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Non-binary (they/them), bi/pan. Born onto this earth in the year of our common era 1996. Comfortable playing characters of all genders/body types, though I tend to prefer female or gender non-conforming characters.

TTRPGs are a big hobby of mine irl, but there’s some things you just don’t get over the table. Besides, I’ve gotta work on my writing chops somehow. c;

Not a lot of public posts because most of my stuff is over PM.

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Bump, plus added one more pitch c:
Had another spot open up, so intch is back open for now.
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Snow’s Intch (18+)

Because who doesn’t want to write two pages on “horny”, due Monday?

Hey all, I’m Snow. I’m 25, non-binary, pan, aro, and an avid RPer. I’m comfortable playing all genders and body types, but I tend to prefer playing female-presenting or gender non-conforming characters. If you wanna know more, just ask, I don’t bite. c;

Just had an RP close and am looking to fill the slot. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • 18+, obviously. I’m looking for smut with plot on the side, something anywhere from a 60/40 to a 90/10 split, so being an adult and being comfortable with that material is a must.
  • Only RP in PMs, for the same reasons. Contact me there if you’re interested, please!
  • Strong “advanced” writer. 3-4 paragraphs minimum per post. I’ll not infrequently write more, but that’s about as little as I’ll do. If you don’t have a lot of writing on RPG, I’ll probably ask for a writing sample. I wish I weren’t, but I’m fairly picky about grammar and writing skill, so it’s better if I do this rather than waste both of our time starting an RP I won’t want to stick with. I’ll of course be happy to give you a writing sample of my own on request, no strings attached, and I will understand (no hard feelings!) if you decide not to RP with me based on seeing it.
  • Posting schedule is flexible, but once we agree on one, I’d appreciate if we stick to it. Default is about 2 posts per week. Could go as many as 3-4 posts per week or as few as one post per 2 weeks.
  • Please don’t ghost! I feel like this one is pretty standard, but I’ll throw it in anyway. I won’t be hurt if you lose interest in an RP or if life happens or whatever, I just want to know so I can move on to the next one. Thanks in advance. c:

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, here’s a few things I’ve been craving recently. If the hider says “filled,” it means I’m already in an RP based on that prompt. It doesn’t strictly mean I wouldn’t be willing to start another, but it will probably need to be a different/creative take on the prompt. In all of these scenarios, I am okay with playing either role. I’m also willing to go with any gender/body type pairing. As such, I’d appreciate if your response could tell me not only which scenario you wanted to play, but also what kind of human you want to play and what your preferences are for what kind of human I should play. c;

Well, without further ado...


If none of the above setups tickle your fancy, but you still think you might want to RP with me based on the rest of my post, go ahead and hit me up in the PMs. c: We may be able to work something out. I’m certainly open to other ideas, especially if they are along somewhat similar lines.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I'm potentially interested. I have a couple of thoughts on characters, but want to know more about the world before committing to fleshing anything out. Would you mind answering a couple of questions about the setting? c:

1. What sorts of creatures inhabit Midgard? You mention humans and elves (around which, I assume, the story would largely revolve) as well as Makai wraiths. Is there any other un-/super-natural fauna in the world?

2. Could I get the elevator pitch for the magic system?

3. When you say a "this is bigger than you" story, that implies to me that the main characters will be relatively low on the sheer-power-level totem pole as far as sentient beings go; i.e. I expect that there exist in the world (probably secret) greater powers than humans and elves. To what extent are your ideas about what these powers are baked into the setting and to what extent are you looking to explore them in the RP? Or just correct me if I'm completely off-base with the assumptions behind the question. c;

4. Could you tell me a little more about the New Gods? Are they active in the world? If so, how active? What is known as fact about them and what is mere legend, passed down through untold ages?

I would have no problem with the posting schedule you outlined, and should actually be able to post more often than that most of the time.

Also, I laughed when I looked at the playlist and recognized a next-to-verbatim list of my typical fantasy-reading-soundtrack fare.~
Hello, everyone:

For personal reasons, I will be bowing out of the RP. I realize that this disrupts some things in-character, and I sincerely apologize for the disturbance. I've talked with Roman, and both of us want to make it clear that there is no animosity between us whatsoever. I also want to make it clear that I have no ill-will towards any of the other players in the game. I will likely check back in on this site once or twice over the next couple of days, but will be offline indefinitely following that.


For a moment, Wri looked at the man, perplexed. The scar that leaped across his face told the tale of one near brush with death, and his eyes seemed to imply many more. And no wonder he would come so close to Lady Death so often, with ideas like those. Ask for more clothing? It's not as if she didn't have clothes, and it's not as if it were going to warm up any time soon. She might as well begin to learn to handle herself in this sun-forsaken cold. And even if they did give her clothing, it would just be another thing to lose whenever fortune decided to give out.

