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3 yrs ago
So much for the Status Thread.


I work two jobs, an internship, go to school full time, and DM Pathfinder/D&D every week. Homebrewing is my shit.

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If you do not celebrate, happy holidays!

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the day. (: Talk about what you have going on, what friends and family and others have given you, and whatever else may be happening.
I frequently spill eJuice on my pants and can't figure out why.
I'm chill with dying, but that shit is expensive.
Banned for not centering your signature

Banned for not swallowing.
In Sherlock 4 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum

Tbh I think you're dope as fuck, but it's hilarious you've gone from Permaban to Co-Admin.
In Sherlock 4 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Just saying thanks for being a positive role model. I'm never on here anymore, and haven't really spoken to you in two years, but I'm essentially in the same role as you in another community (we call them Vices). Your approach to community management is essentially what I've adopted--and of course putting my own twist to it--and it's been very successful. I mean, you just be yourself and hold a professional boundary, which speaks something compared to most mods on this forum (or even admins) which have come and went (most mods don't last over 2 years anymore). So thanks my dude. If you're still in the same neck of the woods, let me buy you and your hubby a drink some time, or brew one up for you since that's my hobby nowadays. I make everything essentially.
Fuck Sole Scuro I should have been Prince.

Pokemon GO + Uber = waste of cash

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