorcycle. "I have my eyes on a motorcycle, and I can hold one passenger. I can lead the rest of us out of here, but it's up to the rest of you to find your own vehicle and decide where you want to go. I promise I'll do everything I can to keep you all safe once we get to the garage and get out, but out there on the road that's between you and God."

Eliza brought up some good points, while the french women both had their concerns for carter joining their group. As much a he saw the man as a liability, he couldn't just leave somebody out to die. "We are not leaving Carter out to die. Yes, he almost got some of you killed, and that will not be tolerated. But if we let him out to die with those things, we would be no better. If we're going to survive this things is has to be us versus them, not every man for themselves.

Clearing his throat, he stood in front of the sealed door where the undead waited for him, stretching his shoulder and cracking his neck as he stared down the zombie trying to crawl its way in. "Alright. Gear up, grab a weapon, and get ready to move out. It's now or never, and we're leaving now. Stick together and move quick. The sooner we get out of this hell hole, the better."

Xandar Markov

Location: Ashkevron residence, front yard -> Down the cliff -> Nearby woods

With a quick nod, taking in the comments and talk of the others he turned around and steadily made his way towards the edge of the cliff. The warlord prince decided to ignore the comments and looks about his outfit, as it was really only natural for him to be dressed as such. even if it wasn't overwhelmingly warm, he knew he would be radiating heat by the end of his activities. He didn't really know if anybody was going to come with him to help, nor did he care. He was more than capable of cutting plenty of firewood for them in a short amount of time, as he was no stranger to this activity. He'd been doing it for hundreds of years at this point, and he's cut as many trees down as he had people.

The descent was a quick one, as he simply hopped of the cliff and made a rather swift descent, letting gravity do most of the work. When he reached close to the ground below he spread his large wings out, giving a mighty downward stroke of his wings to stop himself, landing gracefully on both feet as he took around his surroundings. The trees around him offered some decent shade, which was much appreciated, but things started to get hot quick as he went right to work. He spun the large ax in his right hand, whistling softly as he Ebon-Grey Jewel glinted in the dim light. He channeled a psychic blast into the edge of the ax, swing it and bringing his left hand for more control as he made a very baseball like swing. There was a loud splitting sound, and he pierced straight through the entire tree in one swing, the whole thing suddenly collapsing and landing with a "thud".

Xandar chuckled softly to himself, seeing he overdid it a bit as he calmly walked over to start chopping the tree into usable logs of firewood. He continued to focus his craft through the ax, making precise and powerful blasts to help cut the wood cleanly. Each swing was better than the last, refining his work to a cutting edge as he learned to work with less powerful blasts and making them just as effective. A powerful blast could do much destruction to everything around it, but a controlled, refined, and precise blast could be much more lethal even if less powerful. Even with a simple task such as chopping wood, he used this time to train himself, ever ready for a fight. His wasn't fighting for himself anymore. He was fighting for others. And that kind of fuel made the fire in him burn brighter than any wood fire he could ever make.
Xandar Markov

Location: Ashkevron residence, front yard

It seemed everything had calmed down a bit, and though there was much internal conflict within himself, Xandar kept that to himself. He would have to found an outlet for his anger that wasn't the people around him. Normally he would not feel any kind of restraint and happily berate the others around him for his own amusement, but the urge he felt for his Queen held him in check. After all, controlled rage was much more deadly than a wild one.

After much of the group carried on their conversation, the warlord prince was spacing out a bit, thinking to himself about the future ahead. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the group, and Xandar couldn't trust half of them much farther than he could throw them. And he could throw them pretty far if he wanted to. But, he trusted Faeril and Fatima to an extent, and by extension that meant he had to be okay with who they trusted. Although it was almost nice, being a part of something bigger and having a purpose. All these years he fought as a rogue for his cause, for his beliefs, for his people... but in the end it just felt selfish. He had put many lives at stake fighting for a cause that was good but also lost. He might have been able to save their lives, maybe just waited. But he knew that wasn't his style or nature, but now that he had a Queen who stood for the values he stood for, he had confidence that his movement might have some strength to it now. Maybe soon others would think more of him after hearing his name.

He seemed to snap back into attention when Fatima mentioned something about dead bodies, and he looked over his shoulder at the cliff where he had chucked the bodies off of. He gave a low whistle, rubbing his neck. "Yeah... about that. They're not necessarily gone just, well, relocated. And don't look quite right anymore if we're being honest here. But if you insist I can bring them back here, along with some firewood for the ceremony. I'd much rather that than go through that house."

The Ebon-Grey vanished his clothes, wearing nothing more than a loincloth as he summoned a large ax into his right hand, hefting it as he let the wight of it rest on his broad shoulder. The man stifled a yawn, running a hand through his long hair and brushing it out of his face. He had been meaning to cut it shorter, but he hadn't really had the time as of late. It seemed there was a lot of cutting to be done tonight.

"I shouldn't be gone long. Unless there is anything else you need of me I'll be making my descent to the forest below."
Xandar Markov

Location: Ashkevron residence, front yard in a tree

Xandar lie quietly on the branch, looking up at the afternoon skies as the clouds shifted in their patterns in random. It was almost, calming, and he smoked his cigarette and drew in the long breaths of smoke before releasing them into the air. This was one of the few things he did to have any sort of inner peace, normally he was so worried about doing something or having to be productive and involved. There were the few moments that he would just relax, not a care or thought in the world, and just take in the time he had for what it was.