Wri furrowed her brow, 'You really don't understand much about how the world works, do you, old man?'

The swishing of Aborran's ludicrously ornate robes drew her attention away. She held her arm out as the others had to receive a mark, holding the wizard's gaze with an intensity that seemed to discomfort him. Good. It put her on edge to have someone holding her arm like this; it meant she couldn't move if she needed to. If she was going to be uncomfortable with this situation, so was he. Maybe that would encourage him to get it over with faster.

As the mark glowed and faded, and the king's adviser quickly scuttled away from her, Wri turned back to the old man who had spoken. She drew a breath, but was interrupted by the boy's gleeful outburst. Her mouth closed to a line and she leveled a withering look at the child. Was he really more concerned about sweets than anything else right now? And no one else saw any problem with having this child along on their journey. What was he to be, a mascot? At least she knew that she could survive on her own and avoid burdening the group. She somehow suspected that the boy wouldn't even be able to manage that. Were he a child of Eerum, he would be dead already, and rightfully so. She turned her gaze downward, then took a deep breath, closing her eyes.

Travelers. Travelers and their sweets. Travelers and their food. Travelers and their drink. They took it all for granted. In some ways she hoped that the journey ahead would be a hard one; it might serve these water-logged strangers good. It really wasn't clear to her how they had survived as long as they had. Only one of them seemed to have even the vaguest sense of awareness of the room, and one of them was going so far as to wear a helmet! She was fairly certain that she could rob three of her four companions blind on the spot and the king himself wouldn't see it happening. How, then, did they survive, out there where they were unprotected, where there were real people trying to steal from them, exploit them, kill them? Was she going to have to play mother to these clueless oafs for their whole trip?

Wri realized that at some point the room around her had lost focus. She gave herself two breaths to regain her composure. If something had happened in those moments when she had indulged herself with her little internal rant, she might not have reacted quickly enough. Perhaps, she thought grimly, these people were rubbing off on her. She shuddered, and told herself that it was only because of the cold.
@Roman For the characters not yet added to IC, what's the plan for incorporating them into the story? Will it just be a retcon-style "they were there the whole time" or will we be meeting them as we go along? Asking because I'm hesitant to IC post much further into the story if there's the chance that it'll have to get retconned anyways.
It was uncomfortable, out here in the middle of the throne room. There weren't any walls, any nooks or crannies to hide in, and the light that poured in through the massive windows was unnatural, fractured into colors the sun herself had never painted. It might have been beautiful if you could look at it with the right eyes. But for Wri, it was merely uncomfortable. She hovered at the edge of the ragtag group standing before the High Lord, keeping a respectful but guarded stance. The High Lord's words washed over her as she inspected her new companions.

The 'brave souls.' Presumably the best people the High Lord could muster for this particular mostly-hopeless venture. Two rough-looking old soldiers. One gangly young man. A sickly boy with a fragile demeanor. The High Lord's voice meandered into silence for a moment, and Wri closed her eyes. Water-sick Travelers, the lot of them.

Although, Wri supposed, she was a Traveler too, now. She had been trying to push that thought from her mind for the duration of her trip to the capital, but there it was. She had left Eerum behind, given in when he had pushed too hard. Perhaps she wasn't strong enough to live in Eerum after all. Perhaps there was something more to it. Perhaps if Liem... but that was all pointless speculation. She was here now, and that made her a Traveler, even if she did avoid their nightly binges and keep mostly to herself.

The High Lord began to speak again after his short pause, and a shiver ran down Wri's spine. Despite how unbearably stuffy their halls were, the citizens of the capital still managed to keep everything uncomfortably cool. No one else seemed to be bothered by it, however, so she thought it best not to complain. That would only show weakness, something that she most certainly couldn't afford. So instead of complaining, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and did her best not to shake visibly. As the High Lord's speech reached its conclusion, she began to cautiously look around the room to see how her companions reacted.

"If you cannot hold it, it's not yours."

W R I 1 6 F E M A L E N E U T R A L

Ω O R I G I N S:
Eerum is not friendly. He's jealous, and he'll snatch anything you think to hold dear just to watch you cry. Then he'll steal the water of your tears and laugh at your thirst. That's just the way he is. Once you understand that, though, you can get far in life. Just don't hold anything dear. The Travelers don't get it. They pass through on their fat wagons pulled by waterlogged beasts and somehow expect that Eerum will just see them on. They hold their lives dear, their oxen dear, their cargo dear... And I've watched one after another be shattered when the city reminds them of their place.

I'm not a Traveler, not in any sense of the word. I can't remember a time before I came to Eerum, and I've always assumed that meant I was born here. I don't have a foreign family; my only relative is my twin brother, Liem. If I had parents, I don't want to know them. I blame them for my life here, and even if I grew to forgive them, they would only be one more thing for Eerum to take. As it is, I try not to love Liem, but there is only so much that a blood sister can do.

Even now, the city tries his best to pry my brother from my hands. While the plague leaves cursed riches in the streets, a more insidious poison creeps through the Dens: talk of rebellion. Garrow, a hot-blooded boy, just young enough not to have left the Dens to join the church or the army, tells us each night to come with him, that he knows people with power who want things to change. A few have left, out of hope, hunger, or just desperation, to follow his lead. He tells us that they feast every night and drink their fill of clear water, but none have ever come back to tell the tale. I've seen the glow in Liem's eyes when Garrow tells his tales of raids on noble caravans and flight from capture in the nick of time. I know it's only a matter of time until my pleas to Liem that he stay another night will be drowned out by Garrow's golden words, and when the time comes, I will let him go. And I will not miss him, because if I miss him, Eerum will laugh.

In a way, of course, Eerum is a part of me, as I am a part of Eerum. I know the streets and markets better than most mothers know their children, and it is sometimes my hand that strikes with Eerum's bane on unwary Travelers. I have never taken a life, but I have done my part in taking a livelihood more than once in my years. I grew up in the Dens, a dusty web of caves just south of the city itself. I am one of the oldest still here; most everyone who is abandoned at the mouths of these caves either leaves or dies before they have a chance to become a man or woman. For the men, there is always the church or the army. For the women, there is always the church or the street. For me, though, there is only Eerum. He is spiteful and cruel, but he is my home.

Ω A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:
◼ A SCRAWNY STREET RAT | Wri is thin, wiry, and surprisingly strong when need calls, at least for a girl her size. She can subsist without complaint on the bare minimum required to sustain her physically.

◼ BORN TO THE SANDS | While the nights can be cold in Eerum, the days and their heat are far more deadly. Wri grew up in the heat of Eerum's streets, and while she would likely be uncomfortably cold in any temperate location, she handles heat better than any who do not share her heritage.

◼ QUICK FINGERS, QUICK FEET | Just as important for survival in Eerum as the ability to deftly slit a Traveler's purse is the ability to navigate the crowded streets and markets quickly enough to avoid retribution when the former goes wrong. Wri is possessed of both of these, as well as a knack for moving by rooftop when the moment requires.

◼ CANNY | Wri has heard and fallen victim to enough gilded words in her short life to know the cadence of a liar's song. She is often quick to pick out a false word or a carefully turned phrase.

◼ ALL THE WEALTH OF AN EMPTY BAG | It is hard enough for someone like Wri to find the coin or water to buy another day's survival in Eerum, much less to begin to save anything. The entirety of Wri's estate, such as it were, consists of the canvas clothes on her back, an old sack which doubles as a pillow or blanket in need, and a wood-corked water horn.

◼ NEVER A FRIEND IN NEED | Wri knows that anyone could work Eerum's will at any moment, and so has pushed herself away from reliance on (or friendship with) anyone besides Liem.

◼ IF YOU CAN'T HOLD IT | Wri has never been taught by any other than Eerum's cruel hand. She struggles to muster care for the grandiose abstractions of the wise, and her knowledge on the details of anything remotely arcane is nonexistent.

◼ STILL JUST A GIRL | When it comes to contests of pure physicality, Wri will never match up to a smith or a soldier or even any healthy adult. Maybe with years of training, or a diet that consisted of more than inn scraps and the occasional feast of a swiped pastry, or a larger natural physique, she would stand a chance, but as it is, she will never be remembered for her strength.

Ω N O T E S:
◼ Wri's clothing is ragged, but shows signs of relatively recent patch work. She traded half a week's carefully stockpiled coin for the fabric, thread, and skill of a girl in the Dens, a girl whose name Wri has already forgotten. Perhaps this girl would be a friend if such a thing were possible. Perhaps this girl isn't even alive anymore. Wri would have no way of knowing.
I wonder if we'll end up in separate groups or not?

I should be able to get Wri anywhere she needs to be to start the story; I've got a few ideas to "motivate" her towards a more centralized location, or really just anywhere the story needs to start. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the bit in the intch about GM wanting to start in Vasilius until after I wrote up Wri's CS, but a few tweaks should get her where she needs to be.

Also, a (related) question for @Roman: Does slavery exist in-world? If so, where, and in what forms?
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