As he heard the voices in the distance he closed his eyes and tried to block out the mess, but the words were getting louder and he knew exactly who was saying them. Cold, judging, venomous words of an uncaring man to his Queen, he took one of the thinner branches next to him in his hand and snapped it, crushing it and letting the leaves fall to the ground. It was alright, she was a big girl, she could handle herself. He was trying to behave himself and let the dust settle, but those words did not sit well with him. But, he was determined to keep his cool.

He heard quick footsteps approaching his direction, and he knew exactly who it was, but he rested calmly on the tree in the same position he was. He was about to say something snarky but he remembered what Faeril and his Queen said. Fighting with Mikhail would only bring worse, and if he truly wanted to do what was best for the people he cared about, he would be civil. So he looked tired, calm, and gave off a much weaker persona than normal as he slumped down from his branch and landed softly on the grass.

"Mikhail, I'm in no mood or shape to fight, if that was what you were looking for. I know there's been arguments, and we've had our differences. I don't expect you to like me, and I know you want me long gone, I understand. We both have our interests, and we may be at odds, but our goals are similar. We are indebted to one of them there, Faeril and Fatima, and they both have the same goal. To cure this land of the wicked rule of Queens that have done us wrong. Both of us. All of us. So we all need each other if we ever hope to get that done. I don't expect to be friends, but I'm willing to at least be civil. If you won't do it for me, for Fatima, at least do it for Faeril."

Xandar talked in a slow, almost sad and tired manner, like a man after a long day of work who just wanted to fall into bed. He reached into his jacket pocket, taking out the note he had found on the body. He pressed it into Mikhail's hand as he passed him, standing beside him for a moment while he spoke.

"There was a note on one of the guards with this location, as well as the presence of Faeril and I. This what a planned attack, of course, but they do have an informant that we don't know the identity of. I feel as though Faeril trusts everybody here enough that it wasn't any of us, but I don't think we'll be safe here for much longer. That's all I know. Feel free to bother those two with interrogation if you so wish. But, if you'll excuse me, I am going to try and comfort my Queen. I hope you think about what I said and we can come to some sort of compromise, for the better of the group."

With this last word Xandar clasped the man's shoulder, and then slowly made his way towards the rest of the group in the front yard. If he was on his own, left to his own thoughts, that might have ended more violently. But he knew that he would have to behave and control himself if he was to be any use to his Queen. He's been a rogue for a while, a violent, rude, warlord prince with no bounds and no restraints and he had been long removed from court life. It was easier to have a hard exterior to protect himself, to trust nobody. But, with people in his life he actually cared about, ones that he could trust that weren't those awful Queens... maybe he could open up a bit more.

"Hey, is everyone alright? I've put Faeril to bed and rounded up those two survivors. I think we're safe for now, but I don't know for how much longer. Somebody gave them the tip that we were here, and if we stay here, it's not going to end well. This is the exact reason I have moved place to place for many years, being hunted by Queens and courts. We can talk about who did what and work out those details later, but if we want to keep our heads, we're going to have to leave. To where I'm not sure, but we're going to have to go into hiding again before we make our next move."

Cole Anderson

Cole had a wealth of information flood him all at once as the survivors figured out their escape plan. He listened carefully to the rest of the people and realized that the city was most likely a no go, like he had explained earlier, and he was glad that he got his point across. It's not like he wouldn't be open to the idea eventually, but right now he wanted to get to a safe and secure place to weigh their options, and find some supplies in case they were in it for the long haul. But the beach sounded like their best best, and thank god they had a map so they could plan their route.

He rubbed his stubble on his face, taking a glance over the map while Mike explained the possible areas to him. There were a few bungalows they could scout out, the marina that might give us a way out, and the lighthouse that seemed like there was some other people there. While that was tempting, he didn't necessarily trust people in the middle of an outbreak like this. What happened if they mistook them for one of the zombies and shot them on sight? What if they just killed them anyways and took their stuff? Some people have a one for all mentality, and he didn't want to have to depend on strangers for his survival.

"I like the beach, the lighthouse seems like a good idea, but I was thinking of something else..." Cole mentioned, and he pointed down to an island just off the coast of the main land. "I say we go there. I went there the other night for a party, and that seems like a safe enough place with enough supplies for now. It's just a short swim, and we could be out of eyesight and ear shot from these things. Once we set up camp we can worry about exploring some other places and seeing if help is gonna come. Lord only knows when all this is going to blow over, and I'm not gonna stay here with no food or water while this place gets even harder to get out of. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands."

Cole nodded softly at Mike, wanting to argue that h could come with them but sensing that there was something deeper that was keeping the security guard to this place. He respected it, and he clasped the man's shoulder firmly. "I appreciate your help, and I'll take your advice. If you're ever in trouble, you'll know where to find us. In the mean time, I will try my best to get everybody out of here alive."

He turned to the rest of the group when a bunch of questions started coming up about weapons, who was driving, and other small details. He turned to the rest of the group, addressing the questions as he rubbed his brass knuckles with his thumb. "As far as weapons go we just have to deal with whatever we have in this room. The main objective is to just get out of here, we only want to fight those things to defend ourselves if we have to. The main idea is to avoid them at all costs. Once we get to safety we can worry about arming ourselves to scavenge for supplies. As far as seating goes I'm going to take some kind of car to the island. If you are coming with me speak now, and if somebody else wants to take a car to another location that's fine as well. Once we get that settled we're leaving, sooner the better."

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